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Closed: Nomics

Orders from above insisted that the efficient Inuzuka Mezumi took to the nearby Stone Village on a solo reconnaissance mission. There were rumors of alleged suspicious activity at the site where the Kanabi Bridge once was back in the Third World War. Though, she had to be cautious even if there presumed to be no threat. Anything could happen once you slip up. She wore dark colors that matched with her eyes and hair. Her ninken were all in the Juujin Bunshin looking as dark as the night itself. Both Bitani and Taruso were equipped with matching outfits and the three were interchangeable.

She approached the base of the bridge, the three walking alongside the ravine created when the bridge had once been destroyed. It was rebuilt now, however, and long and narrow had it become. One of the three Inuzuka grabbed their earpieces and breathed into it "No sights of anyone nearby."

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