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Default Maeda Kazuhiko

Maeda Kazuhiko
Male ~ 18 ~ 5'6 ~ Jounin ~ Amegakure
Originally Posted by Appearance
Originally Posted by Physicality
On the cusp of early adulthood, Kazuhiko’s features are stuck somewhere between that of an adult and that of a child’s. There seems to be something positively boyish about his masculine face, perhaps thanks to a chiseled jaw having never formed. Instead, a soft, angular one creates the delicate outline of his physiognomy with the help of a narrow chin. Thanks to a myriad of genetics, plush, pink lips are positioned directly above it, shaped by a prominent cupid’s bow. An upturned nose gives him a slightly snobbish demeanor while almond shaped, blue eyes barely impacted by sunlight sit symmetrically proportioned just above. Kazuhiko's eyebrows are carefully maintained streaks of blonde while his eyelashes are long and dark, juxtaposing the boy’s pale nature. His hair is always carefully styled, combed over with a part typically positioned on the right side of his head.

Kazuhiko’s body is by no means bulky; instead, a lithe, healthy amount of muscle graces his frame. Narrow shoulders and a below average height do little to make him seem broad, so instead the boy always appears slight, positively forgettable if it weren’t for the eerie beauty his body some how seemed to muster. His skin is almost like porcelain, what with him having lived in the underground tunnels of Amegakure for the entirety of his life. In fact, Kazuhiko’s body has become accustomed to the lack of sunlight, so when ever he happens to go above ground, he tends to come back a bit burned, even with the constant rain plaguing the country.

That said, as one of the Maeda’s most prominent karamushi vectors, Kazuhiko adheres to precautions, and sunscreen is no exception. His entire body is practically pristine, with a waft of sweet aroma always noticeable, if only barely. Typically cucumber or kiwi scented in nature, his hairless body is smooth and hardly scarred thanks to his ability to manipulate the chitin his karamushi produce.

His voice is light, but a slightly whiny, nearly unnoticeable drawl occasionally sneaks out in reference to his ancestry. Despite that, Kazuhiko carries himself with a prim and proper demeanor, but is occasionally known for erratic movements. His laugh sounds like a dying walrus who just had its bucket stolen.
Originally Posted by Clothing
Kazuhiko tends to wear minimalistic clothes, but tends to accessorize himself vibrantly. By no means ashamed of his body, he’s known for going around shirtless, particularly when on guard or sentry duty so his body can form armor more easily. That said, it’s more common to see him dressed in traditional wear, like that of a haori or kimono, but modern clothing is perhaps the most abundantly featured style in his closet. In particular, his favorite outfits tend to consist of a pair of canvas shoes, a light, typically pastel sweater and a pair of colored jeans.

On missions, his attire takes on a more traditional nature; when using his silver tongue, he’s known for ornate, vibrant kimonos, having splurged on one or two created by the Shichou with a pair of standard shinobi sandals, not that anyone really sees them. On combat missions, he wears clothing that can easily be shed, like that of a junpei or one piece disguised by a trench coat. A weapons pouch is typically relaxed on his left handed side, clad with a variety of throwing daggers and the occasional bottle of poison.

His accessories tend to take the form of earrings, bold in design and typically capable of catching someone’s attention. He rarely wears any rings unless combat isn’t likely to happen, though the occasional mesh bracelet printed with some kind of in style logo is a bit more prevalent. Kazuhiko tends to prefer things that can be easily discarded or are slight in nature, so it’s rare that someone will see him with a necklace or choker.
Originally Posted by Personality
Kazuhiko is a man positively tempered by the idea of cleanliness and safety. With a vast amount of parasites wriggling inside him at any given time, the jounin is known for his pristine and immaculate ways, but perhaps more importantly, he’s known for his precautions. Practically obsessed with keeping everything clean, it’s rare to find him without some form of disinfectant on hand despite his nearly unnatural interest in the creatures that infest him.

That said, Kazuhiko, despite his pristine demeanor, tends to often carry himself in an almost childish, geeky manner. There tends to be a skip to his step as he walks through Amegakure's tunnels, and he seems to possess an eternal curiousness with anything regarded as taboo or new. More often than not, he awkwardly blabbers on about the karamushi to anyone who asks, and is typically found assisting with research on the parasite in his free time.

Easily impressed, Kazuhiko grew up poor and therefore often finds himself second-guessing any big purchases. He’s a bit of a daydreamer, a thinker, if you will, and in battle, it tends to translate into intricate traps and an awkward dialogue the longer the two do battle. Kazuhiko, despite his pressing discomfiture, possesses a small amount of grace and more than enough subtlety. Known throughout Amegakure as a biological assassin, his presence on the battlefield is often muted: The Maeda serves as a potent vector, and prefers the slow, grueling decay of his enemies rather than a quick, honorable death.

That isn’t to say he is incapable of it though; in truth, Kazuhiko, despite his almost cheery, nerdy nature, possesses something dark within him that seems to revel in the agonizing demise of Amegakure’s foes.


Wormcaller: Once per thread, the user's parasites can act on their own to preserve the life of the host. This can take any form (up to the player) and functions similarly to an extra kawarimi usage.
Stat Merit: +1 Power, +1 to Stamina, +1 Intelligence | Stat Flaw: -1 Reserves, -1 Strength, -1 Tactics

Elemental Specialist:
Stat Merit: +2 in Power, +1 in Reserves | Stat Flaw: -2 in Tactics, -1 in Strength


Power: 1 + 3 + 19 = 23
Control: 1 + 20 + 1(AP) = 22
Reserves: 1 + 21 + 1(GMAP) = 23

Strength: 1 - 2 + 16 +2(TP)= 17 (+12 VF)
Speed: 1 + 16 +3 (TP)= 20 (+15 VF)
Stamina: 1 + 1 + 18 = 20 (+15 CM)

Intelligence: 1 + 1 + 13 + 2(TP) = 17
Tactics: 1 - 3 + 13 + 3(AP) + 1(GMAP) + 3(TP) = 18
Willpower: 1 + 14 + 1(AP) +1(TP)= 17



Parasite Manipulation
[1]Christening: Power 2 Willpower 2
[2]Water Contamination: Tactics 5 Willpower 4 Intelligence 4
[3]Shambler: Tactics 9 Willpower 9 Reserves 7
[3]Strain: Euphoria (Replacing Open Slot): Tactics 10, Willpower 10, Control 8
[4]Spore: Tactics 12 Willpower 11 Intelligence 10 Power 12
[4]Dire Worm: Power 14 Reserves 13 Control 11 Willpower 10
[4]Strain: Hydrophobic: Power 15 Reserves 15 Control 13 Tactics 14
[5]Nest: Power 17 Reserves 16 Control 16 Tactics 15
[5]Fleshtide: Power 18 Reserves 17 Control 17 Willpower 14
[6]Complete Saturation: Power 23, Reserves 23, Control 22, Willpower 16, Intelligence 15

Chitin Manipulation
[1]4 Control 4 Reserves
[2]7 Control 7 Reserves 6 Stamina // Speed: Vespid
[3]10 Control 10 Reserves 8 Stamina
[4]15 Control 14 Reserves 14 Power 14 Stamina
[5]20 Control 18 Reserves 18 Power 16 Stamina

Global Ninjutsu
[1]Kawarimi no Jutsu: Power 2, Tactics 2
[2]Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
[3]Kai: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8

Amegakure Genjutsu
[1]Doruhifu: Intelligence 2, Control 2
[2]Enmu Bunshin no Jutsu: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Power 6
[3]Yokoni no Ame: Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6
[4]Eiri Uryo no Jutsu: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
[5]Kachuu no Jutsu: Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Power 15

Vortex Fist
[1]Speed 5, Stamina 3
[2]Speed 9, Stamina 5, Control
[3]Speed 12, Stamina 8, Control 8


Lethal Poison: 4
Antidotes: 3

Weapon Points Remaining: 1
Weapon Points Gained: 0



Mission Log:
The Swarm Hungers...
Entry 00: Emergence
+1 GMAP Tactics, +1 GMAP Reserves, +1 AP Control, +1 AP Willpower +3 AP Tactics, +Speed: Vespid
Entry 01: Nuptial Flight
+2 TP Tactics, + Doruhifu (TP), +Enmu Bunshin no Jutsu (AP), +Yokoni no Ame (AP), +Eiri Uryo no Jutsu (AP)
Entry 02: Debugging
+2 TP Intelligence, +Kachuu no Jutsu
Entry 03: Hostile Takeover
+1 Stage Vortex Fist, +1 Speed
Entry 04: Spokes in the Mud
+1 Stage Vortex Fist, +2 Speed
Entry 05: Brood Theft
+2 TP Strength, +1 TP Willpower, +Strain: Euphoria (MotM*)
Entry 06: Every Now and Again
+1 Tactics, +1 Stage Vortex Fist

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The numbers seem to check out except you have 19 jutsu, I think. Can you make an other info section and tell us where your AP is spent?
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Oops. I thought I had 6 AP for some reason. I removed "Speed: Grasshopper" to make sure everything adds up (I only had 5). Everything should be good now. Nice and labeled.
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Then this is approved.
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Wow what a guy! I can't wait to RP with you! Half-approved.

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Another Wess ladyboy!

[5]Nest: Power 17 Reserves 16 Control 16 Tactics 15
You're one point short. I'll be a cool guy and give you an AP to cover the gap though, so you don't have to change anything or get any reapprovals.

If you think you can curry favor with me by referencing things I've written, well buster you better think twice because I'm actually really easily bought like that so good job.

Half and Clan GM approved.
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Stats fixed; thanks for the AP! You saved me from sadness and rewrites.
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Seems decent enough. I see no reason to hold back a Rain GM Approval.
Rain GM

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