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Default [Cloud Chuunin] Shoda Kagero

Theme: Guitar Sound

Voice Actor: James McAvoy
Shoda Kagero

Lock up your wives and lock up your lovers,
Lest they join Kagero under the covers.

Character Type: Shinobi — Advanced Chuunin

Country/Village: Rai no Kuni/Kumogakure

Surname, First Initial: Shoda, K
Call Sign: The King's Man
Aliases: Kage (old academy nickname)
Company/Squad: Unity Squad 080
Technical Occupation: Intelligence; Internal Affairs
Military Rank: Corporal
Birthplace: Shoda Clan Grounds
Serial Number: 118621643924
Specialisation: Lightning Release
Chevrons: 6 Standard Grade
Medals Earned: ---
Associations: Shoda family: Hisoka (father); Kotone
(mother); Kei (sister); Kumiko (aunt)
Declared Next of Kin: Shoda Kumiko (head of branch)
Dependents: None
Marital Status: Single

Lightning Body Status: Active (Vibrant Gold)

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 180cm
Weight: 152lbs

Physical Description

Clean Cut: A fine piece of man candy, Kagero’s characteristics reflect a symmetry of strength and sensibility. He bears many attractive qualities including neatly styled hair, unblemished skin and well-manicured fingernails, but each one is also imbued with a defined sense of masculinity.

Mannish Boy: Take a look under the playful brush of coffee blond and you’ll find storm blue eyes of youthful exuberance tempered by self-discipline, or follow the line of his sophisticated nose to lips well-versed in the art of the smile; Kagero’s features seem to have been personally designed by Nature herself for a more refined ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Rough Edges: More man than boy under all his fine clothes, Kagero definitely has the physique needed to perform his duties. At just under six feet tall he is fairly slender but has endeavoured to develop an athletic build in order to keep himself trim and fighting fit, and he could do to go shirtless more often were it not for his finely tailored fashion sense.


Respectable: If one is presentable, interaction with others comes easier, and so if one is more that just presentable... Kagero isn't a clothes whore, but he enjoys looking his best, whatever the occasion. He prefers smart yet comfortable wear, especially shirt and jacket combinations, and he dresses appropriately for each season.

Fresh: Kagero is all about style. Each article of clothing he owns must therefore also be cool and suited to his personality, making for a wonderful host of possible variations. Up-to-date on most fashions in the Lightning Country, Kagero seeks to eventually expand his sphere of knowledge across the borders. He is also fascinated by hats and has quite the collection.

Practical: Style is important but not without practicality. One needs to be able to move well in whatever they wear, especially shinobi. Kagero's tailor therefore makes sure that his client's casual clothes will afford him decent mobility, and that his hitai-ate can be clipped over the young man's belt buckles. He has also improved on Kagero's military uniform.

Individual: Black boots capped with an extra layer of leather over the toe and heel complement the tough hide of his belt, and a new padded flak jacket (navy blue for members of the Intelligence divisions) replaces the traditional variety. Able to be slipped on overhead, it is slightly smaller but offers denser protection, its pockets relocated to either side, integrated into the broad velcro bands that fasten front to back under the arms. His hands, sheathed in dark, fingerless gloves, would be hard pressed to find a pocket elsewhere in the utilitarian ensemble — certainly not in his plain black military trousers, which are sleek, matt and always freshly pressed. His undershirts, likewise, remain tactical at all times: crew-necked, slim-fitting and either long-sleeved or three-quarter-length, these come mostly in black, dark navy or grey. The ensemble is topped off by a pair of brown leather shoulder holsters for projectiles, the left one serving as a forward-facing mount for Kagero's hitai-ate.


The Casanova: This is a common and often misinformed exaggeration. He likes women, and he gets women, but he is no seducer. Good looks and charm will only take a man so far. The attention Kagero receives is the product of being a genuinely nice guy who never mistreats his dates. Add to that a quick and creative sense of humour, and restraint to rein in his ego when he must, and he'll protect their honour too.

The Aloof: With high standards for a compatible partner, less emotionally driven (and even platonic) relationships come easily to our mannish boy. This opens up his schedule for a little fun every now and then — which he certainly excels at — but he also tries not to lead anyone on. Unfortunately, as a result, he appears to have a somewhat higher turnover rate than most which has earned him the title of 'heartbreaker'.

The Artiste: Kagero knows that when he puts his mind to something, he can achieve it. He is both determined and resourceful. Despite being a free thinker, he plays by the rules and takes life at the pace meted out to him by society as a whole. His professional life never encroaches on the personal; as a shinobi, he fights for the freedoms of his clan and countrymen, including the right to enjoy life, which applies to him as well. Thus, there is little truly separating the two save a change of clothes and, as the same rules therefore apply, Kagero also approaches both causes with equal style.

The Agent: His knack for compartmentalising his various qualities bleeds seamlessly into his work as a shinobi. A natural student in the art of espionage, cut from the same cloth as the rest of his tribe, he has cultivated an extraordinary level of concentration, as well as a thirst for learning and professional development. To this day, his sterling commitment to the philosophies of the LGM continues to turn heads, most notably among those who would otherwise look down on the Fallen Kings and Queens as traitors.

The Scarred: Kagero is a survivor. As a member of the Shoda clan, he has always walked a path between the paradigms of treason and integrity whilst weathering the warring winds of contrived duties. The way has never been clear and the ever-storm has left its mark. The Three Faction War was especially cruel, but Kagero endured its bloody conclusion nonetheless. It is not optimism which drives him forward, but responsibility. He hides the scars of a conflicting life well, keeping them to himself — for himself. Loss has failed to crush his spirit; his memories force him to persevere and live his gift of life to its fullest. To be the very essence of resilience, the poster boy for recovery, and a voice for those who were not given a second chance to draw breath.

The Unexpected: Indeed, there are many layers to this boy. Somewhat closer to the surface, yet still hidden from outward appearances, lies the inner geek. Kagero is one of a kind, his veil of dapper gentility overshadowing an inquisitive brain-box who can recite entire film scripts, who owns extensive manga collections, who is beguiled by avant-garde technologies, who longs to master his element and reinvent himself through it, who dances and dreams, and who defies expectations but does it all on his own time. And yes, he dances. Well, he dabbles. Ballroom, if you must know.

The Precipice: All but his close friends will never fully recognise the above characteristic, and fewer still will even come close to unraveling that which precedes it. They seem highly contradictory, as if they might clutter and overload his psyche, but the many sides of Kagero exist in a healthy balance, both in the public eye and in his own. This flexibility and depth of character is the secret to his ever youthful demeanour, his wells of resolve and imagination, and the mystifyingly charismatic element that continues to draw people into his sphere.


Nindo: All good things might come to an end, but not all great things have to.


Bloodline: Shoda - The Fallen Kings of Cloud


Primary Archetype: Elemental Specialist (Lightning)
Secondary Archetype: Fallen King
Special: Gains a free low-level technique of the corresponding element for free.
[S]tat Merit: +2 to Power, +2 to Reserves, +1 to Strength
[S]tat Flaw: -2 to Willpower, -2 to Tactics, -1 to Speed



Primary: Chakra
Power: 1 + 2 [S] + 10 + 1 [Adv] = 14
Control: 1 + 11 + 3 [Adv] = 15
Reserves: 1 + 2 [S] + 9 + 2 [Adv] = 14
Secondary: Physical
Speed: 1 - 1 [S] + 11 + 3 [AP] = 14 + 12 [MF] = 26
Strength: 1 + 1 [S] + 8 = 10
Stamina: 1 + 8 = 9
Tertiary: Mental
Tactics: 1 - 2 [S] + 10 = 9
Willpower: 1 - 2 [S] + 10 + 3 [AP] = 12
Intelligence: 1 + 4 + 2 [AP] = 7
[Adv] = Advanced Chuunin Points
[AP] = Account Points
[MF] = Magnetic Fist Taijutsu Bonus


Jutsu and Techniques

Lightning Release: Raiton

Stage 1 Flickering Luminous Body (Yurayura Hikari Karada)
Stage 1 Required: Power 2; Tactics 2; FREE
Stage 1 Electric Shock Clone (Dengeki Bushin)
Stage 1 Required: Willpower 3; Reserves 3; AP Bonus
Stage 2 Deafen (Rousuru)
Stage 2 Required: Power 5; Control 4; Reserves 4; AP Bonus
Stage 2 Lightning Bolt (Rakurai)
Stage 2 Required: Willpower 6; Tactics 5; Control 5; AP Bonus
Stage 3 Detonation (Bakuhatsu)
Stage 3 Required: Power 9; Control 9; Willpower 7; Adv Chuunin Bonus
Stage 3 Great Pulse (Idaina Myakudo)
Stage 3 Required: Willpower 9; Tactics 9; Control 7; Adv Chuunin Bonus
Stage 4 Lightning Instantaneous (Raikou Shunshin)
Stage 4 Required: Power 12; Control 11; Reserves 10; Willpower 12; Adv Chuunin Bonus

The Magnetic Fist: Jishaku Genkotsu

Stage 1 +3 to Speed (Special Techniques >> Electric Spike Strike)
Stage 1 Required: Control 5; Reserves 3
Stage 2 +3 to Speed (Special Techniques >> Magnetic Levitation)
Stage 2 Required: Control 7; Reserves 7; Speed 6
Stage 3 +3 to Speed (Special Techniques >> Magnetic Rush)
Stage 3 Required: Control 10; Reserves 10; Speed 8
Stage 4 +3 to Speed (Special Techniques >> Electric Surge Spike)
Stage 4 Required: Control 15; Reserves 14; Power 14; Speed 8

Shoda Bloodline Limit: Raikoukikan

Stage 1 (Special Techniques >> Conductor: Recovery)
Stage 1 Required: Control 3; Reserves 3; Power 3
Stage 2 (Special Techniques >> Conductor: Tether)
Stage 2 Required: Control 8; Reserves 8; Power 6

Global Shinobi Arts: Ninjutsu

Stage 1 Transformation Technique (Henge no Jutsu)
Stage 1 Required: Control 3; Intelligence 2; GMAP Bonus
Stage 2 Wall Walking Technique (Kabenobori no Jutsu)
Stage 2 Required: Power 5; Control 4; Reserves 4; GMAP Bonus



- Standard Issue Shinobi Kit
- Handcuffs x2 (4 points)
- R-SAK Hand Radio (2 points)
Item Points Remaining: 2


Memoirs of War

I remember that day: Chuunin graduation — the first one — wearing dress blues and all. Man, I looked older there, but I was still so naive. It was just after my 16th birthday, just before I had to defend my home from my former allies...brother against brother...

I think I thought there would be a measure of comfort in the formality, but no matter how much I tried to loosen my collar it still felt tight around my throat. We all felt it — Nagai's hot breath on the backs of our necks despite the cold of winter. He was gaining strength daily while we walled ourselves into Jishaku, preparing to defend our Village, our way of life, our families...

I remember another day, long before that. It's my first memory.

It might even be my best memory.

The Lost Generation

The War Against the G-Men / Destruction of Hidden Cloud

Fall of the G-Men / Resistance

The Yellow Offensive



The Last 4 Years...
Records of Peace

Age: 16-18

Kagero's transition was not as straightforward as he would have liked. His personal goals would take a backseat for some time, all effort placed, instead, in the service of the new Lightning Military Government. He was assigned to a new three-man team, but was not without allies. Saionji Miwa had been recognised as a valuable asset when deployed alongside her former team leader and was therefore kept close. Usagi’s performance, however, had been reevaluated and the younger boy moved to another squad. The new, third member of their team was a druid by the name of Ingakankei Akihiro, a long-standing, outspoken proponent of Nagai’s rule, while their leader was a chuunin Staff Sergeant, Gushiken Masaki, a young man with similar views. Theirs was one of the new ‘unity’ squads, combining former enemies in much the same way that new genin from the Aki and Aoi academies might be grouped. As such, there was a distinct tension in the first few week of service, including initiations led by Masaki that bordered on hazing for the former loyalists, Kagero and Miwa. Such tactics were to be expected, and the pair doggedly persisted in order to prove their worth.

As they were older than most other genin, the team followed an accelerated programme, their chuunin commander on a similar path to promotion. The first year was spent helping to cement Nagai’s position through any means necessary, weeding out any lingering loyalist dissent. This was achieved by uncovering and capturing the ringleaders of small-scale civilian protests, as well as raiding sites that were suspected of housing religious gatherings. These were mostly a mix of B and C grade missions, but undertaken with such necessary frequency that, by 17, Kagero was a Corporal, along with Miwa, and Akihiro, their junior, was but one chevron from achieving the same rank. It was a busy year for the Shoda clansman, who threw himself into each mission so completely, as if to prove himself so desperately, that it took his sister, Kei, now a fully rehabilitated Private in the Engineering Division, to break that spell. She always was his saving grace, and called him on his zealous activities, urging him to compartmentalise for fear of military life overwhelming him.*

She knew that there was more to him than duty, and he came to realise (slowly) that there was more to him beyond duty than his personal vendetta. He was glad that he caught himself when he did; he found himself forming a relationship of convenience with Miwa through which to release his pent up pressures, rather than one of genuine adoration. It would have destroyed them both. While they had already shared a bunk, warm bodies in the night, the situation was at an early enough stage that Kagero’s honesty was appreciated, respected even. The circumstances brought them closer together, and while there would always be a certain chemistry between them, it was never acted upon again. Kagero did some digging, and found that enough of his old friends and 'old flames' were still alive to help rekindle his previous life. He began to take more than a soldier’s sense of care in his appearance, a united country giving way to a united market for goods and services that he was quick to capitalise on and, at times, lose himself in, exploring life beyond a childhood of war.

Kagero was promoted to official chuunin status in the latter part of his 17th year, ahead of Miwa and Akihiro, and well before to the next, scheduled examination, credited by his advanced experience, proven maturity and exemplary service record. He replaced the Masaki, then a Senior Staff Sergeant, as the team’s leader and selected his own replacement, a promising Private First Class, Yamane Ren, as the squad’s third member. A lightning dilettante, she was in her element following his example. Finally a chuunin, and finally feeling worthy of being one, Kagero welcomed the adulation of his family, including his aunt’s hard-won respect for a job well done and a title well received. But far be it from him to let that praise go to his head, especially when his squad was in a state of uncertain flux. Unlike his predecessor, Kagero had no love for hazing, nor for testing his new charge with hidden motives. Furthermore, he needed to cleanse the bad blood of rivalry that Akihiro had been imagining for some time.*

So he took his squad out for a meal and told it like it was: that, if anything, he had their personal interests at heart now more than ever (which Miwa had never doubted); that he would make sure each one of them made it to chuunin status like he had (satisfying Akihiro); and that the four of them would work hard to make theirs the top unity squad in the entire LMG (satisfying Ren’s ambition and diehard allegiance to Nagai). This Kagero character was alright in her eyes. He also began to blossom in the eyes of friends and family, a young man of experience and new wisdom coming into his own. Thus, his work goals found balance with personal ambitions, not to mention romantic exploits. Physically capable, powerfully emotional, conditioned for control and open to new possibilities, he was a natural lover and fighter who had simply never known that these two things could coexist. He took care to keep them separate, though, fiercely protective of the life lessons and joys that each could offer him.

Age: 18-20

As per his request, Kagero was assigned to Internal Affairs, his longstanding ambition to join their corps commended by his new supervising officers. It was in this role that he began to take part in explicitly chuunin and jounin ranked missions. Of these, helping to root out and quell conspiracy within Gaika’s LMG infrastructure has been his highest priority to date. In an official capacity, the operation’s successful completion represented a major victory for the country but, unofficially, Kagero’s missions therein led him to discover evidence that he believed could help in his own investigations. While scouring the offices of a government official for clues, he was leafing through a military dossier when he found reference to wartime funds redirected to ‘reeducation directives’, although a brief cross-examination of the other files showed a complete lack of follow-through, revealing a potential secret.*

It wasn’t until a subsequent mission in the city that Kagero was able to act on his suspicions. Coincidentally, one of the apprentices to the auditors listed on the financial document was revealed to be the source of a leak regarding the names of possible conspirators, now an administrative aide to a senior official. During her questioning, Kagero was also able to glean the whereabouts of her former employer. He is now preparing to act upon this information, although investigating the LMG on his own time, unaware of the extent to which the cancer has taken root, will require heightened levels of subterfuge and care for the necessary trip to Doruma City.*

This brings us to the present day, and the man, the weapon, Shoda Kagero: the most well-rounded and thoroughly motivated servant of justice that the Hidden Cloud will ever, never, know.


Other Info:

Bloodline Colour:

Geared Up:


Mission Log

Mission 01: Thunder's Roll Call [11/06/14]

Character Creation AP (Maxed Out): +3 AP to Speed; +3 AP to Willpower; +2 AP to Intelligence; +3 AP to Raiton
Advanced Chuunin Points: +3 Adv to Control; +2 Adv to Reserves; +1 Adv to Power; +3 Adv to Raiton
Cloud Creation GMAP: +2 GMAP to Global Ninjutsu

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your bio seems a bit short

This caught me offguard:
I had perfected my Stage One control
I've never actually seen a character refer to a technique as 'stage one' or 'stage' anything. My understanding is that stages (like the stats) are abstractions and not something that actually exist in-character. If I'm wrong then it's fine, but I'd prefer to see something like 'basic of control' or something that doesn't show so much of Engi's game-rules skeleton.

The shift from first person narrative to third person in the last part of the bio is extremely jarring. For the first few sentences I was wondering who this 'Kagero' person was. Maybe ease into it a bit better?

Stats and numbers all check out. Given that your bio is quite comprehensive I'm sure there are details that those more knowledgeable about Cloud can go over better than I can. I'll Half-Approve anyway.
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I know, it could do to be longer...

Thank you, Junge.

You're probably right about the Stages thing. As I'd included so few references to the system in that way, I went ahead and changed them like you suggested.

I also added a narrator's footnote at the end of the Ascension section, as well as a return to biographical form in that last part. Hopefully, it's not as jarring now, but if you have any advice on how to make it even smoother, I'm all ears. Hopefully, short of explicitly referring to the third person omniscient, what I've done will be alright.
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It's in the hands of fate Kaen now.

Half Approved.
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Well, until fate comes around... here's another Half
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I like Kagero, though an initial point of concern in his bio that pops out to me is the spot when you've named Rikiya's child. The reason I'm apprehensive about that is because I don't want that to hamstring anyone else who might want to create a Shoda under his branch, and was interested in being a direct child. This would have then forced a character/section of bio they may not have been keen about.

Other than that, like I said, I like Kagero. I'll have to do another round and just make sure the family timelines make sense.
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I also now realise that I haven't followed naming conventions for said character. That being said, it's probably in everybody's best interest that I simply generalise this point and remove specifics.

I'm very glad that you like him, though
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I'm fine with people breaking the convention if it serves a purpose (which it does with Ichirou), but I just didn't want the book to be written for someone else, which I'm sure you can understand :)

From what I can tell, things look fine. Kaen will have to go over the history of events from a Cloud perspective...but the only thing I noticed is that Kagero would have been 7 when the Shoda were pulled out of exile, and currently you have him as age 9 when it happens (unless I misread it). Just a small thing.

Other than that, consider this clan GM approved, though I'm pretty sure that doesn't count towards your regular required number of approvals.
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Originally Posted by Res View Post
I'm fine with people breaking the convention if it serves a purpose (which it does with Ichirou), but I just didn't want the book to be written for someone else, which I'm sure you can understand

From what I can tell, things look fine. Kaen will have to go over the history of events from a Cloud perspective...but the only thing I noticed is that Kagero would have been 7 when the Shoda were pulled out of exile, and currently you have him as age 9 when it happens (unless I misread it). Just a small thing.
Totally. All's good in the hood now.

I could have sworn I had that age progression worked out. It was one of the toughest things to reconcile between the two histories and his own personality progression. I do have him as 9. I can probably rephrase that easily enough to account for the time difference there, but then that throws off everything else. I think, originally, I had him as older, but wanted a younger chuunin about half way through writing. I'll have to pick through this and course correct as necessary.

EDIT: I have advanced him a year to 20 now, so he's 8 when the Shoda return to the fold, 13 when Hideyoshi sides with Denryuu Konishi (and when he starts to take an interest in girls, which was the reason for the shift, because 12 was too young), then 16 when Nagai triumphs. Whew. Edits done. Short but painful

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