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Default Tadai Gushi Gachan (Heavy Skewer Slam)

Tadai Kushi Gachan (Heavy Skewer Slam)

Axe-Wielding Style of Combat

Style Description:
There is one primary focus of this fighting style. Although there are varied ways to use an axe, this strength-oriented way of combat's true nature is to murder the enemy in one blow. As a prerequestie, the weapons used for the style are always gargantuan, both in blade and handle, exremely large, heavy weapons. Because this fighting style focuses on strength, the users of the Tadai Kushi Gachan style have the ability to not only carry around such weapons, but wield them with ease, allowing them to rip through the bodies of their opponents in a single blow. There's hardly discipline in the way of fighting, it's extremely linear.

The fighter, no, killer is straightforward in methods, dashing at the opponent and swinging the large weapon at them, attempting to slice through the flesh as soon as they connect. Another method of combat with such large weapons is fighting off various opponents by swinging it around, not only are such weapons extremely powerful when force is applied, but they usually serve as a great defense, if used properly. Many powerful men have the ability to swing axes used in the style, but only practicioners of the Tadai Kushi Gachan can bring out the weapons' full potential.

Style Requirements:
A huge axe, comparable to the size of the wielder.

Style Basis: Weapon

Stage I
Stat Requirements: Strength 5, Stamina 3
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +3 Stamina, +1 Speed

Axe Mastery: Laughable, really, yet still useful. At this point, although quite physically toned, the user cannot physically lift the axe from the ground at all, unless they deviate from the regular regiment. They fight dragging it across the ground and slamming the axe-blade into the opponents' feet. The polearm is used for defense, similar to a staff, yet as the property is usually metallic, it's quite sturdy. Even so, fighting with the axe is not reccomended at this stage, and the user is usually prone to hurt themselves, as they're only getting started using the weapon. They can fight well without the axe, using the strength they've gained from training with it to strike opponents with their fists and feet, and withstand various blows. Users of the style usually fight unarmed in this stage, and practice with the axe seperately for advancement, although it is possible to engage in combat with the axe at this stage.

Stage II
Stat Requirements: Strength 8, Stamina 6, Willpower 6
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +3 Stamina, +1 Speed

Axe Mastery: At this point, the fighter is much more useful with an axe, but by no means refined. Of course, they can lift the axe, but both hands are required and it does put some strain on them when they swing, but their stamina is high enough to endure a battle swinging the axe. They cannot lift the axe above their heads at this point, so their targeted body parts that they attack range from the torso and below. This doesn't pose to be much of a problem, as that's where they'd hit anyway. Their power, although great for one of genin level, is very inferior, and they can't cut hrough the flesh. They have enough strength to cause rather large sliced wounds to their opponents at full power with a strike, and do have the potential to cause fatal damage if they hit in the right places, but the speed in striking is slow enough for opponents to avoid most hits. Although the axe is usable, many practicioners like to wear it on their back and fight unarmed for quite a while, using the weapon as a means of defense or as a trump card in different situations.

Stage III
Stat Requirements: Strength 11, Stamina 9, Willpower 8
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +3 Stamina, +1 Speed

Axe Mastery: This is where the axe mastery really begins to play a part. Although they aren't srong enough to completely slice through opponents just yet, their agility in striking has improved, and they are now able to swing the axe above their head. However, they can only used the axe with such ease at the dispense of their full power. If the practicioners fight with all of their strength, their stamina is quickly drained. Strikes are usually made slowly, and attempts to slice through opponents do not occur often, a common tactic at this point is to simply slash across their body instead of dig into it. A majority of fighting is defensive, using the axe to block most physical attacks that come their way. It's not yet an offensive style to those that use it at this stage, but very useful.

Stage IV
Stat Requirements: Strength 19, Stamina 17, Speed 7, Willpower 14
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +3 Stamina, +1 Speed

Axe Mastery: This is where the true lord of battle is awakened, and the power displayed begins to be one that puts fear in the eyes of others. The strength of the users is so massiv now, that they are, indded, able to slice through the flesh of enemies in one blow. Both hand are required to grasp tightly on the polearm of the humongous weapons, but at full power, are able to rip through the bodies of enemies. They aren't too quick in movement, but rapid in comparison to users of the Decaying Fist. They don't have complete control over the axe at this point at all, and when they swing, it usually drops at a powerful force uncontrollably, but that's not too bad for the users if they're attacking from the top, attempting to split an enemy down the middle. This stage is where everything starts to get gruesome.

Stage V
Stat Requirements: Strength 23, Stamina 21, Speed 12, Willpower 16
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +3 Stamina, +1 Speed

Axe Mastery: A terrible power has awakened in the user at this point, and not only are the movements quick and precise, but they now have complete control over the axe with both hands, able to rip clean through any opponent that stand in their way, regardless of armor. This is the point where their power is enough to slice through enemies with ease, and the users can fight for quite a while at such horrofying strength. If used to it's full abilities, most users of this style are reknowned as being quite maniacal in their ways of combat. They aren't sluggish in movements, and the agile aspect begins to play, dashing as quickly as they can into battle. Witnessing them fight at this power can be traumatizing.

Stage VI
Stat Requirements: Strength 30, Stamina 28, Speed 17, Willpower 20, Tactics 16
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +3 Stamina, +1 Speed

Axe Mastery: Absolutely horrifying power. Not only are they now able to move at fairly quick speeds in swinging and have the ability to rip through the opponents, they now need only one hand to wield the axe. The other hand is typically used to grab the opponent so they don't get away, ensuring their own kill. At this stage, when in war, the users of the style seem to dash through their opponents, slicing away as they plow through them. Of course, all this can be seen coming and avoided, but if ones reaction time is fairly slow, they're goners. A very gruesome feat.

Stage VII
Stat Requirements: Strength 39, Stamina 37, Speed 23, Willpower 26, Tactics 18
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +3 Stamina, +1 Speed

Axe Mastery:
The Mastery is now complete, and the power is more terrible than one could possibly imagine. The usage of the axe is now extremely easy, slicing through enemies in an instant. The same tactics are used, but highly improved. The only difference about this is the sheer power used in the final stage of the style. Able to strike fear into basically everyone, the perfect warlords.

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