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Default Seikon's Item Thread

Weapon Item/Name: The Six Eyes of Divine Wind
Weapon/Item Cost: 13
Weapon/Item Owner: Hashimoto Daisuke (in progress)
Weapon/Item Description:

The Six Eyes of Divine Wind is a katana-length gunbai war fan made from strong, supple wood, silk and reinforced with metal through the middle and around the edges. It is a moderately heavy weapon, though certainly not as heavy as most large tessen.

The edges of this gunbai are blunt, sturdy and heavily reinforced with metal. When swung, it produces a distinct, weighty sackful-of-coin-like noise. Its design is relatively defensive in nature; due to the solid construction of this particular gunbai, using it as a parrying weapon is expected.

The front face bears a desert sun pattern showcasing a large Sunagakure insignia (this side is typically displayed while worn on Daisuke's back). The rear face is adorned with 6 sunken, blank eye sockets which become full, living eyes while the item is in use.

Each time a wind ninjutsu is used in conjunction with the gunbai, a hungry, green eye composed of wind chakra stirs in its freshly-whitened socket. This process continues until each previously "dead" eye socket is "alive," for a total of six. Once all six eyes are illuminated, the gunbai possesses the ability to release all of its stored energy, at once, in a single direction (including upwards) via a chakra trigger. This downburst of wind is not harmful in any way, nor can it be used to directly counter/defend against any ninjutsu, it is simply an evasive and tactful offensive tool which rockets its user a maximum of twenty feet at a very high speed.

Additionally, this gunbai is weighted in such a way that it can be thrown as a boomerang type weapon, spinning end over end as it hits its target and continuing in a full, circular flight pattern. Unlike a standard boomerang, if the Six Eyes of Divine Wind is blocked or redirected it will still always return to its owner after one post. (Via Chakra Signal)

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