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Default VD's Swaps

Primary Shootin' Star!
A basic technique, Ryuusei makes up for his lack of formal hand-to-hand training with a brawling punch. It's aim is to launch the opponent airborne for follow-up attacks, but regardless of how it hits, it hits. Regardless of Ryuusei's stance (if he's sturdy, standing on a wall, falling through the air) he finds his center, focuses on a single opponent, and explodes forward with his right fist, chakra visable in spiraling streams as he slams forward. If possible, this becomes an uppercut to launch the opponent skyward. However, if Ryuusei is airborne or just in a situation where up isn't an option, it's a horribly fierce punch set to launch the opponent away from the attack.

- This technique will be part of a chain, for further techinques down the line. Ryuusei has the option to use his left hand if he's wielding his weapon, or even punch with sword in hand.
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Default Custom Archetype

Silent Killer
Archetypes: Blade Dancer + Virtuoso
Combo Special: The Silent Killer is a master of stealth. Once per target per thread, he can approach a target undetected. This stealth effect is broken upon taking any offensive action, but otherwise continues as long as the Silent Killer remains in cover.
Description: A common skill amongst swordsmen from Kirigakure no Sato, the Silent Killing technique describes a way to take advantage of cover for a silent approach.
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Default [Curse Seal] Path to the Southern Gate

Path to the Southern Gate
Keiro no Nanpoumon
For Kojima Konan
Reserves 12, Power 11, Control 10, Stamina 12


The Chakra Kisei, sometimes known as a Coil Parasite, is widely regarded to be simple folk lore and an obscure tale that was intended to warn reckless young shinobi of the dangers of the Gahou Glades. The story attests that inexperienced ninja can enter the glades and become beset by difficult to sense beasts that slip through the pores of the skin and latch onto the chakra coil system of fresh shinobi, damning them to a lackluster shinobi career and eventually an early death. The Coil Parasite is said to be nigh undetectable to all but the most powerful of medical techniques, and practically impossible to remove.

While most would agree that this story serves only the purpose of warding away novice explorers from Grass Country's more prolific (and dangerous) regions, as with most tales of woe and superstition, it holds it's roots in truth. The Path of the Southern Gate is a seal designed to attract, secure, and lay host to the Coil Parasite—and it's a spectacular failure. The seal itself takes the form of three small bruises on the hip, in the vague shape of a human skull (at least the silhouettes of the eye and nose sockets), at a lazy angle. As it opens up around the user, these bruises take on the shape of a grinning skull and trace along the body in spiraling patterns, much like a snake. In particular, they wrap up around the back and down the right arm in earlier stages, before consuming the body entirely.


In the Gahou Glades of Grass Country, there exists a very small region of space with a unique ecosystem--this ecosystem is made up mostly thanks to very unique mushrooms and pollen, and changes with every blooming year based on spread and sunlight and many other factors, meaning it's been growing, dying, and regrowing elsewhere, unknown to many. Considering there's a twenty year lapse between each generation of this small pocket ecosystem, most people in the fields of study relevant to Gahou Glade's ecosystem tend to dismiss the claims as rumor or science fiction.

But in this small pocket ecosystem that appears once every twenty years, the Coil Parasite thrives. The Coil Parasite doesn't have a physical body, existing purely in chakra form, and they swarm and choke out the unique mushrooms that grow in this ecosystem, reach the end of the mushrooms life, and explode into egg sacs as they die with their home. These egg sacs, existing on such a small scale outside of what is considered the physical realm, lay dormant until the mushroom grows again. This ecosystem is known by those who believe in it as the "Southern Gate", referencing the fact that it seems to be something otherworldly.

The Path to the Southern Gate was intended to be a seal to harvest, collect, and grow the coil parasites, either to use them in medicine or weaponize them. If the seal was created by a Grass shinobi, it was done in secret, by a genius ashamed of their obsession. If the seal was created by the Naga, which is likely by the body-horror style, then it's a secret to everybody. Regardless of who made it, the fact of the matter was that the Gahou Glades are dangerous and the ecosystem only exists two to four times in the average person's lifetime, and even with an extended one, there's rarely enough time to properly study it. So, the seal was made to grow alongside the host--and the younger the host, the better.

The seal was applied to a newborn infant. The seal's primary function exposed the chakra coil system of the infant to the outside world, and then twisted and mutated the internal atmosphere of the body, both on the spiritual chakra side and the physical human side. This atmosphere was considered as close as possible to the ecosystem of the Southern Gate. This seal, then, was the pathway.

The child was left in this patch of ecosystem, and the coil parasites delighted to find such a ripe and nutritious area to do their living, so they swarmed towards it. The seal was effective at replicating the ecosystem, but the seal was out of control, killing the child's body and coil network in exchange for a few precious hours of studying the parasite up close and personal. The creator of the seal dismissed his/her/their work and left the infant to die as the ecosystem started to break down.

The parasites, left in this atmosphere of ideal conditions, gorged themselves on the chakra network before them. Normally, they'd take a bit of chakra from a special mushroom, reproduce asexually, and die, but this was a variable buffet. The parasites lived well beyond their lifespan, choking out the chakra system of the host. Eventually, the infant simply had no more for them to eat, so they turned on each other, crazed and instincts going haywire in the cursed seal environment. When it was all over, only one coil parasite remained, and he nested deep in what would eventually develop into a womb, sapping chakra and nutrients away.

As the years passed, the Coil Parasite grew alongside the host. With each year, her body grew stronger and her chakra coils became more robust, more delicious--the seal had changed her body, made it relevant to his lifestyle. Artificially extended his lifespan. In some ways, he was taking on the traits of the host--gaining intelligence, gaining strength. Expanding in size--thousands of little legs like on a millipede grew out from his tapeworm like body and embedded themselves into the chakra coil network. Somewhere in the central nervous system of the beast, sentience formed.

Eventually, the girl would learn that her curse seal did more than make her a lackluster ninja--she would learn of the monster inside of her. His intelligence would eventually reach out to her own. His was an alien thought-pattern, driven by base instinct and greed for a host's chakra, but her's was calm and collected, well-studied and driven by ambition. Together, they met in the middle. The Coil Parasite and the Shinobi would eventually learn to communicate. And thus, the techniques of this seal.

Physical Description: A serrated series of hooks for a face, too many oval eyes with too many eyes inside of those, and a long, serpent-like body made of serrated armor. The beast has grown alongside the chakra coil system of the host, and at full length, would be several dozen feet long! But he can't survive outside of the atmosphere of the seal for long, normally only peeking out his head or tail to assist his host. He's monstrous and alien in every sense of the term---a Coil Parasite.
Personality: eateateateateateateatSURVIVE

Seal Bonus:

The Parasite living in the user can dip in and out of the material plane by forming a body out of the Host's flesh. When appearing, it has the appearance of a terrifying visage of a tapeworm--compound eyes surrounding a gaping hole of a mouth, filled with teeth and serrated hooks. It's tail is a long, slender affair and has a barbed hook end. In some ways, it can be manipulated like a kusarigama might.

The parasite can extend its limbs out up to four arm lengths away from the Host, using it's mouth to bite and maim or it's tail to slash and puncture. It acts as a part of the body and shares taijutsu stats with the host.

The parasite can also extend small skittering legs, extra eyes, and even small baby parasites. The parasite can produce effects as the Shinobi Kit.

Seal Benefits:
  • Multiple living "Kusarigama" like appendages.
  • Can replicate any item of the shinobi kit on the fly.
  • Immunity to all natural, non weaponized poisons, and a two-post delay on any weaponized ones.
  • The Parasite can communicate to the Host, offering information about the state of the shinobi's body. This includes the infiltration of poisons, damage, and any weird effects going on. The Parasite can even root around for embedded damage, like broken kunai bits, and push them out. The Parasite can also regulate the body, and assist in efficiently burning fat, cooling and warming, and even keep watch while the shinobi sleeps.
  • Use of the Parasite's limbs don't have to be purely combative. They can be used to assist in climbing, peer around corners for vision, for simply picking up items, wrapping around equipment to protect theft, and so on.
  • The user can register swaps, putting them in any Global or Village list they take.

Seal Weaknesses:
  • Any damage done to the Parasite's combative heads reflect back on the Host through their connected circulatory and chakra systems--getting stabbed in the parasite is the same as getting stabbed in the arm, for instance.
  • Genjutsu cast on the shinobi affects the parasite just as well.
  • For purposes of purchasing taijutsu, this list counts as one.
  • The user's body is weak by peer standards, and uses the next stage down for taijutsu scaling--Chuunin scale as Genin, and Genin only scale to 1.

Other Weaknesses:
  • This seal is considered incredibly taboo, and is normally kept in secret. Most of the higher ups--especially medical teams--are at least familiar with the concept in passing.
  • Ninjutsu clones cannot activate or use the parasite, but can have the curse mark painted on them. Genjutsu clones work as normal.
  • The Host must eat for both her own and the parasite's nutrition, so she she appears to casually eat enough for several well-bodied men..and still feels hungry. If a technique or attack involves force-feeding the shinobi, it works as normal, however.
  • While unconscious or otherwise sleeping, it's possible for the parasite to take control of the Host's body in a limited fashion. Chakra molding, taijutsu, and anything remotely combative or acrobatic is completely out--gorging on food and submerging in water, pleasures for the worm, are in. This doesn't apply in combative threads where it might be seen as an advantage.
  • Along these same lines, the Parasite can jack the Host's vocal chords. Not having a speechbox of his own, and the fact that all of his 'higher' communication is done through pseudo-telepathy, means the vocabulary is incredibly basic...and embarrassing for the host.

Originally Posted by Clarifications
The intent is that for the cost of the list, you have this parasite that has the functions listed in benefits--meaning it can replicate shinobi kit items, it has the head and tail that can be used for kusarigama action, and the poison filtering.

Swaps would be for things like using the parasite to launch senbon or cloning it's heads, like the original seal had. Those would be rated on a jutsu-by-jutsu basis in relation to this seal. So effectively, I'm asking for extra weird limb things and a refluff of my shinobi kit and the ability to make swaps based on those weird limb things, in exchange for the weaknesses of the seal.


To clarify, his seal costs a list and a jutsu, as normal. The basic state of the seal (that you get by purchasing it) allows you to manifest the parasite up to four arm lengths away from the user, striking with the head (which can bite) or the tail (which is barbed). This is functionally a living Kusarigama. The other aspect is that my shinobi kit on my character would be internal--that is to say, she can use the parasite to make her smokebombs or projectiles or whatever. These functions exactly like their shinobi kit versions. Lastly, she gets the immunity to poisons. The 'formless' stuff is using the 'living weapon' to interact with the world, since it's capable of grabbing things, coiling around them, and so on---so she could eject it to climb a wall (like you could with a kusarigama) or use the parasite's body to push her around (using her own speed stat) like you might with a heavy kusarigama, that sort of thing. Effectively, the kusarigama-like parasite becomes an extra limb.

Swaps would allow her to do things like forcefully eject projectiles, grapple and capture someone a la Iron Chains, send out little parasite spies, etc--do things that you couldn't do with a kusarigama or shinobi kit. The PRIMARY thing I plan to register is a way to duplicate the number of heads/tails she has access too, which I think is better suited as a higher-level swap so it has a distinctive uses-per-thread, since having twelve eight-some foot limbs, like the original seal, is a bit much.
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No changes are necessary, just understanding the basis. All seals have a design situation that is hard to balance. The creator wants X, but the IC creator wants Y. Usually X and Y will be unrelated, which always makes them sound disjointed. In this case, the Y is a bit of an extreme jump. Like, we've got this rare scientific wonder, and someone was like 'PUT A BABY IN IT!'

If there is even the slightest possibility that the character's current guardians are responsible, I think that would be obvious. You don't just oops create a seal to house a possibly fake chakra monster that has a breeding cycle like a cicada. You know what I'm saying? They are probably a little eccentric. Thing is, this is the seal, not the character's biography, so that isn't to be argued here.

Admin approval.
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Default Key Trait: Homunculus

Naga Experimentation: Homunculus
Key Trait
Assigned To:
Novice Trainer
Must be taken at creation of pet. The homunculus is a type of artificial human created by a profane and secret Naga ritual involving human sacrifice, similar in nature to the forgotten technique Edo Tensei. Using a focus made of the DNA sample of a genetic ancestor, a "potential human" was made, a false ancestor soul-bound to the host. This ritual was only once successful, taking the lives of the two Naga researchers assisting the host.

The homunculus can be sealed in a large scroll with no ill-effects to the beast. A homunculus doesn't comprehend pain, and can continue to fight until otherwise disabled. If killed, rather than attempting to recreate the deadly and impossible situation that created it, a simpler reconstruction can be completed following regular beast master rules. Without traits that determine otherwise, the homunculus has an extremely limited command of language, only able to provide single word communication similar to any other intelligent ninja beast. ("Scary," "Hungry," "Angry," "Die," etc.) The beast master can still understand the homunculus as they would any other beast pet.
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