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Default Kyramaru Koruba [Leaf Chuunin]

Koruba, Kyramaru

Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 5’11

Character Type: Shinobi

Country: Hi no Kuni
Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: Omoi

Physical Description:

With a 5’11 height, Kyramaru is nowhere close to short. Fitting in his averagely slim body is 110 pounds of weight. Though he is skinny, he is well rounded with muscle from training as an assassin. He almost never had a smile on his face, his only seen smile is a mischievous smile, though he was learn to actually smile with emotion. His jet black hair is split up in two at the front. The right side of his is like an L, it comes down to his chin and slightly turn into a curved 90 degree angle then stops at 0.1 centimeters out. His left side goes straight down to his nose, not touching, but parallel. The back of his head is swooped back and spiky. His nose is not too long, but can be considered long. Like him, his nose is skinny. Kyramaru’s walk pattern can be overly confident, or on a good day, arrogant. With his head leaned back enough so that everyone can see his almost-tan face. His forearms sway back and forth with every step. His feet usually lands on his heels but flattens out to normally. All of this turns to secretive ninja-like sneaking during missions, may that be assassinations or normal missions.


Kyramaru wears skin tight, jet black, sweatpants with a maroon jacket, that he never wears, tied around his waist. On his thigh is his weapon pouch that can be opened from the back. Next, above the maroon jacket is a tank-top, jet black jacket with a maroon red zipper going more to his right than left. Under the jet black jacket is a plain white t-shirt. His sandals are not like others. Instead of the normal mid-tops he wears sandals that go up to the middle of his shins. His headband is on his forehead therefore being classified as a forehead protecter. He sports the famous Hidden Leaf symbol. The sandals are, unexpectedly, nightime black. Of course, the tank top jacket is replace a proper Chuunin flak jacket during things like missions, though he doesnt like the look of them, he is prompted to wear them either way, but says nothing about it. He takes of his red jacket during assignments for stealth reasons, he would be noticeable with the out-of-place maroon jacket on his waist.


Kyramaru is a calm, cool dude. He never has any good feelings for anyone at first, only bad. Kyramaru likes to have people make the first move to be friends. Good first impressions are important for him to be friends with someone. Though he has little friends, he is willing to make some. His actions are proud, but he himself is quiet. He likes to show off around people to make the impression that he is superior to other people. He is skilled in everything but genjutsu, it’s his worst and least favorite subject. He is willing to learn and willing to adapt with changes. He is intellectually skilled at fighting. Kyramaru forces his opponents into a dead end then attacks them. He is athletic, being able to do acrobatics and have physical power, is an advantage for him as he can dodge attacks with his acrobatics. He is always determined to perservere to learn new jutsus in a week, if not, he will punish himself every week if he does not succeed. Kyramaru never stops, not knowing the meaning of “going too far”. He’s a risk taker and is willing to die just to do something helpful for his village, all while maintaining his quietness. Here and there he makes speeches about how he will become the best shinobi to ever live and that he will never stop, but he sometimes goes on and exaggerate his tales, even though they were crazy enough.

Nindo / Ninja Way
”If you die, die with purpose”

Clan / Bloodline: N / A

Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist – Projectile Specialist
Combo Special: Once per thread, the user can shoot with perfect accuracy from any distance (the target must be in sight). The projectile will hit with two times the user's base Strength (no Strength bonuses are included in the calculation



Strength: 1-1[Projectile]+1[Taijutsu]+9=10
Speed: 1+1[Taijutsu]+9=10+9[Gouken Fu]+5[Suiken]=25
Stamina: 1-1[Projectile]+1[Taijutsu]+9=10


Intelligence 1+8=9
Tactics 1-1[Projectile]+8=8
Willpower 1+1[Projectile]+8=10


Power 1-1[Taijutsu]+10=10
Control 1+1[Projectile]+10=12
Reserves 1+1[Projectile]-2[Taijutsu]+10=10

Jutsu / Technique [4 / 5 Lists Used] [10 / 12 Points Used]
Requirements: Speed 4, Strength 4
Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina
Requirements: Speed 7, Strength 7, Tactic 6
Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina
Requirements: Speed 10, Strength 10, Tactic 8
Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

Global Ninjutsu
Stage 1
Henge No Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
Stage 2
Nin Shiki Kaado (Secret Information Cards)
Type: Ninjutsu
Requirements: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
Stage 3
Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Roof Tile Shuriken Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8

Suiken (Drunken Fist)
Stage 1
Stat Requirements: Speed=5, Strength=3
Stage Bonus: +5 Speed, +3 Strength, +1 Stamina

Boomerang Ninjutsu
Stage 1
Requirements: Power 2, Willpower 2
Stage 2
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Stage 3
Elemental Strike
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

Dagger (x 3)
Breathing Apparatus

Remaining Weapon Points


Kyramaru never felt the love of siblings, only parents. His mother had died giving birth through a botched C-Section. That left only him and his dad. His dad was a major component in the ANBU, having Wind Style, but Kyramaru did not and could not inherit it. Being that he’s an only kid, he gets the most attention in the family, that was a good thing and bad, Kyramaru hated his dad watching his every move, trying at every moment he can to give me a lecture, he was strict, but that strictness led to him being well disciplined, around his dad, but not in school.

The academy was his safe-haven from his dad, doing whatever he wants without a lecture...from his father that is. The Hokage and the academy teacher always gave him lectures, they were short, but expanded to hours in his mind.

The academy was enjoyable, until one day he took it too far. The Hokage would soon have alerted his dad. Boy did he get in trouble, he was on watch by the Hokage most of the time, and the time he wasn’t, was when he was with the academy teacher. It was miserable, he used to enjoy his time there but then he had to do it, he had to take it too far. He had to spray paint the main building.

Kyramaru had to do it, somehow legally never go to the academy, he had to be a Chuunin. That was it. He had to be a Chuunin. Kyramaru always trained after-school for hours on end. Not this time, he trained for the whole day not until sunset, but until midnight, sleeping in his school clothes for the nest day. This method proved effective. He’s at the peak of his life, being close to mastering his Earth Style. It was all perfect, he totally had his road paved. First, he has to be a Genin. That year, he barely passed the test, still good enough, one more step and then he’s done. His mindset changed when training one day. He no longer cares about leaving the academy, or just being focused on redeeming himself to get the Hokage to stop watching him. No, he cares about his future, to get a good career, to exceed in that career. For his future. He pushed himself to his literal breaking point, he used up all his chakra on his Roof Tile Shuriken, throwing stones around him at lightning speed, penetrating through trees. One disadvantage, after he uses it, he’s done. It will use up all his chakra. Only if he has too he will do it.

As a team, his two partners and him got along pretty well, even though they don’t agree on most things. He had a sensei who taught him Konoha’s ancient “Will of Fire” and that he should work with others more often than just going by himself.

First stage, he had heard tales of trying your best, but that doesn’t matter. You just had to stay all the way through. That was exactly what he did. Easy, but then stage two, he already hated the prompter’s attitude, she got annoyed easily, and will go to far lengths to get her way.

The forest was a disaster, his team barely made it through alive and Kyramaru had used all of his chakra for both the scrolls. Their time was only a couple minutes from being disqualified. He had one month before the final stage. He trained harder than ever pushing himself to great limits, just to use a single jutsu. He heard there were rocks in the arena, that could be thrown at his opponent so fast they can barely dodge it.

There were only 3 teams left. At least he went first, he had to get this over with, he had a weak opponent, who was only here because of his friends, nonetheless he had Fire Style, he was weak in reflexes, as a result he was absolutely pummeled by the Roof Tile Shuriken Technique. He had done it. Kyramaru had been promoted to a Chuunin.

Later that month he was assigned a new role, an assassin for the leaf village. Kyramaru almost screams in excitement but held himself back and just grinned. He gets to legally, let out his anger on people on command from the Hokage. Here he is today.

Writing Example

Straight into a War

War is raging in all countries including the Country of Fire. Kyramaru was training as usual. “Roof Tile Shuriken!” Kyramaru was trying to make a perfect trajectory for his Roof Tile Shuriken so that it inflicts the most damage. He usually had to move around since the rocks keep getting flung far away. His mind tracked to the war. Many deaths from every village, allied villages fought along with each other other, he thought, ”What if, just what if, the Hokage would allow me to fight alongside the leaf village,” He felt a grumble in his stomach, he was hungry, he walked down over to Ichiraku for a bowl of ramen to powe up. “Now, how do I get into the war? Maybe asking for permission from the Hokage”He ate up and paid for his ramen bowl, he had to find the Hokage.

Exactly, he ran his way to the Hokage’s build looking at the humongous towering building. He looked at the spot he spray painted, it was painted over. He came up the stair to the Hokage’s room, knock knock. “The Hokage must let me in the war, I’m an assassin after all, I work for the Leaf Village,” he thought. “Come in,” said a voice from inside the room. Kyramaru opened the door and walked up to the Hokage, “Hokage, may I have your permission to go into the war, after all I am an assassin working for the Leaf Village.” The Hokage nodded, “Very well, you have convinced me that you’re capable, you have permission.” “Really?” Kyramaru was shocked and happy. “I’ll train even harder from today, if that’s possible. I’ll get going now,” He ran with a grin, finally, his dream, to participate in a war. “Finally, I’m helping my village in a war!” This may have been the best time in his life.

Other information: N / A [For surprises]

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I like the personality and physical descriptions, but the biography is missing a bit.

The biography here is kind of all over the place, but it doesn't do really any of the important things a biography should -- I don't have a good understanding of the character, I don't know anything about his family besides his mother being dead and his father being ANBU, and a lot of references to various elemental styles but nothing else.

There's been little or no effort to incorporate any of the major events of the village.

You should strive to introduce your character, his family and friends, and his motivations through your character biography. It's okay for the biography to be sparse and concise! I just don't feel like there's enough content there as is. There's also been a few major events in Konoha's recent history that would dramatically have effected his status quo--being a chuunin means being a rank and file soldier for the Hokage. The military and political movements of the village are his day job.

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