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Default Senryu (River Willow)

Senryu (River Willow)
Universal Tessen/Taijutsu Dance

Style Description: Senryu is a fighting style which uses swift, evasive maneuvers to evoke the intangibility of wind. User of the Senryu tend to stay in constant circular movement, moving back and forth to dodge and evade the attacker. Using this kind of circular movement, the user builds up massive inertia to unleash it with massive power. Due to this constant movement, Senryu places emphasis on speed and stamina.

To dodge incoming attacks, the Senryu-ka uses fluid and elegant movement to easily dance out of harm's way. A common maneuver of this style is to suddenly change direction when attacked and blocking the incoming attack with the fan or the arms. This is supposed to mimic the sudden shifts of air currents.

Since the fan can be used for two types of attacks, namely stabs and slashes, the practicer learns to mix this with swiftly opening and closing of the fan to create nearly unpredictable combos of stabbing and slashing attacks. Movement and attacks are fluid and beautiful to look at making it appear that the Senryu-ka is dancing while fighting. Throws are added in this style to counter incoming attacks to throw the opponent off guard.

The very first thing a Senryu-ka practices is the circular movement. To train this, the practicer will walk along the edge of a circle drawn on the floor, in a low stance with either two, one or no fans in their hand/s. Facing the center of the circle periodically changing direction. During this circle training, Senryu-ka train already the swift folding and opening of their fan.

The user is mostly trained in attacking with his tessen, but is also capable of defending himself if his fan is destroyed or out of reach.

Because the fan is viewed as an extension of the arm, and because in ancient times fans were not as sturdy as they are nowadays, this style can be used without fans. If used without fans, the Senryu-ka can only use the defensive maneuvers and only those which do not need a fan to execute. Of course they can throw punches and they like, but will it do little to no good and will maybe throw someone off guard at best since the Senryu-ka lacks training in attacking without the tessen.

Never meant to be an actual style to kill, Senryu lacks in strength and finishing moves as it does with real harming attacks other than slashing and stabbing. This style was first and fore most created to be used to dodge, evade and elude attackers.

Notes: Can be used by both men and women alike. Techniques marked with an * do not need a fan to perform.

Style Basis: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu

Style Requirement: At least one normal-sized tessen needs to be bought in order to take this style.

A: Speed
B: Stamina
C: Strength
D: Tactics
E: Intelligence

Stage One
Stat Requirements: Speed 5, Stamina 3
Stage Bonuses: +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina
Fan Control: At this stage, the Senryu-ka only gets used to the handling of the fan, as it can be used to perform two kind of main attacks: Stabs, when the fan is closed and slashes, when opened. Because of this, attacks and the process between open and folded look awkward and unsure. While learning to control the style, students prefer to keep it either open or closed until they have better control. Attacks are performed in simple motions.

Movements: Only starting with how to perfectly walk the circle, movement is awkward at this stage, lacking the fluid movements and beauty this style is known for. Jumping is mostly used for defensive purposes, to launch the Senryu-ka out of harms way or dodge ground attacks.

Defense: While lacking the fluid motion of higher levels, the user can easily dodge by circling out of an attacks way, changing suddenly direction.

Regular Techniques:

Kiritsukeru (Slash)
The most basic attack either performed vertically or horizontally, with the fan opened.

Shishou (Stabbing)
Another basic attack where the user stabs at the opponent with the closed fan at any part of the opponent's body. Stomach or face are the prefered target here.

Koukuukougeki (Air Strike)
With the fan opened, the Senryu-ka slashes diagonally upwards at the opponent. A very basic move and easy to dodge.

Special Techniques:

Nagare Tabakaru (Current Trick) *
A very simple and most basic technique used by starting students of the Senryu. The user will, from a distance of maximum 30 feet away, drop and sweep at ground level as if trying to kick the opponent feet away. Suddenly, in the direction the strike was performed, a gust of wind will come and try to knock the opponent of his feet, allowing the Senryu-ka a retreat. If once hit, most opponents learn to just jump over the current. Cool-down time of 2 posts.
Stage Two
Stat Requirements: Speed 8, Stamina 6, Tactics 6
Stage Bonuses: +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina
Fan Control: The Senryu-ka gets more sure about the handling of the fan, adding some fluidity to the fan movement, the user will have an easier time to change between open and closed. The user also can switch easily between stabbing and slashing. Still, the attacks are mostly simple attacks like stabbing or slashing motions.

Movements: Movement become more fluid, attacks can be performed swifter than before and the jumping height became greater. Now the Senryu-ka can easily jump to around his waist's height.

Defense: Fluidity and swiftness gained at this stage, combined with some strength, grant the user to swiftly block incoming attacks and then move away to get some distance to the opponent. Another defensive technique is that the Senryu-ka hooks into an incoming attacks arm and hurls the opponent over the shoulder.

Regular Techniques:

Tessen no Souji (Sweeping Fan)
With the fan being either closed or opened, the Senryu-ka will slash at opponent's legs. This way he tries to hit the other one of his feet.

Special Techniques:

Shunkashuutou no Mai (Dance of the Four Seasons) *
Pressing his hands to his body, the user will spin around his own axis, creating a two inches thick shield, made of small air currents, around his body. This will block incoming projectiles and make attackers stumble back a few feet. This spin can only be done for a short time and might leave the user dizzy. Ninjutsu attacks are only weakened by Shunkashuutou no Mai. It can only be used again after a 3 posts cool-down time.
Stage Three
Stat Requirements: Speed 12, Stamina 8, Tactics 8
Stage Bonuses: +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina
Fan Control: More control over the fan weapon gives the user the ability to add spinning to their movement allowing for more powerful slashing and stabbing attacks.

Movements: Gone are the awkwardness and unsureness, replaced by fluid movement even more so than before. The circular maneuvers become fluid adding more complex maneuvers. Heights around the shoulder can be easily reached while jumping. Another boost in strength and speed grant the Senryu-ka to do acrobatic feats as well.

Defense: Using the newly acquired acrobatic feats, combined with the more complex maneuvers can the user easily deflect attacks and even try to disarm his opponent.

Regular Techniques:

Dageki no Bouseki (Spinning Strike) *
The Senryu-ka when close to the opponent, the user will spin to either the left or right and change to a lower stance, striking at the opponent's stomach.

Special Techniques:

Bakuha no Bouseki (Spinning Blast)
The Senryu-ka will assume any stance with his right leg in front and his fan opened. Taking one step with his left leg, the user will spin one time around his own axis and proceed to jump into the air around waist height, spinning another time vertically doing a cartwheel in the air. Landing on his right leg, the user will slash downwards with the fan creating a blast of wind strong enough to blow objects away. Incoming projectile weapons can be blocked and people standing in the blast's way will be thrown back at least 20 feet. Elemental jutsu of stage 2 or lower can be dispelled with this technique.
Stage Four
Stat Requirements: Speed 16, Stamina 14, Strength 13, Tactics 14
Stage Bonuses: +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina
Fan Control: Adding jumping to the spinning attacks adds even more to the power of attacks. The fan can easily be closed and opened, even during spinning and jumping, allowing for deep wounds and different kind of attack combinations.

Movements: Adding even more flexibility and fluid moves to this style, the user now is capable of jumping easily at least double his normal height making it possible to jump over opponents and surprising

Defense: There are no real changes here. The user can still perform blocks, deflect attacks and disarm their opponent, though everything seems to become second nature to the user adding some fluidity to it.

Regular Techniques:

Betsudoutai (Detached Force)
Opening the fan, the user can block incoming projectiles by catching them with the fan and slashing them to the ground. It is a pretty tricky move as the user needs to get the right angle to catch the projectiles without destroying their fan.
Note: This move can only block small or thin projectiles, like senbon needles, kunai, shaken, shuriken, etc. No bigger projectiles, like Fuuma Shuriken, Boomerang and the like. Neither can ninjutsu projectiles be blocked.
Stage Five
Stat Requirements: Speed 20, Stamina 18, Strength 18, Tactics 16
Stage Bonuses: +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina
Fan Control: Jumping, spinning, switching between open and closed, nothing really changes at this stage other than that wounds at this stage can be deeper than before and become easily fatal if not treated.

Movements: Flexibility goes up, as does the height the user can jump, changing to double his normal height plus a half of it. Movements are more fluid than in the previous stage.

Defense: With the newly gained flexibility, the user can bend out of harms way. Combining this with their circle walking the user has an even easier time blocking and dodging attacks.

Regular Techniques:

Kaze Dageki (Breeze Strike)
Using the gained speed, the user dashes at the opponent and feigns an attack at the opponent's head. However, suddenly the user will change direction, circling on his heel and slash at the opponent's feet.

Special Techniques:

Kaze no Yuuyou (Helpful Wind) *
A useful defensive technique that makes it possible for the user to change the direction of an attacker. The idea came probably from watching a windmill's wheel. If the opponent comes close enough, the Senryu-ka starts to swiftly move his right hand up starting to rotate once, rotating to the left. When the right hand is above the user's head, he'll do the same with the left hand, still rotating left and after the left hand is above the head he'll start with the right again. With this movement, he is capable to lift the attacker of his feet, using an air current, carrying him over his head behind him. The Senryu-ka will repeat this movements until the attacker is back on the ground behind the user, allowing him to make an retreat.
Stage Six
Stat Requirements: Speed 26, Stamina 25, Strength 24, Tactics 19, Intelligence 17
Stage Bonuses: +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina
Fan Control: Slashes and stabs are performed with admirable speed and the switches between open and closed make the user a power to reckon. Wounds can go deep and, when placed at the right spot, even immobilize their opponent.

Movements: Jumping ability goes up to at least thrice the user's height, with nothing left but beauty behind it. Circle walking, circular movement, anything is performed with near perfection and fluidity.

Defense: Performing jumps the user seems to be able to slow down in mid air, giving him a better ability to evade attacks. Deflecting and blocking incoming attacks are second nature to the Senryu-ka.

Special Techniques:

Amatsubakuha no Bouseki (Heavenly Spinning Blast)
Requirements: Bakuha no Bouseki (Spinning Blast)
Building on the same principle as the Bakuha no Bouseki, the Senryu-ka will assume any stance with his left leg in front and his fan closed. Starting with his right leg, he'll start moving in a half-circle, jumping up when reaching the other end. While being in the air, the Senryu-ka will spin diagonally with the still closed fan and open it right before landing on his feet, at the same point he started the half-circle. Continuing with another leap, he'll do a somersault, landing in the center of the half-circle, he'll slash with all the inertia gained through the spinning, creating a blast of wind which will spread in an 90 degree arch, lifting anything it hits of the ground. Hit objects and persons will then proceed to be thrown back 100 feet. Elemental jutsu of stage 5 or lower can be dispelled with this technique. This technique can only be used again after a cool-down time of 3 posts.
Stage Seven
Stat Requirements: Speed 35, Stamina 33, Strength 31, Tactics 24, Intelligence 20
Stage Bonuses: +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina
Fan Control: Fan control reached perfection in this stage. The Senryu-ka is capable of switching between slashing and stabbing in the blink of an eye, making the user a real unpredictable fighter. Slashes are performed so fast, they can easily cut through flesh and it would be no problem to cut the opponent into pieces.

Movements: No longer is there anything left but beauty in the movements. Masters of this style take full advantage of the defensive maneuvers and swiftness. jumps look like the user is flying and indeed he seems to hover some inches above the ground while dancing.

Defense: As if not caring about any attack, the user seems to do nothing but dance out of harm's way. Using the circular movements, the circle walking and spins the Senryu-ka can block, deflect and even redirect incoming attacks, using the opponent's force against himself.

Regular Techniques:

Fuujin (Wind God)
Through his constant taijutsu training and the speed gained at this stage, the user will dash at his opponent. When near enough, the user will perform a somersault, opening his fan and slashing with all his force towards the opponent. The strike is powerful enough to cut a tree in half.

Special Techniques:

Himai: Tenchishinmei no Mai (Secret Dance: Dance of the Heavenly and Earthly Gods)
Requirements: All previous special techniques.
Senryu is a very defensive style, however as time passed the masters of this style have learned that sometimes attacking is the best way to defend himself. In order to deal massive damage, without directly killing someone, the Himai: Tenchishinmei no Mai was created. The Senryu-ka will open his fan and move it around his head once while slowly spinning right. Closing it after he reached the point he started moving he'll then proceed to spin in the other direction, following to jump up at the highest height he can reach, spinning like a top around his own axis. During the whole spinning, the user constantly open and closes the fan adding circular movements to his hands. The rotation will create a tornado around the Senryu-ka which he will, after touching the ground, he'll make a powerful slash motion with his opened fan, sending the tornado at its way. Using the moves learned in this style, the user can control the path of the tornado, however he needs to concentrate completely on keeping it up. The base duration of this technique are 3 posts, and for every 10 in control one additional post. Only useable twice a thread, pointless if the Senryu-ka stopped the technique on purpose or was stopped by force.

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