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Default Engi no Valentines 2018

Happy Valentines Engi!

I love you all

Its that time of year again where we at Engi do something a little silly to celebrate the true meaning of Valentines day; what is the true meaning you ask? Love? Romance? Don't be silly! Everyone knows that Valentines is all about cheesy pick up lines and cards with puns so bad a Hyuuga would roll their eyes all the way back into their blind spot!

So this year, lets celebrate that fact by showing off our best pick up lines and card ideas, the twist; They have to be done as if IC by one of your characters.

So whether they're just trying to pick up an npc at a bar, or confessing to a long time squadmate, or even another player character, post their best Valentines move, line, or card in this thread and lets celebrate the true meaning of Valentines together.

As a fun bonus, the ones that make us laugh, d'aww, or just feel warm inside the most, can earn some Valentines GMAP for the character in question.
"GMAP, its just as tasty as chocolate, but actually good for you!"

--- Results ---

Buko won 3 GMAP for The Fist, for the "Love is like a Fist" series, that genuinely made us laugh out loud as it progressed and then aww at the end. n_x

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Fist and Flowers or The Seductive Stylings of Sanada Sanashiro

Originally Posted by Rejection
Roses are red
Fire makes smoke
I asked Hyuuga Kiyoko to marry me once
And she said nope
Originally Posted by Think About It
Love is like a fist...
If you think about it...
One is good, two is better
Originally Posted by Nindo (Revised)
My first love had a pest problem
She often called me to help
But bugs would crawl all over me
And all I would do is yelp
But I liked my girlfriend
Though I hated her bugs
I got used to them though
Because behind every hug was another hug
Originally Posted by My Best Friend
My gay best friend is really cool
With a short raven haired mane
Constantly breaking out of cages
He really can't be tamed
The Bishie to my Bara
The Shukaku to my Gaara
I gotta lotta love for my
Wise cracking slut of a Gay Nara

Originally Posted by Really Think About It
Love is like a fist...
If you really think about it...
It'll hit you when you least expect it
Originally Posted by Celestial Dragon Interlude
Check 1-2, 1-2
The phantom stepping, blood letting
Sennin of Sand
Who put me on
Told your boy to get strong
Cleared my thoughts like my writer does a bong
And then we moved along
Punches and kicks, chakra and flips
Don't need you screaming dope to admit you the shit
So now we lit
Awards and titles, adoration and glory
Would you believe me if I told you...?
We're just a nerdy hip-hop martial arts story

Originally Posted by Really really Think About It
Love is like a fist...
If you really really think about it...
It'll punch you right in the balls
Originally Posted by 17 forever
10 years ago created by a cat fishing teen
With Rasengans and awkward sex scenes in between
I came to be and I began to exist
And I thought to myself "there's gotta be something better than this!"
Than jutsu after jutsu and list after list
Once I got the AP limit break I thought Slav would be pissed
For the stupid living meme, a digital cartoon
To be commemorated like clock work 3 months before June
But what can I say, this the life I was given
Because a stoned Miamian is the guy who has written
My every move and thought, emotion and action
You coulda got a college degree, hope you enjoy the satisfaction
Heh, but behind every fist is another fist or so we say together
Time goes on,
But on Engi no Jutsu I'll be 17 forever
And so will you
Whenever we're together <3
Originally Posted by Really really really Think About It
Love is like a fist...
If you really really really think about it...
It's who I am
And it's what I give to you

Don of the Sanada Family
Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

Yeah, I stunt, but I’m a li’l more realer
When it come from the heart, don’t it feel mo’ iller?
Watch my flow go bananas, I’m a li’l gorilla
So pardon me, man, y’all gon’ have to pardon me

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No fair, I was on vacation!
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