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Default Sekkinsen Kyuudou (Close Combat Archery)

Sekkinsen Kyuujutsu (Close combat archery style)
“Our way of fighting, our martial arts, is different from other people’s. Notching an arrow, retracting the bowstring, everything is done with a single, very simple goal. We let our “murderous rage” fly, all in order to kill our enemies.”
Ishiyumi Tetsuhito

Style Description: Standard archery has one obvious weakness, it is nigh useless if the enemy is close at hand. You must also reload after every arrow fired and the bow itself is often cumbersome and unsuitable for close combat. Thus, this style was born.

Sekkinsen Kyuujutsu is just as the name implies a style of archery that is made to be suited for melee combat situations. The first step in the evolution was to replace the traditional bow and arrow with something a lot smaller in size. The end result was something that resembles more of an advanced slingshot rather than an actual bow. While it had sacrificed some of its strength for increased mobility and rate of fire, it still packed a considerable amount of force.

But the bow itself was not enough to make the user completely independent in close combat. That is why users of this style train much with different fluid movement patterns, in order to avoid enemy attacks.

Style Basis: Weapon (/Ninjutsu for special techniques)

Stances: Not exactly stances as in the traditional meaning of the word, but more like the way they fight in different situations.

Ranged Stance: The user plants their feet in the ground, lowering their stance and focuses most of their energy to their arms, retracting the bowstring and taking careful aim at their target until finally releasing it.

Melee Stance: The opposite of the Ranged Stance, the user dance back and forth while using his legs to defend him and firing the bow from close range.

Close combat: How skilled the user is in handling the bow in close combat.

Ranged combat: How skilled the user is in using the bow from far away. I.e. what accuracy and how fast one can shoot.

Footwork: How skilled the user is in using their feet accordingly. In other words, how good at using his legs to further avoid any possible damage. As regular archery is done with the feet planted firmly into the ground this is the biggest obvious difference in actual styles of fighting compared to normal archers.

Training Methods: Before being able to use the Hankyuu with skill one must first practice with a normal bow as well as building up the strength in the back and the arms that is required. This is a style that puts a lot of pressure on the back and especially the hands. After having acquired a certain amount of skill with a normal bow the user practices with the Hankyuu, using blunt arrows at first.

Training when it comes to footwork is at first done independently from the bow, but with time the two of them are combined into one.

Requirement: Any Ballistic Weapon (Bow, Slingshot, Crossbow)

Stage One:
Stat Requirements: Strength 6, Stamina 2
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Stamina

Close combat: Not very skilled at all, the user has only learned the actual theory behind using archery in close combat.

Ranged combat: The user can hit a target from a distance of 50 meters or so. Can only fire one arrow per post.

Footwork: At this stage it is more about building up the flexibility and strength in the legs that are required later on in the style. Very basic defensive tactics are taught.

Stage Two:
Stat Requirements: Strength 10, stamina 4, Tactics 6
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Stamina

Close Combat: The user has now acquired enough skill in dodging that they may actually use the archery in melee. While they still can’t fire more than one arrow in the midst of a fight, from point-blank range an arrow is very hard to avoid.

Ranged combat: One of the greater traits of the close combat version of the bow is that it is completely ambidextrous. That means that directly after firing one arrow, the user can switch hands and fire another one within a moment. This means that the user can fire off two arrows within a single post. At this stage the user can accurately hit a target in the range of 90 meters. But if they fire two arrows the accuracy of the second arrow will be worse than the first one.

Footwork: The user’s movement are now shaping up as they can move and fire the bow without the slightest problem.

Regular Techniques:

Fushichou Tsuki (Phoenix Thrust)
The user attempts to grab their enemy by the throat with their “bow-hand” while retracting the bowstring at the same time. If they succeed in their grab, they will fire an arrow that will go straight for the throat, the opponents movements temporarily sealed. This can also be carried it without actually grabbing the opponent, but with a chance of the opponent managing to avoid.

Stage Three:
Stat Requirements: Strength 12, Stamina 8, Tactics 8
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Stamina

Close combat: While the user has not mastered melee-archery, they have by now understood the trick of it and can now use it effectively. They can fire off two arrows per post with the ambidextrous way of doing it.

Ranged combat: The user can now accurately hit a target within 130 meters. They can fire off two arrows without the slightest deduction in accuracy, or shoot a third one which will receive a similar accuracy reduction as in earlier stages.

Footwork: The Sekkinsen Kuujutsu users will mostly find themselves moving backwards in order to avoid attacks. At this stage the user can move as quickly backward as they can run forward, capable of short boosts of speed.

Regular Techniques:

Kage Isshi no jutsu (Shadow Arrow Technique)
The user launches two arrows in quick succession, the second arrow tracing in the exact shadow of the first one.

Stage Four:
Stat Requirements: Strength 21, Stamina 15, Speed 7, Tactics 14
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Stamina

Close Combat: At this stage the user has clearly refined his skills in close combat archery and his movements are getting more precise and exact. They have become accustomed to the high pace of a close combat pace and thus their accuracy has gotten a lot better.

Ranged combat: The user can now accurately hit a target within 170 meters. Three arrows can be fired in one post without any accuracy deduction and they can be aimed at two separate targets.

Footwork: The user’s movement have now slowly starting to become flowing as they learn how to precisely shift their balance as they move. Their body has become flexible and they can also use their excellent footwork in an offensive way, dashing in close avoiding enemy attacks.

Regular Techniques:

Hanshateki Ya (Reflecting Arrow)
Firing off an arrow toward what has to be a hard surface (rock, metal) the arrow will ricochet off the surface and hit the target in a blind spot (mostly in the back or from below)

Takuboku Kuchibashi (Woodpecker Beak)
The user dashes forward within an opening left by an enemy attack, fire off two arrows aimed at the exact same spot, the first hitting the other one from behind making the first one pierce the enemy even deeper.

Stage Five:
Stat Requirements: Strength 26, Stamina 20, Speed 10, Tactics 16
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Stamina

Close Combat: The user can now fire off two arrows at once (Robin Hood style) since the actual decrease in accuracy when firing that way doesn’t mean much on such close range. This of course means that they can potentially fire four arrows in one post with an accuracy decrease of course.

Ranged combat: The user can now accurately hit a target within 170 meters. They can now fire off four arrows in one post aimed at three separate targets with a slight decrease in accuracy.

Footwork: At this stage this style prioritises a greater variation in the actual defensive pattern of the character, switching from quick dashes to swaying backward, while also countering the enemy with numerous arrows.

Regular Techniques:

Shuryou Taka Renge (Hunting Hawk combo)
The user jumps up and fire off four darts while in the air as fast as they can, the arrows accurately aimed at the joints connecting the shoulder-arms and the hip-legs.

Stage Six:
Stat Requirements: Strength 32, Stamina 25, Speed 18, Tactics 20, Willpower 16
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Stamina

Close Combat: At this stage they can now fire off four arrows in one post without any real decrease in accuracy. Their reflexes have grown more accustomed to the high pace and as such their accuracy is greater now than before. They can fire at two different targets as well.

Ranged combat: The user can now accurately hit a target within 210 meters. They can now fire off four arrows in one post aimed at four separate targets without the slightest decrease in accuracy.

Footwork: At this stage the user’s offence and defence are formidable and they can easily switch from them in a heartbeat. Their movements are fluid and kept at a minimum, no useless movement at all. They have acquired a flexible body that can dodge an attack only to land a decisive counter in return.

Regular Techniques:

Hiyou no Suzume (Swallow’s Flight)
The user aims a low sweeping kick in order to trip the opponent, after which they will jump away while quickly launching four arrows at the opponent. A technique used to take distance from a dangerous close quarter fight.
Requires opponents permission

Stage Seven:
Stat Requirements: Strength 40, Stamina 34, Speed 25, Tactics 24, Willpower 24
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Stamina

Close Combat: The user’s accuracy and reflexes are now completely flawless. He can fire off six shots in one post, also able to split the fire between three targets.

Ranged combat: The user can now accurately hit a target within 250 meters. He can now fire off five darts at five separate targets in a single post.

Footwork: The user’s footwork and dodging abilities is a true marvel to behold. Every movement is so precise and effective that they can keep avoiding their opponent with a minimum amount of movements.

Regular Techniques:

Hanshateki Ame (Reflecting Rain)
Pretty much the same as “Hanshateki no Ya” except that the user can now fire off all six of his arrows to ricochet from a solid surface in order to hit a maximum of three targets
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