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Default Shinshi Junichi - KSHD

Name: Shinshi Junichi
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 5’4”

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Kusa no Kuni/Kusagakure
Rank: {Advanced Chuunin}
Division: KSHD (Combat Medic)


Physical Description:
Junichi is a Shinshi that, until recently, had been doing his best to fight the mold that his clan was trying to shape him in. No more are the bodily insecurities that kept him slight and frail: Despite still being short, the young teenager has put on a substantial set of lithe muscle in the recent months. Fueled further by his taijutsu training, Junichi is in fact looking healthier than ever before much to his family’s surprise. His green eyes are more lifelike, and a hidden joy appears perpetually locked behind him. Confidence too, had begun to blossom, this time not quelled by his peers and onlookers.

In fact, since having surrounded himself by people that he respected and could look toward for support and strength, a lot about Junichi has changed. His silky, ginger hair had transformed along with his complexion: His time in the sun brought about a soft dusting of freckles and a more strawberry blondish tint to his orange hair, and the change in his nutrition brought on by a new diet and the way he took care of himself made his green eyes twinkle with hues of sapphire blues and dull, yet piercing grays.

A dull wisdom also rests behind them, perhaps brought on by a series of events that could only be described as experience. His new divulge into the occult has brought forth a series of experiences that now mark his arms proudly: In addition to the three white bands that mark his wrist for bringing honor to him and his clan, Junichi now has two green ones marking the birth of his younger sisters, a red one symbolizing his friendship with his cousin, and a dark purple one marking his induction into the Ken no Seijin, not that his family understands its significance.

Clothing is something that Junichi has since become less concerned with. While he still has all of his clothing that he has since specially hemmed and tailored, the boy’s closet has taken a turn from the showy preppiness he’s accustomed to to something more discreet. Blacks and darker colors decorate his closet now, with dress pants and blazers sitting at the forefront. He carries himself with a confident walk and smirk on his face, like that of a businessman about to close a deal.

With his brain capable of running equations that only certain calculators are capable of, the boy’s newfound confidence clearly shows. He’s no stranger to black bodysuits or anything required of him to be sneaky, but the hats and berets that he used to wear have been hung up. His hair is usually stylized, marked by a perpetual quiff that gives the illusion of further height depending on how long he’s been without a trim.

More often than not, however, Junichi can be seen in all white, marking his station as KSHD. Whenever working in the hospital, he’s seen clad in a doctor’s coat with medical equipment scattered across him and scrubs typically meant to catch someone’s eye. He carries an identification badge and a very specific coin given to him by the Ken no Seijin that he had since fashioned into a button.

More often than not, Junichi carries his hitae-ate around his neck or tied around his arm.

It’s amazing what a few months can do for someone in regards to confidence. What used to be insecurities and an inferiority complex seemed to have nearly vanished: What stands before you now is anunbridled form of quiet confidence. He smiles like he knows something that you don’t, and walks like he’s entitled. In fact, careful positioning on his part tends to make outsiders think that he’s better than them: A fact that he’s apt to prove if people question him.

No longer the crybaby that he used to be, it seems that the boy’s time with his cousin has turned him about. Forever grateful to her, he now possesses an unbridled anger that he keeps hidden behind a cocky grin, ready to be unleashed when the time calls for it. He isn’t afraid to snap limbs, break necks, and the like: In fact, if anything, Junichi is like a fury called from the pits of hell to do battle with those that would question his loyalty to his village and clan.

As someone who has been tempered by war though, Junichi carries himself with a silent calm. Something about him is watchful, like that of a boy who has spent half a decade being tormented not only by his village and family, but himself as well. Junichi has come to terms with who he is: A soldier, fighting for Kusagakure’s sake, his family’s sake, and more recently, all that is recognized as good’s sake. As a member of Ken no Seijin, fighting corruption and evil influence has become something that he takes pride in doing, and more importantly, something that he feels like he has a stake in.


Primary Archetype:
Shinshi Specialist
Special: When taken as primary the user has one free usage of their highest stage of the Hen’iki
Primary: Any (Chakra)
Secondary: Any (Mental)
Tertiary: Any (Physical)
Stat Merit: +2 to Control, +1 to Tactics
Stat Flaw: -2 to Speed, -1 to Willpower

Secondary Archetype:
Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves
Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower

Conjoined Merits: +2 Control, +2 Intelligence, +1 Tactics, +1 Reserves
Conjoined Flaws: -3 Speed, -2 Willpower, -1 Strength

{Advanced Points}


Physical (Tertiary)

Strength: 1 - [1] + 7 = 7
Speed: 1 - [3] + 11 + (3) = 12
Stamina: 1 + 6 + (1) = 8

Mental (Secondary)

Intelligence: 1 + [2] + 9 = 12
Tactics: 1 + [1] + 10 + {2} + (2) = 16
Willpower: 1 - [2] + 8 + (4) = 11

Chakra (Primary)

Power: 1 + 10 + {2} + (4) = 17
Control: 1 + [2] + 11 + {2} + (1) + [3] = 20
Reserves: 1 + [1] + 9 + {3} + (2) + [3] = 19


Jutsus and Techniques:

The Hen’iki
[1]4 Control, 4 Reserves
[2]8 Control, 6 Reserves, 6 Tactics
[3]14 Control, 10 Reserves, 8 Tactics
[4]16 Control, 14 Reserves, 13 Power, 14 Tactics
[5]20 Control, 19 Reserves, 17 Power , 16 Tactics

Medical Ninjutsu
[1]Medical Training (2 Control, 2 Willpower)
[1]Caretaker (3 Control, 2 Tactics)
[1]Disease Containment (Intelligence 3, Reserves 3)
[1]Forbidden Technique: Disease Propagation (Control 4, Power 4)
[2]Blood Coagulation (5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves)
[2]Poison Removal (5 Intelligence, 4 Willpower, 4 Tactics)
[3]Healing Hands Technique (8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves)
[3]Medicine Creation (8 Intelligence, 6 Willpower, 8 Tactics)
[4]Chakra Scalpel (12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Intelligence)
[4]Poison Creation (Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Control 12)

Fool's Bane
Stage Three: +15 Stamina, +12 Speed (12 Speed, 8 Stamina, 8 Tactics)

Global Ninjutsu / Ken no Seijin
[1]Body Switch Technique (2 Power, 2 Tactics)
[1]Cataloguing [Replacing: Open Slot] (Intelligence 4, Tactics 4)
[2]Tree/Wall Walking Technique (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
[3]Chakra Hunting Technique (Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6)
[4]Instantaneous Body Technique (Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12)

Grass Genjutsu & Swaps
[1]Infinite Cherry Blossom (Replacing Open Slot): Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
[2]Sting of the Petals (Replacing Open Slot): Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6
[3]Kai (Replacing False Root Spear): Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 8
[4]Petal Technique - Mirage (Replacing Thousand Grass Cutter): Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

Shinobi Kit [0]

Weapon Points Remaining: 8


Dear Journal,

Today marks the beginning of a new me. No more sadness, no more being scared or crying all the time. Today, I feel fully in control. I spent an hour practicing kata in the upstairs arena and another one teaching my sisters the math they’ll need to use the Hen’iki once they graduate. I demonstrated the chaos and string theories’ practical applications: Two methods the girls will need to know if they think that they’ll be able to use our clan’s technique to its fullest.

I don’t take their experience lightly. The academy was one of the roughest times of my life, and undoubtedly, Gemmei’s as well. Between the two of us, we were in more fights than we could count. I usually laid there and took it, but she didn’t. She taught me more about taijutsu than our academy teachers did, and while she got her ass handed to her, a lot, she always took up for me. And I always took care of her. Truthfully, we were all one another had for a while. People didn’t really like being friends with members of a clan their parents deplored. It hurt us deeply.

But that was okay. Academy graduation came quickly, with me graduating near the top of my class. For everything that was said about the Shinshi, something that we weren’t was slackers. I might not have been too good at punching things, but I sure was good with chakra. Not to mention, my control was so precise that there were mentions of me becoming a medical shinobi. No one really talked to me about it, though: It was kind of hard to, with me being so shy.

The two genin I was paired with though… I hope that my sisters don’t have to deal with anything of their like. They became textile workers later in life, having decided that they weren’t cut out for the early mornings and assassinations after a long night of drugs and partying. But before they were in the generic workforce, they were bullies. Always in my face, yelling at me. Calling me names, making me feel deplorable. But my sensei would always stop them. He taught me the basics of medical ninjutsu and taught me how to patch up myself and others. I slowly came to garner my teammate’s respect after years of training. I taught myself strategy on top of advanced mathematics, and as I grew in strength, I also grew in resolve.

With the chuunin exams rolled around a few years ago, we were quick to enter. It helped that Kusagakure would be hosting these exams too: A home field advantage was always a good thing. We spent the weeks prior to it camping in places for lengthy periods of time, preparing ourselves for the survival challenger. Whether it was the Darkwoods or Gahou Glades didn’t matter: We accustomed ourselves to the trials that we were to face.

The first exam was easy. It comprised of a number of questions far too advanced for my teammates, but not me. Using the Hen’iki, I helped them cheat by expanding my tactile territory and carving out crude answers in the corners of their paper for them. The Hen’iki had never been useful for fine motor control, but I made it work, and I made sure that we moved onto the second round.

The next two were a bit more difficult. The survival challenge lasted for one week, and every seven hours, one of three pendants would be put out for grabs. Essentially, this meant that we had to split up and cover ground, then reconvene and capture the pendant until we had at least two. Then we just camped nearby the third and waited for the shrines to activate and summon their respective pendant. Defeating our enemies wasn’t too hard: I was a medic after all, and we were only facing other genin. The worst we faced were a few small breaks in a one of my teammates’ bones.

The final challenge comprised of one on one confrontations. I got pretty far, but I did not win: By the third round, I had exhausted myself after beating a taijutsu specialist and stone ninjutsu specialist. Using my Hen’iki proved to be a more strenuous task than I was used to, especially for such a long period of time. The boy I faced moved faster than I was capable of, and he shot lightening from his hands like it was second nature. I withdrew after the fourth shock: I knew better than to overexert myself over a simple display.

Because of this, along with the time I spent studying Kusagakure’s landscape and interning at the hospital, I was offered my promotion, which I took without a second thought. The clan was thrilled at my sudden entrance into adulthood, and so I did my best to meet everyone’s expectations. I worked harder and applied myself, taking on a full time roll at the hospital over the course of a year.

I saw destruction of the Grass Prison and the rise of Itou Batsu and Mamotou, much to mine and many others’ horror. The Shinku Seijun became the special forces of our village and I watched from behind the scenes, healing up wound after wound, secretly wondering how many were afflicted by the terrorists. It was a welcome change when Fukumen rose to power, and we all rallied behind him, defeating the Chuku and White Mask after they attacked us in succession. Now, however, we have the EKD remnants and Druid’s Heart to contend with.

I’ve spent an extensive time researching Druid’s Heart in order to dismantle it, even ingesting it at one such juncture when I was required to for a mission. However, it wasn’t until I was inducted into the Ken no Seijin, a group of ninja focused on the protection of innocents from evil spirits and negative chakra that I truly began to understand it and grow a footing on the subject.

Now, I continue to do my duty not only as a Shinshi and shinobi of Kusagakure, but as a shinobi of the Ken no Seijin as well. I work hard to keep people safe, even those outside of Kusagakure who are growing to resent us. However, I’ve begun to no longer care about what others think: If they think they can take me, they’re welcome to try.


Other Info:
His hobbies are playing the piano and sewing.
His favorite food is okonomiyaki – especially when he doesn’t know the special ingredient.
He hates dishes that are “too crispy”.
He has a pet chameleon named Yoshi, but it has a habit of getting lost…
Junichi doesn’t have the best relationship with his father; a therapist may attribute it to his sexuality, but like many with a similar lifestyle, he prefers not to speak of/to his dad.
Junichi has two significantly younger sisters who he adores, yet haven't impacted his life's story heavily.

Personal Goal: Find a way to be himself around his family.
End Goal: Gain more faith in Fukumen and the future of Kusagakure.


AP Spent: 6/8 Stats, 3/3 Jutsu

Snoops or Busybodies?: +1 Willpower, Tree/Wall Walking Technique
Some Noise Pollution: Part One: Suimen Hokou no Gyou, +1 Willpower
Just Like a Circus: [4]Instantaneous Body Technique, +1 Willpower
Global Ninjutsu Revamp - Water Walking -> Chakra Hunting
Harvesters: +2 Tactics
Youth Decomposed: Disease Containment, +1 Willpower. AP - Forbidden Technique: Disease Propagation, Poison Creation
Community Service: +1 Speed, Fool's Bane
Caught in the Spider's Web: +2 Speed, Infinite Cherry Blossom
Best if Used By: Fool's Bane Stage Two
We're on the Case (of Komo): +1 Stamina, Fool's Bane Stage Three
A Green Thumb: +2 Power, String of the Petals
Rootstock: +1 Power, Kai, +1 Power[MotM]
Fledge: +1 Control, Cataloguing
Gemmarriage: +2 Reserves, +3 AP Reserves, +3 AP Control, +1 AP Stage 5 Hen'iki
Borderhouse Blitz: +1 Power, +Petal Technique: Mirage

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Here's to hoping activity picks up. For the record, I am still interested in this character.
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Another bump for interest in the hopes that, by Christmas approaching, Engilings will be destined to return.
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Early Christmas Present!!!

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I-I thought it was an early birthday present.

Well, Happy New Year's Eve Bump. Let's get the registry a-shaking!~
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Half Approval on this.
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Bump for necessary approvals.
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Bump once more. Give me a chance!
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As such, was a very intelligent boy, but he was easily threatened
Is this 'as such he'?

His father had had little to do with Junichi during his younger years, often being on a mission or out with his friends, as if he were making a name for the Clan, but then, all of the sudden, Junichi was supposed to become best friends with his father and learn the Hen’iki technique?
This sentence went on so long that it graduated from the academy as an expert in taijutsu.

they were now dropouts who spent their time partying and drinking who he’d lost contact with
This sentence could use a little restructuring.

The biography is fine, you touch on the history well enough and develop a character who has room to grow. A lot of it is devoured by the chuunin exams, which is interesting for a 'advanced character'. It feels like he is fresh out of being promoted, but that isn't quite the case. Either way, fix the issues above, and you'll have an approval from me.
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The above concerns have been fixed. Thank you, Merd.
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