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Default [Leaf Genin] - Saitsuki Toosu

Name: Saitsuki Toosu
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Hi no Kuni/Konohagakure
Rank: Advanced Genin
Division: Hada

Appearance: Toosu has been described as many things—a fine young lady, a chip off of the old block, a frosty b. She looks like all three. The girl takes after her father; she has his fine white hair, delicate features, and burning blue eyes. She holds herself like him, too—far too proud for her age, far too haughty. Still, despite Toosu's perfect posture and bred grace, she's still a child, and the lingering fullness in her features and form betrays this fact despite her best efforts. Even with her shinobi training, Toosu hasn't been able to banish the look her childhood yet, and that fact eats at her.

To make up for this perceived shortcoming, as well as to match the girl's status, she wears only the finest clothing. Whether it's a dress for a formal gathering or a more casual ensemble, Toosu's outfits are always impeccably made and fit. This includes her more mission-ready clothing; just as her brother has taken to wearing a chain shirt under his garb, so too does Toosu. Her clothes are cut looser to accommodate its size, as well as to partially obscure her movements. Her two swords are worn on the same hip, in samurai fashion, and the kunai that so many wear in leg holsters are at Toosu's belt as well. She wears her hitai-ate, with its green fabric to indicate Hada, proudly around her neck.

Personality: Appearances aren't deceiving; Toosu is one of the most proud little girls that there's ever been. It colors her interactions with damn near everyone; she'll be almost simperingly polite if she thinks you're of a higher station than she, but have the gall to be someone like her brother Yori and you're a stain that needs to be eradicated. Instead of relying on her wealth or status, Toosu relies on her own skill, and takes a fierce pride in her own abilities. Because of this, nothing ruins Toosu's day faster being proved to not be able to do something or being beaten in a fight.

Nindo: "Why are the Sanada still here?"
Clan/Bloodline: N/A
Archetype: Shogun (Blade Dancer/Taijutsu Specialist)
Can advance one level in any physical stat for three posts per thread. After there is a one post cooldown where the stat affected is one level below normal.
+2 Strength, +2 Speed, +1 Stamina, +1 Tactics
-3 Reserves, -2 Power, -1 Willpower

- Strength: 1+2+3+[1]=7 (+8)
- Speed: 1+2+6=9 (+10)
- Stamina: 1+1+1=3
- Intelligence: 1+3+[1]+[1]=6
- Tactics: 1+1+2+[2]=6
- Willpower: 1-1+3+[1]=4
- Power: 1-2+3+[3]+[1]=6
- Control: 1+[2]+[2]=5
- Reserves: 1-3+3+[1]+[2]=4

Jutsu and Techniques
Sleeping Blue Dragon
[Stage 2] - Stage 2 (9 Speed, 5 Strength, 6 Tactics)

Leaf Genjutsu
[Stage 1] - Shadow Glare (Power 2, Tactics 2)
[Stage 1] - Mark of the Unfamiliar (Control 3, Intelligence 2)
[Stage 1] - Touch of the Unfamiliar (Intelligence 4, Tactics 4)
[Stage 2] - Scent of the Unfamiliar (Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4)

Leaf Ninjutsu and Swaps
[Stage 1] - Wood Element: A Preface (Power 2, Tactics 2)
[Stage 1] - Wood Element: Sawdust (Power 3, Willpower 2)
[Stage 1] - Mischievous Leaf Children (Control 3, Intelligence 2)
[Stage 1] - Rustling Leaves (Intelligence 3, Reserves 3)
[Stage 1] - Leaf Thorn (Open Slot: Intelligence 4, Tactics 4)
[Stage 2] - Scattered Leaves (Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4)

Body Armor (2)
Large Blade (Katana) (3)
Medium Blade (Wakazashi) (2)

Weapon Points Remaining: 1
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

Biography Toosu is an only child. That's what she tells herself, at least, even though her father adopted a filthy little sewer rat when they were both still young. Toosu doesn't fault her father for it, though; Haburi is obviously faultless. There must have been some... tax advantage in taking Yori in off the streets, or perhaps he was encouraging competition, trying to get Toosu to work to her full potential. Whatever it was, Toosu and Yori grew up side by side, competing and hating and plotting against each other. They became genin, they were assigned a team—and then it all went wrong.

The first problem? The sensei. Sanada Seijiriou, aka Asshole-sensei, was anything but nourishing. He smoked, he swore, he sent the team into insurmountable danger time and time again—he was a real piece of work. Toosu hated him a bit less than her brother and other teammate, but being polite didn't earn her a lick more eduction. It didn't help that he was sketchy as hell, always going off during missions, meeting up with god-knows-who. Seijirou was the worst.

The second problem was Hitomi, Nara Hitomi. A firecracker by anyone's standards, the third genin in Team Four was... outspoken. Toosu didn't know how to deal with a kid her age that actually had a spine, unlike Yori, and Hitomi's utter competence in everything to do with combat charmed Toosu. She wanted to be Hitomi's friend, but—well.

Problem three was Toosu.

It became very clear, very quickly, that Toosu's pride and general bitchiness was not becoming when it came to a conducive team relationship. Yori, with his sniveling sad-kid way, immediately became closer with Hitomi, and with Asshole-sensei being—well, an ass, Toosu quickly lost patience in the goings on of the shinobi lifestyle. When her team was shoved into the Chuunin exams after less than a month together, Toosu... Toosu may have given up stormed off earlier than strictly necessary.

And then... and then Yori and Hitomi passed.

They didn't actually, of course—it would have been ludicrous for two genin fresh out of the academy to be given their stripes just because of two absolutely incredible tournament wins. When it turned out that Seijirou had falsified the documents to get the team into the exam in the first place, Toosu was relieved—Yori and Hitomi, somewhat understandably, were not.

It turned out okay for them, though, because Sanada Seijirou ended up being a village traitor. There was something about an estranged brother, some kind of invasion, but Toosu missed it all—she was being kept heavily medicated in a facility in Grass on account of being a danger to herself and everyone around her. It was ridiculous, of course, but you have a mental break on one mission and they put you somewhere for ongoing observation.

Toosu spent a month resisting, a month healing, another month being reconditioned by her father—who loved her, she was sure, but would love her in a more comprehensive manner if she stopped bringing dishonor to her famiry—and a few weeks being tested by the village for continued eligibility for her rank. There were some issues there, some hoops Toosu needed to jump through, but she ultimately proved her sanity and competence to Konoha's new regime. She learned what had happened during her recovery from Haburi, and is currently furious. At Asshole-sensei, sure, but mainly over the fact that her "brother" is now certifiably stronger than she has ever been.

She's on a self-assigned mission to make up for lost time, now, to prove that she's the best that there ever was. It's founded in sanity this time, though—Toosu has a certificate and everything.

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[03/10/14] - GMAP +2 Tactics
[03/10/14] - Advanced: +1 Intelligence, +1 Willpower, +1 Power, +2 Control, +2 Reserves, Shadow Glare, Mark of the Unfamiliar, Touch of the Unfamiliar, Scent of the Unfamiliar, Scattered Leaves
[07/09/15] - AP +3 Power, +2 Control, +1 Reserves, +1 Intelligence, +1 Strength

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Everything seems to be in order here. I'll leave the finer details of the bio up to Will but for now I have no issues with throwing my approval into this.
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I'm not really sure how this is going to affect some of dem old Leaf characters, but I'm willing to find out. Leaf GM approved.

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Approved for you.
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