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While the Captain and Ninsen-san took off like bullets as soon as the dealer had announced the break, Nagisa instead remained seated, nervously chain smoking cigarette after cigarette. Her mind began to race through the endless possibilities of just why another shinobi had joined her at the table, and had sat next to her no less. Was he a hunter, out for her head? Did he have a mission of his own? Perhaps that was why he had been so eager to depart with Ninsen-san. Life on the lam had made her inherently suspicious, but as she took a long drag from her third cigarette during the break, reason slowly began to push the panic aside.

Calm down, Nagisa…maybe he’s just here to make an extra buck. I mean, hell, you’re still here.

“Hmph, again?” Her thoughts were interrupted by Kagawa’s annoyed grunt. He motioned towards Ninsen’s seat while staring at the dealer who could do nothing but let out an exasperated sigh. “Listen, if…when she doesn’t come back, let’s cut the bullshit and just throw her money in okay? I don’t wanna waste time waiting around when we know she’s done for the evening.”

“W-what do you mean throw her money in?” Nagisa’s ears certainly perked up at that one.

“Rules of the tournament, kid. If you leave and don’t come back, your money gets thrown into the pot in the next hand.” He crunched another piece of ice as he gestured towards the woman’s empty seat. “And Ninsen-san over here has a wonderful habit of running off in the middle of the game to take care of…other desires, if you catch my drift. Looks like she’s done pretty well for herself though, that’ll be a hell of a pot.”

Nagisa’s eyes drifted towards the stack of chips that rested in front of Ninsen’s empty seat. Kagawa chuckled as he noticed her hungry gaze, crunching another ice cube as he muttered something about first-timers and greed. The man was right; Ninsen had done quite well for herself this tournament. Sure, Nagisa already had a guaranteed paycheck, but her employer did say she could keep her tournament winnings…

Come on Nagisa, you don’t want to get involved…

But that’s a lot of money…

You’re already getting paid for this…

Buuuuuuuuuut that’s a LOT of money!

Her internal conflict persisted for several more minutes until the Captain plopped down in his seat next to her. Worse yet, it appeared that Ninsen-san was not returning. While the other men at the table seemed to chalk it up to her having her fill, Nagisa couldn’t help but wonder if there were a more…sinister reason for her disappearance.

She cursed silently; her avarice had cost her an easy opportunity to escape. It appeared she was committed now. She resolved herself to remaining vigilant, maintaining a line of sight and keeping tabs on whatever the Captain was doing. She was at a disadvantage with her guitar, the catalyst for her more powerful techniques, resting quarantined behind the front desk. Hopefully, she would have enough firepower to shoot her way out if shit really hit the fan.

She nearly jumped out of her seat when the man stood, announcing his intention to grab another beverage. Their eyes met, and she gave a sheepish grin before putting out her last cigarette. He strolled off to grab himself and Kagawa a drink as Nagisa let out a sigh of relief before putting out her final smoke.

Calm down…we can get through this…and then, we celebrate!

At least, Nagisa hoped it would be that easy.


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“That’s a big chunk of ice you got there Captain,” Kagawa said as Sato returned.

“Nope, that’s a big chunk of ice /you/ got there friend,” Sato said putting extra emphasis on the ‘you’ as he handed the glass to the man. “I asked them for the biggest piece they had. Figured it’d last you a little while, just long enough for us to get through these next couple of rounds. Might want to let it melt a little bit first though.” The piece was pretty big, rectangular to boot. Kagawa wasn’t going to be fitting it inside his mouth anytime soon. Sato wanted to smirk at how easy the plan came together

The plan to shut the man up. The constant ice chewing was annoying as all get out, and if Sato heard anymore he was going to kill someone!

The next hand started, and Emi still seemed to be ignoring him. She had been oddly silent since she called for the break, uncharacteristically so. Sato took a breath and closed his eyes. So, she had figured him out at last, huh? He had no one to blame but himself really, he had gotten a bit sloppy with his tricks on that last hand. Honda’s reaction and forcefulness had been unexpected, he had been caught on the backburner. That was never good for a shinobi to be, especially a snow-nin. So maybe his illusion had been a bit sloppy, but it was no less sloppy than the one she had cast earlier!

Well then, if Emi wanted to start something. Sato opened his eyes and gave Emi a smile. He’d just have to make her regret it now wouldn’t he?

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