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Little do they know...
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Default Heroes for Hire

[Mist] Getsuei Gen :: Sore Mussels / [Calamity Arc] The Deathless Samurai

[Leaf] Muramoto Tatsuo :: Sleet and Sleazes

[Cloud] Shoda Kagero :: Breaker

[Rain] Shoukyaku Basan :: Bug Hunting

[Stone] Konkaji Ryuuankamei :: No Active Threads

[Sand] Kansei Tanryoku :: [Team Seven] In Sheep's Clothing / Liberating Libertalia / [Blue Dragon Arc] The Final Ambassador

[Grass] Kinshi Haru :: No Active Threads

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Live from the Underground
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Hey there Calibur. Not sure if you're still open for RPing with some of these other characters, but I have both a Sand Jounin and Cloud chuunin that have collected dust. Any interest?
"Try or try not, do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda

Nadira- Sand Jounin
Hamada- Leaf Chuunin
Shen- Cloud Chuunin
Sei- Stone Genin

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Based Kiba
Based Kiba
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May I hire Shoda Kagero to adventure with Ichina Etsuko [in sig] for some double-bloodline trouble in some fun or foreign land?

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