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Default [Rain Chuunin] Shoukyaku Basan

There once was a man who told me:
"Never carry a weapon unless you are willing and able to use it."

I told him:
"I carry an arsenal. Beware my fire."

He didn't make it.

Shoukyaku Basan
B-Boy Basan // Street King Zero

Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
Country/Village: Ame no Kuni/Amegakure no Sato
Rank: Chuunin
Clan/Bloodline: N/A

"Hair from me, n'rest from his mother, seems like. Don' know where he gets his eyes from." –– Shoukyaku Jun (48)

Physically speaking, Basan is somewhat at odds with his age group. He carries himself with an assured confidence, having quickly overcome the self-conscious stage of being a teenager. As comfortable in his body as he is in his chosen career, he does not feel the need to prove anything; he looks cool and he knows it. His hair is long, reaching higher each day, but kept out of his eyes at all times. From under this thick, black, dragon's roost of a do, dark amber irises glimmer like flecks of gold ore. His eyebrows are sharp and expressive, while his bone structure is equally angular, lupine even, its skin glowing with the eerie vitality of sunlight filtered through a frosty window.

Basan has no tattoos yet but bears the faint discolouration of an imperfectly healed burn across the knuckles and forearm of his left hand. Beneath his vast array of outfits, the shinobi's slim, athletic body is an evolving and articulated machine, through which supple joints, long limbs and maturing muscles afford precise, fluid movements and a versatile posture. However, Basan prefers to conserve his energy by hiding this ticking time bomb of explosive potential under the guise of a sauntering, reclining, middle-finger-to-the-posers-of-the-world virtuoso. He carries it off well.
"I remember when Basan started wearing his clothes like that. Barely a teenager and he was already a better dresser than Seiji and the rest. I'm in his corner all the way, #FashionistaSista" –– Shoukyaku Amaya (20)

Much like his personality, Basan’s sense of style is anything but tame. Vestments like t-shirts, jackets, shorts and trousers are common fare but also represent mere building blocks for his code of fashion. Something of a clotheshorse, Basan entered a designer phase shortly after hitting puberty. The first hand-me-downs he received from his elder brothers intrigued him and, although impressionable, it was his developing desire to boggle expectations and define himself as an individual that drove him to follow up on past and present trends. These days, his wardrobe is populated by the designs of the avant-garde and the decadent, new and old-fashioned hybridised by his own creative flair.

Basan’s favourite colours are undoubtedly sunset and dusk hues like orange, yellow, purple, red and brown. Although he has bandanas (including those for his hitai-ate) in nearly every colour imaginable, a number of articles reflect this specific source in muted gradations from gold to purple, although a more common application of the colour is in bright trim against darker backgrounds. Gold, in particular, is a frequent theme, and Basan’s favourite motif is a halo or ring, like the light bordering an eclipse. All of his favourite pieces do share this one thing in common, whether the halo be front and centre over his chest, enlarged to show itself only partially over the entire item or linked with other geometric shapes within complex borders and piping.

It is this complexity that runs through each outfit like the statement of his aesthetic code: challenging and reinventing stagnant traditions. He might wear a sleeveless martial arts top but only with a vest jacket over it, or shorts tapered at the knee to showcase embossed leather shin-guards and geta bound to the feet with coloured linen wraps, flared around the ankle. His T-shirts (both long- and short-sleeved) are all slim fitted while his collared vests are loose, and all upper garments tend to vary in length below the waist. In addition, his trousers are a selection of slim fit, baggy and low crotch articles, including traditional Gi bottoms, but nothing too cumbersome.

The best designers learn how to market their art to shinobi, who can travel further afield than most region-bound advertisements. Basan adopted the ATARA line of footwear early into his fashion renaissance, hooked on the concept of open-toed shinobi sandals crafted to resemble leather high top kicks in a variety of colours-ways. Basan’s most prized possessions, however, are his overcoats, of which he has four. The most practical is a smoke grey, padded, mid-length article for outdoor-wear with three buttoned straps running the breadth of the chest. His warrior’s vest is a deep burgundy number with wide lapels, topped by a peaked collar and backed by a long coat tail, all trimmed by bold lines and aggressive barbs of gold.

The third option is a more conventional chocolate brown leather jacket with a rigid, square cut collar, the focus in this instance being a burnt orange swathe of colour that runs in tracks from around the neckline to cover the shoulder, continuing down the outside of the arm to envelop the cuff. Basan’s fourth and final jacket in this list is perhaps his favourite as it was the first one he ever owned. Predominantly composed of glossy, black polyurethane, it features bands of lycra around the forearms, behind the shoulders and encircling the lower back. This produces a very tight-fitting zipped number that can be worn as such but is more likely to be found hanging from Basan’s shoulders because, let’s face it, with this boy there's never just one way to do things.
“Are you asking because I'm his older brother or because I'm the responsible one? Both? Well, even then...nah. I still don't believe he's 100% a dick.” –– Shoukyaku Seiji (23)

Basan's selfishness is well known — and even well documented — but belies a wealth of complex characteristics that few, if any, will ever experience. Indeed, most would balk at the idea that he is thoughtful, but he is not inconsiderate and is, at heart, kinder than he knows, although he plays his good deeds off as throwaway whims. He has an image to uphold, after all, but that’s just the price of being vain. However, that is a price he can be persuaded to compartmentalise, should a more pressing situation present itself that requires his utmost focus. His applied intelligence may make him clever, almost too smart for his own good, but said focus is restricted to matters of the moment, meaning his shortsightedness wars with his ambition. He is oblivious to his own naivety, blinded by pride in his impact on the now. It is a naivety that also speaks to the heart, for he has difficulty in loving another beyond his immediate family. His respect is hard won.

His survival instincts and loyalty to all things family come first, having been taught to value the latter from birth. He is still learning to weigh the gravity of his actions but rightly clings to precepts of honour with each choice he makes. He displays great confidence in the convictions he does choose to bear, and in his subsequent actions, being habitually decisive. In conversations, this tends towards an unnerving bluntness, punctuating an ability to cut right to the heart of the matter. Indeed, he reads situations very well, ensuring that he is only tactful when he needs to be. Once a rather conflicted young man, frustrated by his inability to reconcile multiple callings, he now lives them all at once with a ubiquitous presence driven by an almost tireless opportunism, creativity and improvisation. It is this ‘almost’, however, that demands he maintain a guise of disaffected laziness in order to recover and protect himself, shrugging off his insecurities by wholeheartedly enjoying the act and embracing the way of the trickster.
Firebrand –– Virtuoso x Taijutsu Specialist
Special: Basan can increase his lowest physical base stat by his power stat for 2 posts once per thread (ignores taijutsu bonuses).
Description: The title of Firebrand is a high praise to those who practice Taijutsu. They are experts in the mechanics of physical combat, which enables them to improvise nigh impossible moves - thought to be beyond their capabilities - to make up for their trained style's flaws. They are tenacious and hard to keep down; just when it looks like one is beat, he gets back up with explosive energy to continue the fight.
Stat Merit: +1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Intelligence, +1 Tactics, +1 Control
Stat Flaw: -2 Reserves, -2 Power, -1 Willpower
I - Physical

Strength: 1 + 1 + 7 (+1AP) = 10 (+12 Kitsui no Zouheishou = 22)
Speed: 1 + 1 + 13 = 15 (+12 Kitsui no Zouheishou = 27)
Stamina: 1 + 10 = 11 (+15 Hi-chimeiteki Arashi) = 26)

II - Mental

Intelligence: 1 + 1 + 8 = 10
Tactics: 1 + 1 + 9 = 11
Willpower: 1 - 1 + 10 = 10

III - Chakra

Power: 1 - 2 + 11 = 10
Control: 1 + 1 + 6 = 8
Reserves: 1 - 2 + 7 = 6
Jutsus and Techniques:
Global Ninjutsu

1] –– Kakuremino no Jutsu (Magic Cloak of Invisibility Technique)
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
1] –– Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
2] –– Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
2] –– Chakra Hikari no Jutsu (Chakra Light Technique)
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

Amegakure no Ninjutsu: Kuro Suiton

1] –– Abura Aruki (Oil Walking)
Requirements: Power 4, Control 4
2] –– Abura Gaihi (Oil Skin)
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4
2] –– Santoarukari Fuchi (Acid Edge)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
3] –– Makkruohougan (Cannon Ball of Tar)
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8

Bo Style Taijutsu: Kitsui no Zouheishou (Arsenal of the Brave)

3] –– Speed +12, Strength +12, Stamina +3
Requirements: Speed 10, Stamina 10, Tactics 8

Blunt Style Taijutsu: Hi-chimeiteki Arashi (Non-Lethal Storm)

3] –– Stamina +15, Speed +12
Requirements: Speed 12, Stamina 8, Intelligence 8
  • Shinobi Kit
  • Breathing Apparatus –– 1
  • Limb Armor [Shins] –– 1
  • 5' Bo Staff –– 3
    Weapon Points Remaining: 3/8
    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

Shinobi Archives // Tape 128B – Interview: Shoukyaku Basan


For the record, please state your name, rank and age.

Right down to business? Alright, I've got time for that. Shoukyaku Basan, Chuunin, 16. Mind me asking what this little speak-easy's gonna add to what I told your guy three months ago?

You're well aware of the priority placed on your case. Why you were promoted. Is it any wonder that certain individuals are invested in the nature of your undertakings?

Oh, damn. Look, I'm sorry. Alright, you got me. I don't know who your source is, but yeah, I know I shouldn't have been looking at those bikini mags. I- I told Pops they were a one-time thing!

...What? No. Not those undertakings...no. Chuunin, if you please, this is on the record, so do try to maintain your professional conduct.

Aight, chill. Just seeing where we stand - same as you. You want me to show you how I'm all adjusted to the game? Well, it hasn't killed me yet, so I guess I'm winning.

Is that how you see your current situation?

Y-...situation... Wait, are you sizing me up for some kind of Special Forces dealie? Because, hey, I'm flattered, but not nearly sadistic enough for the Youkai-bros, while the Kouken way isn't really my bag. Is it going to be one of those black sacks over the head kinda deals? Man, I hope not. I hear those things itch like the Dickens.

Believe me, if you were being considered, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Damn straight, I'm only five months in.

And there lies the crux of the matter. Three months in, you sat here and told us you were still adjusting, so what's holding you back now? Five months may not seem like a long time in your career, but more has happened to the whole Village in a far shorter period. I wonder if returning to live with your family has somehow dulled your spirit.


It's my question to you. Am I right or am I off the mark?

Way off. Your aim's all outta whack with what really matters: the journey, life's string of hard targets. And the way I see it, each and every one of my fam? They're my arrows: Seiji, my mega-bro and the family accountant; Amaya, who's going onto bigger things than just resident chef extraordinaire; Hisashi, who takes after the old man in all things tasting and trading; Hotaka, about to start training as an architect (and taking care of our next refurb); Michio, who just turned eleven, my bonafide ototo; and Pops. I'll put a quiver to any fool who tries to mess with even one of em. Sure, they challenge me, but they'll never weigh me down.

So what does, then?

Let's let them be the judge of that.


Hang on a hot minute while I break some fourth walls.

So that’s the family, and until Michio came along (half brother, good kid, long story), I was the only pup in the litter to go the way of the shinobi. So natch, I start at the Academy with the fam expecting me to come to my senses while I’m busy burying myself so deep in the work I didn't think anyone’d ever be able to dig me out. I was so good at flipping the bird, it became my thing: hand seals. was nobody who could flip the bird like me. Flippin awesome. That was my thing: hand seals. I'd roam the streets, king of my own little world, headphones on and dreads swingin away like blinders. Got a good feel for Sector 4, specially when I'd stumble into the places I wasn't supposed to go.

Heard the word 'prodigious' batted around some back then. Was great until I realised my tutors were using it to soften the blow. Said I needed to take a step back - stop trying to be so damn efficient and work on my other skills. But that was the thing — if I didn’t learn to pull a seal out of any position, then I’d just be another mug in a graduating class of paint-by-numbers open targets. Made damn sure I wouldn’t be one of them by intensifying my training: getting used to distractions like music; finding places rife with obstacles and noise; learning to isolate the natural rhythms of my own body so I could pull stuff out of my chakra bag at any time.

My young brain was getting hit by wisdom bombs on the regular, filled with self-taught kinetic know-how. And by its estimation, I was ready to throw it all down in the Academy exams. Those were the days when I had my first run-in with the Street Kings. Bunch'a kids and teens with time on their hands like me, but none of em ninja. They liked what they saw so kept coming back to watch, then to play. Taught me you didn’t always need chakra to run on walls, and I had them to thank for being unofficially voted ‘most slippery’ in the exams. So when I came home, it was to two families.


When Pops found out where I was spending my out-of-work hours, things got a little heated. Took it to meaning I'd relegated family to third place. Least my street fam knew where I was coming from, but then Michio arrived and upended the wine cart. Turned out Pops had cheated on Mom years ago and had been secretly sending money to his piece on the side and her kid. So when Michio’s mom passed, there was no choice for Pops but to come clean. It was either that or leave his six-year-old on the streets. Same streets that were taking me down the ‘wrong’ path. But he wasn’t one to talk by that point. Then our Mom left. And...yeah, we don't really see her anymore. Well, I don't. I get that she was hurt, but that wasn't reason enough to punish the rest of us.

So consider me adjusted in that regard. It’s taken its time. How bout we move on too, yeah? Skip forward a little to when I’m twelve years young but learning each day how much further I can push the envelope and ignore the idea that I still had a choice to make. Hoping that my calling would choose me first, I went all out in every aspect. Specially local missions, where I used my street knowledge to take down perps; coming at them, like, BLAM, outta nowhere, and getting noticed for my style, with moves no-one had every seen from a kid my age. Like the time we tagged and bagged a dealer and his posse in Sector 1 and I got approached by that marketing rep from ATARA Style. What? What’s with that blank stare? Damn, how do you not know? Aight, I’ll clue you in.

There wasn’t always a strong market for shinobi fashions down here in the dark, you know. ATARA was a start-up looking for a way to shatter that paradigm, making inroads and coin when Ayame’s control of the market was all over the place. The idea was, I’d be their brand ambassador, because nothing field tests a set of gear like a shinobi, and no shinobi do like I do! Especially when it’s never been done before, or seen above ground. Don’t know where ATARA was getting their intel, but my job was to become an icon for the new generation while they geared up for some big reveal, years in the making. You can probably see where this is going. I didn’t, but it didn’t matter. I was ready!

Not so much for the repercussions. Couldn’t tell the fam because I figured Pops’d see me as a traitor to the business this time. And the team wasn’t too chuffed. Yeah, straight up jealousy. But that’s show business, yo. It isn’t nice. It takes what it wants, when it wants, because it knows how to make magic happen. But that shit ain’t alchemy. Can’t make something out of nothing, and the average ninja or street runner just didn’t have the secret ingredient I did. That elusive blend. To be fair, the Kings weren’t happy either. Heh, oh yeah! Then the Brass cottoned on (there was no way that wasn’t happening) and they dressed me down for even considering the offer before I could control the narrative. I mean, was my life compass so flawed that even my closest friends thought to intervene?

So what was one more person in the know? Figured I had nothing to lose, so I let my brothers pry it out of me over my first pitcher of honey wine. Yeah, I said it. Thirteen’s the age we start in this family. Deal. And going to my family for advice was one of the best decisions I ever made. Seiji’s brainwave convinced Hisashi, who convinced Amaya, and then she convinced Pops. As a family, we approached ATARA and Hidden Rain, framing it as a unique business venture to begin bolstering public opinion along with new markets in a time of frailty. And my dad was genuinely behind me, to my great surprise, because he respected what it would mean for the Village, with me making a mark like a true businessman.


Paired with my ATARA Rep, Kenshin, we brokered the deal to equip me with mission-ready, top of the line gear, which’d still blend in with what they were wearing above-ground when needed but could also be stripped away for cutting edge performance in the field. Top Brass’ job, meanwhile, was simply to keep putting me to work as prolifically as possible. That kept me in the green, too. My standard mission rate tripled and I started taking solo jobs between team ventures to rank up the substance and visibility of my signature style. Now, five or six months in, Kenshin began sharing more of that long goal with me, and it sounded like more of a long shot, but the Brass wasn’t denying it. They were in full swing, flushing the market with funding to inspire competition, fashion weeks, tricking showcases and other industry events across the Village.

Course, I started to notice that I still wasn’t spending enough time with the family. This time, however, I realised it was my expectation that wasn't being met, so I made it happen. Found myself bonding with Amaya like never before because our interests had finally met in the middle. She’s all about fashion so, naturally, she had some suggestions. Wondered whether I’d thought to combine my tricking and love of music into a style based around a dance element. Mind equalled blown! I hopped on that dance train like I’d been born again and when I next showcased my stuff at an awards event, it was under the moniker B-boy Blaze, which catapulted me into the big leagues. I’m talking posters, billboards, newspapers, promos, you name it! I was ATARA’s golden ticket. The thing about gold, though, is that everyone wants a piece.

I was fifteen and burning too bright, finding it hard to walk the streets without getting mobbed by celebrity cultists fascinated by the newest craze. Started making missions harder too when I couldn’t rely on my anonymity. Despite being an unprecedented situation for all parties involved, I think the Village had known that eventually they’d have to end my run before working with ATARA got me killed. How could it not? We were at war with the Military. When my exposure blew up, those ruthless bastards would be gunning for me just to make a political statement, while I’d be focused on the wrong reason I put on shinobi duds every morning. It was when the Brass said they needed me at the top of my game for the Chuunin Selection Exams abroad that I knew it was coming, and that I’d have to be the one to end it.


Now, ATARA didn’t want to give me up either, so, natch, I had to find a way to broker peace. I’d find a replacement to make everyone happy. Not a shinobi, because we needed them, but close enough. Street King Nine, or K-Nine, as we called him, had fractured from the crew along with Two and Eight when he’d seen my industry invites as guilty handouts. So I had to prostrate myself for the plan to work and give him whatever he wanted. I’m pretty sure he sent me on a wild goose chase, thinking I’d never find the secret haven for trickers he'd heard of in urban legend. Thing is, Pops was the only other person who seemed to know about this, but he was informed. And despite being against my initial choices, he respected my decision to discard fame in order to serve and protect.

The Village’s plans to make our world drastically bigger and more dangerous had taken all the urgency out of his hands. So he filled them with books instead, piled high, full of research, and all for me. That’s where we learnt about Soku-no-kumi which, if you ever feel like tracking it down (but I recommend you don’t), is this ancient underground prison cell turned refuge for some powerful missing nin who used its complex architecture to train, slay her captors, use as a base, then finally desert. Don’t worry, she’s long gone. I checked. Had to follow some nasty ass cryptic clues to get through the labyrinth wall, then make it past the ensuing death traps (which came in threes, of course) to get to the ‘paradise’ beyond. But it was. Yeah…Nine wasn’t lying. It just wasn't that secret.


Some cranky dude had set up shop there and shooed me out like a punk when I tried to go further. Had me on the ropes every time with his crazy walking stick school of combat. I came home with more bruises than I was willing to admit and no plan of attack. Then, when all hope was lost, Hisashi stepped in. Dude knows his tavern lore. Probably takes after Pops in more ways than we know. Anyway, he recognised Old Crank as this retired staff master shinobi called Yoshida Daiki who used to be the ultimate liquor connoisseur, back in his day. As soon as age-old bragging rights were back on the table, Hisashi was more than happy to donate his finest bottle to the cause.

Yoshida-sama, as he would have me call him (pfft!), gave me leave to come inside and look around while he kicked back with the brew. But he still wouldn’t let me train. Wouldn’t let me step foot on a single platform. The moment I tested him on that? BOOM. STICK. PAIN. I guess it was his home now, so fair’s fair, but it meant there was no way I’d be getting Nine in if even I was barred. So that was the bad news. The good news was that Old Crank had seen me pull some of my best moves, and though he didn’t much care for the ATARA baggage, he said he’d offer training as his disciple to move in ways I’d never thought possible. Let me clarify: to move and fight in ways I’d never thought possible. That was the clincher.

Suddenly a whole lotta pieces started fitting together; my adventure as a shinobi was beginning to take shape for the first time. There was no way I was turning this or a return to full service down. Not with the Exams fast approaching. I activated my contract’s break clause, flipped Nine one of my best birds, and was out. Left to take on bigger things — a bigger world! And pretty much every one of us got soundly beaten. Yup, a regular drum section, Team 7 being the exception. I did make it through to the final trial, but it was there that I met my match. Never got to challenge the Kinozaku-fu kid that I wanted to; was pitted against the hometown boy who hid his Katon ninjutsu for the whole match until he could use it to light up my own cannonballs and burn my fucking arm. Sorry.

Sore subject. I don’t mean to offend. They said…they said it was my screams that stopped the match. So much for the whole fire-breathing chicken thing, right? Least the medics on call were able to do a bang-up job, if you don't count the way it’s never looked the same since. I vowed that day never to be so woefully underprepared again, if I could help it. So utterly defeated, my slick moves counting for nothing more than sideshow to the main event. I needed to stop playing around and get real. Build an arsenal. Start from the bottom and Crank it up. My promotion didn’t come right away, but that was fine by me. I clearly wasn’t worthy, and wouldn’t have accepted the pity party even if it was offered. We had more pressing matters, like outclassing the Military at their own game.

Months passed and it only got harder, but I got stronger in kind. Still, mission after mission, it started turning into either a no win scenario or complete withdrawal. We were dying in our sleep when waking up was the dream. Maybe it was Ayame’s fault, maybe it wasn’t. Ya know, a lot of peeps blamed her, but I still say they’re idiots. Remember who we’re fighting, yeah? Think a different leader’s gonna get a different result against that? We were underprepared. Again. It had happened again. The bile was still on my tongue from the last time. Even with the Brass telling me I was up for promotion for serving as a true icon of substance, tempered by defeat and stronger for it, I’d been burned a second time on my watch. This wasn’t on me like before, but it sure felt like it was.

That’s when Michio set me straight. Kid had be living that nightmare for the last five years, reminded in small ways every day why he wasn’t a ‘real’ brother to the rest of em. Yo, I love my family, but in this regard they can be real dicks when they don’t need to be. When it was Pop’s fault. Then Mom’s fault. Michio was the only good thing to come out of it. That’s why he was there for me, telling me to press on. Because that’s all you can do when the alternative, if you dwell on it, will tear you apart. He was right. That shit wasn’t for me.


Not only did I accept the promotion, but I also accepted my place in the fam. Took some time for myself to get my house in order and figure out how best to serve both halves of my whole. I started training Michio on the side, using everything that I’d learned for his benefit, being an icon as a brother. I started spending more time at the izakaya too, drawing in customers and working crowd control when I had a free night here or there. I like it; it’s a good gig for a B-lister like me — keeps it on the down low. Like my lessons with Old Crank. Under the radar, making waves again. And this fool here thinks I’ve just been laying low for five months? The cheek! I’ve been going on missions. Maybe not as many, but the new success rate should speak for itself. Stalling? Hell no. Preparing? Hell yeah. For what, you ask? I reckon it’s about time you found out. So what do you think? Should I cut this one some slack?

Yeah, aight. Good chat.

Fourth walls? Basan, what are you talking about?

Well, I figured we could let the good people of Amegakure be the judges of whether you've got a case for me being held back.

And...how will they do that?

Easy. I'm ready now. Let's blaze.

Other Info:

+ His father has a tendency to hoard any document he can lay his hands on that concerns histories, legends and conspiracy theories. And so it was, on one particularly inebriated morning before the birth of his new son, that the name 'Basan' came easily to him, because, honestly, who doesn't want to be named after a giant, fire-breathing chicken?
+ Takes great pride in his family's standing within the community, as they own what is arguably the finest izyakaya in Sector Four, and perhaps the entire Hidden Village (including the 'legitimised' taverns run by their cousins topside).
+ Too young to tend bar, he resigns to being an expert bar flarer, drawing crowds while he trains.
+ Tricker, B-boy and Free Runner.
+ Classical guitar maestro but only ever plays for himself and his family, never the peons.
+ Favourite liquor is Honey Wine.
+ Favourite number is Five, after his siblings.
+ Is closest to his older sister, Amaya.
+ When angry, he is prone to literally 'flipping out', performing spontaneous, explosive aerials in the equivalent of stamping his foot.
+ Fashion sense influenced by: -seed-; fydbac; FabianMonk; Yun-Seong.
+ Persona influenced by: Lin Yao; Mugen; Tim Drake/Red Robin.
+ Movement Style inspired by: Immortal Lu Yan & the Silent Monk's [ Kung Fu ] and B-Boy Neguin's [ Unique | Breakin' | Flavour ].
+ Original reference pic by: jasson78.


Thread Ratings:

Season 1 | Son of the Moon
Intro: Phoenix Rising
Outro: Transits
  • Jam Session #00: Prepare for the Battle
    AP Awards: + Kakuremino no Jutsu, + Anrokku no Jutsu, +1 Strength
  • Jam Session #01:

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Believe all the math checks out on this. Tossing an Approval here to get the ball rolling.
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Stats check out. I might just be incredibly drained from finals, but I seemed to have missed the part of your bio where Basan talks about the rest of the world finding out that Amegakure still existed.
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Spent so long making this, that must have got lost in my revisions. Maybe someone more in the know could remind me... Because it sounds like Ayame came to power 7 years ago in her character profile, when would the Chuunin exams be in the timeline? Or is it up to date?

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Ayame came into power 2 years ago. Here's the timeline. Here's Rain's personal timeline.
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You have no idea how much I want to hold my approval hostage until you add jutsu requirements. But I kind of owe you, at this point, and it's easy enough to check, so I'm just going to Approve.

But you really should add them, it made me immediately want to close the tab when I saw you didn't have them.
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Yes, you should add your jutsu requirements and fix up some mention of Busan's opinion on Ayame as a whole and coming out to the rest of the shinobi world and we'll get this ball rolling again.
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Yeah...I was doing my timeline research in the wrong places. Feel like such a newb, but then I suppose I am one to Rain. Really looking forward to this ball finally rolling into the ranks.

The current status of my edits are as follows:

- Jutsu Requirements added
- Opinions of Ayame and the Village plans added throughout
- Timeline and age adjusted at each stage to fit village events
- ATARA/Village co-operation altered to adhere
- Chuunin Exam build-up and aftermath added

Basically, I've edited the whole thing and changed a heck of a lot to make it a much better yarn than my first attempt.

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Really, hash tags right in the character sheet? I guess I can't really say anything since I registered a wikipedia article though. Also thanks for adding the requirements. I'm actually on a network where loading a single page can take several real-time minutes so not making me hunt down those jutsu was a real time saver.

This kid is a total sellout. Neat angle. Numbers are fine so I'll Half Approve.
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Looks alright to me. Rain GM Approved
Rain GM

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