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Default [Company][Rain]Suspectsister

Yensero (Cayuga) and Oichijosuke (Junge) cross paths in Rain yet again! This time there's a big miko in between the two. What happens? The usual! We called this little ordeal

The Setup:
Yen Sero is still in the search of resources to bolster his own plans. However The Company, suspicious of his ability and intents and owing to Sero's past performance, is keeping Sero under close scrutiny.

The job is simple enough, right?

The Job:
Suspect Sisters
Type: Infiltrate
Location: Rain Country
Details: There is word of a third group within the war in Rain Country, the Hontou no Itami shrine. This group of Miko have started to defend the defenseless, serving as a neutral party in the war in Rain. But not much is known about them, except that they have a lot of support from the people. That makes them dangerous from some of those that would pay us to do work. No one wants them dead, yet, but that's just because no one knows enough about them. Find and infiltrate their group, learn what you can about the leaders among them and find out if they are dangerous to the Rain Country Government.
OOC: The three sisters of the shrine don't exactly go advertising their positions and stances, so it is your job to get close enough to learn their intentions without them kicking you out or attacking you.

The Catch:
Little do Sero and The Company know, Amegakure has it's own interests in the area. Oichi Josuke, Rain Chuunin, will be crashing the party only as a Rain-nin can.

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I read this at work, I’ll have a rating when I get home.
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Fine, don't link the thread and make me actually have to spend two seconds looking for it. Homophobic much?

Okay, so I actually had to reread this thread twice to understand a little bit in the beginning. That was probably due to me doing it in a hurry at work, but either way, good job you two. It was definitely interesting to read a thread where Cayuga didn't do any of the punching. The only downside is that this more or less became a solo thread for Junge, with Sero popping in at points to cause Josuke stress and a near-demise. It isn't a bad thing though; Sero accomplished what he needed to without killing anyone. I just wish he had been a little bit more involved, maybe interacting with other NPCs more rather than just reflecting about what was going on in his mind.

Onto the nitty gritty.

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Sero gets 1 AP for his company work.
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I am gunna grab 3 into power and

Spider summon
Stage 2 - Togo
Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4

Thanks for rating

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Oh boy! I appreciate the rating. I didn't even know solo threads could earn that many points! Sorry for not linking the thread properly. Fixed it even though it kinda sorta doesn't matter now.

I'd like to take two points and stick them in WP, for a total of +4. Then I want to reorganize his items like so:

HTML Code:
2- Body Armor
3 -Antidotes
4 – Gas Mask (Helmet[1] + Breathing Apparatus[1] + Night Vision[2])

[b]Weapon Points Remaining:[/b]
[b]Additional Weapon Points Gained:[/b]4
Then I'd like to use the last point to take this technique:

Acupuncture list
Stage Four
Special Techniques:
Limb Paralysis

That can just be thrown into the sheet however. All this mess can be added to his thread log as such:

HTML Code:
[url=http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=46174]Suspectsister[/url] - +4 WP, Limb Paralysis
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