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Default Horri Kenko - Snow Jounin

Horri Kenko

Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 6’ 1”

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Snow - Yukigakure
Rank: Jounin
Division: (Ex) Academy Teacher

Physical Description:

“I’m too cold and way too hungry for this!”

Ken has been on the run for far too long. Causing his usual physique to take a slight decline towards thin. Muscles are still visible but that might be since fat is something much harder to spot. Being on the run has caused him to face several bouts of starvation. He has a bite mark across his chest, likely from a bear or maybe a dragon (That’s at least what he told the kids). His face is his most prominent feature and the thing that shows less signs of his situation and more of his determination. Sharp blue eyes which tend to be a common feature in yukigakure. Not much facial hair is present as he has unkempt brown hair, not caring much for how it looks. His body has started to return to life, with more food and a much better situation overall.


“If they don’t help with the cold they’re not worth wearing.”

Ken has had a stroke of independence for quite some time, because of that he has been able to amass some clothes that are practical and do not give strange looks. His outer shell is a very heavy snow suit. He wears a large snow jacket and pants, the color has faded slightly but still resemble the look of snow. The inside of made of animals that he’s hunted, mostly bear furs. On Top of the hood of his jacket he wears a hard shelled. helmet, the color is pale but not the same as the jacket. Which make it easy to holster his goggles.

Underneath their are not much remaining full garments. The only thing would be his under shirt which is still in tatters. He tries to wear his old shinobi uniform. A pretty generic suit with the pants, vest and what not but they are in tatters, he has not tried to find a way to fix them up nor has he attempted to find a replacement. Ken's headband is still covering his forehead but you would not be able to see it unless you pulled off his helmet and his hood.


“You could say I’m a pretty...cool guy hahaha”

There are two sides to Kenko. His previous occupation made him a much more caring person, especially compared to shinobi standards. He is always the first one to lend out a helping hand, picking those up that fell and trying to throw a lesson in when he can. He thinks that he will not be the greatest shinobi in the world, but he figured he could help mold the greatest shinobi which is why he always tries to check out potential. He figured he has a good eye for seeing possible candidates for Yukikage, but he never knew if he was right. If he were to interact with his students he would give up everything he could for them, his life would be expendable and odds are he would do it without hesitation.

“I’m not a dick, I’m just giving you the cold shoulder...no seriously get out of the way.”

Due to recent circumstances Ken has had to give off a more distant impression to those he did not know. If you were to meet him and tried to offer a handshake he probably would not shake it. If you are not quick to identify chances are he will label you as a threat, his survival is key and he will always give it priority.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “Prove. Her. Wrong.”
Army of One
Puppeteer + Tactician (Chakra/Mental/Physical)
Combo Special: Whenever a bunshin technique is used increase the amount of clones created by one. This ability has a 3 post cooldown
Description: Some make up their lack of strength by staying in numbers, some become the numbers themselves. Highly trained in team strategy and tactics, making the numbers count.
Primary Archetype:

Stat Merit: +1 Power, +1 Control, +1 Reserves
Stat Flaw: -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Speed
Secondary Archetype:

Stat Merit: +2 to Tactics, +1 to Intelligence
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Power



Strength: 1-1-2+15=13
Speed: 1-1+15=15
Stamina: 1-1+10=10


Intelligence: 1+1+17=19
Tactics: 1+2+15=18
Willpower: 1+18=19


Power: 1+1-1+21=22
Control: 1+1+20=22
Reserves: 1+1+19=21

Jutsu and Techniques
Kugutsu no Jutsu (The Art of the Puppeteer)
Stage One

[F1]-Kugutsu no Jutsu - Ichi
[F2]-Puppet Senses I
Stage Two
[F3]-Kugutsu no Jutsu - Nii
[F4]-Puppet Senses II
Stage Three
[F5]-Kugutsu no Jutsu - San
[F6]-Puppet Senses III
Stage Four
[F7]-Kugutsu no Jutsu - Shi
[F8]-Puppet Senses IV

Kugutsu Gigei
Stage One

[F9]-Kugutsu Gigei: Chuukin Omimai (Puppet Arts: Casting Call)
Stage Two
[F10]-Kugutsu Gigei: Nai Ito (Puppet Arts: Still String)

Ice Ninjutsu
Stage One

[F11]-Hyouton: Shogai Ni Hanshite Kanbo (Ice Element: Ward Against Cold)
Stage Two
[F12]-Hyouton: Rinrin Usuginu (Ice Element: Frigid Veil)
Stage Three
[F13]-Hyouton: Yuki Bunshin (Ice Element: Snow Clone)
Stage Four
[F14]-Hyouton: Yuki Shunshin (Ice Element: Snow Instantaneous Body)
[F15]-Hyouton: Ageru Neijiro (Ice Element: Raise Citadel)
Stage Five
[F16]-Hyouton: Boufuu (Ice Element: Storm)
[F17]-Hyouton: Yukitama Renda (Ice Element: Snowball Barrage)

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One

[F18]-Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)

Global Genjutsu
Stage One

[AP3]-Bouzenjishitsu no Jutsu (Stupification Technique)
Stage Two
[AP2]-Meisai no Jutsu (Camouflage Technique)
Stage Three
[AP1]-Kai (Cancellation Technique)

The Gentry (Puppets)
Shinobi Kit - 0
Zoom goggles - 1
Helmet - 1
Forearm Plates - 1
Shin Plates - 1

Weapon Points Remaining: 0

Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

I hate remembering how it happened.

The destruction was quick, yet painful. Many lives were lost, but do you know what was worse than dying? Watching several shinobi and people; hundreds maybe, all die in front of me. They were all people that I appreciated, people that I cared for.

Maybe it would be better if I started at the beginning. My childhood? Doesn't matter, life was a simple shinobi life, doing missions, finding love and friends, the friends and loves dying, but that doesn't matter anymore, what’s the point of a history if there is no proof of it? I can tell you a few things…

I was a teacher.

People tend to think survivors of disasters were strong, capable of lifting mountains with their bare hands but I was the opposite. I was an attending teacher, my job was to facilitate the students and teach them the ways of the shinobi, many kids passed by me, the ones that wanted to be the leaders of the world, maybe the shady ones that ran away. But they all had something, a glimmer, a piece of hope.

A lot of the teachers tend to hit the ranks of jounin early, taking less responsibility to become more powerful shinobi. Me? Well I enjoyed my job, something a lot of murderers could not say. Eventually they did force me to be a more active member, but I showed results others could not give. My students graduated with higher mission success rates than others, I cared for each and every one of them.

You want me to talk about how I was a hero? How my past missions created success and gave me the strength to become a shinobi of strength? Powerful? I can't say that any mission did that...not with the way things turned out. The missions I completed were hard and difficult but they never prepared me for what really matter, the life of our village.

But I was a terrible teacher.

When we were attacked it was not a surprise. but the power and force of our opposition were something else. Our strongest men could not hold them back as they fell with ease. My job was a simple one. Find my class and the other youngsters and take them to safety. I guess you could say I had the most important job of all of Yukigakure; the future of our people.

Like most places filled with espionage, there were plenty of underground tunnels, escape routes even hidden walls within buildings. I can’t say that I knew them all by heart but we practiced them enough to have a good idea. This is where my specialty as a puppeteer came into ease. I hate to say it but keeping those kids near me was as easy as herding sheep. If one got away it was easy to steer them back with the rest of the group. I remember when I was promoted to jounin almost instantly once the attack happened. It was a sign of hope to the kids that I was strong and powerful, capable of saving them. What it really meant was that numbers were quickly thinning, that we were running out of men that were strong enough to save us.

No. It was my job to save them now.

Even if I was skilled I still could not save them. Underground was prone to earthquakes because of the action up top. Rocks fell and hit the kids. We had to lose a few of them for the sake of the group safety and time. Then a much larger quake hit, collapsing most of the tunnel.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget those screams.

I scrambled, the kids were confused, lost even. I had no experience as a medical shinobi so I had to do what I could, freezing their wounds shuts and hoping they could stay alive long enough til we found a medic or a better place for them to rest up. The rest of the tunnel was less than a kilometer but I swear everytime I turned my back the number of kids that were still alive were rapidly dropping. By the time we got out nearly half my group was alive, most of them injured beyond repair.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget those cheers.

When we got out it was a miracle, the kids crying tears of joy. To be honest I was a bit happy myself knowing that we were good to go, atleast until we turned around and saw what was left of our home. No...that was the problem. Nothing was left, I didn’t have to spend much time to realize that their were no survivors. These kids lost their families, I lost my family. Telling them to keep moving hurt, it wasn’t direct but everyone knew what that meant; there was no hope back home. My skills with ninjutsu did give some form of help, being able to create buildings out of the ice to keep the elements away. It was a shame I was not more paranoid. Within one night we were attacked, running was our only option and we lost even more.

Now our tracks got harder to find, I placed a new house every mile or so, even making houses out of the way to distract them. There was a point where the houses got twisted, making mazes or cheap traps to buy more time. If I was alone, it would have been easy to find a town nearby, but I had children, ones that were injured, unable to ignore the pain or atleast hide it. My mission was to keep them safe, my mission was to guarantee the future of our people. I improved myself. My skills in combat increased significantly. while I might have stagnated with my occupation as a teacher, my skills got easily better once I had to defend all of those around me. The ice wasn't something I just controlled but an extension, easily able to form it and my puppets got stronger, each strike felt more powerful.

No. I can't say I wasn't a teacher anymore. I still am!

I remember the last one that died, a small girl, she looked hungry, starving even. We had difficulty keeping up with running and the lack of game nearby. We tried confronting other shinobi but we had difficulty, looters came constantly through Yukigakure, the kids had no idea of how to stop them so they simply fell. Of course I was able to get revenge, but it did not matter. The morale of the group was already low, but the last one… She was the most pessimistic one. Her words scared the rest of them, talking about how being a shinobi was useless, how moving on was useless. To be honest it might have been better to have just killed her earlier or simply left her. When I found her mangled body I grabbed her, my clothes were beyond bloody at this point, I tried to reassure her. She was my mission, she was our future. With the last bit of strength she had the girl said a few simple words. “Thank goodness…” and went limp, there was a small smile on her face when she passed.

To see a child wish for death hurt me more than any other thing that happened. To realize that she went through hell and hated every second of it. As a shinobi I knew it was the harsh realities of war and life, as a teacher it meant the complete opposite. The abolishment of hope that I tried to give them.

But that can’t stop me anymore. I’m tried, and experienced. I know how to run, how to hide. How to live. I was stronger than any of my peers when I teached, I had a title and I would carry it, a proud jounin of snow and a teacher at that! these were the simple tricks that I needed to survive. If I saw a leaf nin, I’d kill them. They were always easy to spot, thinking that snow nin were something of the past. But they’re wrong. I know we live, we survived somehow. I’ll find them, and we’ll bring back our land to its former beauty. Will it be easy? No. But...I can’t let sadness win. I want those girls last words to be a lie. I can’t...I can’t live knowing that her words were the truth.

I still hate remembering how it happened.

But that won’t stop me.

Other Info:
-There are several scattered graves near Yukigakure, Ken made those
-Spent about ten years as a teacher
-Several of his accessories were gifts given by his ex-students
-Rarely stays in a town, he’s not a fan
-3 AP used on Jutsu

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Others might care that you don't really go into his childhood or his early years as a chuunin, but I think the bio works for the character. Take care of the grammar errors and the labeling that I pointed out and consider this Half-Approved.

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I read over the entirety of this the other night while Sleepy and I discussed kidnapping your guy for a secret project. It appears as though I forgot to post on it.

Stats/Techs check out. I liked the biography, it was a nice look into the fall (and sad, at that). You have my Half.


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Hooray for more snow babies! Half'd for you.

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Approved. Very nice picture, BTW.

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Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
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Half-approved ya punk.
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Please clarify how he earned the ranks of chuunin and jounin, no poofing please!
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Its...its in there. Its not explicit because that's not how kenko would talk. Him explaining his promotion from genin To chuunin invalidate the tempo and theme of his bio. From chuunin to jounin he writes snippets about how he did missions while teaching and post fall he talked about how he stayed in Snow and fought off intruders (I.e. leaf) him openly talking about getting stronger doesn't fit him or his situation.

Edit: fixed what was said.

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hmmmm I'll accept it. Approved.
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