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Default my character (clearly unfinished im getting to it)


Name: genki asumaru
Age: 12
Sex: male
Height:1.54 m

Character Type: shinobi

Country/Village: sunagakere, hidden sand village
Rank: genin

Physical Description: not particularly muscular but is by no means in unhealthy shape. long brown hair, dark brown eyes. despite his hardships, he bears no scars as a result of them.

Clothing: adorns a jet black robe with a plain t shirt beneath, navy blue jeans and a pair of sandals. forehead protector is pinned to the top of left arm of the coat.

[B]Personality: genki is often considered to be a particularly peculiar individual, as is overwhelmingly timid when around those he does not know, yet is overly talkative around people who he considers to be friends. he does have tolerance, but he often reaches breaking point when teased or confronted. while he is intelligent, he often lets his hastiness and lust for a good fight take over when engaged in combat. despite his many quirks, he is still a kindhearted person and understands that he must learn to embrace who he is, rather than to try to change in order to be the best he can possibly be.

[B] Nindo:
Clan/Bloodline: (Indicate if your character is a member of a clan or bloodline. Write none here if you are in no clan. Clans are listed here.)
Primary Archetype: (Archetypes are listed here.)
Secondary Archetype: (Note: A secondary archetype is optional, but recommended).



Strength: 1
Speed: 1
Stamina: 1


Intelligence: 1
Tactics: 1
Willpower: 1


Power: 1
Control: 1
Reserves: 1

Jutsu and Techniques
(You must list your techniques including the list they are in and the stage. Do not put in the technique descriptions. Please link to the original list/thread your jutsu and technique come from. Jutsu and Techniques are listed in this subforum.)

(List here any items/weapons your character possesses and their cost. The item system is explained here.)

Item Points Remaining: 8
Additional Item Points Gained: 0
Biography: (This is the most important part of the character sheet. You should write a reasonably long account of the characters history and how they came to be who they are today. Must be at least 500 words long)

Other Info: (Include here any other information you feel might be relevant to the character which we have not provided a space for, such as personal quirks, or further explanation of some peculiarity the character possesses)

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