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Default Chou Jin Genkotsu (The Decaying Fist)

Chou Jin Genkotsu (Decaying Fist)

I live to drink the blood of the innocents from goblets made of human skulls. I love to hear the tattered lamentations of those I've crushed, to see a shattered bleeding hulk of a once powerful man crawl limply to me on all fours to lick my hobnailed boot and beg for a quick and merciful displacement. I thrill with the power granted by me via foul incantations so unholy that their mere utterance blackens the lungs. Tears of joy greet my bloodstained cheeks when I inhale the pungent aroma of flayed flesh smouldering upon the wooden shards of blasted farmhouses, while my ears are filled with the piteous cries of terrified peasants scattering before my arcing blade. In all honestly, my goal within any situation is to become a solid mass of scar tissue and to stand atop a pile of indiscriminate human remains taunting the Gods themselves with my hideous unearthly strength.
– Unknown

Probably the most brutal and savage system of fighting in existence, Chou Jin Genkotsu is a fighting style that is founded on the concept of raw force. The name is taken not only from the effect this style has on opponents, but also the destruction it eventually inflicts on the practitioner's body.

While Chou Jin fighters are most famous for their toughness and power, what's not widely known is that such abilities come from the fighter's willingness to ignore pain and abuse their body. This is why the average fighting career for a Chou Jin specialist is no more than 10 years, as the human body cannot continuisly absorb damage at the frenzied rate Chou Jin Genkotsu inflicts it.

One of the hallmarks of Chou Jin fighters is their ability to outlast their opponents and absorb massive amounts of physical damage. It has been said that a Chou Jin fighter can shake off a blow from the gods themselves and then fight for ten days and ten nights, without water or rest. While this might be an exagerration, there have been numerous battlefield reports of Chou Jin fighters absorbing powerful attacks that would kill fully grown cattle and laughing them off, or fighters who could battle longer and harder than entire teams of men.

These abilities, while seemingly mystical, are about 70% mental in nature (the other 30% come from pure physical training). Fighters simply refuse to acknowledge pain or fatigue during a fight and instead push their bodies harder, absorbing more blows from the opponent and smiling all the while. Most of the Chou Jin fighters who have died in battle have fallen not from their injuries, but from massive blood loss.

Chou Jin Genkotsu is style founded on raw power. The ability to mentally block out pain and unleash dangerously high Stages of power with every blow is the first thing taught to students. Of course, forcing such power from strikes comes at a costly price: without protection, lower Stage fighters can quickly destroy their own limbs. Because of this, many Chou Jin fighters wear guards of some type on their feet and hands. (The most common guard is a "ward cestus", a leather glove with steel plates sewn into the forearm and back of the hand and fingers. This protects the fighter's hands and forearms from harm and also delivers greater force to each blow.) Even though wearing guards can help protect against the strain of impact, it is still common for Chou Jin fighters to dislocate limbs or even break bones after prolonged fights.

Speed: Speed has never been a priority for Chou Jin fighters. Their entire training philosophy goes against prancing around an opponent and zipping across the battlefield. Godlike patience, endurance and the singular ability to end the fight with one blow have always served them better. Why change now?

Chou Jin fighters never bother learning how to avoid attacks. Instead, they train to accept and absorb blows, by constantly shifting their body to protect vital areas. (I.e., taking a stab to the face in the chest or shoulder).

Physical training for Chou Jin Genkotsu has always been a bit intimidating and painful for others to watch. As lower Stage students, fighters will condition their forearms and legs by pairing up and striking each other for great lengths of time, thereby destroying the nerve endings in their skin and training them to mentally block out pain. As they progress, they start to train by striking sheets of metal or stone walls, further toughening their skin and pain acceptance. At the higher Stages, fighters train by striking bladed and spiked weapons affixed in the ground, leaving them with many, many scars and an even higher threshold for pain.

-Chou Jin fighters have found it beneficial to fight in concert with a medical-nin who can reset limbs and help accelerate their healing after battles.
- The Chou Jin philosophy of fighting is to inflict structural damage, rather than force pain compliance. Too many Chou Jin Fighters are too familiar with pain to ever submit to it, whereas snapping one's arm disables the fighter.
Fighting mantra: "Take two blows to land one."

OOC Note: Pain Tolerance is a viable part of the Decaying Fist style. However, this does not mean your character is a demi-god who can ignore all damage. Damage inflicted can be ignored, but it is NOT cancelled out. Remember that, as you RP.

Classification: Taijutsu


Stage 1

Requirement: Stamina 5, Strength 3
Stage Bonus: +4 Strength, +5 Stamina

Pain threshold: Barely nominal, the student is at the most basic Stage and cannot take much pain whatsoever.

Fighting Tactics: What tactics? You know how to brawl and that’s about it. None of that fancy martial arts crap has even dawned on you yet. You’re just a bit stronger and a bit tougher than the people around you and you know it.


Simple tactics say you should always go for your enemy’s weak points. A man’s crotch is just such a weak point, and a swift rising knee will do far more than a similar strike to his chest. Although by the time you can smash rocks with the decaying fist, such a simple manoeuvre will do slightly more than incapacitate someone.

Special Techniques: N/A


Stage 2

Requirement: Stamina 8, Strength 6, Willpower 6
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

Pain threshold: Though a bit more tolerant of pain than a Stage 1 student or other characters, the user is still mentally undisciplined.

Fighting Tactics: You’ve got some experience under your belt. You know when head butt instead of punch and you’ve got the whole go for his eyes thing pat down along with your foot stamps, and dirty knee strikes.


A simple practice, but one that scales so well as the decaying fist grows in power. You quite simply step on their foot. At this stage it merely distracts your opponent from the fight allowing you a few more vital hits. Although at higher levels you might as well give your opponent a doggy bag to put his pieces in.

Special Techniques: N/A


Stage 3

Requirement: Stamina 12, Strength 8, Willpower 8
Stage Bonus: +4 Strength, +5 Stamina

Pain threshold: Students at this Stage are still getting used to pain, so they can still be mentally overwhelmed. Only a few attacks can be absorbed at a time, before the student becomes distracted from the fight.

Fighting Tactics: The decaying fist is finally beginning to show itself here, and you’ve learned how to throw a good punch without fear of retaliation. You’re starting to shy away from the little strikes in favour of the big heavy hitters that’ll just end the fight.


Step In
By moving into a blow before it’s ready to strike you, you can rob it of its full power and dampen its effects. For example, if someone is extending their arm to strike you and their fist hits you before their arm is fully extended the blow won’t be as hard. A useful technique to minimize the damage you take.

Special Techniques

Brute strength comes at a price. Speed is almost completely sacrificed in the decaying fist and while sheer patience and cunning tactics can completely mitigate this sometimes a particularly tricky prey shows up. Masochism explosively expands the muscles in the body at the exact impact point, and attempts to counter a blow with brute force. Basically, if they punch you, you may strike at their attack with half your strength score. This may be enough to completely stop the attack all together – or even break their fist if the difference is large enough. Still though, some prey is simply too fast to counter in this manner even if this technique does even the odds slightly. (Note: This does not mean the user does not take any damage)


Stage 4:

Requirement: Stamina 21, Strength 18, Willpower 14, Speed 3
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength,+4 Stamina

Pain threshold: Students are beginnings to show progress. Now capable of absorbing a succession of quick blows without flinching, fighters at this Stage can begin learning how to strike within the opponent's attack.

Fighting Tactics: Punches don’t really phase you anymore so by all means take a minuet to just laugh at the people who are trying to hurt you before showing them how to really punch and if all goes to plan you’ll knock them six ways from Sunday. Then you’ll be able to bask in the glory while enjoying a cool drink.


An eye for an eye
Despicable, disgusting and used for intimidation more than anything else, an eye for an eye requires little physical ability by itself. However, the decaying fist needs enough power to be able to hold someone still. If they can do that though this technique is simply performed by reaching towards an opponent and plucking out their eye. Painful, crippling and terrifying for all involved it is nevertheless more useful as a scare tactic than an actual battlefield pratice.

Special Techniques

A special technique born of inhuman dedication and forged from countless days of grueling work. It is an unforgiving technique where you simply pound away unconsciously: fists break, tendons tear, strength dies and yet you still thrust.
At this end of this repetition your brain - not even your spinal chord - are needed. When the fist attacks, it attacks through the will of the fist alone. Primarily, this is used against those who think they can simply attack the mind of the decaying fist to ensure themselves an easy kill. Simply, whenever your mind is incapacitated (hypnosis, fear, etc) your body will still react and strike at those who would dare try and kill you at close range.

However, Mukuuken will not work if your mind has been duped. Should you believe a bunshin is real and not your opponent to your left your body will not strike the real threat. Only when your mind cannot or will not act does mukuuken take effect. (Note: Although this technique is an sub-conscious, reflexive attack, it still counts as an attack)


Stage 5

Requirement: Stamina 25, Strength 25, Willpower 16, Speed 6
Stage Bonus: +4 Strength, +5 Stamina

Pain threshold: Almost frightening. Now that students have learned how to sublimate their natural response to pain, they can walk through powerful blows from opponents and continue to fight, seemingly unaffected.

Fighting Tactics: With your pain tolerance you have no qualms about just waiting for an opponent to hit you so you can get yourself an opening. Singular, powerful hits are also the name of the game here, but you’ve got to be careful with how you plant your finishing blows because you know you can’t fight at full power for very long.


A bloody hand
At this level of physical prowess the Decaying Fist is strong enough to shatter trees with its bare hands. Unfortunately for everyone else, human bone isn’t quite as tough. To be very blunt, the user simply clamps his hand around someone’s face and begins to squeeze. Should nothing be done to stop this, the end results is more than likely to get rather messy.

Special Techniques

A Crown of Thorns
To the decaying fist a punch or a kick is as nothing. Most hits simply do not damage, do not bruise, and do not even hurt. Pointy weapons of all kinds on the other hand are an annoyance. They have a nasty tendency to penetrate flesh, sever muscles, and damage the body as a whole. Enter A Crown of Thorns. Expanding on using their own superhuman strength, a practitioner of the Decaying Fist channels their chakra and hyper-contracts their muscles as the weapon enters their flesh. This almost fuses their skin and their muscles over the invading metal object rendering it completely stuck, and utterly useless. Battle can quickly see practitioners become pincushions of twisted metal – possibly forming a kind of metal armour from dried blood and shrapnel. (Note: This still severely damages the user)


Stage 6

Requirement: Stamina 35, Strength 30, Willpower 21, Speed 10, Tactic 15
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

Pain threshold: Inhuman. All but the most powerful of punches and kicks are shrugged off. The fighter can now take on multiple opponents and walk through their physical strikes, while concentrating fully on their own attacks. They can absorb blows from bladed and spiked weapons without flinching, and often do so, just to laugh at their opponent.

Fighting Tactics: Your tactics haven’t changed much since the last level, but your no longer worried about pointy weapons. I mean, its not like they did anything anyway, but you’ve finally shed your ability to feel them.


An apt name for a fearsome technique, puncture as it implies is simply the acquisition of enough raw, brute strength to allow your limbs to tear through people rather than simply turning their bones into chalk dust. With this you can effectively amputate people, decapitate them, or merely blow holes in their chests with your feet! Using this technique does not, however, automatically give the ability to hurt an opponent so dramatically. However, the potential is there.

Special Techniques: N/A


Stage 7

Requirement: Stamina 40, Strength 40, Willpower 25, Speed 19, Tactic 19
Stage Bonus: +4 Strength, +5 Stamina

Pain threshold: Almost godlike. Even strikes that would normally kill lesser men fail to faze these fighters. Fighters at this Stage have been impaled by spears, have had limbs chopped off and kept fighting, only dropping once the last of their blood has left their body.

Fighting Tactics: What more is there to say? You walk up to someone and rip their arms off. Or perhaps you’ll just decide to kick them in the face and smear their brains across the countryside this time. Whatever you do, your only plan of action is “hit the bastard once” and anything else is just there to help you do that. No questions asked and no quarter given.

Techniques: N/A

Special Techniques:

There is nothing mystical or fancy about this technique. The decaying fist simply stomps their foot into the ground and – with sheer strength alone – they create a localised earthquake capable of demolishing nearby structures, deforming the landscape, and throwing people off their feet in a 15ft radius. It works even better if you jump and land with both feet on the ground.

Blood of the Devil
This technique is a horrifying and unholy ability. It allows a master of the decaying fist to continue to fight beyond what the human body could possibly take, to continue to kill and murder with their mortal shells a mere shattered husk. Chakra is used to forcibly sustain, animate and hold together what might have once passed for a human being. With this technique, a master could reattach his severed arms and keep using them, continue to fight with no heart or lungs, or even to crawl after an opponent as a mere severed head – scraping along the ground with their teeth – ever hungry for blood and victory. Truly though, this is a technique of last resort for it turns any man mad enough to use it into a gibbering demon devoid of reason and driven only by the desire to kill. This will last for three posts, and at the end of the third their bodies will simply give out and crumble – nay explode – from the pressures forced upon them.

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