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Default Life in every breath (Open/Leaf)

Open to all Konohagakure Residents
Character being used: Ichihada Taisho

It was almost silent in the retreat, hidden away in one of the wooded areas outside Konohagakure's north-eastern gate, at the eastern edge of Hokage mountain. The air was cool in the shade, a gentle breeze flowing through the old but perfectly maintained building as the frogs in the nearby pond chorused in the midday sun and the birds sang in the trees above them. The sole occupant of the building was a twenty-nine year old Konoha Jounin named Ichihada Taisho. Taisho was sat eyes closed and cross-legged at the edge of the building, overlooking the pond, dressed only in his loose fitting combat pants. His twin Wakizashi lay unsheathed on a straw mat to his left and the rest his clothes on a similar mat to his right.

Taisho had been in this position for about three hours now, his breathing slow and regular as he listened to every sound, no matter how insignificant it might usually appear. At the same time, he was sensing the Chakra both within him and around him, letting it flow around him and through him like water through a net. It was this sort of meditation that allowed him to truly calm his mind before and after a mission, in this case after. He had returned to Konohagakure in the early hours of the morning and, after delivering his report to the relevant officials, he had come straight here. It was a routine he had settled into for a number of years. As a shinobi, routine often kept you alive. It was this thought and the mission that he had just completed which had been on his mind all morning. Overnight he had escorted the head of Konoha's bank from the Capital of the Fire Country, Himoto, back to the Hidden Village. It had been an easy enough assignment, but that didn't stop him from performing every routine task to the letter. Checking the banker's entourage and belongings, scouting the area the previous day and sharpening his Wakizashi. Simple tasks that could easily save a life. As much as he respected the need for routine, he reveled now in the lack of it. Meditation was his way of detaching himself from the regimented world of the shinobi and simply observing the real world's true beauty; it's random nature in the sounds, smells and even feelings that surrounded him. Fleeting moments that were perfect in their own way, like that shudder that you get when a cool breeze flows across your skin and reminds you that like the blossoms that fall to earth, you are just as fragile in the grand scheme of things.

As the old clock behind him chimed to sound midday, his eyes opened and his meditation ended. Shifting his position he hung his feet off the edge of the wooden floor and into the pond below, feeling the koi carp swimming around them. The sun was shining into the building a little now, bathing him in warm light. Relaxation was, quite understandably, one of his favorite pass-times, especially when it was as peaceful as this. He felt his tiredness slowly ebbing away from his muscles, like icy ground being melted in the heat of a summer day. His mental philosophical rant came to an abrupt end when he heard footsteps approaching, so Taisho lazily turned his head to see who it could be...
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