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Default Nomics' WIP Thread

Voice Actress:Nicole Beharie

Immortal Phoenix

Name: Mirumoto Amaya
Age: 23
Country/Village: Fire/Leaf
Rank: Jounin
Division: Seishou

Archetypes, Stats, & Techniques

Special: Gains a free low-level swap of their element specialty.

Elemental Specialist
+2 Power, +1 Reserves
-2 Tactics, -1 Strength

+1 Tactics, +1 Control, Intelligence
-1 Power, -1 Stamina, -1 Willpower
Chakra, Physical, Mental

T: Archetypes Bonus/Flaw
T: Pool Points
T: Archetype Special




Leaf Genjutsu
[S1]Touching the Unfamiliar
Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
[S2]Voice of the Peculiar
Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6
[S3]Kai (Replacing Spell of the Gale)
Intelligence 8, Willpower 8, Tactics 6
[S4]Echo of Lament
Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10
Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14

Katon & Hiten Swaps
[S1]Tanebi(Cinder)- Reserves 3, Intelligence 3
[S2]Bounetsu(Resistance)- Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5
[S3]Fire Knives (Replacing Hidoko)- Intelligence 8, Willpower 8, Tactics 6
[S3]Sweltering Heat (Replacing Shouidan)- Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
[S4]Invigoration (Replacing Nenshou Tosshin)- Power 12, Intelligence 12, Control 11, Reserves 10
[S4]Heat Absorption (Replacing Myaku Hitofuki)- Intelligence 12, Power 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 11
[S5]Waves of Flame (Replacing Hidora)- Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
[S5]Ring of Fire (Replacing Daitou)- Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14
[S6]Inferno (Replacing Yurika)- Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Tactics 15

Ekitai Kenfu
Stage 4
Speed 16, Strength 14, Stamina 13, Control 14
Special Techniques
Shingai Dageki


Our story begins with a man, a simple man.

His name is Seppun. Seppun was a retired shinobi, a man who was once employed to kill, and his weapon of choice was fire. He was an expert in the art of using fire and had achieved great success in a short career, but at it's peak, he quit. It was the art that he was obsessed with. The art of life, philosophy, the fighting arts; everything. Seppun didn't think he could fully study all that intrigued him and remain an effective shinobi.

So he became a traveler. For twenty years he traveled the world, learning from people from all walks of life. He eventually settled down near Hi no Tera, content with living a quiet, solitary hermit's life. That was until there was a knock on the door one fateful night.

Originally Posted by Seppun's Hut
"Hello? It's a bit late for visitors. You might have the wro---" As he opened the door, there stood a beautiful toddler girl, with his eyes and a note stuck to her teddy bear. Immediately, the man knew what this must mean. But when, how, who? Before the answers though, he had to take care of this child.
Fast forward a few years and the two had lived together, in harmony; relative harmony anyway. The girl's name was Amaya, she was a child begotten from a wild night in Metsubishi. The mother had become fed up with caring for the child on her own. So she found him and dropped off the baby.

She was a rambunctious child. Both energetic and inquisitive, Amaya would go for hours doing anything that could sap up her boundless energy. In that Seppun found a rather unique solution. She had the temperament, the desire for it and with his guidance, she could be great. He would enroll her in the Academy. A fact she was reluctant about at first, but after she saw him produce blue dancing flames for the first time, she was sold.

So the pair moved to Konoha, and she was taught both at home and at the Academy. She was ecstatic about being in the ninja school, and was recieved rather well by her classmates. Her eyes would always be wide open as she learned everything she could about her new home. The clans, her classmates, Konoha history and even the Will of Fire.

When the girl was graduating it was obvious what her specialty would be. Fire and flames were her home. Where she felt comfortable. Some called her a pyromaniac, but it was so much more than that. Most see fire as destructive and threatening, but her father taught her different. He argued that fire gave life, it also represented passion and drive.

That would be her Will of Fire during geninhood. Her beliefs would fuel her through the grueling training, the tedious missions and the awkwardness of teamwork. These year saw a transformation in her, as the energetic girl she once was gave way to a teen that was driven, passionate, and utterly stubborn.

Too stubborn, hardheaded in fact. The young girl eager to learn transitioned to a teenager that thought of things as her way or no way. This way of thinking was upsetting to her father, who had strived to instill an open mind and clear heart in his daughter.

It ended up affecting her studies. Where once she had been steadily advancing, moving through the Hiten line of Katon her father created with relative ease, she had reached a plateau. This only furthered the young girl's frustrations and she instead focused on her team.

She worked well with her team, even though their attitudes were all strong. One was a persistent prankster and the other was a rough and tumble she-warrior. They were a fairly successful group, their first real hiccup being when they were ambushed on the border of Fire Country by shinobi from Snow. Their taijutsu specialist lost an arm in the conflict, while her other teammate went into a rage, going back to kill their assailants.

The mission fractured the team. The prankster became "borderline suicidal" taking on all sorts of dangerous missions, while her other teammate got used to using her new bionic arm. Amaya went her own way as well, becoming a bit of a social butterfly. Even though she was only fourteen, the girl had a developed body. Boys started to take notice and she began to notice them.

Her focus waned more and more even though the Chuunin Exams loomed ever closer. Seppun could see it; feel it, his instincts told him that he was losing her. That his daughter wasn't centered emotionally, and he knew firsthand that if you go into the Exams unfocused, you might end up dead. So he was going to tighten the rope.

Unfortunately, he was too late, and surprisingly too predictable, as she ducked and dodged his training sessions and punishments until the Exams. In Seppun's eyes, it was a miracle that the girl wasn't killed, but in fact she had advanced well into the tournament, her last victory coming against a rather skilled archer from Grass that she was able to overpower.

That was just it, however. The talented teen was denied promotion as it was deemed that she was far too reliant on the sheer power and strength of her ninjutsu and not portraying the subterfuge and accuracy it took to survive in the shinobi world.

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Smoking Badger

Arechihana Shubumi
Age: 26
Height: 5'10"
Sex: Male
Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Jounin
Division: HARI - Sensei


Special: Two clan techs can be performed in the same post. Once a thread.
Physical, Chakra, Mental





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Default The Demon Spawn

Village: Suna
Rank: Jounin
Division: Yagyou

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Default Workstation

Tokagure Naseru

Rank: Chuunin
Village: Konoha
Division: Omoi

Originally Posted by Academy Teacher Kaede

"He's a radical, that's for sure. One of my most disruptive students, he made sure he was the center of attention, and if he wasn't, there was trouble. He was very different from most puppeteers I know."
Most puppeteers are known to be quiet and creepy, or not very sociable. That's not Naseru though. Boisterous is the best way to describe his attitude. He speaks too loud, walks too heavy, moves too erratic, everything he does is space taking and privacy invading. He yearns to be seen and heard, his presence felt in some form or fashion. In this same vein he wants to leave behind a mark, like a legacy.

Originally Posted by Tokagure Kaneka

"My son is quite brilliant. He's always been that way, since a child he's been not only inquisitive, but exceptionally bright. It was hard to keep his attention for any extended period of time. Mazes, puzzles, games, books; all of them were digested at incredible speeds. When he was done they were either thrown away or broke down to see how they worked."
Naseru possesses an active, analytic mind. Always thinking, always questioning, not much gets by him without an inquiry of some kind. Proof, facts, logic, these things make sense to him. Hunches, instincts, and other decisions based off of "feelings" he just doesn't accept.

Originally Posted by Genin Teammate Konan

"He's a frigging whistle-blower. For years it was nothing but conspiracy theories. Saying things like "open your mind man" and "stop sucking the government's sack". Frankly I think he's nuts."
Being a different thinker and a teen who doesn't just accept what he's told, he's come up with his own beliefs and ways of thinking. As far as Leaf's politics and the events of the past few years, it all seems to be as legit as Genjuro (his puppet dog) is to a real canine.

Originally Posted by Team Sensei Asami

"The funny thing is, even though he's such a loudmouth and a pain in the butt, when it came to missions, he was always our stealth/infiltration guy. Don't ask me how, but when it came time to be serious, he could flip that switch quickly."
An analyzer and a strategist, Naseru excels on the battlefield. His combination of subtlety, subterfuge, and versatility make him a handful to deal with. Despite his Omoi division handle, he relishes the chance to mix it up; with his puppets out front though. A bit underhanded and Old-school in his approach, nothing is above reproach. That is to say he'll do whatever it takes to win, even if that means cheating.

Originally Posted by Guy Whose Face Got Beat In at the Chuunin Exams

"Fuck him!!! That guy is the most sorry excuse for a warrior I've ever met. Honor? With him there ain't no honor!"
Morally gray is a great phrase when speaking about the teen. He will do any and all to achieve his goals, mowing down any and all in his way. He sees little value in the honor system that many ninja foolishly have and sees it as contradictory and frankly hypocritical to have such beliefs in their world.

Puppeteer Archetype
Special: Gain Kugutsu no Jutsu for free.
Bonus: Power +1, Reserves +1, Control +1
Flaws: Strength -1, Speed -1, Stamina -1
Chakra, Mental, Physical

Stamina:1-1+10:10 [+5]
Speed:1-1+10:10 [+4]



Puppeteer List
-[S1]Kugutsu I (Free) (Power 2, Intelligence 2)
-[S1]Puppet Senses I
-[S2]Kugutsu II (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
-[S2]Puppet Senses II
-[S3]Kugutsu III (Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6)
-[S4]Kugutsu IV (Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Tactics 12)

Puppeteer Arts
-[S1]Casting Call (Control 3, Tactics 2)
-[S2]Still String (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
-[S2]Dismantle One Shot (Tactics 6, Intelligence 5, Control 5)

Fool's Bane
Stage 1 (6 Speed, 4 Stamina)

Leaf Genjutsu
-[S1]Sounding the Familiar (Intelligence 3, Reserves 3)
-[S2]Leer of the Peculiar (Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4)



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Tonshu Clan

The Chrysanthemum

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Shiwabuku Miu

Country/Village: Water || Mist Village
Rank: Jounin
Division: Navy


Beautiful is one word to describe Miu. Another one that's been used is exotic. Either way, her looks are eye catching and she definitely gives those with different tastes something to think about.

Her skin color matches the waving sand dunes of Mother Desert, while the texture of her skin is smooth and supple. Dark, long, wavy hair cascades down her back and shoulders, while from the front of her hairline to the middle of her length is a stark, contrasting white dye. This was done using safe, natural ingredients from centuries old clan traditions.

Her flowing, wavy locks frame a gorgeous face. Complete with high cheekbones, full, dark lips, sharp eyebrows, and the Arechihana signature red-yellow eyes; she's nothing short of stunning.

Being a taijutsu oriented shinobi in a desert climate leaves one with a strong, lean body and this ninja is no different. She owns the curves and natural fats all women have or wish to possess, yet it's trimmed with an elite athletic body.

Tattoos and piercings litter her body. While some see it as distasteful, or seeking the wrong attention, she sees it as carrying on family tradition. The mark of most importance for her are three triangular red dots on her forehead.

Another way she honors her rich heritage is by securing different articles into her hair. Her favorite color being red, she has red braids and rope tied into her locks, as well as red dyed falcon's feathers.


Chapter 1: Introduction

"Name's Kuwabara."


"So, mate, whose the cap'n on this ship? I've not been on board ten minutes and already I'm scrubbing decks, wid you."

"You were told by the first mate yea? Well you see that fine lass wid the spyglass at the stern?"

"Aye, what a beaut she is. I'd like ta--"

"Mind yer tongue lad. That's the cap'n of this here vessel."


"Aye. She's a fine sailor, she is. Don't let her looks fool ya, that's a woman of the sea if I've ever seen one."

"What's her name?"

"You mean you've been assigned duty on a schooner and don't know the officer's name?!"


"She has a few handles. Some call her the Breaker of Wills, others the Jaguar. But her name is Shiwabuku Miu."

"She has a nice name and all, but why do they call her the Jagua-ahhh!!!! What in the blue blazes is dhattt!"

"Oh. You mean the night shaded man-eating feline ov' yonder? That's T'Chaka. The lady's pet cat. Guess that answers your question now doesn't it?"

"An-an-and whose bone is that stickin' outta his mug?"

"Well he does need about ten pounds a meat a day. And I ain't seen Shunko since mornin...."

"I'm gettin off this ship!!!!!"

Chapter 2: The Jaguar

"Kai!!! Kai! Shit!!"

Kuwabara was in the middle of a forest in Yugitou, up to his knees in mucky water and covered in blood.The schooner he was assigned to months ago had been sent ahead as a scout for an assault on the island, one of the main operating bases of the Seagull opposition. They were ambushed the minute they reached the jungle.

"By the Kami I'm fucked."

"You got that right, Water country scum."

At least ten men from Seagull surrounded the befuddled Kuwabara, who was sure he was about to die. Then he heard a soft rustle in the bushes. It went unnoticed by the assailants closing in on him, too fixated were they, on his demise. That fixation sealed theirs. Two blurs of movement emerged from the bush, all fangs and claws. In moments, screams filled the air, as Kuwabara watched in awe, while they fell one by one.

As fast as it had begun, it was over. Blood and bodies were everywhere, the macabre scene almost too much for the sailor's eyes. Suddenly he realized he was not alone, a powerful dark figure stood on each side of him.

"Kuwabara can you continue? If not, get back to the ship."

"M-m-mi lady...."

"It's ok sailor. I know. I take the blame for all of this, now get back to the ship. Worry not, your way back is clear, they're all dead." The bewildered man rose to his feet slowly and moved even slower on his way back towards the shore. She called after him.

"They won't get away with it Kuwabara. For Kai, for every one of ours that's dead, I'll kill ten more. They ambushed us, hiding in the jungle. Little do they know the jungle is my home and ambush is the way that I hunt. I am Jaguar and they will pay."

That was the last day the Third Storm would sail with Miu at the helm, it was deemed she was better suited for strike missions, as a subordinate or secondary officer on a larger vessel. She had, however, succeeded in taking that small outpost on Yugitou, reportedly killing 63 adversaries in her conquest.

Chapter 3: A Drink with the Captain

"Kuwabara. Glad to see you decided to stay on the ship. I know your first few days were a bit 'ard, but the Third Storm is a better ship with you on it."

Kuwabara found himself cornered and alone on the deck by the captain of his newest assignment. It was dark out and all that could be seen was the obsidian waves of the sea mirroring the black void of the clear night sky. The only sources of light being the moon and the many bright speckles of light that littered space's infinite canvas.

The two sailors were alone, save for a particularly large jungle cat sauntering his way towards them. Unnoticed by Kuwabara, the large cat rubbed his powerful body along the legs of the unsuspecting sailor.

Startled, he jumped higher than he ever thought he could, accompanied by a yelp. "YAHHH!!!"

The man's reaction incited an uproarious bout of laughter in the schooner's skipper. "Plus, I think T'Chaka likes you." The jaguar kept moving slowly, but powerful, until he plopped down lazily at the bow of the small vessel.

Kuwabara could smell a strong, foul alcohol somewheres about and as he searched for the source he found it at the wine jug she was gulping from ever so often. She could see the questioning look on his face and decided to answer before he even asked.

"Habushu." She raised the jug to let him know what she was referring to.

" 'Tis snake wine. I know, I know, it's not the best a smells, but it'll get ya drunk as a skunk and keep yer pecker energized for days. Too bad. Cuz, I ain't got one a dem."

Tickled at her own joke, Miu let out another hardy laugh. It was obvious the wine was having it's desired effect.

"C'mon, take a swig."

"Really I shouldn't. I--"

"What kinda sailor won't drink wit his cap'n?!?"
She shoved the sloshing jug into his chest and motioned for him to drink. Reluctantly, Kuwabara brought the bottle to his lips and after the liquid passed his tongue and entered his esophagus, he immediately gagged.

"Good right? Go on take another swig, while I tell you a story befitting this rather intimate occasion."

Chapter 4: Pirate's life for me

Tumultuous waves crashed against the hull of a large, old ship as it made it's way out into the infinite sea. "These lan'lubbers 'll never catch ol' Blackjack!!! O'heyy!!" A large, dark man helmed this notorious pirate ship, aptly named after it's egotistical captain. The band of pirates were on the run from the authorities of one the islands they had recently pilfered.

Yet the captain was too savvy, far too experienced as a seamen and the Blackjack too fast a ship too be caught by mere fishermen turned police. "Enjoy yer share boys! I retire to mi quarters." A shared yell of approval was given by the crew and as Blackjack closed the door to his cabin, the collected voices of the men singing a sea shanty vibrated through the wood.

"I got you daddy!" A beautiful little girl no older than four punched the braggard in the stomach and he feigned injury playfully with a genuine smile on his face, happy to play with his daughter. "Oooff!!! Ya' got me lass! As I perish you are now Cap'n Miu! Queen of the High Seas!" The girl posed strongly, feigning dominance and regality, even putting on a stern face.

Their fun was interrupted however, by the sultry voice of the real leader of the ship, Blackjack's would be wife, Izume. "Jikoju!! What have I told you 'bout comin' in hear smellin' like donkey backside! Go wash up man!"

"Dear, please. Don't use mi real name so loudly. The crew might hear ya'." said the notorious pirate captain sheepishly. "I grow tiyad ah dis place. When we met them years ago you promised me adventure and a good life, but here I am, here we are, coop up in a ship night and day. Surrounded by men who smell like fish and eatin fish who smell like man. Mi tiyad Jikoju."

A silence fell over the room and Miu knew where to go. She pretended to play with her toys in the corner of the leaky cabin, but she was well aware, despite her age, of the unrest in her family. Blackjack straightened himself and softened his voice as he removed his jacket.

"I know what I said. An' if ol' Blackjack–" she shot him a steely look that would make a shark swim away in fear "–if I'm anything, I'm a man of mi word. I'm too old for this young man's game, I know it now. I can feel it. I made you a promise long ago and I intend to keep it. All we need is a few more runs and then we're off. I'll let Yakamo be cap'n and we can move on, and get away from this life. Be patient wit' me, we'll be outta here soon, lass. Very soon."

Chapter 5: A New Life

"We ran."

"You what?! Daughter of a great pirate with riches and treasures and the open sea?"

"Believe me, I loved it. My mum did not. So we slipped away when I was seven, in the dead of night, with Blackjack in a drunken stupor. Took us about a fortnight to get to Mist. It only took a week for me to wanna be a ninja."

"Ninja huh? I dunno if I ever seen a ninja sail the way you do."

The newly assigned deckhand took another swig of the rank liquor, this time the bite wasn't near as strong, the smell, however, had as much muscle as ever.

"So you go to Mist mi lady, what happens next?"

"That, Kuwabara, is a long story."

Chapter 6: Acclimation

Transitioning to a new way of life was hard for Miu. She had grown accustomed to life always being in motion, always on the run. Rough were her ways, and to say they rubbed folk wrong in the academy would be putting it lightly. She was unused to this social situation, having been the lone child on a ship full of thieves and murderers her whole life. She was a bit more mature than most, and it took the better part of a year for her to get over the fact that this was her new life and that she wouldn't be going back to the adventurous, seafaring ways she had grown to love.

Aftet coming to grips that this was what her life entailed now, she flourished. She was a natural at taijutsu, having been blessed with athletic skill and a gruff way of dealing with combat. Sooner, rather than later, the rest of the skills that being a shinobi required, caught up. Truthfully, her Academy years were uneventful, the only real issue of note being her mother's ever more frequent stints at the hospital.

After graduating, her mother, who could feel the spectre's approach with every passing day, took her on what she called a woman's rite of passage. As it was just the two of them lived together at home, Miu had began to learn how to cook, clean and some of her mother's maiden culture's traditions.

So only a week after being a genin, the two women ventured into the wilds of the jungle, so that her true training could begin.

Chapter 7: Perils of the Jungle

Other Info
Intro Song: DJ Malvado ft. Lando- Marimba
Voice Actress:Samantha Mumba

-Much of Miu's background and personality are based off of different cultures and customs around the world. Little tidbits are taken from many different places to make up how she does things and who she is. Much like the pirates of the 18th century, there are little references to many places within this sheet. Caribbean, West African, Indian, Okinawan, and Brazilian are some of the most heavy influences I've taken with this character and it was really fun researching to meld all of these into one person.

Character Influences
Ya'wara-DC Comics
Lara Croft
Grace Choi-DC Comics
Yoritomo Minori-L5R Card Game
Edward Kenway-Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

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Yoritomo Azura


Overall Look

Despite a gruff manner and sour countenance, this teen still shows signs of femininity. Long, loosely curled jet black hair cascades down her back past her shoulder blades, which, combined wit her lashes and soft eyebrows paint a womanly picture. Deep, chocolatey irises fill her almond shaped eyes and her lips are pink and fairly plump. Her nose is small and curled up, while her face as a whole owns a semi circular shape, with her chin being the only pronounced shape. Again, most don't notice her features because she is too busy acosting them or socking them in the face.

The girl's hardening skin is defiantly sepia brown against the pale factory lights of Sector Two. The girl's shape is slightly curvy, but the kunoichi vehemently seeks to correct this with copious amounts of weight training and bulking. She calls it turning curves into angles. Fairly tall, thr genin stands at a modest 5'5", but hopes to sprout in her mid teens so she can tower over all her contemporaries, male and female alike.

For clothing she sticks to street wear. Hoodies, sweaters, short shorts, leggings, and graphic tees are the norm. Her constants remain her various tool pouches and her combat boots; always the combat boots. Often times her "girly" hair is tossed into a bun or subdued in a ponytail.


Attitude. That's what she's all about. Azura has had to grow up rough, grow up raw, where any sign of weakness is automatically exploited. So she has to put up a front as a wall to protect her from having to deal with that. She's like every other thirteen year old girl, confused, rebellious, and unsure. Add in the pressures of shinobi life and having to support others and you have a recipe that results in the no frills, unforgivingly abrasive girl you see today.

The young genin girl is a person of extremes. She can often be hot and cold, and also take things more than a tad too far, and nothing reflects that more than her techniques. Snapping bones, comboed with face smashing-fu bolstered by bonuses in force output sounds like a good time to the tomboy.

As part of her patented teenage confusion, the girl doesn't really know what her preference is and has gone as far as to say she's asexual. She expresses this preference in masculine, rough, often grotesque and stereotypical ways.

Other Info
Theme Song:BIA-Spend It
Voice Actress:Rosie Perez

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Uhmmm just saving my lists and stuff. Don't Delete This Pwease.

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Ingakankei Ouhon

Rai no Kuni/ Kumogakure
Demon Weapon Jinchuuriki


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