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Default Kantoku no Mai (Dance of the Overseer)

Style Name: Dance of the Overseer

Style Description: Dance of the Overseer. What a wonderful thing. Starting with a weapon that’s been around almost since the dawn of mankind, the whip has seen countless uses. Torture, beating, and war were some of them. As the whip matured, so did its design. From the Cat O’ Nine-Tails, to the long leather bullwhip, the same principle was used. The whip used in Dance of the Overseer is long, about 10 feet total length, with 9 feet dedicated to the whip, and 1 foot for the hand. The style is built mainly around cracking the whip on the person, thus opening large gashes, however the whip is versatile, and can be wrapped around an object, or person, and pulled to wrench it away or cause them to lose their footing.

Style History:

Style Basis: Weapon w/ Ninjutsu

Training Methods: Training is fairly simple. The user learns how to control the whip properly, how to crack it so it hits the opponent, how to handle it properly so it can wrap instead of crack, as well as being able to use it a defensive manner.

Stat Block:
A: Strength
B: Stamina
C: Speed
D: Power
E: Control
F: Reserves


Stage One: Novice
Requirements: Strength: 4; Stamina: 4
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

Novice. The title holds true to the skill level at this point. Novices at this can barely move the whip around, and the eye must always be watching to make sure they don’t snap themselves. Combat effectiveness is limited, the user being more prone to just spinning the whip and hitting the enemy in the ankles, rather then try any actual attempt of skill or daring. Practitioners, just not at this stage, are considered to be high priority targets due to the large amount of things they can do with their whip, from disarming, to tripping, to even swinging around like a monkey from various ledges.


Stage Two: Beginner
Stat Requirements: Strength 7; Stamina 7; Power 6
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

All right punk, pick it up. Users at this stage are expected to be able to fully be able to handle their whip without much fear of harming themselves. Their technique is horrible, and their form sloppy, but at least their hitting the bad guys. Users still haven’t managed to grasp the art of disarming or trapping opponents, but at least they can hit them. Whip speed has gone up, to where a whip crack is loud enough to be heard for 30 feet. The user is just starting to get a feel for what his comfortable zone of contact is, usually the full length of the whip, plus arm length.

Regular Techniques:
Name: Whip Swing
Description: Now possessing enough strength to be able to lift their body weight, users are able to swing and hook their whip around and object, and jump, leap, and swing to their hearts content provided the object they are latched to can support their weight.


Stage Three: Adept
Stat Requirements: Strength:10; Stamina:10; Power:8
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

Finally. Combat proficiency. The user is now able to make grabs at an enemy, finally being able to do a wide range of whip motion. The whip is faster, cracks are stronger, and hits are harder. The user is also more agile and deft with the whip, now being able to fully concentrate on hitting their target, not themselves. At this stage, users are capable, but not excellent at their chosen trade.

Regular Techniques

Name: Grasp
Finally, the user has enough skill with a whip to be able to grab appendages, as well as items. For items to be wrenched away, the user’s strength needs to exceed the targets for a successful disarm. Evenly matched numbers result in a deadlock, and lower numbers result in failure.

Special Techniques:

Name: Rift
Filling the very tip of their whip with chakra, the user cracks the whip down on the ground. The earth starts to tumble in a straight line. Progressively higher levels cause the tumbling to become larger, enabling Rift to throw their opponents from out under their feet. Base distance is 10 feet, with an extra foot added for every 2 strength. The depth of the "wave" is 5 feet, while the vertical motion can reach 10 feet.


Stage Four: Skilled
Stat Requirements: Strength 15; Stamina 15; Speed 13; Power:14
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

Skilled, are we? Better then average, is more like it. At this stage, speed is emphasized more so then usual, in effort of being able to avoid hits, and counter with a vicious crack, that is yet still going faster. The whip is faster, the body is faster, the strikes, stronger, if only because the strength it takes to reach this stage. As well as normal physical growth, the user has become more confident in their abilities, and may even now try some...unorthodox methods.

Special Techniques:
Name: Rupture
Description: Starting by wrapping the whip around a body part, such as a leg, or arm, the user secures the whip, and then infuses chakra into it. The whip is then snapped. The extra power from the infused chakra as well as the violent motion unto the limb, is enough to cause multiple fractures inside, and out, to the bone and arm.


Stage Five: Enlightened
Stat Requirements: Strength: 19; Stamina:19; Speed:18; Power:16
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

Well now, the user at this stage is well on the path towards enlightenment. While Dance of the Overseer does not teach philosophy, it does teach even more whip skills. The user is enligthened, learning even better and more precise whip control, now able to hit a target the size of a can with a whip crack, able to wrap and lock thier whip around any person, able to swing with nary a worry.

Special Techniques: Fill in yer own.


Stage Six: Master
Stat Requirements: Strength:25; Stamina:25; Speed:25; Power:18; Control:18
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

A master eh? Took you long enough. A master is fully capable of using his or her whip as an extension of the body, using it to attack, wrap and rupture limbs, as well as being able to fully use thier whip as a defensive mechanism. Masters have near-perfect accuracy, speed, and thier strength and stamina are phenomenal.

Special Techniques:

Name: Reflex
Upon sighting of projectiles, most reflexes are to hold up thier weapon, and use that as a sheild. A whip however, doesn't grant quite the defensive measure, in the normal, orthodox sense. However, by spinning thier whip quickly, it acts like a shield, able to deflect projectiles, as well as being able to negate all jutsu 1 stage or more below the users current level.


Stage Seven: God
Stat Requirements: Strength:33; Stamina: 33; Speed:33; Power:22; Control:22
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Strength

A god among men? Concievable. Gods at this level, have perfect accuracy of thier whip, judging less by skill, more on instinct, using thier whips as they would an arm or a leg. Thier whip cracks can easily rend human flesh, and even thier wraps and disarms can cuase lacerations. Thier whip speed is at a blur, the only audible thing the whip crack and the whip moving. The user is a god, and thier skills reflect that title.


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