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Default Meido Enbu (Netherworld Waltz)

Meido Enbu

Style Description:
A style that has existed since the first shinobi of the earth roamed, it is simplistic but at the same time one cannot help but marvel at the beauty of such a style. The basics and requirements of such a Taijutsu revolve around the use of one large axe, held with ones dominant hand or the more prominent use of two shorter and lighter axes that are dual wielded. When an opponent watches this style they can not help but wonder if the opponent is actually fighting or dancing around, it is in this folly that the shinobi masks the true strength of his fighting style. By mimicing gypsies and other types of dancers found throughout the world, the user is able to create his own type of dance that can prove to be quite proficient in seducing those of the opposite sex or even entracing their opponents before their blades slice through them. Many practitioners of this art are known to be great street performers.

Style Requirements: One Large/Medium sized Axe, or Two smaller axes.

Style Basis: Weapon

Stage One
Stage Requirements:
6 Speed, 4 Stamina
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina

The Dance: Extremely basic at this level, almost like the user is just learning how to move his feet but he can't quite seem to get ahold of what the hell he is trying to do. While foolish, it is not without purpose, even if it is used to get a giggle or a laugh out of an opponent at this level that can still leave him open even for a second. Mainly used as a way to distract and entertain at the expense of themselves, the user is learning to grasp the basics of their own unique style of dancing.

Axe Mastery: As with every other Taijutsu when one first begins to learn, this stage of learning is also very basic. The user is incapable of performing anything extremely flashy or complicated, simple basic hack and slash tactics that intend to do one thing: Mess your opponent up. That about sums it up.

Stage Two
Stage Requirements:
7 Speed, 7 Stamina, 6 Willpower
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina

The Dance: Now the user is starting to gain something that all dancers need, rhythm. By gaining this they are now able to put a simple thought into opponents heads: "hey, he's not so bad". While this is very rudementry and not exactly what the user is striving for, the point is still there. They have to distract and manipulate the opponent somehow and the dance allows them to do that. Moving and flowing together slightly better than the first stage, the user is really starting to get into the flow.

Axe Mastery: A nice improvement in this stage as the user is able to mix up his attacking style. At one point it can be extremely basic while on the other hand he can use his weaponry to distract you then land a strike directly where you never expected it. The user is learning to fight somewhat dirty at this level, no matter if he's using one axe or two. He is entirely focused on ripping the opponent to shreds and that is all that really ever mattered. The basics are covered here, mainly the use of disarming and shifting weight so that one weak strike can be turned into a secondary extremely offensive strike.

Stage Three
Stage Requirements:
9 Speed, 11 Stamina, 8 Willpower
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina

The Dance: With the final level of Genin training, the user has finally learned some sort of unique movement that he can call his own. They also tend to branch off into whatever type of dance suits them best. Some can find this to be breakdancing, for others it can be simple and rudementry movements that mask what they are really trying to do and hell...for some people it can be ballet. What matters here is that the user is getting harder, better, faster and a helluva lot stronger in his dancing rhythm. By manipulating his dance in such a way that he can leave an opponent open, he is able to take advantage of weak points much easier. Weaving and manipulating the opponent with ones dance is really starting to take focus at this stage.

Axe Mastery: As ones dance tends to improve, so does the axe mastery. While their isn't much improvement from the last stage in terms of offensive fighting, the user is learning to defend themselves. Using the blade(s) of ones weaponry is vital in defending vital points from any attack the opponent can throw at you, as a users axe are his main point of offense they are also his focal point for defending. At this stage the user begins to learn the finer point of fighting, the best offense is a good defense.

Special Techniques:

[Left Open]

Stage Four
Stage Requirements:
18 Speed, 18 Stamina, 7 Strength, 14 Willpower
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina

The Dance: Now it's getting damn good. Users at this level can be mistaken for reknowned dancers usually hired at nightclubs. Whatever the user is into, and however he chooses to dance, it is always quite a show. Mezmerizing the opponent with frantic movement and things of that nature is starting to become second nature as they move to and froe across the battlefield utilizing their intense speed. While the dance itself is starting to become complex, the user is now able to use various parts of his body rather than just his feet. An example of this would be using their right hand to help them breakdance before landing a swift blow with their left...which still happens to have an axe in it. Poor ol' opponent.

Axe Mastery: No longer is the user anything "basic". They are able to use their weaponry quite profiently at this point. While it is true that someone can only be so good at wielding an axe, and that there is always a limit the user is able to send shivers into opponents heart at how ferocious each swing and strike they send towards them. The earth can shiver, and the skies may tremble but no one is ever entirely sure of how a blow will land from these masters of the axe or even when it will. Utilizing their great speed they are able to land blow after consecutive blow, earning themselves quite the reputation.

Stage Five
Stage Requirements:
24 Speed, 23 Stamina, 9 Strength, 16 Willpower
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina

The Dance: Hot damn bro, you really got some swift moves. Thats what users tend to hear at this level. Well, not really, but it's close [I swear it!]. They blend every movement together so perfectly and quickly that you can barely catch exactly what they are doing infront of you but you damn well know that they are doing something complicated and flashy. The user is getting close to mastering his own type of dance, and at this point it isn't hard to wow a crowd or an opponent. Each movement is so damn good, makes you wanna slap yo mamma. But not really. I don't advise that at all.

Axe Mastery: Chop Chop. Dig Dig. Scratch that last part. The user has once again shifted to defence at this level, his offense has been trained well enough. Using the blade(s) of their axe(s) is the focal point once again as they try and use the bottom of the weapon itself to shift an opponents stance ever so slightly just for an opening at a vital point. It is crucial for an opponent at this level to keep his guard up, for if he even lets one single chance open up, he may walk away with a few missing bodyparts or perhaps just not walk away at all. The user is getting damn good.

Special Techniques:

[Left Open]

Stage Six
Stage Requirements:
30 Speed, 30 Stamina, 15 Strength, 18 Willpower, 18 Intelligence
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina

The Dance: Near mastery. If anything the user is merely a blur as his movements blend so well together it is extremely hard for the opponent to see anything coming his way. Breakdancing, waltzing, the tango...these are all just names for whatever type of dance the user tends to specialize in. It usually all depends on what type of music the user is into, but that doesn't really matter because no matter what type of dance he tries to use...he's bound to amaze nearly anyone and anything that watches him. Hell, I wouldn't be suprised if even something as simple as a tree was dumbfounded at how well the user dances at this level.

Axe Mastery: Back on the offense again. The user begins to substitute something else into the style at this level...his bare hands! That's right. The user begins to fight extremely dirty even if he was armed or not. By grasping the axe in such a way that his fingers protrude outward, the user can be known to swing and scare the opponent only to deliver a vicious eyepoke. Why you ask? Because the fool is now in pain and you sever his torso from his waist. Slight of hand m'boy. The user is nothing but a dancing machine, young and free...only seventeen. Wait. Wrong song D:

Special Techniques:

[Left Open]

Stage Seven
Stage Requirements:
40 Speed, 40 Stamina, 19 Strength, 22 Willpower, 22 Intelligence
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina

The Dance: Mastery. If his body allows it, and he can think of it, he can damn well put it into a dance.

Axe Mastery: Mastery. If anything gets in the way of this bozo, he will cut it down. One way or another.

Special Techniques:

[Left Open]
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