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Sosu picked up the head of the charred man, it was nearly unrecognizable, however, Sosu would bring his chances that someone could identify him back in Sunagakure. There was a positive and negative side to this whole ordeal and Sosu was all right with not telling the bad and only keeping the good within the report. It was because of Motonubu’s idea that Sosu enjoyed the company of the man a little more. Sosu reported back to his partner.

”Alright, I am going to head back to the Gauntlet, let them know what happened here and we can be on our way. I want to go after Kouken, by my math, there should only be three of those people left and I am sure they are not happy. Even much so will Kouken be out for blood. If you are willing I want you to join in the hunt for these people. I meant, you might not even have a chance and more then likely Sunagkure Council will put us on duty to bring these people in. We are after all the ones that screwed up.” Sosu stated through his comm unit. Not all of his words might have went through considering the damage and distance that had transpired.

Finally, Sosu arrived back in the prison, gave over the head, dictated what had transpired and was finally left to his own to go home. Following his entourage of genin Sosu arrived home safely, it was time for rest and he knew he had a long day ahead of him tomorrow.
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