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Default [Amazon Cougar] - Yarisugi Hanabi

Name: Yarisugi Hanabi
Age: 35
Sex: Female
Height: 6'1"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Tsuchi no Kuni/Iwagakure
Rank: Jounin
Division: YAMA Bear Cavalier - 1st Degree

Appearance: No one would describe Hanabi as feminine, but she could pass for handsome in the right light—especially if that light was dim. Her lips are delicate but scarred; her nose small but crooked; it's only the woman's large blue eyes that lend her face any amount of beauty. If you constrict the word to its classic sense, they're the only beautiful part of her: Hanabi is a sturdy woman—practically solid, in fact. Her biceps and forearms are thickly muscled, and she's certainly never skipped leg day. She's broader than your typical woman, even for shinobi, to the point where her wide hips look modest in comparison. There is beauty in her limbs, however, which becomes more and more evident the longer you watch Hanabi move. Her gestures and actions are articulated so precisely that there's no perceivable excess. She is a rigorously maintained clock, and every turn of her gears speaks of the weapon she's honed herself to be.

Hanabi keeps her hair back and her clothes simple. She wears no armor besides her skin, which leaves her to dress as she pleases. How she pleases happens to be after the fashion of jounin everywhere: pants tight enough not to get in the way, but loose enough to allow movement; sturdy boots up to the knees to protect against accidental ankle injuries; and a shirt and vest combo that varies based on the season. When she's not on-duty, Hanabi prefers breezy clothing after the style of her home, Tsuki, which lies on the shores of Lake Amu.

Personality: Over the years, Hanabi has honed her fierce passion for her profession from a bonfire into a blowtorch. Where she used to be eager to the point of recklessness, she's become adept at reigning in her energy until she can strike with terrible precision. Her intensity is apparent to all. This, coupled with her near-fervor to achieve what she has deemed the "proper" outcome to any given situation, sometimes makes Hanabi seem like grumpy, pessimistic, haughty fanatic. Which she is, but no one can deny that her methods produce results, and those who work with the jounin agree that her rigor—while often terrifying—makes her easy to trust in high-stakes situations.

Nindo: "Justice without force is powerless. Force without justice is tyrannical. I am the force. Prepare to meet justice."
Combo Archetype: Juggernaut
Taijutsu Specialist/Human Tank
+3 Strength, +2 Stamina
-2 Reserves, -1 Control, -1 Power, -1 Speed

- Strength: 1+3+20+3=27 (+30 SKK)
- Speed: 1-1+20+3+6=29 (+25 KJY)
- Stamina: 1+2+20+2=25 (+24 SKK)
- Intelligence: 1+14=15
- Tactics: 1+17=18
- Willpower: 1+19=20
- Power: 1-1+14=14
- Control: 1-1+13=13
- Reserves: 1-2+13=12

Jutsus and Techniques
First Lord's Charge
[Stage 5] - Bonuses: +25 Speed, +19 Strength
[Stage 5] - Overpass

Fierce God Fist
[Stage 6] - Bonuses: +30 Strength, +24 Stamina
[Stage 3] - Fierce God Punch
[Stage 4] - Fierce God's Crushing Grip

[Stage 1] - Military Movement
[Stage 1] - Ears on the Earth
[Stage 2] - Inner Decapitation
[Stage 2] - Stone Clone
[Stage 3] - Dust Replacement
[Stage 4] - Sinkhole
[Stage 4] - Instantaneous Body

The Celestial Gates
[Stage 1] - Initial Gate
[Stage 2] - Heal Gate
[Stage 3] - Life Gate

Breathing Apparatus (1)
Pole Weapon (Spear) (3)
Large Ballistics (Javelins) (4)
Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

"It uh, says here that you've submitted a request to be transferred to the Bear Cavalry."

Hanabi rolled the toothpick between her lips to the other side of her mouth before answering. "That's correct, your honor."

"You do possess an exemplary record. An inordinate amount of successfully completed missions, and no failures to speak of."

The jounin stared unwaveringly at the official. "Thank you, your honor." He wouldn't meet her eyes.

"If… if you were to be added to the cavalry's ranks, you would no doubt be able to further prove your capabilities as a leader."

"That's what I'd hoped, your honor."

The fussy little man was sweating now. "And… and you are aware that a requirement of the Bear Cavalry is… is a bear?"

"The name suggests as much, your honor."

"Well… well…" The official floundered. "Forgive me for asking…" he began uncertainly.

"Of course, your honor."

"But… you uh… don't have a beast companion, do you?"

"I didn't, your honor. He's newly acquired. I included his details in my request."

"Ah… ah yes, I have it here… Po, it seems his name is."

"Po-chan," the jounin corrected. There was no humor in her voice.

"Po-chan, of course." The man swallowed audibly. "How, how careless of me. He is uh, a black bear?"

"Yes, your honor."

"Ah." The man bit his lip. "I… see. And where is Po-chan currently?"

Hanabi shifted her right hand from its place behind her back. "Right here, your honor."

There was a short silence, where the fussy man was allowed to consider.

Following this was a rather longer silence, where he was able to inspect Hanabi's utterly expressionless face.

Shortly after this was a squeak of indignation, followed by another pregnant pause.


"That is… a stuffed bear."


"A black bear."


"You submitted an application for a stuffed black bear?"

Hanabi gave the plushie in her hand a gentle squeeze. "Yes, your honor."

"That's falsifying docu—"

"What is?"

"You said you had a bear—"

"I do."

"But that's a—"

"Bear, your honor."

The official looked at Hanabi blankly for a moment before turning his eyes back to the documents arranged in front of him. "I—well, I suppose so, but… but you can't just…" The man suddenly brightened. "It says here that that toy is a practitioner of Precision Fist."

"He is, your honor."

The examiner grinned triumphantly. "Oh, really? Well, then, if your Po-chan can give me so much as a bloody nose, consider yourself a Bear Cavalier."

For a long moment, Hanabi didn't move; it was a good ten seconds before the jounin slowly lowered the hand holding the stuffed bear to her side.

"There, you see?" the official crowed. "Now if you apologize, properly, I'll be sure to see that you only get a month… without…" He trailed off as Hanabi tossed her sidekick into the air in a lazy arc. "What are you—?"

But Po-chan connecting with his face at breakneck speed, courtesy of Hanabi's fist, kept the man from saying anything else.

She was court-martialed and sentenced to six-months of hard labor in Tsuchi no Kuni's mines. He was in the hospital for four weeks.

And after she had carried out her punishment, Hanabi ended up in the Bear Cavalry anyway.

The incident immediately became legend. There were few who believed the actual series of events, although most agreed that the examiner, who was known for abusing his position in unsavory ways, deserved whatever had happened. Hanabi was undoubtedly hard to find for six months, and if she came back with even more muscles—well, that was par for the course.

Regardless of the truth of the incident, Hanabi has been well-known in Iwagakure since becoming a chunnin. She had a late start at the academy due to growing up in Tsuki Village, an isolated town far removed from the affairs of shinobi. If it hadn't been for a crisis in the area requiring skilled intervention—involving an eco-terrorist attempting to contaminate Lake Uma—it's unlikely Hanabi's innate physical skill and ferocity would have ever come to anything. As it was, at the age of eleven Hanabi was sent off by a tearful yet proud village to become the first shinobi from Tsuki.

It was barely a week before the overgrown academy student had earned herself the moniker "Yarisugi:" Overkill. She didn't seem to posses a shred of tact or delicacy, and while she excelled at combat, her only tactical approach was charge. Thinking that Hanabi would gain a sense of strategy better in practical situations, her instructors granted her the tentative title of genin before she turned thirteen.

It became very apparent very quickly that Hanabi's promotion had not had the desired effect. She was strong enough to simply blast her way through any and every problem that presented itself, and durable enough to handle any ill-effects this method produced. Every team she was placed with described Hanabi as "dangerously direct." Wary of repeating their mistake of premature promotion, Hanabi's superiors stopped attempting to place her with a genin team and instead began handling her as a chuunin. She was partnered with chuunin and jounin under the threat of being returned to the academy if she didn't follow their orders. Slowly, reluctantly, the reports of Hanabi went from "reckless" to "eager." Her ruthlessness was tempered to a fine edge, and she began to show promise in high-stakes strategy by the time she was sixteen.

Five years after being brought to Iwagakure, Hanabi was turned loose on the chuunin exams. She left a trail of careful devastation in her wake that culminated with the elimination of eleven teams, representing the entire attendance of three villages. In what was possibly the shortest tournament match recorded, Hanabi KO'd her opponent after eight seconds by rebounding her spear off of the arena wall into his head.

This result was discarded as a fluke, but Hanabi was still promoted (officially on merit of the "impressive planning and execution" she had exhibited in previous rounds, but more likely because she decimated the competition and the other villages threatened not to allow Iwa enter their chuunin tournaments if Hanabi attended again).

Hanabi's promotion brought with it increased authority and responsibility, which had a far more profound effect on her attitude than any degree of personal risk had. Growing up in a small village had imbued Hanabi with an intense appreciation for life, and having others' lives in her hands caused her focus to sharpen drastically. Those who had worked with Hanabi as a genin reported a marked change in her behavior. She was now willing to compromise on strategy with teammates, and though she was still hard-headed, began to adapt quickly to unexpected situations without resorting to risky maneuvers. Her proficiency in taijustsu continued to climb; soon the name Yarisugi resurfaced, but this time in reference to Hanabi's burgeoning proficiency in relation to her position.

On the eve of her twenty-fourth birthday, Hanabi was given a stuffed bear by a child she recovered from Shishi Mountain, against all odds. She was solemnly informed that the bear, named Po-chan, had protected the boy from the mountain and would watch over Hanabi in her journeys. The bear sparked something long-dormant in Hanabi, and by the end of the month—well. You've heard the story.

Among the only to know and believe the details of Hanabi's induction into the Bear Cavalry (and the subsequent adjustment of the division's requirements) was none other than Jukoto Daisuke, who had been in attendance at her chuunin exam and had never gotten the amazonian youth out of his head. It's rumored that his first act as Tsuchikage was to award Po-chan an honorable discharge, but the truth was much more important: A scant week after Hanabi was returned to active duty, he expedited her application for promotion. She was a jounin before she had made it back to Iwagakure.

For the past ten years, Hanabi has been executing high-risk, high-reward missions for YAMA, both with a team and on her own. It's remarkable that she's still alive, but the rumors circulating the woman indicate that she's invincible and have taken some of the marvel out of her existence. Preceding recent events, it was rumored that "Yarisugi" Hanabi and Hajime Hagana exchanged sharp words concerning the Coalition, but these were likely fabricated based on Hanabi's well-known support and protection of non-shinobi. She has certainly been anything but shy concerning her opinion on the rift between Iwagakure and Tsuchi no Kuni—utter bullshit, in her terms. Anyone who asks is subjected to an in-depth examination on the likely outcomes of a civil war (all grim, in Hanabi's estimate). However, the issue is complicated by Hanabi's born distrust and dislike of the power gems, especially in the hands (and heads and torsos) of criminals. Her vote was for the plan to surrender Iwagakure's sovereignty and then execute a hopefully bloodless coup d'etat, and in the months since this was foiled, Hanabi has been quietly restless.

Thread Log
[01/29/14] - AP +3 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina
[01/31/14] - GMAP Dust Replacement, Stone Clone
[04/02/14] - Consulting Physician +2 Speed, Stage 1 Celestial Gate, GMAP: Stage 2 Celestial Gate
[04/04/14] - The Way to a Man's Heart - +2 Speed, Stage 3 Celestial Gate
[10/09/14] - Grease Lewdning +2 Speed, Fierce God's Crushing Grip

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Is this a sign of a comeback? :3

If so, by all means, take a Half on this then...and even if the stay is for just a bit, take it.
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I really, really like her. The stats and technicals work out. The bio was enjoying to read. The AP isn't required to meet any of your jutsu selections, but I'm sure you're aware of that.

Half approval.
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why would you not put the requirements on anything


Everything checks out though. Was that GMAP in Stone extended past June/July? Maybe I oughta get in on that mess. Halfed regardless.
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Approved or whatever.
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