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Default Isshiki Ikioi Hanpatsu (Reflect All Force)

((Note: I suck at Japanese, I'll intend to translate the names later, but it's really low priority on my list of shyte to do.))

Style Name: Reflect all Force

Style Description: Reflect All Force is considered a more defensive based Taijutsu then persay Gouken or Kizuken. The focus of this style is clearly on the basis of defending yourself from an incoming attack of some sort and then hopefull create an opening weak spot in the opponent to fight back. Some also consider Reflect All Force to be a sort of oddball weapon style where one clearly fights using only a shield and some hand-to-hand.

Those who use Reflect All Force generally use it as a supporting taijutsu enabling the user to add additional defense to a weapon or hand to hand style they already have. However there are also purists of the style who use it just for the sake of defending themselves or others. Because of this there is no stereotypical Reflect All Force user and they can range to be short and slightly on the weaker side to large hulking meatshields.

History: Created before recorded history this was one of the original five taijutsus that were created by the peasant farmers of Lightning Country to defend themselves from the Cloud Nins, however at the time the shields they used were generally the lids of large pickling vats or other type of large container. Reflect All Force specialist were generally the first ones positioned in a battlefield and would stack their shields on top of one another to defend themselves from incoming enemy forces and give reinforcing units a better oppurtunity to attack. However much like the other four taijutus traveling monks from Lightning Country would later pass the wisdom of this style to other shinobi while merchants from the country would sell manuals to non-shinobi that explained how to perform and condition oneself to do this taijutsu.

Reflect all force was probably one of the least popular techniques that passed on to the rest of the world, however the fact is there are many ways any kind of person could of learned it in this day and age due to the fact that it was an art of the ancient times.

Style Basis: Weapon (However some special techniques require chakra and as such non-shinobi can not learn them.)
A. Stamina
B. Strength
C. Speed
D. Tactics
E. Intelligence

Training Methods: The only true way to train yourself mentally in Reflect All Force is to spar against someone else, it is only through combat experience that one can hone their defense well and know where one must place their shield in order to not get hurt. However the manual also states one can practice shield positioning by defending themselves from swinging weights hung to trees. Also additional calisthenics, medicine ball training, and weight training helps in additional physical conditioning in defending yourself.

Stage One
Stat Requirements: 3 Stamina, 5 Strength
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed

Positioning: The practicioner is not mentally prepared to notice the proper place to position his shield to defend himself from an attack. Because of this most of the positioning the practicioner does actually involves getting himself behind the shield and not vice-versa which is the true nature of the art.

Constitution: Very weak for the most part, sometimes the shock of the shield hitting anything is enough to make the practicioner stumble back a couple of steps.

Regular Techniques

Shield Jab: A very simple yet quick shield strike that can be used to hit the opponent. Shields that happen to have spikes on it tend to be dangerous weapon when combined with this move.

Shield Slice: If the ends of a shield happened to be sharpened to cut one can easily run the shield by an opponent and perhaps cut the user. However sharpened shields like that tend to be rare or custom made.

Stage Two
State Requirements: 6 Stamina, 8 Strength, 6 Tactics
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed

Positioning: Actively sparring with other opponents has taught the practicioner that while hiding behind a shield works all good and well, moving the shield to meet the attack works even better and allows him to move around and fight back. However really fast or multiple attacks will prove to be more difficult to defend and quickly the user will resort to hiding behind the shield to save himself.

Constitution: Getting better, the user is able to realize that a very quick and light attack is something he could most likely take and still stand ready. However even really strong attacks tend to be a problem for most practicioners as they stumble back while defending.

Force: Getting hit by a shield jab by a practicioner in this stage can hurt pretty bad, but you'll most likely live as long as you're not stabbed by a spike.

Regular Attacks

Fake Charge: Consider an improvisational attack, this is used whenever the defender stumbles back. The defender takes this time to grab a look at the way the person is standing and then does a very quick dash. However instead of running into the opponent he strafes to the side of his attacker and uses his new position (now either the side or even behind the opponent to fight at an advantage.

Shield Slap: While a jab comes forward this shield attack insteads come from the side and is generally aimed for the head. When the fighter becomes stronger he can use this attack to make his opponent stand on one foot while the other is in the air.

Stage Three
Stage Requirements: 10 Stamina, 10 Strength, 8 Tactics
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed

Positioning: Most likely having been in a few actual fights where lives were at risk the practicioner has realized that sometimes a fighter will attack immediatly after one attack has been been blocked. As such the practioner would now immediatly move his arm or entire body to block another attack. When it comes to an attack as long as the attack is coming in front of him he'll find a way to defend it, however attacks coming completely from the side or behind tend to give him problems.

Constitution: Generally any kind of attack that's coming from someone of the same rank that is weaker then him will not even cause the practicioner to flinch in reaction, even really strong attacks. However fierce attacks from people who are as strong as him he'll most likely feel shock from his shield, and anyone of higher rank the practicioner finds himself stumbling back.

Force: Getting hit by a shield jab hurts and sometimes additional pain will sometimes hurt as well for a post or so depending on what your rank is like when compared the practicioner.

Regular Attacks

Parry: Sometimes instead of blocking a move the practicioner just swings his shield and deflect an attack away from him leaving the opponent to be attacked. Parries also tend to be easier to perform on blades if a shield happens to have points on the end of it so a blade is easier to move away.

Push: Sometimes a weapon user can attempt to add additional force to his weapon after an attack to bring the fighter to his knees. This is when the fighter pushes his shield forward and pushes the opponent away from him.

Shield Shave: Sometimes blocky makabishi are wielded to the front of a shield in a 5" by 5" square on the shield. While this can prove helpful when you jab the shield into someone's face one can easily bring the shield up to someone's body and rub it down or up, grating pieces of clothing, armor, and skin on the opponent depending on where it was hit. However for one to do so one must have makabishi wielded to their shield of course.

Real Charge: Generally done in the same fashion as a Fake Charge but not necessarily requiring the practicioner to stumble back the user will put all his force and speed into a charge and knock his opponent back.

Special Techniques

Name: Chakra Coating Shield Technique
Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Reserves 8
Description: Generally ninjutsu tends to be a problem when it comes to defending with a shield. Some forms of fire will heat the shield up, while others forms of elemental attacks such as lightning still hurts regardless of blocking. That's why shinobi practioners of this taijutsu learned this move, more or less it is a barrier of chakra that coats the shield and slowly disperses when hit by another ninjutsu. However if the ninjutsu happens to be a projectile type that independently moves on it's own without any additional aid from the shinobi this technique can redirect the ninjutsu back to it's user.

This move was originally created in Water Country when two Mist Nins got bored and started to swat a suiton at each other with chakra coated shields in a very primitive form of tennis.

Stage Four
Stage Requirments: 16 Stamina, 15 Strength, 12 Speed, 14 Tactics
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed

Positioning: Slowly forming into some kind of improvised beginner-like kata the user anything that the user can physically see in front of his view can most likely be blocked with his shield. He will also begin using his free hand do other things as well such as grabbing the opponent. However defense on his blind sides tend to be a problem still especially when someone is behind the fighter.

Constitution: Blocked attacks from people of the same rank doesn't even phase the defender, even lesser grade people of a higher rank tend to have a problem making the practicioner struggle, stronger ones can still make him flinch with a decent amount of strength behind an attack, but anyone higher then one rank up tends to give the defender some problems when it comes to defending and still standing.

Force: The blunt force from a shield jab to the head at this stage can leave someone trying to remember what they were doing for a couple moments.

Regular Moves

Shield Throw: Finally able to hold his own physically in a fight the shinobi may choose to take an advantage of distance remove his sheild from his arm and throw it like a heavy frisbee. This can be an all to dangerous of move for someone who is realizing that the ends of a shield have been sharpened to cut someone, but blunt shields also tend to do some damage as well. However accuracy and distance tend to be a common problem since throwing a shield is... well... new to them. Also you are left with the unfortunate occurance of trying to get your shield back.
Note: Only round shields can be thrown at this stage.

Self-Sacrifice: An overall passive move, the user quickly dashes in front of his teammate and defends him from being attacked. Giving his teammate time to get up and run away or figure out a strategy. It generally is also used a distraction since the fighter is now officially in front of the attacker and in the way.

Special Moves

Name: Chakra Edge
Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13
Description: Now able to a concentrate Chakra specifically on the edges of the sheild one can swing the end of a shield and cut something, shield fighters who already have the ends of their shield sharpened and do their move notice they don't have to be as close to cut someone.

Stage Five
Stage Requirements: 22 Stamina, 20 Strength, 14 Speed, 14 Tactics, 2 Intelligence
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed

Becoming more used to such concepts as footwork, moving the waist, and holding people back with a free hand the fighter is able to block points of his blind side as well. But getting hit from behind still remains to be a problem.

Constitution: Almost grazing the point of being considered immovable only people with more strength then the fighter tend to find themselves being able make him stuble. By this point if you're not stronger then the fighter and intend to make him move only mid-strength ninjutsu techniques will do the job.

Force: A jab or slap from the will send you back a couple feet or ground your sorry rear end to the ground if you don't watch it. You're also screwed if there's a point on the end of that bad boy and you don't defend yourself.

Throwing Ability: Generally you'll hit your target if he doesn't change his direction.
Revised Shield Throw: While not really a revision, but more so an ability. While those with round shields have been throwing their shields for some time now those with square shields have finally accumulated the strength and skill to throw their shields like a spear. This can be a very crafty move for those who have points on the end of their shield, as the can now force a door shut or pin someone's appendage to a wall or tree if he's lucky.

Stage 6
Requirements: 30 Stamina, 26 Strength, 19 Speed, 20 Tactics, 16 Intelligence
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed

Positioning: Sometimes performing vaults and spins are the only way that a practicioner of the art can position himself to make sure the attacker doesn't hit him, and he will do so to make sure it doesn't happen. Sometimes fighters are known to wear additional pieces of armor on their body so they can fight a number of people at once. Being attacked from behind is possible, but can be defended with enough effort.

Constitution: Some people often compare moving the practicioner from his defending spot like uprooting a tree. Even the jounins who have a decent amount of ability in a taijutsu have problems doing it sometimes. Ninjutsu is the only well known way to always get them moving and even then the power has to be damn good.

Force: Sometimes a practicioner will playfully hit someone with their shield... and they'll complain that he's to abusive because it hurts so bad. The user is barely aware of his own strength.

Throwing Ability: Round Shield throwers will now throw their shields at an arc to collect more power before it actually hits someone, also the arc compensates for the fact that sometimes the shield is not thrown accurately and will sometimes hit the target anyways. Round shields that are built aerodynamically to be thrown will return back to its user after hitting something unless a decent powered force strays it horribly off course.

Square shield throwers tend to throw their shield so hard that if it hits something solid enough it will be close to where they are standing. One way or another if a shield user throws at their full potential the shield will cleanly go through a tree and still continue moving.
Big Note to Shield Users who have points on the end or have their ends sharpened, you're only allowed to decapitate or remove limbs at the user's permission. Please remember that.

Stage 7
Requirements: 40 Stamina, 30 Strength, 29 Speed, 21 Tactics, 23 Intelligence
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed

Positioning: One can easily position their shield to block an attack, however sometimes even the fastest attackers can sometimes get the best of him. Also being attacked from behind is a possibility but the practicioner can block behind him easier, however it is still an easier vantage point then from the front.

Consitution: Running into someone who has their feet firmly planted on the ground in this stage more likely hurts you then the other person. Physical attacks that hit the shield generally do not cause the practicioner to move. But most mid to high powered ninjutsu will make a fighter of this style about moving still during this fight.

Force: While most forms of combat involving hitting someone with the shield can cause some pretty painful fractured. Hitting someone in the face with your shield can break a nose or seperate a jaw.

Throwing Ability: Throwing was already perfected in the last stage, there is almost no difference in this stage. Accuracy makes a little change but the fact is if you get hit by the shield, it's really going to hurt. The truth however is one can dodge the shield simply by ducking or jumping.

However one really cool skill that most practicioners can do now thanks to the added force one can throw the shield one can bounce the shield off of object to hit someone at an angle they're not expecting.

Special thanks to: SleepyNin, ShinIchiro, Captain America, and Goofy
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