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Default [KAZE] Tsuriau Rina

Name: Tsuriau Rina
Age: 18
Height: 5'9"

Character Type: Shinobi (Inactive)

Country / Village: Kaze no Kuni/Sunagakure no Sato

Rank: Chuunin
Division: KAZE; Investigator Administrative Leave


Rina has straight, sandy hair that falls past her shoulders when let loose and tickles her neck when left in a low ponytail. Her eyes are a cool amber-brown, her face a triangle with a strong nose and a perpetually amused expression. She is tall and slim with a beanpole build interrupted by the slightest narrowing around her waist and curves at her breast. Rina is clearly lean and muscled, from head to toe, her body honed to athleticism; a product of a life in training and practice demanded by her blood as a warrior empath.

When she's all business, Rina wears calf-length trousers, boots and a dark tunic, all lined with little pockets for this or that and a belt with Eidolon and Scribe's scabbards, with a dark cloak with gold inlay over everything else. Her casual clothes come from a broader selection, less practical, more comfortable. She tends to carry herself like a sunbathing lioness; easy and relaxed in her competence.


Rina is a girl who knows who she is. She knows it with a certainty and satisfaction that only comes at the end of long, tormented wonderings. After being surrounded on all sides by reasonable-sounding voices trying to coerce her away from it, Rina has taken on a distant demeanor. That attitude does very little to earn Rina friends and she feels no real urge to correct it. Those who manage to stick around past the first hurdle, Rina loves to tease. And if she can use her ability to read friends and do it better she will, and do so shamelessly. But she lets people past her walls very slowly, deflecting deeper connections with others until she gets a proper measure and feels she has an idea of their nature.

Whether stretching languid under the desert sun or engaged in lethal combat, Rina radiates self-confidence. Her complete self-trust can be infuriating, captivating and sometimes both at once. She's been in mortal peril many times, she's faced death when it wore a human face, when it lay on the other end of spikes at the bottom of deep pits and when it came rumbling to her as a boulder down a narrow shaft. The only way to face uncle death again and again while staying sane, she's sure, is to grin, tip your hat and pick his pocket when he passes.

Bloodline: Tsuriau Clan

Primary Archetype - Telepath {}
Special: The Tsuriau can open a telepathic connection with someone they can sense through their Setsuri. They can connect for one round plus another for every ten control. These do not have to be consecutive or aimed at the same character.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merits: +1 Speed, +1 Stamina, +1 Control
Stat Detriments: -1 Reserves, -2 Tactics
Telepaths are rare even among the Tsuriau; theirs is a rare power, born of an especially strong bloodline. Even in Hatori's time, they were the exception. In the modern era, Tsuriau have made attempts to condense the blood, to hone the bloodline through intermarriage between the strongest bearers of the Setsuri. Sometimes they are successful. Regardless of exactly how and why, the Telepaths of the clan have an especially keen sense for souls and can bridge the gap, allowing mind to touch mind and communicate.




Strength: 1+10=11(+9 Kaiki)
Speed: 1{+1}+10=12(+15 Ganjou Taiki)
Stamina: 1{+1}+10=12(+12 Ganjou Taiki)


Power: 1+9|+2|=12
Control: 1{+1}+8+1=11
Reserves: 1{-1}+10=10


Intelligence: 1+8|+1|+2=12
Tactics: 1{-2}+9=8
Willpower: 1+7=8

Jutsus and Techniques

Level Two
Requirements: 10 Control, 10 Power, 8 Willpower
Awakened Arts:
Shingi: Keiru
Shingi: Nazoru [Dormant]
Stage Three
Stat Requirements: 10 Stamina, 10 Speed, Willpower 8
Stage Bonuses: +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina

Ganjou Taiki
Stage Three
Stage Requirements: Stamina 11, Strength 9, Control 8
Stage Bonuses: Speed +5, Stamina +4

Wind Ninjutsu and Swaps
Stage One
Fuuton: Kaze Fuuchuufuyuu (Wind Element: Wind Levitation)
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
Stage Two
Fuuton: Okuridashi Kaze (Wind Element: Propelling Winds)
Requirements: Willpower 6, Intelligence 5, Power 5
Stage Three
Shinpuu: Gairo No Soragami (Divine Wind: Sky God’s Road)
Replacing: Open Slot
Requirements: Control 10, Power 10, Tactics 8

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
|Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique)|
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Stage Two
|Chakra Hikari no Jutsu (Chakra Light Technique)|
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Stage Three
|Shukuchi (Reduced Earth)|
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6
Stage Four
|Shingi: Hakuchuumu (Divine Skill: Daydream)|
Replacing: Shunshin no Jutsu
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

Eidolon | 3 | Small Blade 1 + Obscured 2
A dirk half again as long as Rina's hand, the blade a pale, silver-white with a jet-black handle. It is a personal discovery of Rina's, pulled from a very old and mystical place. The steel responds to the will of the wielder and can fade to a wispy, smoky consistency that is difficult to see. This does not impair its ability to cut in any way whatsoever.

Scribe | 4 | Medium Blade 2 + Extending 2
A shortsword with strange, gold lettering incribed on both sides of the blade. It is a short sword that Rina can easily pair with Eidolon. By pressing down on a button on the sword's side and charging it with chakra, she can activate one of Scribe's functions, causing it to double immediately in length. It was her sensei's, before he gave it to when she was promoted.

A/V Recorder | 1

Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

Tsuriau Kazue decided that Rina should be born before either of her parents did.

An old Tsuriau with an incredible lifespan stretching past a hundred-ten and still going strong, Kazue remembered the initial attack on the compound on the Infiltrator's orders and was a traditionalist in the very strictest sense. He knew that the Tsuriau needed to be strong, and he fought every effort to connect them more deeply to the village. His blood was so pure that he could touch, and not just glimpse, the thoughts of others. And when he saw the gift was so sparse among the younger Tsuriau, he knew that something had to be done.

Her parents were from different sides of the family, each notable Tsuriau, each well-developed in the Setsuri. Kazue decided that they would be wed, and have children to preserve the strength of the bloodline and thicken the blood. They did, and bore four children, two with the gift of telepathy. Rina was one of them.

She had no playmates outside of the compound; her family made certain of that. Her friends were other Tsuriau, and she was taught to respect the clan, to respect Fate, to respect the Twins that watched over her day after day. She discovered her telepathy early, and they told her it was a sign she was favored, that she was a strong reincarnation, that she was great.

Rina did not want to interact with the other kids in the academy and they did not want to interact with her, and that was the long and short of it. She did her best not to talk to them and when they did not return the favor it was generally not to make friends. She learned ninjutsu quickly, as Tsuriau tend to, and while Taijutsu was a different beast entirely she was a stubborn child, and bought and paid for its secrets. Her family knew exactly what kind of girl they expected Rina to become, and they made no effort to hide it. Rina thought she wanted the same thing.

She did not get along well with others, but that was not enough to hold her back in the academy. Rina graduated and was made a genin of Sunagakure and assigned to a team.

Minami Noboru was her sensei, and he was not what little Rina was expecting. He lacked the honed-razor seriousness and lethality that she had associated with shinobi. He was a lanky man with a mind for asking things and finding things, sun-blackened skin and a chin covered with a perpetual stubble and a broad, battered and disgruntled-looking hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. When he first met them, he called them 'his little horizon finders,' brought them into his home to look on a scattered collection of fantastic relics, and each had a story attached, an adventure.

And surrounded by ancient, dusty artifacts and history, Rina found her heart.

It took her a long time to admit that.

Noboru could not do entirely as he pleased, not with the irritant of the Priests always on the village's doorstep, but he took every chance he could to drag his team on lengthy missions. They were surveyors and explorers, overturning things and unveiling things, and the travel! Noboru lived to see their faces as they crested a hill and saw a grand waterfall, a wintery peaks and water-lush cities full of men and women who saw rain as a routine matter of course, like the rising of the sun.

The doubt in her heart was plain as a wart on her face, and Kazue did his very best to crush it personally. He did not need to resort to anything drastic. No one has to, when they can read a child's emotions like a page torn out of a book. A few serious talks about responsibility to the clan, about the trustworthiness of others, a conversation mind-to-mind with images from the night of the betrayal convinced her every time that she was foolish, that she should not associate with them.

And then Noboru would take the team on a months-long excursions through mushroom forests, pry open old tombs and descend, their path illuminated by flickering chakra-light in search of forgotten things, and suddenly her resolve steamed away like water on thirsty sands. It continued like this, on and on, with Rina flipping from one side to the other while something in her center coiled up tighter and tighter.

When Kazekage Arisugawa Nayoko was assassinated, Noboru could no longer excuse his lengthy excursions outside the country. He was needed home, and so were his students. Once Enzan was appointed they were collectively assigned to KAZE.

It was a different sort of conflict than what Rina had grown used to. By no means was she a sheltered flower; Noboru had a tendency of leading them in search of artifacts in increasingly guarded, trapped and dangerous places. But there was something different in a war on their own soil. Priests looked the same as any other. They could walk among the populace without anyone knowing what they were. Rina could tell the difference, but there were scarce few others who could. The country felt as though it was rotting from the inside, turning against itself, full of wicked tensions laid bare by the Priest's conflict that could not be fixed by a simple romp and adventure. Her missions were unfulfilling and bittersweet.

When Kazue sent her cousin Sakuyuu to try to bend her head back into the proper shape that tight, coiled thing in Rina's chest snapped and she boiled up in rage and understanding, seizing her first awakening. Kazue congratulated her for making her first steps into maturing as a Tsuriau, right before advising her parents to wheedle and negotiate on his behalf, harder than ever before now that she had defenses that his senses could not penetrate.

She began to dread and avoid conversation with her clanmates, for there was no conversation in the compound that could not swerve away from pleasantness to familial 'concern.' She fast developed a reputation as something of a malcontent. She had been a treasure of the Tsuriau for a long time. The transition was jarring, but the war with Suna no Soushoku gave her perspective. Being a disappointment was . . . Bearable, if it meant she could be herself.

Every team had their own struggles, but most of Noboru's—and therefore his student's—troubles came from the Jailbreak. They were not in the city during the tragedy, but among the criminals Minoru released was an old companion of Noboru's. A Juro, once a friend and now an enemy. He planned to catch, immobilize and destroy Noboru beyond what death could do. It nearly worked.

But Juro did not consider the students. A trio of genin were beneath their concerns, they were irrelevant to his plans. And no doubt, they were not as powerful as him. But Noboru had never cared that much of strength when cleverness worked just fine, and he had a knack of putting himself where luck could find him that he passed on to them. They pushed Juro back and wounded him so badly he had no choice except retreat.

Rina and the others handled themselves well, very well. Not without gratitude Noboru told them that their talents were a waste on genin. A handful of weeks stumbled on by and Rina was informed of her promotion in the final days of the Suna no Soushoku conflict, and set loose to make her own friends and enemies, and find new adventures where she could play the starring role.

As a new chuunin, Rina was one of many KAZE shinobi tasked with trying to uncover the Priest's hideout. A frustrating search that, in spite of Rina's gift of reading people, bore no fruit whatsoever. While some other shinobi engaged with the Priests directly, Rina tried to seek down dead ends and tried to track their slaving operations to their source. She was still out of the village on duty when Minoru came to face the village head on and did not hear of it except through excited telepathy that night.

While she had managed to find and release no small number of slaves that had been taken, she had failed to actually uncover their main hideout. Someone else had managed that before she could, in the final hour. It was not quite failure, but not quite a success, either, and however happy she was to see Assate banished her first task as a chuunin ended disappointingly, and left her somewhat self-conscious.

Other Info

7/33 AP, 4/6 Jutsu, 3/27 Stats
  • Family
    • Tsuriau Kazue - Great-Great Grandfather, Patriarch of Rina's branch of the family.
      • Tsuriau Megumi - Rina's Mother, Kazue's Great-Grandaughter.
      • Tsuriau Daiki - Rina's Father.
    • Tsuriau Sakuyuu - Distant cousin and close childhood companion.
  • Friends, Allies, Enemies
    • Minami Noboru - Explorer first and shinobi second, Noboru was Rina's teacher and master during her genin years.
    • Murasaki Juro - Powerful jounin missing-nin with a grudge against Noboru and his former students.
To Flirt With Death - +1 Control
From The Mountains, Madness! - Shingi: Nazoru, +2 Intelligence || AP: +1 Intelligence, +2 Power, Shingi: Hakuchuumu
A Noble’s Game - Forfeit
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I've already read the bio, but I just read over it just again to make sure everything was in order. You were one of the Sand GMs of Christmas Past, so you naturally have the events all nice and tidy, though Hitoko might want you to make mention of this latest arc. That's his call though.

Your "|"s under Global Ninjutsu threw me for a loop until I realized that you had spent your AP on them. You might want to make your TP/AP key more noticeably, but no harm, no foul, I guess.

After you fix your Swaps link under Wind Ninjutsu (it doesn't lead me to a valid thread), you can take my approval and half it.
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Half-approved for one full approval. BRING IT ON.
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What balanced stats!

Was Rina even in that last third of her biography?

Half Approved since the number game works out.
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It occurs to me that this could use a Bump.
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Halfed, definitely three. Would just need Hito's go-ahead!


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Sand GM Approval.

Sorry for the wait. Take your character, sir.
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