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Default [Mist] Tanshin Isoko

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Originally Posted by Mist Academy - Genin Pre-Examination Interview

Tell us about your twin, Isoko.

Tanshin Iori's amber-specked, hazel irises glimmered brightly from behind a scowl. Had his training really been interrupted by these people with such a trivial query? The interviewers would have been better off asking her; Iori was by no means the tactful of the two. However, there wasn't a doubt in his mind that she was being instructed to answer a similar question about him in the room across the hall. Isoko's way with words could melt anyone's exterior, no matter how hardened or rigid they appeared. Iori did his best to mimic the saccharine nature of his twin's voice. His normal, cold tone was warmed considerably thanks to his efforts, and the permanent look of distaste seemed to evaporate from his face, if only for a moment.

"She's the yin to my yang."

How intriguing. The interviewers glanced at one another as they scribbled down notes to compare to his sister and the other Tanshins' statements. The strength of the bonds that a shinobi makes can often measure their aptitude - especially in the framework of the academy. So fear not, your time isn't being wasted. Would you care to elaborate upon your sister for us? And please, be as honest as you can.
Tanshin Isoko

11 - Female - 4’4" - Mizu no Kuni/Kirigakure - Genin

Originally Posted by Mist Academy - Genin Pre-Examination Interview

Lets talk about her basic attributes. How is she conditioned - physically?

"Well for starters, she looks like me... obviously. I'd say she's around average height for a girl. She stands a couple inches shorter than that Hyousetsu, but that's to be expected, right? Oh! Make sure that you write down that it doesn't hinder her fighting capability in the slightest, okay? Because it doesn't. If anything, it helps Isoko. People often underestimate her and that leads to their ultimate downfall - I have to say that I'm guilty as charged, and I've been bested in a few of our spars because of it. She's by no means a powerhouse, but she's quick and has small muscles that stick close to her body. Yeah, you could say she's built for speed and underhanded tactics, but she can be as ferocious and direct as a bear defending her cubs.

What do you mean by that?

"Well, I mean, she's fiercely loyal. Isoko's loved by everyone until someone that she loves is threatened, and then her sweet, tactful attitude is replaced by a... well, replaced by a demon. Her demeanor completely changes - the look of concern (for her friend) disappears from her hazel eyes completely and instead, a glare of hatred and fury takes its place. Her bleach blonde hair sometimes even stands on end as she transforms into a maelstrom of wrath and furor..."

Yet you say she's sweet?

"Yeah, ask anyone whose ever seen it happen: the bad side only comes out whenever she, or someone she cares about is distressed. Even so, she's incredibly slow to anger and is as patient as they come. Isoko always seems calm and collected; she's the only one who can calm me down no matter what.

"The yin to your yang", correct?

"Precisely. I mean, if it weren't for her, I might have been a lost cause. She's the one that can keep me calm and levelheaded no matter how much I hate the person or want to gut them like a fish right where they stand. She counteracts my anger and pride, and in turn I counteract her complacency and calm nature. We balance one another, you know?

What would happen if you two weren't together?

"Well, for starters I'd get into a lot more fights. With her, it's a bit more difficult to say... I feel like she'd be too nice, you know? She's very forgiving and that sometimes can bite her in the you-know-where, especially when the person doesn't deserve to be forgiven. She gets it from Mom - Dad used to cheat on her all the time, but Mom never said a bad thing about him. Those two, Mom and Isoko, can look personal turmoil and adversity in the face and just shrug it off, sort of like how water rolls off a duck's back. It'd take something major for those two to crack, while Dad and I... we can get mad at the slightest thing.

Mmm... I'm afraid we're approaching a different subject entirely. Tell us more about your sister.

"She's the more creative out of the two of us. She made what I'm wearing actually, and she's made the majority of her outfits to be honest. You may as well call her a designer at this point; everything thing she makes is unique. She seems to have a certain affinity for white and navy though; Isoko rambles constantly about how well they go with our skin tone... I'd say when she's not going out on a mission, you could normally find her in traditional wear. She's quite the fan of floral print; handcrafted kimonos literally litter her room during monsoon season, while she dons all kinds of jinbeis in the dry months.

When she's out training or doing shinobi related stuff, Isoko dresses in navies, grays, and purples for the most part. Her favorite outfit comprises of a decorative haori that comes down a bit below her waist, while a vibrantly decorated shirt sits above a pair of airy pants.

Her blades mirror mine exactly, with only one small twist... Both of hers have the symbol for 'yin' engraved upon the hilt, while both of mine have the symbol for 'yang'. And we also tie a few important trinkets to the ends of them. Mostly beads and symbols of the gods. I think hers have a few jade and opal magatama to help balance out the vibrant beads that hang from them, but that's really it."

Magatama, you say? Is your sister religious?

"She's no Getsuei. But I'd say she is a little bit, to the extent of about everyone else on the island. She believes in herself and friends more than anything, but when Isoko finds something outside her realm of control, she prays, yeah. My sister isn't by any means an oracle, but... if she's so hard pressed that she has to pray, you'd better watch out. She'll invoke that Mother Bear trope she's so infamous for... And that's when you need to pick a god and pray... fast."

Hm... Certainly thought-provoking, I think your fellow teachers will agree. We've never noted this hidden "animosity" you speak of. It sounds like a rare occurrence - is there anything else you'd like to add on this subject before we begin the next portion of the interview?

"Well, like I said... It takes a lot to piss Isoko off, even more so to make her act out. You could say she's a martial pacifist - she's got a ton of potential and hidden strength, but it only comes out when the situation demands it, or gods forbid, her demeanor is somehow broken."
Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":
"The weak can never forgive; forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. I must be strong."

Clan/Bloodline: Tanshin
Clan Nindo: Shinobi in the daytime; people at night.



Special: Twice per thread, rather than summon her knives, the Miststalker can instead reverse-summon herself to one of the blades as long as it is within thirty meters of her. This can only be used to dodge an attack once, and counts as one of her two kawarimi uses if used in such a way.

Tanshin Clan Specialist: +2 Control, +1 Speed | -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Willpower
Taijutsu Specialist: +1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Stamina | -2 to Reserves, -1 to Power


Strength: 1 + 4 + (2) = 7 (+6 ItNotF) = 13
Speed: 1 + 2 + 6 + (2) + {2} = 13 (+15 ItNotF) = 28
Stamina: 1 + (2) = 3 (+6 ItNotF) = 9

Power: 1 - 1 + 2 = 2
Control: 1 + 2 + 4 + (1) = 8
Reserves: 1 - 2 + 2 = 1

Intelligence: 1 + 2 = 3
Tactics: 1 + 2 = 3
Willpower: 1 - 1 + 2 = 2


Jutsu and Techniques:

In the Name of the Father
Stage 3 [+15 Speed, +6 Strength, +6 Stamina]: 13 Speed, 7 Strength, 8 Control

Dance of the Savage
Stage 1 [+5 Strength, +4 Stamina]: 5 Strength, 3 Stamina

For King and Country
[1]Teachings of the Tanshin Lesson I: Wilderness Survival: Control 2, Intelligence 2
[1]Sharpen: Control 3, Willpower 2

Global Ninjutsu
[1]Body Switch Technique: Power 2, Tactics 2

Raging Torrents: 6

Weapon Points Remaining: 2



Originally Posted by Mist Academy - Genin Post-Examination Interview

You must be having a hard time. How are you taking it?

"I won't lie to you - it has been difficult, but I've come to terms with it. I had to, not only for my sake, but for everyone else's.

You're speaking of your family, aren't you?

"That I am."

Part I - The Beginning

Tanshin Isoko's Siblings

You certainly have a hefty number of siblings. You're the youngest, correct?

"No, that would be Igumi. She's only three years younger than Iori and I; maybe you've seen her in the academy? She's the latest one Mom and Dad adopted. No one is ever quite sure what's going on in her head, except for Iruka, the oldest boy: he just became a Jounin, I think. He's the one that used to tease Iori and me about being different since we were actually born into the Clan instead of being adopted. Iori'd get all mad at him, and I'd have to calm him down. Dad always got involved with his lectures, which was always so funny to see, especially since he had even looser inhibitions than Iria."

Your brother brought up your dad in the interview before his match last week -

"-Pardon my interruption, but... Iori grew to... distaste our father. It started around the time when Mom found out he was cheating on her with... with someone else. She kept it quiet, but Iori and I found out, and by the time our parents got back together, Iori felt like Dad had chosen another family over us. He has resented him ever since."

I see. How long ago was this?"

"...A while, actually. It was before we had began to attend the Tanshin academy, so... We couldn't have been more than five. He harbored the grudge for so long, I can't help but feel as if I failed him."

I'm sure your brother would disagree. You make it sound like your parents are still together. Are they? What are your current living conditions like?

"Yeah, they're together now. That was all in the past. But now, my family members are straddling the fence with what happened recently. We're all undecided on whether we should be closer because of it, or further apart because we couldn't stop it. We're all looking to Mom and Dad for guidance, and they're just as distraught as we all are, if not more. We haven't said Iori's name since it happened; it's like our home as a huge hole in it."

But you have the rest of your Clan's support, right?

"You could say that - the Tanshin clan is rather big, so there are 'relatives' that I don't even know. Our house isn't on our Clan's island - it's on the ocean. The fourteen... Uhm, thirteen of us live on a houseboat. It's cramped at times, but it's quaint and cozy, you know? Hardly any of us are home at the same time - Dad's been around a lot more lately, but Mom and Iria are constantly off doing a bunch of Jounin missions. There's always food on the table because whoever is at home has to help with the fishing - we're some of the Tanshin's top earners because of all the fishing and missions we do, actually."

Your mother is still active, then? She has quite the reputation about her, being a Tanshin of her caliber. You know of this, correct?

"Of her title and the stories that surround it? Yeah, she always did get a kick out of being called the Bloody Chameleon of the Haze. The nickname didn't really pick up steam until the Seagull War, though. Her island hopping tactics and ruthless nature put fear into many of her enemies hearts, but... I've never seen her the way tales describe her. I don't doubt the stories though - the Tanshin are the poster family for the Twenty-Fifth Shinobi Code of Conduct."

"No matter what happens, true Shinobi must never—ever—show their emotions. The mission is the only priority. Carry that in your heart, and never shed a tear."?

"That's the one. We'll do whatever it takes to complete the mission, and we'll stand by our actions. Dad says it's one of the reasons why the Tanshin are so good at being ninja. It's also sort of numbed us to others, though. That's probably, why with Iori-"

It was so easy to get over? Underst-"

"It's not, wasn't, whatever, easy, though. He's my brother, my twin brother. We've never been separated, not even in the academy."
Originally Posted by Mist Academy - Genin Post-Examination Interview

The Tanshin aren't often trained with those outside of their clan. You and your brother, however, still manage to show a high aptitude for the ninja arts. Tell us about your schooling.

Part II - The "Academy"

The Tanshin Island's Jungle

"Our 'schooling'? I mean, it wasn't really 'school', or it didn't feel like it to me. Yeah, there was an academy on campus, but we really only went for our skill tests and physical examinations. Our parents and siblings took turns teaching when it came to the two us what exactly it was that a Tanshin did. Given, we occasionally had lessons with other kids around our age, though it normally involved Iori and I getting dropped off at our aunts and uncles while everyone else was on a mission."

What exactly did you two do? I imagine that Tanshin training is more experience related, rather than simulation oriented?

"You could say that. Iori and I learned a lot. We never really had that awkward first day, you know? We already knew one another. And despite everyone making it sound like 'Tanshin school' was better, a lot of people don't know that a lot of time was spent on our houseboat, and yes, occasionally on the island, running over basic ninjutsu, just like your average academy student. In fact, we didn't really start our excursions into the jungle until we were seven or eight.

We spent lot of time learning how to sneak around and kill things effectively. Every lesson was different, even when they were the same; Mom would teach us her way, Dad would teach us his, and then one or two of our older siblings would teach us their way. It was never?ever?dull; there was this one time when Dad was teaching us how to sneak up on our targets, and all the sudden, my mom jumps out of no where and has him pinned with her blades against his neck. He wasn't sure what to do; it was so funny!"

Interesting. Previously, you spoke of your mother gaining her reputation in the Seagull War. What was that like?

"It was scary. Even though the war didn't last too long, I was always scared that I was going to lose someone. It was unnerving, especially on the night when Ichirou had just barely managed escape with his life. I had never seen so much blood before in my life... He was lucky Izuru was home that night, otherwise he might have died. Once Izuru got Ichirou's wounds patched up, my entire family seemed to radiate with a newly found strength. No one wanted to lose anyone to the war, so they all fought their hardest. When the war ended, a considerable number of my siblings became chuunin or jounin.

The new Mizukage came into power almost instantly, and most of my family viewed it as a welcome change. They felt as if a new face was imminent and Nemoha-sama's ferocity was what we needed to win the Seagull War. Dad was stationed on the Swordfish with her during the final battle, and he said that her ability to lead was uncanny. I hope I'll be as strong as she is when I'm older."

You look up to her, yes?

"Of course I do. I expect her to deal with her predecessor and his seven criminals accordingly. Iori did too."
Originally Posted by Mist Academy - Genin Post Examination Interview
Part III - Graduation

The Tanshin's Burial Grounds

Do you miss your brother?

"Of course I do - wouldn't you? To have him stolen from me, by that wretched Hyousetsu in a match that shouldn't have happened to begin with-... I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't indulge myself in such emotions. No one had been expecting Iori to die, especially not me, not to the likes of an academy student. He had trained so, so hard in the weeks leading up to this exam; it was our first test of any kind, and he was just... he was incredibly nervous. When it was clear that he had lost, I noticed that familiar glint in his eye. That stupid look... The conceited one, where he was far from giving up. I wish I had moved sooner... His death was a fluke. If only I had been pitted against his opponent..."

Regardless, your examination was one of the fastest that ended to date. When you descended upon Shigeru, you nearly removed his arm, but luckily the proctors were fast enough to keep you from doing anymore damage.

"How is he? I-I didn't want to hurt him, I just... I wanted the exams to be over. I wanted my brother back. I wanted to go home, to be with my family. I wanted it all to be over. But I had to finish it for Iori's sake... I-I made the decision, the moment when the last of his life drained from his eyes, that I would live for the both of us. I might not have been the best student, but I'll guarantee you one thing: I'll be the best ninja that Kirigakure's ever had."

How can you be so sure?

"Because I've got something to live for."
A Worried Mother's Evaluation
Between Iori's funeral and all the missions I've been assigned, I regret that I haven't been able to be around Isoko as much as I'd like to. Out of all of us, I find myself believing that she misses her brother the most out of all of us, including me. Rather than retreat to a vegetative state like Iroh has for the past month, she has thrown herself into training. Between my hidden tears and the guilt I feel, I can't help but smile as I watch her grow stronger and stronger everyday. I truly believe that one day Isoko will enter a level all her own. But until then, I have to be strong for her, the same way she's strong for all of us. Not once have I saw her cry since Iori's funeral. I'm beginning to wonder if she can.


Other Info:
Since Iori's death, Isoko has begun training every time she starts to feel pity for herself.
Isoko's favorite food is sweet and sour pork dumplings.
She has since forgiven the cause of her brother's death, at least to those watching.
Isoko's hobby is scrapbooking; she has volumes upon volumes of them in her room. It has become a passion since Iori's death.
Isoko carries one of Iori's daggers with her. It has since been reforged with her blood, however, so she can still summon it.


The Story Thus Far:
Volume I:
*Intro: Ryan FarishChasing the Sun
*Outro: Ryan FarishBloom

Chapter #0 - Enter Tanshin Isoko; Exit Tanshin Iori
"Don't cry for me, Isoko..."
Awards: +2 AP Stamina, +2 AP Speed, +2 AP Strength, +1 AP Control, +2 GMAP Speed

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This character has been finished and moved by the grace of Kana.
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Tanshin Clan Specialist: +2 Control, +1 Speed | -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Willpower
Taijutsu Specialist: +1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Stamina | -2 to Reserves, -1 to Power

Willpower: 1 + 2 = 3

You only get 2 willpower. I do not believe this effects any of your techs though.
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Uguuuu. I was supposed to be good at math. It's all the AP; I'm telling you, I'm not used to it!

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half-approval once Miststalker is approved.
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Character Sheets & Ranks
Ranks & Caps

The following are the ranks a character may possess and their stats at that rank.

Primary: 10
Secondary: 8
Tertiary: 6
Indicates how much points you get to spend on stats, determined by Primary Archetype

Character Creation Maximum Per Stat: 10

Number of Jutsus: 7
Number of Lists: 4

Therefore, you cannot have a base speed stat of 13 at Character Creation, which means you also cannot have Stage 3 of the Tanshin taijutsu list. Sorry.

Edit: My advice, balance out some of the min-maxing now so you wont have to make up for it later.

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Swap Thread & Weapon Thread & AP Management

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Can this be moved back to unfinished? Please and thank you.
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Moved at request.

Also, I'm ruling that AP and GMAP apply as though they were added to the character later, and therefore do not apply to the creation stat caps. There is no practical difference between a character who is approved and then has GMAP/AP added to them immediately after and a character who had them at creation, so I say not to treat them different.
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At least the stats weren't done in the form of an interview.

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About damn time But seriously, good work and good writing.

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