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Default Hinku Hiroshi - KISEO

Name: Hinku Hiroshi
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8"

Country/Village: Kusa no Kuni - Kusagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: KISEO - Investigator

Physical Description:
His dark brown eyes sit inside his head without emotion and relay the intake of light with little enthusiasm. To many, their color seems to be as black as his pupils. His light brown, almost blond, hair does little to change how dark his eyes appear. Coupled with his lightly tanned skin, Hiroshi's eyes are possibly the darkest thing about him. With sharp cheekbones and smooth brow bones, coupled with his average sized lips and nose, his profile appears normal, devoid of scars, birthmarks, or blemishes.

He doesn't seem juvenile when one looks upon him, but he doesn't seem like he could be too far away from twenty. He's definitely in shape, but these days, what shinobi isn't? It's practically his responsibility to keep a strong body, with barely broadened shoulders, and legs with just enough muscle to allow effortless but strong movements. Without any sort of body art or scarification on him, he seems inherently clean, but not in a completely pristine, hygienic condition. Of course, he isn't dirty or oily, but the way his hair falls around his head with a clump of hair occasionally falling in front of one of his eyes, he seems just barely unkempt in an almost controlled sort of manner.


Being the fairly self-indulgent young man that he is, he isn't often found in proper shinobi attire. More often than not, he leaves the flak jacket at home, and only wears his shinobi boots when Hiroshi interacts with his fellow shinobi. On his own, or even at the KISEO offices, he can typically be found in a loose-fitting collared jacket in grey over a black button-up and black pants, finishing everything up with simple black boots. He even tends to disregard his forehead protector outside of meetings with shinobi. He does, however, keep his KISEO badge tucked into leather folding wallet in a lining pocket of his jacket On the field, his outfit does not differ greatly, only in that he brings with him the equipment he does not need in the offices. He will always wrap his forehead protector around his forehead to keep his hair out of the way, and can be found in a black t-shirt underneath his green flak jacket, with black shorts and black boots below his waist.

As for his equipment, he doesn't keep much on him other than one larger than normal pouch for all of his kunai, which he also holds in the pockets of his flak jacket. His most prominent piece of equipment is his jian, which is held in a black scabbard on his left hip, complete with a silver colored guard and a hilt wrapped in black cloth. His jian could be kept anywhere on his person, since he is technically ambidextrous when it comes to his sword-fighting, but he prefers to have his pouch on his right hip and his sword on his left hip. In a few pouches of his flak jacket, he carries seeds as a catalyst for his Grass Ninjutsu, along with a few KISEO issued seeds for investigative purposes. Finally, as a sort of last resort, Hiroshi keeps Lethal Poison within a hidden pocket in his flak jacket to pour over his jian or to dip a kunai into.


Hiroshi is known to be skeptical towards the abilities of many people, excluding himself. He is best known for sticking to his first impressions, which typically tend to be geared around the most negative trait he can catch in a person. If you arrive late, you're permanently slow. If you bruise from his fists, you're weak, and if you can't solve a puzzle, you're stupid. At least more stupid than you were before he actually heard you talk. Overall, he is quite a talent when it comes to seeing all the bad traits of a person.

In noticing what he does, Hiroshi doesn't tend to deal with all of the niceties that are tied with common society and the polite ways of interacting that many are tied to. If he thinks you're weak, he'll be sure to include such associated adjectives with his descriptions of you. When others come after him for his rude comments, he tends to make some comment about how they need to stop whining and should get some guts. There are people in the world who like to make fun of others. Whining will thereby get you nowhere, and will actually prolong the torment as soon as you show signs of weakness. Hiroshi's process of being slightly rude to others isn't the process of breaking someone down, but rather one of building them up. After all, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

When he's not busy making fun of his allies and enemies alike, he's usually acting rather nonchalant. The better word might be apathetic. For the most part, Hiroshi outwardly shows little care towards others and the situations that bereave them. The truth may be that he actually feels quite a lot of love towards other people, but he doesn't show it. He's not the best one to go to for personal advice, even if, internally, he knows what would make it better. He prefers to let others figure things out for themselves, since it's never any good to go through life depending on the service of others.

He is a calm man, who is rather accepting of others when it comes to a personal level. He's an easy guy to share laughs with since his sense of humor is pretty free and all-inclusive, unless the jokes go a little too far, in which case he can pull off one of those ridiculously serious faces that seem to leak disapproval from every pore. At the same time where he is easy going with others, he understands when fooling around can get to be too much and can hinder the progress of growth. He is, after all, a man whose reputation lies on the ability to catch and apprehend criminals, and such a thing is a dangerous business.


Nindo: One must mow the blades to make them sharper.


Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can double his/her Strength stat for one post. This does not include taijutsu bonuses.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merit: +2 Stamina, +1 Reserves
Stat Flaw: -1 Tactics, -1 Intelligence, -1 Control


Physical - 30

Strength: 1 +10 [Pool Points] + 1 [Thread Points] = 12 [+9 Suusenken]
Speed: 1 +10 [Pool Points] + 3 [Thread Points] = 14 [+9 Kinokozaku-Fu]
Stamina: 1 +2 [Myrmidon] +10 [Pool Points] = 13 [+9 Suusenken]

Mental - 24

Intelligence: 1 -1 [Myrmidon] +9 [Pool Points] = 9
Tactics: 1 -1 [Myrmidon] +7 [Pool Points] +1 [GMAP] = 8
Willpower: 1+8 [Pool Points] = 9

Chakra - 27

Power: 1 +9 [Pool Points] = 10
Control: 1 -1 [Myrmidon] +10 [Pool Points] = 10
Reserves: 1 +1 [Myrmidon] +8 [Pool Points] = 10

Jutsus and Techniques
Suusenken [Stage Three]
[F1] Stage One [4 Stamina, 4 Speed]
[F2] Tekaiken [2 Control, 2 Reserves]
[F3] No Iyagazare-Taezu [2 Control, 2 Reserves]
[F4] Stage Two [7 Stamina, 7 Speed, 6 Control]
[F5] Itten-Senkou Kutsuu [4 Control, 4 Reserves]
[F6] Stage Three [10 Stamina, 10 Speed, 8 Control]
[F7] Inu Shibai Haaku [7 Control, 7 Reserves, 6 Power]

Grass Ninjutsu and KISEO Swaps [Stage Three]
[F8] Etai Souken [Power 2, Tactics 2]
[AP] Kaika Replacing Open Slot [Intelligence 4, Tactics 4]
[F9] Shyushi Karamari [Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4]
[F10] Hinsei no Senrigan [Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5]
[F11] Kusa Kusariei [Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8]

Kinokozaku-fu [Stage Three]
[F12] Stage One [4 Control, 4 Power]
[AP] Stage Two [7 Control, 7 Power, 6 Speed]
[AP] Stage Three [10 Control, 10 Power, 8 Speed]

Minor House Summoning Ninjutsu
[TP] Swarms: Cicada Call [Power 3, Willpower 2]

Jian - 3
Mask Of The Mother Tree - 1
Lethal Poison - 4


Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

"Good. It's a boy."

Such words would reverberate within the eardrums of Hiroshi's mother for years and would continue to echo sporadically for the rest of her life. The words brought up a dark feeling of accomplishment for the woman who regretted her marital choice since the day it had been decided. That man that stood above her in the child ward of Kusagakure, hugging her around the shoulders, was a strong-willed, disciplined man who would never make a good figure. He was forever far from the typical idea of a good paternal figure. For Hiroshi's father, the idea of a son was one who would come to accept frequent beatings and would move on to serve Kusagakure with his life on the line as a shinobi. For Hiroshi's mother, that had never been the plan for her children, but in her trap of a marriage, it was the only choice. As far as her husband was concerned, women were not allowed to plan as soon as they married.

As she stood behind that glass and stared at the baby in the incubator reaching up towards the ceiling, trying to reach something he couldn't grab, the new mother stifled a cry for the futility of her child's life. She could do so little for her child, and she would continue to do so little. Even standing there, all she could do was watch as the tiny baby boy continued to breathe, and, beneath her breath, she hoped for something horrible. She hoped for his lungs to collapse. For his heart to stop. For his brain to malfunction. She hoped for anything that would keep her baby boy from the man she called her husband.

"He should be named Hiroshi, for prosperity. Surely he will bring my family's name prosperity. He will make me prosperous."

Despite her husband's words, the woman knew.

Prosperity was a failed wish.

~ ~ ~

As the boy's cries echoed through the large house, the woman cried, holding a picture to her bosom. Upon the black and white film was a slightly blurry image of Hiroshi with his mother. Moments like these were common for the woman. She could never bear hearing her son scream from her husband's beatings. It was as if she could feel her son's back as wooden sticks made contact with his spine. Even Hiroshi's father did not truly understand why he lifted his hand to his own kin. It was his own father who had taught him to beat his son. If he didn't know what Hiroshi did, then Hiroshi would know. It had been like this with his mother before Hiroshi had been born, and Hiroshi's birth was, at it's origin a reason to spare his mother.

Hiroshi did not bring prosperity. Not to himself. He was a poor child. An unwilling sacrifice to a man who did not deserve their piety.

~ ~ ~

Hiroshi would never understand his childhood. There are moments within it that he can't even remember it at all. For the most part, anything before his fifth birthday has been lost to some internal censor built to protect his innocence. Either that, or he was unconscious too often for there to be any memories. Often, the beatings lasted more than twenty minutes, and there were days where he was either beaten twice, thrice, or four times, or for extended periods of time. His father would never explain anything to him, and he would never learn anything from the beatings.

At that point, the potential for his growth was stunted as he was forced to find the path to coping by himself. Inside him, he could only find two solutions. He could capitalize on his beatings and turn them into an anger that the world had never before seen. On the other hand, he could take each beating and toss it away like a kid ignoring another child's bullying. Following his maternal example, he chose the latter and learned, in a strange and sad way, to accept the pain his father gave him and live the rest of his life happily. His skin would callous, and the hurt would hurt less.


~ ~ ~

As the pain began to lessen for the boy, he found himself with new lessons to learn. Sitting within an academy classroom, Hiroshi, for once in his solemn life, found comfort. Children his age, whom he had never met before, young adults teaching them things that they had never even thought of before. The school became a safe haven for the boy, where his father could not be found. Where beatings weren't found when someone dropped a pencil. It was a comfort that seemed unappreciated by the rest of his classmates.

And yet, as he sat behind that desk, smiling at the board with his feet dangling in the air above the floor, he found himself relaxing every moment he was inside the building, running down the halls, playing in the playground. Perhaps it was here where Hiroshi learned just what it was to learn. Maybe it was here where Hiroshi began to love teaching. It is possible, perchance, that he had hoped to never leave that place, and that the sun would never set over his happy life. But, as with every day, the sun must make room for the moon, and the light must fade into the dark.

~ ~ ~

He forgot the nights. He forgot the early mornings. He forgot the words. He forgot the wooden sword. He forgot his bruises. He forgot how it felt to hurt. He forgot how to cry silently at night. He forgot his life. He forgot his father.

~ ~ ~

"You're so slow, Hirako. You should try and keep up." The young boy laughed heartily as he kept running at a nice pace around the track. The young girl was in the back, heaving with all her might to keep up with her classmate. It was all coming to no avail and Hiroshi's words were not making anything better. Tears in her eyes mixed with sweat on her face, and her shoelaces began to untie. She was sad thanks to the unhappy spotlight that shone from Hiroshi's mouth. As it seemed, though he avoided his father's anger, Hiroshi couldn't completely forget about the verbal abuse that his father had continued like a habit.

As the girl hit the pavement, tripping over her own shoes, Hiroshi saw everything, and saw it all to be something of his own fault. Already, the second group was headed her way, and it meant chaos for the class, but more importantly, embarassment for the young Hirako, and it was, in essence, all his fault. His words were suddenly ringing true and he wanted, in that moment to change it.

He fell back without a moments thought, and his class passed him by. Jogging back quickly, he knelt down to Hirako, and as he noticed the girl crying as she fumbled with her shoelaces, Hiroshi took over. His hands were deft, keen, quick. A bow quickly sat upon the girl's red sneakers and Hiroshi rushed her off to the side to check her for bruises. It was a strange need that Hiroshi faced as he looked at the girl's bruises. He had been rude to the girl, had been antagonizing for the whole time they'd been running, but he didn't want to see any harm come to her. It was strange.

"Are you alright? I'm sorry for being so mean."

~ ~ ~

Moments like these were both common and strange at the academy, and more often than not, they were noticed by his teachers. They didn't know what they were seeing, really. Nor did they know what to do about it. It was both good and bad, innocent and unhealthy. They had many options for what they could do it. It was surprising to know that their course of action had been the wrong one to take...

~ ~ ~

"We don't know what to make of it, but Hiroshi has been doing some very unique things lately...."

"Unique?" The man's voice was stiff, as if he was controlling something. Surpressing something.


. . .

~ ~ ~

Every word shared between his teachers and his father brought pain to Hiroshi's mind and body alike. The beating he faced from his father left him at home for two days to recover, during which he was yelled at for acting so foolish. So weak. After that moment, Hiroshi would make sure to remember.

He made sure to never forget.

~ ~ ~

The seconds passed. The minutes passed. The bruises passed. The hours passed. The days passed. The years passed.

The time passed.

The pain passed.

~ ~ ~

Hiroshi found himself a boy. A man in the making. Hiroshi found himself to be a Genin, once and for all. He had made it, this far at the very least. There went one day where he saw a smile he would never forget. The lips that had frowned at him for so long were finally turned upside down in an unfamiliar gesture. Next to Hiroshi's father stood a quiet woman who, for once, could look the boy in the eyes, and he could see something staring back. In that moment everything seemed to change. His father had felt that sliver of happiness. His mother had felt that sliver of love.

He had felt that sliver.

He had felt that.

He had felt.

He had.


~ ~ ~

Given a team and a symbol of his love for his country, Hiroshi had for once felt accomplished, working beside his classmates, underneath a man that had served his country, underneath a man who had experienced many things and seen even more. He was proud to work with them, with anyone honestly. He was happy to work, no matter the goal, so long as there was a goal to work towards.

He didn't know the sense of care that they would develop towards him, for he had never really been able to understand such a feeling, never mind recognize it. He had, of course, cared for many a thing, but never had he known what the feeling had been. It was enough for him to just feel it. Though he couldn't completely reciprocate the feeling to the point that his friends would understand, he was happy for it.

He wouldn't understand, however, that his teacher knew many lessons, and perhaps, due to that, he would learn... a bit too much.

~ ~ ~

During meetings in the river that cut through Kusagakure, his teacher would often see the red back of Hiroshi, notice the yellow blotches where last week was beginning to heal, see the purple moments that scattered yesterday. Without a shirt to hide his home from reality, Hiroshi didn't know what he had done, being as open as he was. He was merely a child. He could not understand. For all his years of life, he could not understand.

The days would pass, and the time would come where, without his own knowledge, his teacher would hope to learn from his student. What he learned would come to change the very few things that Hiroshi knew as normal.

~ ~ ~

The day Hiroshi returned to a house without his father was the day his life changed. Studies by talented detectives had brought to light the shadows that had darkened Hiroshi's sky. His past was not a pleasant one, to be sure. The investigation was, perhaps, the longest beating that Hiroshi could ever deal to his father. The revenge was innocent, but it was far from sweet. For the most part, Hiroshi would never taste it. He would just sit at a table, his mother off in another muted room, and say the words that he knew to be true. He remembered the nights that had blended all into one continuous beating, separated only by the setting of the sun.

His words brought truth to the situation, and though the seriousness of the situation, Hiroshi's mother and his teacher kept the situation silent, even from his closest team mates' ears. His father wasn't coming back, and that was one thing that was strange to Hiroshi. What seemed stranger was Hiroshi's unhappiness with the matter. Even a part of himself was shocked at the fact that he suddenly missed his father.

The pain, it seemed, had become something essential to his life at home. Without his father, he found his mind rife with nightmares, frightening thoughts, and a sudden unease throughout his life. It was, at first, hard to cope with, but suddenly, both mother and son seemed to realize that, with their father and husband in jail for too long, they were, in that moment, free.

Free. It was a strange feeling. Completely alien to their lives. They didn't know what to do with the power they were given. Overwhelmed by a future they couldn't see, they did nothing. Nothing changed. Nothing was different, except for the pain.

They were trapped in their own freedom.

~ ~ ~

Without his father, Hiroshi found himself liberated, but in his liberation, he was quickly facing new tasks. He had been working with his team for long enough. The time came where they found themselves in a foreign country, working towards a goal of promotion for themselves in order to return to their country proud and strong, worthy of the title of Chuunin.

Every moment was hard for them. They were ready for what faced them, no doubt. Their five years together had done that much. The three of them all sixteen, they found themselves older than any of the other rookies, but all the more ready than them. They found themselves, at all points through their examinations, hungry, exhausted, sleep deprived, thirsty, and completely determined. They would make their way through if it was the last thing they did. They were friends. They were allies. They were a team.

~ ~ ~

Returning to Kusagakure with a new title under his belt, Hiroshi approached a new life. The time he spent away had left his mother with room to recuperate, and to finish up a life she had once been trapped in and begin a new life that was left only to herself and her son. The two would love each other forever, even though the time had come that Hiroshi would move out. They would keep in touch, and Hiroshi would never forget a weekly visit.

As it has been found, Hiroshi found himself working as an officer for the investigative unit of Grass. He worked with those who fought crime, and for those who had been fought by crime. Organizing criminal profiles and helping out on the occasional investigation, Hiroshi had found his footing within his craft. He knew his job and he knew what to do.

More importantly, he knew what not to do.

~ ~ ~

Hiroshi, as a whole, wasn't particularly involved with the recent going-ons in Grass. He did, of course, know all about the open recruitment into the Shinku Seijun, and the chaos that had been caused by the changes in power, and it wasn't as if they didn't directly influence him, but as a chuunin whose responsibility lied with finding existing criminals first, the responsibilities as a direct representative of his leader didn't often meet him unless he was working high-level missions, which, as a budding investigator, he inevitably wasn't. He, of course, paid attention to all of the going-ons, and brought politics into discussions with his fellow officers, but they never had much time to delve in deep enough to sow the seeds of arguments. They were all, after all, busy with their own cases

Sure, the events had created a chasm between certain groups of Kusagakure, but Hiroshi took it upon himself as a Chuunin of Kusagakure and a remotely uncaring young man to remove himself from instigating anything and instead made sure to ally with whoever was leading Kusagakure at the time. He was fortunate to have gotten around the dangers and complications that politics had often brought to Grass.

The troubles are far from over, and Hiroshi realizes that, but he's hoping to maintain his tactics and serve his country to the point of receiving recognition without getting heavily tied to any one side. Now, however, as he approaches a new year, he has... bigger things to think about.

~ ~ ~

Hiroshi sat down at his desk and smiled. In front of him was his monthly pile of criminal files. The Country of Grass had, once again, become bereaved by criminals, missing shinobi, and a whole gang of ruffians. As it appeared, the level of crime was making no plans to let up, and the case piles were getting steadily bigger. They would even out at some point, because there were only so many officers for cracking the cases.

That was the function of all of those files on his desk. This had been one of his more important jobs ever since he had entered the Chuunin rank. About five chuunin in total divvied up the criminals and cases in Kusagakure to their respective departments, and Hiroshi was one of the lucky few who got to analyze each and every file in order to group everyone together effectively, especially with the new chaos in the KISEO precinct. Over the years that he had been a chuunin, he had found himself here, at the top of the whole case-filing chain, where all of the final case sign-offs were left to his hands to file. That was, to be sure, the best part of his job. Finally, he was trusted with the one job he loved having control over. He had been working it for all three years, and a number of the teams he had assigned had turned out to be the right combination to solve the case.

Hiroshi, out of everything he had done thus far, however, was looking for a new step. He had proven himself in the offices, and had even helped out on a handful of cases, but he was done playing secretary. He wanted to get back out on the field, to keep men like his father from doing things to kids like he had once been. There were killers about, and problems in the community that Hiroshi was no longer content reading about. He wanted to be the one closing cases.

And so, the smile on his face was genuinely happy with the fact that this would be the last stack of files to be shuttled to other departments. Even in the mess, where most KISEO officers didn't know what department they were belonging to, Hiroshi was told he would be finding himself more and more on the field. He would help bring the criminals in. He would eventually result in some part of the greater progress towards a better future for Kusagakure. Hopefully.

Looking down at the stacks of criminal reports, he made a choice, stacked up three files and walked them over to get assigned to a Jounin who would end up teaching them just what justice meant. Leaving the office, one case sat open on his desk, waiting. Waiting to get closed.

Other Info:
- This character is a revamp of the same name. Stats have not been changed, but inventory and jutsu choices have. Small edits to clothing and personality, and the last three sections of the biography have been changed to reflect division change and current events of Grass.

Thread Log:
- [3/16/14] 2 AP: Kinokozaku-fu Stage Two and Three.
- [8/6/14] The Dead Waltz: +2 Speed, GMAP; +1 Tactics.
- [9/21/14] 1 AP: Inventory Update, Stage One Grass Ninjutsu Kaika Technique
- [5/24/17] [Saints] Check Up And A Lead: +1 Speed, +1 Strength, Swarms: Cicada Call

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Stats seem to work out, near as I can tell. I remember hearing Merdle say he'd still be gone for Engi for December, though. Christmas will do that to you, yeah? Approved.
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Child beaters REPRESENT. I swear I have this same character bio written up, but it was for the dad instead. That character probably doesn't need to ever see the light of day.

I remember (back in the wistful year of 2013) looking this over when you posted it and thinking 'man, all the stats are perfect, I can't actually comment on it at all'. How times have changed. HALF APPROVED
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Where is his nindo?
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Gave him a line to make all the ladies fall for him. Thanks for catching that merdle.

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All good. Approved. I will move it when i am on a proper computer.
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