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Default Tsuriau Clan of Hidden Sand

Tsuriau Clan

Hatori came to Hidden Sand when it was young, a mysterious figure with the wind at her back with a knowing smile on her lips and a tremulous voice that could draw you in, make you believe. She was not powerful as a kage is powerful, could not rent great swathes of land or raise cities from the earth, but she had power over the human body, could touch a dead man and breath life back into them, could lay hands on someone and change them. Hatori spoke and hearts tumbled after her, until her miraculous healing and magnetic personality drew followers after her.

Hatori spoke of fate, of inevitability and reincarnation. Of a promise of a higher calling, a greater purpose, an affinity with life and souls to those who would follow her. She had them cast away their names and leave their lives before behind them, adopting one that Hatori found for them, the Tsuriau. And with her power she forged their bodies as the smith forges the sword, altering it down to the strands of DNA, until they were different on the most basic level. The Tsuriau walked as members of Sand's first bloodline limit, and in doing so their loyalty to Hatori had been cemented absolutely.

She became their spiritual leader, telling them stories, about where she came from, about the nature of the power she had bestowed upon them, about the Lady and the two children that they blessed, and about Fate that bound every soul in the world but theirs, and they believed every word. The Tsuriau isolated themselves from the rest of the village, viewed even their comrades in arms as 'less' for their lack, things to be pitied and saved without any true agency in the Fates. The bloodline of the family was tightly controlled, so they could marry only one another to keep the gifts of the Setsuri contained within the family and prevent the blood from thinning. Under Hatori they thrived, but Hatori grew older, until eventually she died in her bed sixty years after the village's founding, surrounded by the members of her clan, leaving behind one adult child of her own, who took up the position of religious leader when Hatori could no longer serve.

Tsuriau Takashi had a very different idea of what it meant to be Tsuriau than his mother did. While loving, she was isolationist, with no loyalty at all toward the village that they lived in or the country that they served beyond the gratitude of a client to their landlord. Takashi had grown up in their system, fought alongside their shinobi, and he felt that they deserved a better place. He encouraged Tsuriau to take an active role in the village. 'The village is our home. These shinobi are helpless to better their own fates, but we can. We have a responsibility to strive for their sake!'

For forty years the clan thrived, and their more active participation in the village certainly did them favors in the eyes of other shinobi. They rose in prominence from a useful but backward cult to a symbol of the village's strength and patriotism. But at the end of those forty years they were laid low

A hundred years ago, when the Infiltrator killed the kazekage and took his place, the first step in ensuring that their plans went unchallenged was to eliminate threats at home. The Tsuriau saw souls as others saw faces, and the Infiltrator feared that they would see through his disguise and reveal his true nature. He turned the knives of the city against them, infiltrating their home by night, killing Takashi and his family and cutting down many Tsuriau.

But they did not get them all, because the same traits that made them a threat gave them warning and allowed them to escape. The crime was laid on Konoha's doorstep while the greatest agents of Wind hunted the Tsuriau remnants down, but it was like hunting ghosts in a graveyard; they slipped into the quiet places of wind, hidden from village sensors by the changeability of their own chakra. It was not until the Infiltrator revealed themselves to the world after driving Suna to war that the Tsuriau returned from hiding, coming before the new Kazekage and demanding an apology and recompense.

They got both, and so returned to the village. But they were more guarded than before and far more cautious. They had been the heroes once, the patriots, and while the Kazekage had ordered them dead it was not them that slipped into their clan grounds and stabbed Takashi to death in his sleep. That was ordinary Sand-nin, the kind they saw on the street every day, the kind they sat down and laughed and ate with after a long mission.

The Tsuriau learn in the academy and journey with other shinobi but at home there is always now a whisper, an urged remembrance of a dark, cold night when everything changed. 'It could happen again, if we let it,' the whispers say. 'Trust no one but family.'

Bloodline Limit: Setsuri (Divine Providence)

The Setsuri bloodline is, at its heart, a combination of enhanced chakra control and senses. They make skilled Tsuriau uncanny diplomats who can read a person's emotions with a sideways glance and point to where an ambush is waiting before anyone steps through a door while augmenting blades with their signature mind-altering Resonance. Tradition in the clan is to wield two swords, to represent the duality of Ayumu and Jissei, but the bloodline will function just as well through any tool that pierces skin.

The Tsuriau can open a telepathic connection with someone they can sense through their Setsuri. They can connect for one round plus another for every ten control. These do not have to be consecutive or aimed at the same character.
Primary: Physical/Chakra
Secondary: Chakra/Physical
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merits: +1 Speed, +1 Stamina, +1 Control
Stat Detriments: -1 Reserves, -2 Tactics
Telepaths are rare even among the Tsuriau; theirs is a rare power, born of an especially strong bloodline. Even in Hatori's time, they were the exception. In the modern era, Tsuriau have made attempts to condense the blood, to hone the bloodline through intermarriage between the strongest bearers of the Setsuri. Sometimes they are successful. Regardless of exactly how and why, the Telepaths of the clan have an especially keen sense for souls and can bridge the gap, allowing mind to touch mind and communicate.


The Tsuriau believe in fate, predestination and reincarnation. They believe that these forces in the world are static and unchanging, without variables. The personification of this is The Lady Fate, a weave whose threads are lives and has absolute dominion over the universe. They consider her utterly logical, neither good nor bad, but simply there. Necessary but a bringer of great suffering, but the maker, sustainer and jailor of the people of the world.

Ayumu and Jissei are on record according to Hatori's teachings as the 'first' Tsuriau. Twins, ancient and powerful, given at Lady Fate's whims the gift of understanding, the ability to sense souls and understand the weave of them, thus obtaining true agency and true freedom from Fate's control. When a Tsuriau dies, they will be reborn as another Tsuriau. When a soul breaks free of the cycle, it also becomes a Tsuriau. In time, they teach that when the Tsuriau become many enough and strong enough, they will take the Lady's place and the world will reach its final, glorious incarnation.

Ayumu and Jissei are considered special among the Tsuriau; forfeiting the chance at new lives to watch over and care for their family, they reside over two different spheres of time, night and day, during which the other rests. Ayumu presides over the night, and he is the gentle twin, the caring twin who shows his love openly on his face and guides the Tsuriau to pleasant dreams and kindly thoughts. Jissei is the harsh twin, presiding over day, and he is there to temper the Tsuriau, to make certain that they are strong enough to stand against the works of the Lady's weave and carve their own path through the Lady's implacable destiny.

This sense of dichotomy between the two twins has a heavy presence in Tsuriau myth and symbolism; from the two loops of their clan sign to the traditional two-swords that devout Tsuriau make use of to this day in their combat, the number two is a portentous and holy number to the Tsuriau.


The Tsuriau clan works to cultivate an atmosphere of closeness among the clanmembers and distance from 'others,' including the shinobi that a Tsuriau eventually comes to work with. They are an insular, untrusting bunch as a whole, with very few friends outside their compound. The 'ideal' Tsuriau keeps their business in the family and never involves themselves with the outside unless strictly necessary. What usually ends up happening instead is that a Tsuriau will form relationships—because risking your life alongside comrades will do that—and feel guilt about it.

Make no mistake, the attitudes of the clan are repressive and the distance they attempt to force between their members and all those around them helps to isolate them, leaving clansmen with no one to rely on but those in the clan, and therefore no one to influence them but what already exists inside the clan. Those who do fraternize outside the compound are seen as troublemakers and deviants. And there are plenty of troublemakers and deviants in the clan.


The Tsuriau are a lithe people, slender and tall, with dexterous fingers. Their hair is generally light in color, ranging from brown to blond, with dark, piercing eyes. As a clan whose skills closely relate to physical combat, they are known for their physical fitness, not bulky but condensed, not strong but fast, with a sun-kissed by tan from long day’s work under Wind's harsh days. Intermarriage has brought other physical features into the clan, but whether it is an accident of genetics or a deliberate decision by Hatori forging the Setsuri, these traits typically rise to the top, and those who bear others are the exception and often considered to have ‘thin blood.’

The Tsuriau clan colors are white and gold, and they often incorporate them into their clothes as a matter of pride.


If you asked most Tsuriau, they would tell you that there is no governing body that controls the Tsuriau clan. In the strictest sense, this is true. There is no elected council and no leader with absolute authority has attempted to claim control of the clan as a whole since Takashi's death. But there is power in the clan, there are people with more authority than others. The Tsuriau do not have the same concept of eventual separation from ones parents and family that many other shinobi do. A Tsuriau's parents and elders are always considered to have a just right and say in their children's decisions.

Worth mentioning is the Tsuriau's intense concern over thinning blood. Those whose gifts in the bloodline are stronger are perceived as having more worth, especially those with a more direct blood tie to the initial clansman that made up the Tsuriau. This compounds the influence of the elders; the thinner the blood of their living descendants, the less anyone else cares about what they have to say.

The eldest members of the Tsuriau clan are well acquainted with each other, meet and discuss the 'the way things ought to be done' and attempt to put it into practice with their own families. There is no 'law' to enforce this position except the weight of tradition and the stigma of wrongness that comes from rebelling against the family's will. This makes the Tsuriau very conservative, and very slow to change.


The compound the Tsuriau live in is contained within a large circular plot with tall stone walls with a gate that can only be opened by bearers of the Setsuri. Within is a large open field dotted with curving stone paths and sandy ground, with the compound proper on the far side, pointing into the sky. It is a great tower, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, that has a crescent shape that hugs the compound's edge when seen from above. There are individual rooms for every family and various rooms where adults can meet and talk and children can play, and secret places hidden behind the walls where things can be hidden. The total population of the Tsuriau contained here, most of which are shinobi or retired shinobi, are several hundred in number.

Notable NPCs:
Tsuriau Kazue
One of the clan elders. Kazue's hair is stark white and wispy, his face a riddle of wrinkles that has softened his face tremendously. He is tall and thin, as the Tsuriau tend to be, and speaks with a soft, definite authority. He is approaching one hundred and ten and shows no sign of slowing down to die. As oldest member of his branch of the family, Kazue has final authority over a good number of Tsuriau. He is a powerful telepath and an extremely conservative man, his mentality still shaped to this day by the Sand's attack of the clan compound, which he still remembers and preserves by sharing with others mind-to-mind, as vivid as the day it first happened.
Tsuriau Yuuyami
He was a star among the Tsuriau, the clan had high hopes for Yuuyami from the very start. He matured as a shinobi with incredible rapidness, and rose to esteem and authority with unmatched speed. But then, something happened. Something big. No one becomes a missing-nin overnight, but regardless one day Yuuyami simply left the clan and the village, using his talents as a Tsuriau to shake off any attempts at pursuit before it could even start. That was twenty years ago, and while he has been spotted he has never been caught. He was considered one of the most dangerous m-nin at large and has had twenty years to hone his skills since then.

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Where are the pictures? I can't approve this without any pictures.

Reading this (compared to the old one) is a much nicer affair. Good job paring it down.

Half Approved.
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Sand GM Approval / Half Approval

Thing. Nice. I know how revamps go. Hectic.
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Half-approved. Glad I got to see it from inception to approval for once.
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I've read over this several times now, and each time I read over the history, I secretly hope that this means you're making an elitist snob that has a coming-of-age story in the making.

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Hi, Approved.

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Admin Approval. You can move this yourself.
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