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Oh, goodness, I almost forgot to post in here what with everything else

Wow, my first engiversary having been a mod for the majority of the year. Its certainly a different experience now, but no less enjoyable n_x I get to interact with more people than I used to, cos my duties bring more people to me, and being able to help out with things to come that will make everything even better and more amazing is such a rewarding experience.

And I've even actually finished some threads this year, holy crap. My curse of always getting through 3/4's of a thread and having it die every time is broken.

So definitely another very enjoyable year here, and I look forward to the next one!

And I claim stuff. Yay.
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Claiming that 7 Free AP and Heirloom perk thing.

What can I say? I come and go; I'd love to stay but real life always manages to pull me away but still I come back periodically to check in on Engi. Not so much the site itself but the people. Engi was my home for almost a decade straight. I got hooked and was patient during the Lockdown; even though it meant I couldn't RP, I think it was the best thing to happen to Engi. The only thing us eager members could do was talk to one another in AIM. I got to know people I normally wouldn't have talked to otherwise.

To me, Engi isn't a site but a family. Those relatives you were super close to as kids but then you grew up and adulting kicked in so now you just see them once in a blue moon for a reunion or something. I've talked to people on the phone; I've met a few IRL and it is always so natural. The community has been there for me through good times and bad: finding out I had seizures, pregnancies, weddings, miscarriages, deaths of family members and pets, drunken fun nights in Skype with that drawing website... lol, pretty much anything you can think of.
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Engi is dead, dead!!!

Just kidding. I vanish way more than any person should but I always come back. This is one of the first online communities that I found and it's probably one of the best. I love every single one of you.

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I haven't been on Engi long, but the small amount of time I spent here a couple years ago really helped me strive for improvement in terms of my writing. I'm hoping to do the same now (as soon as I stop being such a heccin' perfectionist for this first character!)
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Based Kiba
Based Kiba
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I will forever love Engi. Still do, did as soon as I got on here. I know I've been a spotty little $%#! from the moment I got here, especially because life was always a little wonky growing up and once I became an adult, consistency became a complete rarity, but Engi was and is always that sort of consistent thing. I remember how important this place is to so many people, and I remember the first day I ever popped into a voice chat with all my lovely friends that I had been RPing with and seeing as little avatars on a forum board, and the moment I heard everyone's voices I was all "Holy shit, these are all real people, and I didn't think I could call them my friends until now, but gosh-darnit, that's what they are." And I felt like such an idiot for having not gotten into chat sooner.

I'm still horrible at being in chat. Even now, my computer can't even support the latest Dischord app, because my computer access is limited to my friend's old busted macbook, but I still love Engi.

And for the moment, life is welcoming enough for me to be back and a part of this *I hope*.

Also, I thought Buko was an English teacher until this very moment.

No hard feelings tho. You're still cool.

*takes AP and Heirloom whatchamacallit*

And hey, I'm still a Trial Mod. I feel like that 40-year old genin.

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I guess I'll claim this ^^"

I'm only just starting out but I guess Engi represents a new possiblity for me and maybe some new friends, who knows.
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Sloop John B.
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Waaaahhh!! I’m claiming these things if they’re still claimable, even though I’ve been gone for about....a long ass time. As the common theme with all missing members of engi, I have had life give me one helluva beautiful ride.

I’m pretty sure last time I was here I was a pizza delivery boy living with my parents. Now, I’m on my third kid with a lovely wife and in a house of our own. I wasn’t the most active member of engi, wasn’t the most well known either, but for some reason I haven’t been able to shake engi.

For me, the story telling and writing that happens here is so fantastic that I always find myself craving starting up a new thread. Then, there’s the memories of creating a new character as a young teenager in need of a good distraction from life. This place just did it right. Thanks, and happy anniversary.
In the Registry:

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Claiming. Man I wish I had the time, I would've been all on the event. Life keeps kicking me to the curb though with family needs.

Glad that things are still kicking and love the love we have for this little world!
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