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Default Kijutsushi Miyu |MIKO|

Name: Kijutsushi Miyu
Age: 27
Height: 5'6"

Character Type: Black Miko, Witch
Country: Orignally Tano no Kuchi, Valley Country
Rank: Ateji

Appearance - Miyu has straight true-red hair that matches her eyes and tumbles to her waist, with a long braid by her left ear and a blue stud in her right to give some asymmetric flair. She has a small, slightly upturned nose and pronounced eyebrows on a heart-shaped face. Miyu's build is a little on the short side, lithe, with a set of unmistakably feminine curves, while Miyu's many dangerous errands on behalf of her late master gifted her with an understated athleticism.

The sorceress stands straight up, shoulders back, walking with a sureness and confidence that the world will be as she demands it that can give even the vertically challenged Miyu an impression of looming.

Miyu dresses in a worn brown traveling robe with a heavy hood, with dark trousers and a white shirt. By all appearances just another traveler on the road, going about her business. The Okfuda seals tucked into her robe would raise far too many questions if left out into the open, and while some sorcerers prefer to make their presence known through pomp, pretense and ceremony, Miyu prefers to keep a low profile in her day-to-day business. Better to move quietly through, do her work and move on before anyone realizes what happened or has time to fetch the local miko.

Personality - Miyu works to create an impression of control, leveraging her sorcery, intuition and bluster to appear firmly aware of the past, present and future. Playful, she teases with hints of true knowledge, plausible presumption and authentic-sounding nonsense. It takes a great deal to really shake Miyu and she makes no secret of it, with a smile and a wink and a joke, she lets the world know how unconcerned she really is. How certain she is that she’ll get to the end of the day okay. When she stops laughing, stops joking, that means she’s worried, truly lost . . . Or angry.

Provided you’re not in the way, Miyu is pleasant enough.

But at her core, what pushes Miyu forward is ambition. What stirs her awake in the morning, what keeps the nightmares at bay at night, is pride. Pride in what she has done, in what she can do, in what she can become. Her mastery of her art gives her comfort and gives her a sense of who she is, and she works to push that further, expand her knowledge deepen her power. All other concerns and affectations are secondary to this. In pursuit of mastery and magic, Miyu is unscrupulous and ruthless. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt, it doesn’t matter who dies. Like anyone passionate about their work, Miyu wants to be the very best at what she does, and what Miyu does is dark, forbidden magic.

Omyoujido; "Way of the Sorcerer": "Power is my purpose, and knowledge is the root of power."
Primary Archetype - (Un)Holy Vessel []
Special: The miko gains additional power usages at levels 1, 4, and 6. Additionally, the miko is always aware of the presence of bijuu and their hosts.
Primary: Chakra
Stats: +3 Reserves, -3 Stamina
Overflowing with divine energy, the Holy Vessel is a true conduit for the power of spirits. She feels the hum of chakra, chi, and all other life currents. As a wellspring of spiritual power, Holy Vessels are often the lead priestesses of their shrines, but are enticing to creatures from the other world, who see them as doorways to the physical plane.




Control: 1+11+2=14
Reserves: 1[+3]+8=12


1+8=9 (+9 Kanbeki Kenkou)
Speed: 1+6=7 (+9 Kanbeki Kenkou)
Stamina: 1[-3]+13=11 (+9 Kanbeki Kenkou)


Tactics: 1+6|+3|=10
Willpower: 1+11=12

Jutsus and Techniques

Paths of the Shrine Maiden
Primary: Black Miko
Secondary: Divination
Stage One
Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Kuro no Kunou - Hex Seal Technique: Black Affliction
Requirements: 2 Control, 2 Intelligence
Condition: None
Kurai Geijutsu - Dark Arts
Requirements: 3 Power, 2 Willpower
Condition: None
Jikan wo Tsutaeru - Telling Time
Requirements: 3 Control, 2 Tactics
Condition: None
Hiya Yomi - Cold Reading
Requirements: 3 Willpower, 3 Reserves
Condition: None
Stage Two
Shinpo Genkaku: Kuki no Me - Hex Illusion: Stalking Eye
Requirements: 5 Willpower, 4 Intelligence, 4 Tactics
Condition: None
Ofuda Gijutsu: Shiten - Seal Technique: Perspective
Requirements: 6 Control, 6 Power, 4 Willpower
Condition: Revealing Hidden Knowledge
Stage Three
Shinpo Genkaku: Yami no Kankeki - Hex Illusion: Bolt of Darkness
Requirements: 8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves
Condition: None
|Hitono Kehai wo Kanjiru - Sense The Sign of Life|
Requirements: 9 Control, 9 Reserves, 7 Willpower
Condition: Revealing Hidden Knowledge
Shinjutsuno Kyouyuu - Sharing the Truth
Requirements: 9 Willpower, 9 Intelligence, 7 Power
Condition: None
Stage Four
|Fuhai - Rot|
Requirements: Black Affliction, 12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower
Condition: None
Onajimi - Familiar
Requirements: 12 Willpower, 11 Intelligence, 10 Tactics, 12 Control
Condition: None
Kanbeki Kenkou
Stage One
Requirements: 5 Stamina, 3 Strength
Stage Two
Requirements: Stamina 6, Strength 8, Willpower 6
Stage Three
Stat Requirements: Stamina 11, Strength 9, Willpower 8
Stage Bonuses: +3 Strength, +3 Speed, +3 Stamina

Mercenary List
Stage One
Skill Requirements: Tactics 2, Stamina 2
Stage Two
Acrobatic Leap
Skill Requirements: Strength 5, Stamina 4, Speed 4
Stage Three
|Lucky Bastard|
Skill Requirements: Tactics 9, Intelligence 9, Strength 7


There was a man in a dark suit with a copper-tipped cane that blew through town like wind, forgettable, charming. He stayed long enough to say hello and stop by the local inn and breezed on by. The man had a name, everyone knew, but everyone had forgotten, because he knew card tricks that the children loved to watch and the young men in the watering hole growled he was a cheat they called him ‘the Magician’ until no one remembered the name he’d first given, or, at least, Miyu never heard it.

It was a small town, an in-between nowhere straddling the line between Bird and Valley, one of numberless many half-hearted collections of cheap eateries and rest stops that crop up like weeds, giving travelers somewhere to rest their feet for a few days between destinations that are actually important.

Buoyed by the mystique of men like the Magician, the children of this place grew up wishing to be anywhere, anywhere but here . . . Spun free of its orbit for a year, five or ten, before the gravity of the hole of a town inevitably drew them back.

Miyu might have been one such child before fate jarred her course another way. Starved for stories, she hung on the words of the visitors who flew through town, eager to get out the other side, dreaming of walking the same sort of road. But the Magician took a special interest in young Miyu. He invited her stay when he bid the rest leave, talked about small gods and sorceries. His trips through town began to linger, and Miyu felt herself teetering on a precipice.

He told Miyu that she had power, like he had power. The Magician said he could teach her, if she swore to follow him, if she swore to obey him. But if she broke her word, she would pay very dearly. And he held out his hand and, smiling his smile, asked if they had a bargain.

Of course she took it. He said ‘see you soon’ and marched away. In the morning Miyu found her parents, gaunt, gasping and blind in their bed. There was a knock on the door and when Miyu answered she saw the Magician again, who told her to pack her favorite dresses and move.

After the deal she’d made and the things she’d seen, how could Miyu not?

They never returned.

The Magician took a lock of her hair, drop of her blood, scrap of her skin, a clip of her nails and painted a sign she didn’t understand on her back. He declared that Miyu was his apprentice, and that she belonged to him. He could do things she didn’t understand, and so Miyu pressed her nose into the dirt and agreed to everything. The Magician’s magic was dark, dark and stronger than any miko Miyu had ever known or heard of, and she was very afraid.

The Magician taught Miyu about the forgotten kami of anger and selfishness and rage, taught her to call their names, and only when it was done did he tell her that it had warped her spirit to the dark, and that any miko who sought to mend her would do so with an arrow to the heart. To hex and curse, to tease the secrets of the kami out and lay them bare in front of her. She thought him foolish for it until she tried to turn his magic against him and learned he was much too strong to be touched by her own curses.

The Magician knew what she had tried and boasted that her magic would never overcome his own, and that her curses would never touch him. And then he demonstrated that she had no protection from his power.

Thoroughly beaten and broken, she was little more than his second pair of hands, scurrying to fetch his seals and pour over his contracts. His familiar rode on her shoulders while she walked into meetings with hard-eyed men and spoke on his behalf with the knowledge that her master was peering through the lids of her own eyes. Miyu never learned his name; in every place he visited, he had something different prepared, every city and town a new name. Any of them could have been real, or none of them. Whenever she asked he lied, so Miyu stopped asking.

They dealt with squabbling, superstitious warlords in Bird that wished their opponents cursed on the day of battle, business rivals in River wishing information on and madness for their enemies and, once or twice, a parent spending the last of their coin to try to uncover the whereabouts of a lost child. And the Magician thought himself above them all.

As the years passed, Miyu understood why he had taken her. To chain her to him and turn her into his eyes, ears and hands, to do his work while he poured over scrolls to uncover some new secret magic. The Magician had no time to maintain his reputation, to go floundering over lost things; there were secrets to learn, and great power to be gained. He would never let her grow to match his talent, and he would sooner kill her than set her free. His reputation became her reputation, and their clients learned to think of her, not him, as their agent. Yet she was still not free. The years had turned her fear into respect, but this realization made it clear to her; if she wanted to surpass him, first he had to die. If their places were exchanged, he would have done the same.

She knew that she could not defeat him with magic. But . . . that was not her only tool. The Magician pushed her into danger time and time again, and she learned her own skills. Teased her body to limberness and strength, learned tricks of breathing and balance from mercenaries and acrobats. The power of a dark hex under the moon was great, but her sorcery could not touch his, and never would so long as he controlled her growth.

So instead Miyu wrapped her hands around his throat and choked the air from his lungs. The Magician, so focused on the power of magic, so sure that his apprentice would try to best him with her own sorcery, that he had not even considered this. This Magician, the grand sorcerer who had bound Miyu into service for decades, died gagging and fish-eyed in her hands. It felt good . . .

And now, with the Magician dead, a world of limitless possibilities had opened up. Where to begin . . . ?
Name: Dranyer
Appearance - Drayner is a demon, wearing the shape of a fox. His fur is totally black, and he is relatively small, no more than twenty pounds. Like normal foxes, he has a pointed, triangular face and a bushy tail. Unlike normal foxes, he has no eyes, which doesn't seem to make locomotion or navigation any more difficult for him, as he still able to 'see' perfectly, somehow.

Personality - Quiet, cerebral, and maybe a little lazy, Drayner isn't exactly the picture of what you'd first imagine a fox to be. It is his contract with Miyu that binds them to this plane and demands their obedience, and he has no problem with making it known. He doesn't share Miyu's incredible lust for power, at least not anymore. He has served and then watched as countless dark sorcerers died in pursuit of the same sort of evil power that Miyu now seeks for herself, and he remains unimpressed.

He was her Master's familiar before her, and while he is keenly aware of his former master's superior grasp of magic, Miyu is better to him than the Magician once was, and so their relationship remains relatively cordial. He remains convinced that Yomi will devour Miyu, but when it does, Dranyer thinks he will be a little sad. He serves Miyu as a faithful, if somewhat pessimistic, adviser in the dark arts.
Other Info
AP Record: 3/6 Jutsu, 3/27 Stats, 6/33 Total
  • Miyu is not her birth name, but one the Magician gave to her.
  • Kijutsushi is not her family name, but her masters' moniker.
  • A traveling witch, Miyu sets up hideouts away from towns and cities, traveling about the surrounding area, and moves on to a new hideout when the time comes.

Black Book
Creation - AP: Rot, Lucky Bastard, Sense The Sign of Life, +2 Tactics, +1 Intelligence
Might And Magic - AP: +1 Intelligence, +1 Tactics, TP: +1 Intelligence, Familiar
The Witching Hour - Shinjutsuno Kyouyuu - Sharing the Truth, +2 Control
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I like how clean this character sheet is, just by the way. I also think it's A++ to end on a strangling versus a witch hex battle.

Half approval. Creepy girls, why does no one make a nice religious miko that just wants to sweep shrines and collect donations?!
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Good stuff, Approved.
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Half approved.
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Approved move it ya self.
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