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Default [Leaf] Hasegawa Hotaru

Hasegawa Hotaru

Age: 11
Sex: Female
Height: 4’4

Character Type: Shinobi
Country/Village: Leaf
Rank: Advanced Genin
Division: Seishou

Appearance and Apparel:
Intimidating is not a word that would be associated with Hotaru’s appearance at all. She is deceptively scrawny and when one looks at her, they typically wouldn’t consider her to be a strong fighter. She’s small and extremely short. Fiery red hair falls a couple of inches past her ears before curling a bit to swoop out in different directions. Hotaru usually sweeps the front of her bangs to the side and clips it to her right side. Hidden under her blazing hair is a set of bright green eyes—avid, determined and inquisitive. Rosy cheeks, a soft button nose and a sun-kissed glow complete her facial features.

Hotaru’s clothes aren’t that spectacular; her wardrobe is comprised of clothes that her brothers grew out of. Her bottoms are usually shorts or pants, depending on the weather, and the colors range from black to khaki. Her tops are mostly t-shirts with a variety of colours. Her red hitai-ate is usually tied to her left arm; however, she does occasionally wear it around her head as a means of keeping her hair out of her eyes. Her feet are adorned with the standard shinobi footwear and she keeps her kunai pouch attached to her left leg. On colder days Hotaru can be seen wearing a green pullover hoodie with grey and trimmings. The only other notable thing about Hotaru’s normal every day wear is that she can always be seen wearing a pair of black fire-proof gloves.

“Passionate, energetic, hard working…”
- Neighbor

“A handful!”
- Former Babysitter

“Excitable? Easily impressed?”
- Classmate

“Ta-chan generally knows exactly what she wants and she has a one track mind of how to get it. Haha. Her go-to plan is to force her way through things. Surprisingly enough she’s not uptight about it and is welcome to changes in plans and changing the strategy, but as long as it’s through determination and pulling up one’s bootstraps, it’s her style.”
- Hasegawa Ryuichi

“Yeah, Hotaru isn’t one who goes for finesse in much of anything… unless her goal is to be finesse-ful. I’m not saying that she doesn’t have style, or that she doesn’t do a good job. Hotaru always works hard and does her best with her own flavor, but when it comes to getting a job done, she typically doesn’t do anything extra that could hinder her from finishing as fast and efficiently as possible. Driven is the better word, I suppose, ambitious maybe?.”
- Hasegawa Juugo

“Hotaru-chan? Great kid. I see her everywhere! She’s always up to something. She’s sweet, extremely lovable and it’s so hard to say no to her. She used to work a lot of odd jobs for me. Her family was in need and so she came by, but even when things weren’t desperate for her family, she still swung by and helped out. I guess she’s not a big fan of dead time. “
- Street Vendor

“She is definitely a strong extrovert. She doesn’t have to be the center of attention, but she needs to be around people. She gets so sad when she’s by herself or bored. Whichever comes first… she has learned how to find fun and to find ways to entertain herself. The guy down the street gave her a ukulele. Man, she loves that thing. She carries it everywhere and plays almost all the time.”
- Hasegawa Tatsuya

“Good natured and passionate. Ta-chan is passionate about everything and compassionate with almost every one. She is able to relate to people and make their problems her concern. She’s a fixer; she wants to see problems fixed. She can get frustrated and even moody when she hits a road block, but she will figure out a way to get over it.”
- Hasegawa Shinji

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Passion! That’s what you need!

Clan/Bloodline: None

Primary Archetype: Cavalier (+2 Speed; +1 Power; -2 Intelligence; -1 Reserves)
Secondary Archetype: Elemental Specialist (+2 Power; +1 Reserves; -2 Tactics; -1 Strength)

Archetype Points

[Advanced Genin Points]

Chakra – Secondary – 8

1 + 1 + 2 + [3] + 4 [AP] + 1 [TP] = 10
Control: 1 + 7 + 6 [AP] = 14
Reserves: 1 – 1 + 1 + [2] + 4 [GMAP] + 1 + 2 [AP] + 1 [TP] = 11

Physical – Primary – 10

1 – 1 + 5 + [5] + 5 [AP] = 15 (+8 Ryuujin Fu)
Speed: 1 + 2 + 5 + [2] + 5 [AP] = 15 (+20 Ryuujin Fu)
Stamina: 1 + 11 [AP] +1 [TP] = 13 (+10 Ahou No Ojike)

Mental – Tertiary – 6

1 – 2 + 2 + 8 [AP] + 2 [TP] + 3 [GMAP] = 14
Tactics: 1 – 2 + 4 + 7 [AP] = 10
Willpower: 1 + 6 [AP] = 7


Ryuujin Fu
Stage One – Speed 4; Strength 4
- Special Technique: Tenka – Control 2; Power 2
Stage Two – Speed 7; Strength 7; Control 6
Stage Three – Speed 10; Strength 10; Control 8
- Special Technique: Hanabi – Control 7; Power 7; Reserves 6 [AP]
Stage Four – Speed 15; Strength 15; Stamina 13; Control 14 [AP]

Ahou No Ojike
Stage One – Speed 6; Stamina 2
Stage Two – Speed 10; Stamina 4, Tactics 6 [AP]

Katon Tech Tree
Stage One
- Shuriken no Jutsu (Shuriken Technique) – Power 2; Tactics 2
- Katon: Tanbei no Jutsu (Cinder Technique) – Intelligence 3; Reserves 3
Stage Two
- Yojin Bunshin no Jutsu (Ember Clone Technique) – Power 5; Control 4; Reserves 4
- Katon: Bounetsu no Jutsu (Flame-Resistance Technique)
Stage Three
- Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire Technique) – Power 8; Control 8; Reserves 6
- Shouidan no Jutsu (Incendiary Technique) – Intelligence 9; Tactics 9; Control 7 [AP]
Stage Four
- Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Powerful Fireball Technique) – Power 14; Control 13; Reserves 11; Tactics 10 [AP]

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
- Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) – Power 2; Tactics 2 [AP]
- Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique) – Intelligence 3, Reserves 3 [AP]
- Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) – Control 3, Intelligence 2 [AP]
Stage Two
- Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall/Water Walking Technique) – Power 5; Control 4; Reserves 4
Stage Three
- Chakra Tsuitou no Jutsu (Chakra Hunting Technique) – Power 8; Control 8; Reserves 6 [AP]

Shinobi Kit - 0
Breathing Apparatus - 1
Zoom Goggles/Night Vision Goggles - 3
Antidotes - 3

Weapon Points Remaining: 1

Hotaru’s parents were quite surprised to find out that they were expecting, not only because they had four children already, but also because they were older than most people expecting a baby typically were. Simply, Shou and Sakura Hasegawa—68 and 65 respectively—were not prepared for another baby. Three of their four sons, Ryuichi (38), Tatsuya (27) and Juugo (24) had already moved out. Their youngest son, Shinji, was eleven and taking care of him as a baby in their fifties was a handful. Raising another teenager in their eighties was out of the question. Shou and Sakura approached their eldest three sons, who all lived in a rather spacious apartment together, to take in their younger sister after she was born.

Several months later, a baby with flaming red hair was born to the Hasegawa family and soon after that, the three eldest Hasegawa brother found themselves as the parental figures of their younger sister. It was difficult, as difficult as it is with any young child—but it wasn’t because they didn’t know how to take care of a baby. When their youngest brother was born, the three elder brothers learned the ropes of taking care of a baby; however, Ryuichi and Tatsuya—the two eldest—were jounin-rank shinobi and frequently were gone for missions. Juugo, the middle child, was not a ninja but he did have a full time job. He was a vendor at the local market, and he was employed by some farmers on the outskirts of town to help them harvest, plant and sell. Juugo had the ability to take Hotaru with him to work, but it just wasn’t the best situation.

This lead to their fourth brother moving in with the rest of his siblings after he graduated from the academy. The move and transition left Shou and Sakura Hasegawa with an empty nest, and they decided to move to a beautiful city on the coast to live out their golden years.

Three ninja, a farmer and a baby—was now the Hasegawa family and they did a great job at raising the young girl. Hotaru’s younger years were fairly regular, half of the time she was at home with whichever of her brothers was home, the other half she was with Juugo at his job on the farm. Thankfully, Hotaru was a rather easy baby—extremely easy going and very trusting of other people—which made babysitting easier.

When she was four, she began helping Juugo at work, selling fruit and vegetables, and planting and harvesting—as much as a four year old could, and in the market, she definitely drew more customers because she was cute. Even from a young age, she was a hard worker, and more so than other children her age, had oversight to see how much work hard benefited her. If there was something that she wanted, she knew she could work hard to get there and she would set her eyes on her goal and pursue it. So it was no surprise when she first expressed interest in becoming a shinobi like her brothers and soon enough, the young girl found herself enrolled in the academy.

Hotaru did well enough in the academy her first few years. Her hard working work ethic really aided her; however, Shinji was recently promoted to chuunin and she had two other brothers who were jounin. Hotaru noticed a big difference between her skill level and theirs. The young girl wanted to be as strong as her family. She started training more outside of school and would even train on her rest days. This did help her improve, but not as much as she wanted. Finally Hotaru approached her youngest brother and asked if she could train with him. He refused, so Hotaru asked her eldest brother, Ryuichi—then Ryuichi made Shinji take her with him.

Hotaru could tell that Shinji was frustrated at the beginning. He felt like it wasn’t training, but babysitting his seven-year-old sister, and of course, an academy student was not match for a chuunin. As they began training with each other, Shinji found himself surprised at Hotaru’s ability. He had heard that she was doing well from her teachers at the academy, but she really had a gift for hand-to-hand fighting. Shinji himself only knew Ryuujin Fu, and when he trained with Hotaru beyond the basics, he worked that style with her. She soaked it up like a sponge and by the time she was nine, Shinji and Hotaru could actually spar with each other. It was still one sided and Shinji always won or held back, but it was functional.

There was only one problem with her Ryuujin Fu—she couldn’t ignite. It always made the fight a little a bit lopsided when one person had fire hands and the other didn’t; and even though ever-eager Hotaru was frustrated at her lack of ability at this point, she was well assured that she would master fire hands soon enough.
Life continued on as normal, but when the war against Yukigakure broke out, both Ryuichi and Shinji were sent off to fight. Tatsuya had been injured and was on a leave of rest. And of course the youngest was concerned with her brothers’ safety, but she really grew to miss having someone to train with. She confided in Tatsuya about how she missed training with Shinji, and he offered to give it a go. Tatsuya was not well versed in Ryuujin Fu at all, or really much of any sort of hand-to-hand combat. In fact, if he wasn’t injured, it would have been possible for Hotaru to give him a run for his money—if and only if it was hand-to-hand combat only. Tatsuya was a master of Ninjutsu. Physical fighting was not his forte.

Katons, katons and more katons. They were the type of jutsu that Hotaru wanted to learn the most and they happened to be a type that Tatsuya was good at. During the whole month that the war against Yukigakure took place, Tatsuya and Hotaru worked hard at learning fire jutsu. The growth over that month might not have been significant to many people, but it meant leaps and bounds for Hotaru. Tatsuya helped her learn how to ignite—finally acquiring fire hands for Ryuujin Fu, he taught her how to make fire clones and he taught her how to light a kunai on fire. Shinji was in for a big surprise when he returned.

Ryuichi and Shinji returned from the lines of the Yukigakure war worn but victorious. For the first week, all they did was sleep and Hotaru was able to continue with her training with Tatsuya. Finally the day of truth came, Shinji was ready to go back to training Hotaru. Tatsuya dragged along Ryuichi so they could watch. The beginning of the spar went as normal, but Shinji was extremely surprised when Hotaru activated her fire hands and burned off his right eyebrow. From there the fight stopped from the laughing fit that ensued.

Hotaru’s training continued as normal. Tatsuya went back to working and Shinji was back at home again. The only other break that she had in her training was at the Chuunin exams. Shinji was a proctor for the final set of fights, and Hotaru decided to go watch the exams. She even managed to drag some of her friends from the academy along with her. The fighting was good and all the techniques were interesting, but there was one jutsu that caught Hotaru’s eyes. It was a Katon, and she managed to memorize the seals that she saw for it. As soon as Tatsuya—who was gone for a mission—returned she asked him what jutsu it was. She soon learned that it was the Dragon Fire technique and Hotaru put it at the top of her list of jutsu to learn.

Unfortunately, Tatsuya didn’t have a lot of time to train with her, and then after several short months, he was sent off with Ryuichi to investigate weird hybrid creatures. In fact, most of the time during that season, she was home with Juugo. Since so many ninja were sent out, the ones who were staying were given more shifts along the main gates but also patrolling, so that meant that Shinji was gone too. Both Hotaru and Juugo were rather sad without their three siblings around. But amongst the sadness, Hotaru’s academy exam was fast approaching. It was probable that neither Ryuichi nor Tatsuya could be there, but Shinji promised to be there.

Hotaru mostly resorted to training on her own since everyone was busy. She was still trying to master the epic Fire Dragon Flamethrower jutsu—or Ryuuka no Jutsu as Tatsuya would correct her, but never seemed to be able to manage it.

It was finally a few days before Hotaru’s ceremony. Ryuichi had returned home due to injury but was in hospital. Tatsuya was still fighting hybrid creatures and Shinji was confirmed to have the day off so he could attend her ceremony; however, that was the night of the invasion. Shinji was on patrol and only Juugo and Hotaru were home. The siren blared through the village and within a few seconds, both Juugo and Hotaru were out the door, heading to the safe houses. Other families in the area were doing the same. Hotaru and some of the other academy students stood by the doors and helped people get through the doors. Just as the last family was approaching, the deserted streets started flooding with people—prisoners by what their uniforms showed. They were running to get to the safe house.

Hotaru, for the first time managed to use Ryuuka no Jutsu to melt most of the alleyway to the safe house. The ground was too hot to walk on, the building sides were too hot to climb and thanks to the help of a nearby chuunin, the rift became too far to jump. Hotaru and the others were safe and when the invasion was over, they were rescued when the invasion was over.

In the end Tatsuya returned home the day of the ceremony and Hotaru’s whole family was able to be there. Only a week and a half has passed since Hotaru received her hitai-ate and she has yet to be put on a genin team, but she has kept busy with the process of rebuilding the city and neighborhoods.

Since Hotaru has graduated from the academy, things have still been slow but at the same time, full of newness. She was temporarily assigned a tutor—Sanada-san… or Fist as he preferred to be called. Then she was assigned to a mission outside of the village with Creeper-nin Masuyo-san. Hotaru felt as if she learned a lot from both, but she was still craving the stability of an assigned team. This is why, when she was assigned to a team with Isurugi Reiko and Ohayashi Toshiko—two genin who were in a different class at the academy; however, their mission of gathering milk thistles to take to the local hospital took a turn for the worse. The newly promoted genin was injured and eaten by a giant snake, which from her brother’s speculation came from the Forest of Death. It was Creeper-nin… Masuyo-san who came to the rescue to take her to get medical attention and watch over her teammates.

Freshly recovered from that injury, Hotaru has found herself eager get back in the swing of not only training but in doing missions around the village.

Other Info:
- Sings and plays the ukulele
- Affectionately nicknamed Ta-chan by her mother
- Lefty/goofy footed

Thread Ratings:
Creation :: 12 Advanced Genin Points (+3 Power; +2 Reserves; +5 Strength; +2 Speed) :: 2 GMAP (+2 Reserves) :: 3 AP (+1 Power; Kawarimi; Hanabi)
12/25/13 :: +2 Intelligence, +2 Stamina :: Katon: Tanbei no Jutsu (Katon Ninjutsu, Stage 1) — 5 AP
1/18/14 :: A Lesson in Fisting :: Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu
3/08/14 :: Investigating The Elite
6/08/14 :: Team Twelve #twerkbegins :: +1 Stamina, Ahou No Ojike (Stage One)
3/14/15 :: +1 Stamina, +3 Intelligence, +3 Tactics, +3 Willpower :: Ahou No Ojike (Stage 2), Katon: Bounetsu no Jutsu (Flame Resistance), Chakra Tsuitou no Jutsu (Chakra Hunting Technique) – 13 AP
10/1/15 :: +8 Stamina, +5 Speed, +5 Strength, +6 Control :: Ryujin Fu (Stage 4) — 25 AP
4/23/17 :: +1 Reserves (TP), +1 Power (TP), +3 Intelligence, +3 Tactics, +3 Willpower, +2 Reserves, +1 Power :: Katon: Shouidan no Jutsu (Incendiary Techique), Anrokku no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu – 15 AP and 2 TP
5/14/2018 :: [Calamity] Meeting the High Oracles :: +4 Power, +1 Tactics, +2 Reserves :: Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Powerful Fireball Technique) — 6 AP and 2 GMAP
02/17/2019 :: Into the Black Forest :: +2 Intelligence, 3 GMAP - +3 Intelligence

Engi 2015 AP Drive: Cross-village List; Taijutsu Savant; AP Rule Breaker
Engiversary 9: Foreign Extra List Character

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Nicely done, Chi. Since I don't want you to break my desk, I will simply offer up a Leaf GM approval and be on my way.

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