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Default Hensou, Masquerade of Grass

Paper faces on parade . . .

Hide your face,
so the world will
never find you…
Every face a different shade . . .
Look around -
there's another
mask behind you…

Masquerade of Kusagakure

The Masquerade of Hidden Grass. A kill squad, anarchists, spies, terrorists, call them whatever you want. All you need to know is that they get the job done. Each member is rumored to be a genius. Some in one area, some in multiple areas, one can never really tell. The first member of the Masquerade was said to be a genius in mathematics, architecture, music, science, and the use of language. He was not the best Shinobi, but few could fight him and live to tell the tale. His genius and wits helped him to survive. With this the Kusakage ordered this masked tactician to start the special ops of Hidden Grass.

Thus the Masquerade was born. New members were taken in from both Shinobi and nonshinobi backgrounds. Those who were nonshinobi were soon taught the Shinobi arts and became accomplished Shinobi in short amounts of time. Only select few could join the Masquerade, those who were labeled as geniuses, masterminds, and tacticians. People who were geniuses in more than one area of knowledge were rare, and were attained at all costs.

After each member was initiated into the Hensou, they were given the task to make their own mask. There were no prerequisites for the masks, but it was preferred that it cover the entire face so the identity is not known. Each mask does not have any mark that links it to the Hensou’s task. There are no divisions as the ANBU have, each Hensou is built for a specific purpose, and the Hensou and the Hensou alone decide upon that purpose. The head member cannot dictate if the Hensou should be in interrogation or be a spy.

Clothing is all dark, mostly black or a dark purple. Some dark shades of gray are allowed. The clothing is not really clothing, more like a dark colored version of the ANBU armor. Arms and biceps are completely covered though. Weapons consist of projectiles and hidden weapons. Wrist blades, and other blades are prevalently used. As are claws, shorter swords, sometimes even fans with hidden blades. Most weapons rotate around being explicitly hidden. Each member looks as though he or she is defenseless until his or her weapon is revealed. A few members have even been seen wielding a staff that seems to only be a stick until it expands out into a staff. Some staffs even have a hidden sword inside.

Basic History:

The leader of the Masquerade led a seemingly horrible life. The child’s face was slightly deformed in a way that cannot be easily described. It scared people though and the child was often beaten when he tried entering an orphanage or a shelter. Eventually though, the child was able to procure a knife that was usually used to spread butter. His first kill was used with this knife; a man on the way home with groceries was attacked. His throat slit and blood poured out onto the streets. Luckily, the boy stole the groceries and hid.

The Kusakage found the boy on simple chance. On a quiet stroll through his private garden, which the boy had taken for his new home, the orphan attacked him. Being the Kusakage he easily dispatched the boy. Seeing a certain rage in his eyes the Kusakage took him in. As soon as he entered the building though he was isolated as everyone gasped in sheer shock and fright. The Kusakage was forced to give the child a mask. Thus, the masquerade had begun.

The Kusakage gave the boy the name Fukumen and privileges to his private library. After close examination it was realized that the boy was a complete genius. He surpassed college professors and scholars in knowledge and wit. A pure genius whose intellect almost surpassed the Kusakage’s.

After time the Kusakage trained the boy himself in the Shinobi arts. Privately trained he was still listed as a Genin in the archives. After three years of tutelage he was put in a Genin team and sent to the Chuunin exams. At the age of thirteen, the boy killed each of his opponents, the ones he could at least. Some examiners were able to stop him in time.

After his promotion to Chuunin, the Kusakage sent Fukumen on many dangerous missions, some of even S-Rank quality. Each time though he would come back successful, and his team would grow stronger and more tactical after each mission. At a young age of eighteen, Fukumen was promoted to Jounin. But it would be years before the next Kusakage would give him a true purpose. Until then, he lived in the shadows, more like a phantom of the Kusakage than a true shinobi.

He was given forty files on different people. Some men, some women, some shinobi and some nonshinobi, all though were classified as geniuses of their day and study. Given distinct directions to take six of them, Fukumen set out on his charge. He secretly studied each Nin for a week each. After almost a year he made his decision on the six. For the rest of the year Fukumen and the Kusakage’s attendants trained them. After each was trained a set of tools was given to them to make their own masks. Masks fashioned in different ways of their own preference and style. But not to mimic Fukumen’s mask. A simple mask of pure black with a white cross between the eyes.

Each mask finished now, Fukumen’s beginning squad was complete. At their first meeting with the Kusakage, Fukumen led them to the Kusakage’s office. Before entering he turned to them and simply said…

Let the Masquerade begin…

Desired Number of Spots:

Current Hensou Members:

Tachibana Matoko - Hensou's Hard-ass - NPC
Haranaka Kaosu - Hensou's Selfish Bastard Medic - NPC
Okinawa Sayuri - Hensou's Bitchy Beastmaster
Otosui Mizumaru - Hensou's Zoologist
Misumaru Iyou - Master Spy
Akagawa Anzen - Hensou Speedster - NPC
Reishuu Tsuguo - Hensou's Prick Puppeteer
Oda Moko - Hensou's Silver Tongue
Nise Kohan - Hensou's Master of the Mind

Tip on getting into the Hensou: Reading the information is important, but what will earn you the most points in getting into the squad is having your character be unique. One of the main goals of the Hensou is to be a wonderfully balanced ensemble, and so, it's preferred that anyone that tries to get into the squad, tries to make their character different in personality, and preferably style of fighting. Make sure to look over the existing Hensou members before you try to register your own.
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Sounds great, awesome work, euro. Half-Approved.
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Nice, I like the hidden weapons concept esspecially.

Jped's Characters D:<

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Sounds pretty cool. All these re-vamps are making me wonder where I want to put my last unclaimed character spot. Half-approved.

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And my first act as the new GM of Grass..

I'm Approving my own Special Squad. =D Fun times.
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