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Default [Stone Genin] Kuchinashi Houkai

[Wilting Jasmine]

Thinkin' About You Brother, All The Time...

Name: Kuchinashi Houkai
- - Common Alias: N/A
Age: 11
Sex: Male
Height: 5'4"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country \\ Village: Earth Country \\ Iwagakure
Rank: Genin
Division: YAMA \\ Soldier

Known Affiliations: Kuchinashi Hajimaru | Class C Missing-Nin | Location Currently Unknown

Scrawny is not quite the word. Sure, Houkai is small when compared with other boys his age. That said, it's clear he's still growing. He shares complaints about growing pains in his knees every couple of months. But his body may be growing up at the same time as his metabolism. A veritable twig of a shinobi, Houkai is all muscle and sinew. His hair is probably the biggest thing about him. Spiky, black and growing in every direction, it's only barely contained and kept from his face with his hitai-ate. Round, dark green eyes scowl underneath his hereditary, large forehead, which seems to already have developed a small crease between his brows. The capacity for expression on his face is limitless, and his face is always the biggest show for how he's feeling. At his most concentrated, he looks like he is stumbling over the last twists of a rubix cube. At his most excited, his cheeks are round, his wide grin showing dimples that hide on most days.

His seriousness translates through to his attire. He wears a compression shirt underneath a flowing Kuchinashi brand t-shirt. The compression shirt is mostly to keep his arms from cramping after hours of puppetry. The only reason he wears matching compression shin guards is to give him added comfort and a sense of cohesion, as aesthetic is important for Houkai, even if his attire lends itself to plain colors - black, grey and white are his favorite colors. He dresses for the weather and the assignment, but even on lightly chilly days, Houkai prefers shorts to pants.

His puppets hide in a small scroll on most days, tucked into a pouch on his belt. In fact, at first glance, Houkai usually looks like a budding swordsman, as he carries a shortsword slung across his back everywhere he goes. Despite the sword being shorter than any self-respecting katana, the double-edged blade runs the full length of his back and looks appropriate for his size. Other pouches mark his belt, hiding various shinobi tools, per the shinobi standard.

Houkai's Way Of The Ninja
- - - " A rock is never broken. It just becomes more rocks. Just like a rock, I will never break! I will just become greater than before!"
What does a little brother do when he stops being a little brother? What happens when the world can't seem to answer a seemingly simple question? A boy without answers begins to think that he has to make his own answers in the world. Houkai has fought against all notions of normal that Iwagakure had taught him, but fighting against his own Village has taught him that some rules don't break, and other rules are only right when interpreted correctly. The simple virtue of specializing in Puppetry has set Houkai aside from his peers. The fact that he delved into a world of tools and gadgets was not out of an intricate desire to know the inner workings of things. It was born out of a need to have everything he could at his disposal in order to accomplish what he wants.

"You think you're going to save the world from greed, Aniki. But you don't get that money is power. And power rules the world."
He wants to find his brother. Declared missing by the state, an enemy of Iwagakure, and a fool by his family, Houkai's brother is an enigma, having left before Houkai could understand why. Left with no clues to make sense of a great rupture in the regularity of his life, Houkai is naturally a little angry at the world. But his anger is deep and untapped, and manifests not in a general rage. That anger is just a simple fire that burns beneath ambition. Houkai wants to prove that he can change the world without running from it. It's a part of why he tries to be as physically strong as he is talented with ninjutsu. It's also why his acts of kindness, while helpful and seemingly genuine, always end with an aim for Houkai to get something back in return.


Marionette Master
Puppeteer + Ninjutsu Specialist
For two posts per thread, the Marionette Master can control one extra puppet than his highest stage of "Kugutsu no Jutsu" allows, though that puppet must be registered/listed in his inventory.
Primary \\ Chakra
Secondary \\ Physical
Tertiary \\ Mental
+3 Power, +2 Control, +1 Reserves
-3 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Speed, -1 to Tactics
There are those who study the mechanics of puppeteering and spend day after day training, and there are those who simply understand the proper techniques and methods of puppets without ever having needed practice. To them, the world does not feel right unless the weight of a puppet is beneath the strings of their fingers, and nothing feels more satisfying than the trickle of Chakra that makes their minions live. They do not settle for simply flinging their puppets around; their spirit moves with their creations, dancing and twirling alongside them as they move.


Statistics Legend
1 - Archetype
1 - Base Stat
1 - Thread Point
1 - AP
1 - GMAP
1 - Total Stat

Physical - 8

Strength: 1 - 3 + 5 + 1 = 4 [+5 Jigi o Eta Senshi]
Speed: 1 - 1 + 3 + 1 = 4
Stamina: 1 - 1 + 1 = 1 [+4 Jigi o Eta Senshi]


Intelligence: 1 + 3 = 4
Tactics: 1 - 1 + 2 = 2
Willpower: 1 + 1 = 2


Power: 1 + 3 + 4 = 8
Control: 1 + 2 + 2 = 5
Reserves: 1 + 1 + 4 = 6


Small Puppet Stats

Strength: 8 - 5 = 3
Speed: 5 + 10 [Small] = 15
Stamina: 6 - 5 =1

Medium Puppet Stats

Strength: 8
Speed: 5
Stamina: 6

Large Puppet Stats

Strength: 8 + 5 [Large] = 13
Speed: 5 - 10 [Large] = 1
Stamina: 6 + 5 [Large] = 11


Repertoire of Techniques:
Jigi o Eta Senshi - Well-Timed Warrior
Stage One [4 Strength, 4 Speed]
(+5 Strength, +4 Stamina)
Special Techniques:
- Stage One: Pack Mule

Kugutsu no Jutsu - Art of The Puppeteer
Kugutsu no Jutsu - Ni [5 Power, 4 Control, 4 Reserves]
The user is able to control a single puppet through the use of chakra strings. These strings are intangible and invisible to anyone without the ability to sense pure chakra. Chakra strings may now be attach to a puppet near instantly, allowing a puppet to animate and act in the same post. Controlling a puppet requires both hands and its movements are jerky, but functional. Further, a puppet can now operate up to fifty feet away from its controller, allowing the puppeteer to stay in relative safety – beyond that point, its chakra strings snap and it falls to the ground, inert.
Puppet Augmentations
- Stage One: Junnou no Jutsu I
- Stage One: Kugutsu Gokan

Metal Ninjutsu
Stage One
- Metal: Dagger [2 Control, 2 Tactics]
Inventory [4/5]
Double-Edged Short Sword + Hidden Senbon Launcher [4]



"He started playing with puppets after Hajimaru fled the country." Houkai's father stared down into the still cup of tea before him. There was a sense that he had many more things to say, both about his firstborn son and his secondborn son's focus on puppets. "He had been a much more jovial child before then."

. . .

"He is still happy. Do not misunderstand me. Everything I have always known about Houkai is still there in him." The older man smiled gently. It seemed sincere. The older man's friend, a little drunk after their dinner together, believed every word Houkai's father had to say. "Hajimaru leaving didn't take anything away from Houkai. It merely added something that wouldn't have been there before."

- - = - - - = - -

"Do I miss my brother?" Houkai's hands twitched over the prone form of a puppet. The snake-like head of the puppet was askew, it's mouth agape in awe, and it's eyes rolling freely into itself. Every couple of adjustments caused it's head to dance, it's mouth and eyes moving in response, as if feeling the pain of it's surgery. "Sometimes, I guess."

. . .

"Well, when I really miss him, I just work on The Fates. It's not because I miss him, really." The eight-year-old stopped and thought hard. It seemed that he was trying to teach himself an emotional lesson that he wasn't yet equipped to teach himself. "I guess I just do it because when I think about Hajimaru-nii-san, I feel like I want to do something, but I don't know... what... I want to do. And when I don't know what to do, I like to play with The Fates."

. . .

"They help. They're funny. When I do it right, it's like I'm making a dream come true." Houkai smiled, his eyes shutting as he grinned a toothy grin. "You wanna see?!"

It was hard to refuse an offer like that.

Suddenly, The Fates on the table jolts awake, it's mouth closing with conviction, it's eyes rolling back into place, and it sat up. Jumping off the table to land between Houkai and the woman asking the questions, The Fates held up a small fist, as if shaking it at the gods. It's arm even wavered a little, as if it were human. It's mouth opened and a recording echoed out from the head. The voice on the recording sounded childish, like a talking squirrel from an anime, or so the woman imagined it.

"Don't worry! I'll protect you!"

Together, the woman and Houkai laugh. The whole moment feels real, even The Fates, who laughs a recorded laugh along with them.

- - = - - - = - -

"Oh yeah, I remember the last thing Hajimaru-nii-san said to me." Houkai held the sword in front of him with a sloppy form. His academy teacher held his own wooden sword. Neither of them realized they would remember the conversation they would have for the rest of their lives.

. . .

"No, Sensei." With a sudden clack, the young boy burst forwards and slapped his training sword against his teacher's. The older man met the child's forward attack with a quick parry and riposte, holding back much of his own physical ability. Houkai rotated out of the way easily. "I already promised him not to tell anyone. Not even Otou-san. Or Okaa-san."

. . .

"He told me everyone would do anything they could to find out what he told me." Houkai's stance refocused, and the boy held his free hand behind his back as he analyzed his teacher's own body. "Just like you taught me to find the weakness in anyone's body language, Aniki said that you and everyone else would try to find the weakness in his story."

. . .

"Ha!" As Houkai bounced back from his successful lunge attack, the academy teacher rubbed his forearm where the wooden sword had stung him. While his mind was elsewhere, Houkai's teacher tried to find a moment to feel proud of Hajimaru's little brother. But even then, he wondered why his old friend had bothered to tell Houkai some secret and couldn't have shared anything with one of his best friends from their own academy days.

. . .

"Oh yea, Sensei. Hajimaru-nii-san talked about you a lot." Houkai's lips hinted at a smile. The boy lunged again. The same lunge as before, but his teacher was ready for him. More clacks of wood. "Dangit!"

. . .

"I mean, you were in a lot of stories. And you came over for dinner a lot. I remember that. And you went on a few missions together. I know you're his friend." Houkai stopped talking for a few moments as the two men - if Houkai could be called a man yet - entered a full couple minutes of sparring. The violence of their swords distracted Houkai's sensei, while Houkai thought of pretend-fights with his brother from his childhood.

. . .

"Aniki told me once," Houkai leapt back, out of range of his teacher. His brow furrowed just like Hajimaru's would when he would try to remember the exact details of a story. The details, the truth of things, was always so important to Hajimaru. It seemed the same was true for Houkai. " 'The time will come where you must protect your friends from the things that will hurt them the most.' "

. . .

"Sensei, are you okay?" Houkai cocked his head like a confused puppy. "You're quieter than usual."

. . .

"Here I come!" Another lunge, brash and youthful if a little unfocused.

With the clacking sound of wood meeting wood, Houkai's teacher woke up from the dream in a cold sweat, wondering in his bed why he hadn't been able to hear himself say anything in the dream, even when he remembered that day of teaching vividly. But more than anything, Hajimaru's friend would lie awake, wondering again just what it was Houkai may have been told by his older brother. But this was just another dilemma that wracked the brains of those who didn't understand Hajimaru's disappearance. Perhaps only Houkai would be able to figure it all out.

- - = - - - = - -

"What are your aspirations with your new title, Houkai-kun?" His father hugged him close to his side as the festivities of graduation died down. Houkai smiled and had his own arms tight around the taller man. His father could feel his son's fingers moving against his side, and in front of them, one of The Fates danced for joy, a high-pitched voice yelling excitement at some of his fellow graduates.

"I don't know, Otou-san. What do I do next?" Houkai looked up at his father. He was only the second Kuchinashi to become a shinobi. The first, Hajimaru, wouldn't be around to leave an example. Houkai's father had very little idea. He looked to his wife for support, but Houkai's mother was off with other mothers, singing praises about their own children, trying to make each other jealous without seeming impolite.

The puppet stopped jumping and ran over. His father watched his son's fingers move subtly.

"Wait!" A recording uttered out of the serpentine head and Houkai's father could hear another recording get lined up. "Yatta! I've got it!"

Houkai took over now, speaking on his own, as he looked up at his dad. "I think I'm gonna go help the rest of Earth Country. After Jondori, Sensei was saying that lots of the world is in unrest. Not just Earth Country, but the whole world."

"The whole world?! You think you're going out of the country without my permission, eh??" He ruffled his son's hair and laughed. He was very proud and couldn't stifle his joy even as ripples of worry moved through him. "You'll have to ask Okaa-san."

Houkai looked over at his mother, his eyebrows raising wide. His fingers wiggled again, and the puppet's head lolled over there, it's eyes moving to emulate something between fear and surprise.

"Uh oh, Captain! I think we're in trouble."

"I guess I'll just stick to Earth Country then, I guess."

His father laughed again. Houkai smiled too.

Other Info:
- None Yet

The Story Thus Far:
~ The Beginning ~ 06/05/18
- - 3 AP Spent; +1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Stamina - -

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Aw, poor kid.

Technical-wise, most everything seems good, so that's fine. I'll Half on that basis.

Speaking as a Stone GM though, I am concerned that stone's history gets all of half a sentence in his bio. I realise that a) he's super young, and b) he's had some personal drama going on to keep him distracted, but still; he seems a bit blase in his story about the fact in his last couple academy years there was, and is still is in places, a civil war raging on. I won't force you to add more to it if you don't want to ruin the brother-focus of the narrative, so long as you promise to show more of how its affected him as you play him, but it would be nice to get a little more either here or in threads.

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You mentioned - 8 next to your physical stats but you don't mention the pool points in the other ones.

Also just a personal opinion, but I think it's not worth it to list each puppet size stats. Maybe then you use puppet augmentations and you'll have even more modifiers for your puppets. Just sayin'

Anyway, half-approved. Yay puppeteers.
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Numbers line up and everything looks to be in order. Approved
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Kiba, are you still around for this character? Here's my approval, but I'm not going to move it into registry until we get an update from you since it's been sitting a while.
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Update: I'm alive and tryin' to get back in the game on this character. Will move once I remember who was gettin' NPCed for Houkaibro.

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