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Default The Official 'Gone Until X' Thread

sushyisama edit
Originally Posted by Post 31
So, some of us modly folk have decided that there are an awful lot of 'leaving' threads that are cluttering up this forum. Therefore, this handy little topic is being put up for all your goodbye needs. Post whatever you feel is pertinent to your departure, and everyone else feel to say your farewells.

Just don't go off making a ton of goodbye threads here anymore, alright? <3

What Jami means is to announce whenever you are leaving for x amount of days in the summer. Whether you are going to a camp, a trip to the Bahamas, or even if your computer is broken, this is the place to announce it.

This is really not the place for "I'm Leaving Engi" posts.. That's a different story. I'm sorry for the mix-up.
I have merged all of the current "I am leaving" threads into this thread to keep the cluttering of General discussions to a minimum. Due to the manner of merging, which combines all the posts together according to date; meaning that the "first post of this thread" can be found as "Post 31".

Anyway, please use this thread for all your "gone for two weeks" or whatever sort of threads. Thank you very much.


Hey hey folks, on the 16th I'll be leaving for about three weeks, I'll probably be around in the evenings if someone needs me when me my father are back at the hotel and what not. But I'll be a couple of places. First off, I'll be in Ireland for my dad's part being a business trip. After that were heading to London in the UK. When thats over we'll be going to Prague and then to the Rome, near the vatican in (our hotel will be literally only a few blocks from where the pope probably lives no less). Maybe I'll get lucky and see a Gunslinger Girl...!

I'll be updating this thread from time to time tell you of my location. Unfortunately a Certain Puppet or a pair of brother and sister haven't been online or I would be going to the Netherlands/Holland where my relatives live also. Well
thats all for now, have a DS game on order to keep me busy during our 14 hours of flights and layovers.

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I know the pain though i lack the nice electronics. Have fun man.

And no i am not lobbying for favor (to all viewers).... i am actually glad for him. Europe is really great this time of year.
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Europe huh? Thats fun, have a good time.
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Thanks, looks like I'll be leaving this saturday around 1 AM
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Have fun in Europe.
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Well I'm in Ireland now, its 7 am, have to say this is the most beautiful place I've ever been. Learning to appreciate high end alcohol such as a Lemon Liqueur. Discovered something... Mead! Fermented honey which its truly blissful. The food is great and the castles are amazing. If you can survive walking up the smallest stairs in the world.
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Default Suzu's Life

I MAY not be around much, or any, for the next 4 days or so.
I have my gradutation on Friday, but my dad is coming over today and should be here in like... An hour-2 hours...

So my mom says I have to stay with him until he leaves at like Tuesday morning. Which means I PROBABLY won't be on at all... Probably is the keyword.

Just so you all know, gomen.

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So much drama in Suzu's life.

Have fun with graduating, dad, all that good stuff.

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...I'm going to miss your fluffiness. *cries*

...that came out sightly wrong O_O;

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