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Default Tsuitou Taiyou no Buyou (Dance of the Mourning Sun)

Tsuitou Taiyou no Buyou

Style Name: Tsuitou Taiyou no Buyou (Dance of the Mourning Sun)

Style Description:

-In the ancient vestiges of the shinobi world, the sword has always been an incredibly versatile and widely used weapon. Arisen from the depths of several other unique styles rose the Tsuitou Taiyou no Buyou. Focusing first on the theory of swordplay, and then traversing into the physical demands of kenjutsu, this style plays on two primary physical aspects of the shinobi: speed and stamina. Strength, while required to lift a sword of such large magnitude, often is inherent within those of the shinobi profession, and naturally blooms alongside training with the weapon.

Style History: Nada.

Style Basis: Weapon/Taijutsu

Requirements: A cleaver sword or any other Oversized Blade (4 points)

Stat Block

A: Strength
B: Speed
C: Stamina
D: Willpower
E: Tactics


Stage One:
Stat Requirements: Strength 5, Speed 3
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +4 Speed

Oh ho. Attempting to lift that giant sword now, are we? Practitioners of this stage aren’t really classified as swordsmen; instead, they’re more accurately described as children or adults wielding swords equal to them in height, and at least twice their weight. Not a pretty picture. Moves are choppy, defense is ridiculous, and the user is hard-pressed to summon the strength to lift the sword over their head…but they seem to be somewhat more agile than another at the same level as them, and it is certain that they can prolong their fights more than the rest. But even these two aspects are limited; they are beginners, after all. Generally at this level, moves are limited to rote attack and defense patterns, but there are very few variations in these as well.

Regular Techniques: You can register them if you want.

Stage Two:

Stat Requirements: Strength 8, Speed 6, Willpower 6
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +4 Speed

Continuing on? Please. Even my grandmother could beat you into submission. At this stage, the user increases their stamina and speed once again, and seem to be able to fight slightly longer and a mite faster than those at their level. Their swordplay, however, still seems to be lacking, and there is no end to the awkward moments when dueling with their giant weapons. Constant training, however, has toughened their body to the point where they can wield and swing their weapon somewhat easier than before, and the adept is getting to the point where he can feel comfortable with his weapon. Various attack and defense theories and patterns are added to the user’s repertoire, and he is getting used to “changing it up” to surprise and incapacitate his enemy.

Regular Techniques:
You can register them if you want.

Stage Three:
Stat Requirements: Strength 11, Speed 9, Willpower 8
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +4 Speed

Getting to the point now, are we? At this stage, the user has become somewhat more comfortable with his or her weapon, eliminating most awkward swings and slices. The practitioner’s stamina and speed once again increase with constant training and conditioning. Also, at this stage, a sense of uniqueness and flair is introduced into the kenjutsu aspect of the style; most shinobi have their own strategy and tactics when fighting, and at this point mold their swordplay to fit their personality. Repeated attack and defense theories and patterns have, for now, mostly been memorized, leaving the offensive and defensive moves in battle up to the user for improvisation.

Regular Techniques:
You can register them if you want.

Stage Four:
Stat Requirements: Strength 17, Speed 15, Stamina 11, Willpower 14
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +4 Speed

A regular demon with a sword, they say. At the current level, the user is developing into a true swordsman (or woman). Handling their great sword with ease, they dash about the battlefield in commendable displays of speed and physical prowess, bringing death wherever they may step. Improvisation with the sword has led to the rapid maturation of a unique, personal style; no two users of this style will ever been seen having the same tendencies, attack patterns or strategic maneuvers in battle. The user is also getting to know his sword, its strengths and flaws known as well as the back of his own hand. This being said, the practitioner adapts their kenjutsu to play to their true strengths. Reactions are almost fully developed, with the user being able to fight on par with a swordsman of his level, and react to attacks that might be even slightly quicker than his own.

Regular Techniques: You can register them if you want.

Stage Five:
Stat Requirements: Strength 22, Speed 19, Stamina 15, Willpower 16
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +4 Speed

Only two bloody steps away from mastery. You’ve come a long way, hm? With ascension to the fifth level of this style comes an incredible gift of versatility, strength, speed and sword prowess that is unmatched at any previous stage. The great sword, while looking large and unwieldy, has practically become a part of the user. Flourishes, light thrusts, and other techniques that one would’ve thought only possible with a sword of smaller size are now accessible to practitioners at this stage. Agility and endurance at this level are also quite astounding, letting the user fight prolonged battles of attrition in order to wear out opponents of equal or higher levels.

Regular Techniques: You can register them if you want.

Yuuyake (Sunset)
Requirements: This stage.
Description: The only usage of chakra within this style, this technique allows the user’s sword to become a threat to those annoying ninjutsu losers. By charging chakra into the blade, the practitioner can cleave through (basically, nullify) one ninjutsu technique up to a stage one less than the stage of this taijutsu they are proficient in. This can only be done once every 4 willpower per thread, and has a two post cooldown.

Stage Six:
Stat Requirements: Strength 30, Speed 25, Stamina 20, Willpower 20, Tactics 16
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +4 Speed

Good God, you’re nearly there! The sixth stage is a further refinement of the style at the fifth stage. With even further physical conditioning, a new level of endurance and agility has been achieved, and swordplay is almost breath-taking to behold. The user wields their weapon effortlessly, and only one of the same or higher level (and you have to admit, there’s not many of those shinobi) could stand a chance at defeating them.

Regular Techniques:
You can register them if you want.

Stage Seven:
Stat Requirements: Strength 38, Speed 33, Stamina 28, Willpower 24, Tactics 20,
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +4 Speed

Oh snap, you’ve made it. The user is at the summit of the mountain, both physically, mentally, and in terms of swordplay. When they duel, they most certainly exemplify the greatest aspects of kenjutsu. Only one of the same level could hope to defeat them, in any circumstance.

Regular Techniques:
You can register them if you want.


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