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Default Sinn's Items

Weapon Item/Name: Chained Sword
Weapon/Item Cost: 8
Weapon/Item Owner: Reikokuna Kaneko
Weapon/Item Description: The double-edged blade with a moderate curve, is fairly similar to the normal katana's though a bit longer. It has simply been combined with a sturdy removable chain, twelve feet in length, that is usually kept wound at the side while the sword is sheathed. It can be used offensively and launched at opponents up to ten feet away or defensively and spun around closely around the user. Of course, the drawbacks to this force of impact decreases the farther off a target is and there would be little required to knock the sword off course. Until then, the blade can be used as a standard two handed sword. The chain may also be used independently.
(Picture Reference)

Weapon Item/Name: Specialized Hannya Mask
Weapon/Item Cost: 4
Weapon/Item Owner: Reikokuna Kaneko
Weapon/Item Description: Not just a vanity item, Younami uses this mask to serve her in her genjutsu and also her own ego. Bright colors swirl in a psychedelic patterns around the on the mask that allows her transformation in to Amanozako. A breathing apparatus has been fitted in so that she can filter out noxious material and also the mask has been modified so that it can expel certain poisons in gaseous forms.
(Poisons must be bought separately)
(Picture Reference)

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