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Default Ribbon Ninjutsu *New*

Ribbon Ninjutsu
Injuu Furuu no Jutsu

These techniques were created by the kunoichi of days past. Often times, the women were checked for poison, their umbrellas for weapons, their clothes for hidden blades. In order to carry out their missions more effectively, the kunoichi devised a way to keep from being caught: They transformed strips of cloth into makeshift weapons. Over hundreds of years, the style has evolved into what it is today, an amalgam of techniques, rooted in a kind of subtly that coexists with strength. These days, these techniques are not just limited to kunoichi. Shinobi of all types utilize ribbons for a multitude of reasons: They’re usually left unnoticed, they possess immense potential, and they can leave someone looking quite stylish or bloody, depending on the user’s intentions.

Stage 1:

Basic Ribbon Control
Requirements: Power 2, Willpower 2
Description: The basic technique of Ribbon Wielding, Basic Ribbon Control allows the user to freely manipulate a number of ribbons attached to their person. This control is passive and does not consume jutsu usages. The user may manipulate the ribbons to grab onto and hold objects, and move around as well as using the ribbons to strike at opponents.
--Base: Freely manipulate a single ribbon of up to 5 feet in length.
--Stage 2: Freely manipulate up to 2 ribbons.
--Stage 3: Freely manipulate up to 3 ribbons of up to 7 feet in length.
--Stage 4: Freely manipulate up to 4 ribbons of up to 10 feet in length.

Ribbon Blade
Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2
Description: This technique turns part of a single ribbon (the last 2' of the ribbon) into a blade that can both cut and pierce. The user can apply this technique to as many ribbons as he can freely control at once, but each ribbon affected costs a stage 1 jutsu usage. Ribbons affected by this technique can no longer be used to grab and hold objects, and the technique persists for as long as the ribbon is actively controlled.

Ribbon Claw
Requirements: Power 3, Tactics 2
Description: Focusing chakra into the ends of the ribbon, the user shapes it into a claw like shape and keeps the points surprisingly firm. In doing so they are able to use this as a very effective offensive tool to make swiping attacks at a target or to take hold of a ledge or branch for leverage. The dancer may use this technique on the fly, expending a usage but not an action. The claw is about as strong as a normal kunai.

Dance of the Shapeshifter
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Description: This technique allows the user to camouflage their body (and later disguise themselves) using a multitude of ribbons which wrap around their body (under or over clothing as desired) and then change color to blend in with their surroundings. While this technique is maintained, the user cannot use any other ribbon techniques, nor can he freely manipulate ribbons. To keep the camouflage up, the user has to remain stationary.
--Stage 2: The ribbons can now change the user's appearance to that of another person, though the imitation is purely visual. If struck by enemy ninjutsu, the user must expend another jutsu usage to keep the disguise up. In addition, the user may now move while using this technique.
--Stage 3: The user is able to use ribbon techniques that involve ribbons wrapped around his body while this technique is active. Example: the user could activate Ribbon Armor in response to an attack without compromising his disguise.

<Open Slot>
Requirements: Power 4, Control 4

<Open Slot>
Requirements: Intelligence 4, Willpower 4

Stage 2:

Ribbon Extension
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Description: This technique allows the user to double the length of his ribbons. This can be used to reach objects or locations otherwise out of reach, as well as provide an unexpected attack. Ribbon Extension can be used passively or actively; passively, it momentarily extends the length of up to half of the user’s ribbons by 3 feet and does not cost a jutsu usage. Actively, it can be used in conjunction with any ninjutsu in the Ribbon Wielding list to double the range of that technique, costing a Stage 2 jutsu usage in addition to the normal cost for that technique. This use of Ribbon Extension persists for the duration of the attack it is paired with.
--Stage 3: The user may now passively extend all of their ribbons up to 6 additional feet.. Active use of the technique now triples the range of another ribbon technique rather than doubling it and costs a Stage 3 jutsu usage.

Tactile Ribbons
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4
Description: A dancer might claim that the ribbons are like a part of their body, but those who have mastered this technique know how true that really is. They have learned to extend their sense of touch through their ribbons, and are capable of learning more about a place or thing simply by touching it with their ribbons, using their ribbons in the same way that an animal uses their whiskers. This also allows the ribbons to do more complicated tasks without the dancer needing to view them, like pick a lock or keep a slippery prisoner bound.

Ribbon Javelin
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Description: This technique allows the user to harden one of their ribbons into that of a throwing spear. The user then ties their remaining ribbons to the initial spear and launches it with a speed equal to that of their Power stat. This technique may only move in a straight line and has the effective range of all of the user’s usable ribbons combined. This technique cannot be affected by Ribbon Extension.
--Stage 3: The user may choose to remove a single ribbon from their person and cast it into the air. The ribbon then sharpens into a spear, and with another gesture, is directed to wherever the user points.
--Stage 4: Same as above, though instead of a single ribbon, the user may cast two into the air. If both of these spears hit a defensive ninjutsu of Stage Three or less, they may pierce through it. In addition, these spears may now follow a target for three posts, but are incapable of making sudden turns and are therefore only capable of veering left and right.

Ribbon Armor
Requirements: Intelligence 6, Willpower 5, Control 5
Description: This technique causes the user's ribbons to wrap around a desired area of his body and then harden into an armor that is effective against mundane projectiles as well as Stage 1 Ninjutsu and Level 1 Strength. In addition to protecting the user, this technique may be passively used to meld the ribbons in question into the user’s clothing, hiding them from view.
--Stage 3: The armor additionally protects against Stage 2 Ninjutsu and Level 2 Strength.
--Stage 4: The armor additionally protects against Stage 3 Ninjutsu and level 3 Strength.
--Stage 5: The armor additionally protects against Stage 4 Ninjutsu and level 4 Strength.

<Open Slot>
Requirements: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6

<Open Slot>
Requirements: Intelligence 7, Willpower 7, Control 6

Stage 3:

Dragon Ribbon Technique
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Description: The dancer kneels down, ribbons criss-crossing beneath and around them until they are encased. The ribbons surrounding the user act as cushioning while the rest of them extend outward, pushing them forward in long leaps across great distances. This technique can be used as a method of solo travel, but is most used as a method of escape.
--Stage 4: With increased skill in ribbon control, the user can have three people accompany them while traveling. Alternatively, the user can sweep their ribbons around them in the blink of an eye, allowing them to exit the thread. They may not use any other techniques before or after using this affect.

Subterranean Ribbon
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Willpower 6, Tactics 8
Description: Imbuing their ribbons with chakra, the user removes three of their ribbons and cast them into the ground together. When an enemy or unknown target is within five meters of the ribbons, they shoot out of the ground in hopes of confining the target. The ribbons work together and form a kind of bola in order to trip up the opponent and restrict movement.
--Stage 4: The ribbons now take on a razor wire effect, capable of breaking the skin of whomever the technique hits, lest they're wearing armor.

Living Ribbon
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Description: With a special enchantment, the dancer endows one of their ribbons with a semblance of life. This ribbon will coil around them as a snake might, perhaps poking out from the collar of their shirt to see their surroundings. This is because it is aware of its surroundings in a primitive way, including limited sight. It squeezes the dancer’s body when it finds something suspicious, giving the dancer a figurative eye in the back of their head. It is passive, but must be deactivated before any real chakra is melded, and is incredibly obvious, limiting its uses in any situation where the shinobi might be trying to avoid drawing attention to themselves.
--Base: The Living Ribbon will only react to obvious threats near the dancer’s person (a blade being drawn just behind)
--Stage 4: The Living Ribbon will react to any obvious tails that might have otherwise been in the Dancer’s blindspot and will not react to who the dancer believe to be their ally.
--Stage 5: The Living Ribbon has intuition exceeding the average person, and can interpret a variety of cues, including the touching of hidden weapons or persons in an ideal ambush position.

Parachute Technique
Requirements: Intelligence 9, Willpower 9, Control 7
Description: Two ribbons spring from the user’s back after creating a makeshift harness beneath their clothes, quickly weaving themselves into a cross-hatch parachute. This can easily break a fall from any height and allows the dancer to glide over great distances at a slow but easy speed, assuming they began at a high place. After its first use the dancer may maintain this technique until they hit the ground, but two of their ribbons will be bound in the task until they cancel the jutsu.
--Stage 4: Instead of a parachute, the ribbons create a glider, allowing the user to travel through the air at their full speed but still at a slow descent.

<Open Slot>
Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Tactics 8

<Open Slot>
Requirements: Intelligence 10, Willpower 10, Reserves 8

Stage 4:

Puppet Ribbon Technique
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Description: If the basic Ribbon Control comes from being able to control ribbons like a limb, Puppet Ribbon revolves around controlling ribbons like a whole other body. A ribbon unspools to incredible length and contorts on itself, weaving into the shape of a person. This ribbon-person is a mimic of the user with no tai bonuses, working with dancer in ways that would otherwise be impossible. The clone cannot be destroyed with blunt force; to destroy it, one of two things must happen. The ribbons that make up its body must be completely destroyed, or the ribbon connecting them to the dancer must be broken—if you can reach it, it’s as easy as slipping a knife over it. It may use Taijutsu techniques, or decompose itself in order order to use a single ribbon ninjutsu.
--Stage 5: ½ Taijutsu Bonuses

Ribbon Saw
Requirements: Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Power 12
Description: All ribbons straighten out and begins whirling around the arm or leg of the user. The speed is such that the ribbons blur and create a circular-looking saw blade, with equivalent cutting power. These Saws function identical to any metal saw and can range in size from one foot in diameter to the maximum length of control the user has with their ribbons. Saws may also be launched outwards like a projectile at the cost of being unable to use ribbon techniques for one post.

Drilling Ribbon
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10
Description: This technique is an attack coupled with a defense breaker. The tips of four ribbons are hardened with chakra and then the ribbon tips begin to rotate rapidly around a given point. You know how a drill works; this does that in a pretty damaging way, and it pierces through defensive techniques that would normally be able to stop something of this stage (so basically, it can penetrate Stage 4 defensive techniques).

Dance of the Spider
Requirements: Intelligence 14, Willpower 13, Tactics 10, Control 13
Description: Unraveling a number of ribbons, this technique launches the threads in a 360 degree spread where they then connect to anything and anyone they hit. Depending on the geography of the area, this can result in a large amount of sticky thread "webbing." Anyone caught in the webbing or attempting to move through it has their Speed reduced by 2 levels for the duration of the technique. The user can move freely in the area, unaffected by the adhesive threads which part to allow him passage. This technique lasts for 2 posts and while it is active the user cannot employ any other ribbon ninjutsu techniques. At the end of the technique, the threads quickly return to the user and reweave themselves into ribbons.
--Stage 5: Those affected by the webbing have their Speed Level reduced by 3. The technique lasts 3 posts.

<Open Technique>
Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14

<Open Technique>
Requirements: Intelligence 15, Willpower 15, Tactics 13, Power 14

Stage 5:

Grand Ribbon Control
Requirements: Ribbon Control; Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
Description: Here the user’s control over their ribbons has begun to reach its peak. They are capable of controlling five ribbons at once, reflecting the greater understanding that they now have over their own ribbons. These ribbons may be up to 15 feet in length.
--Reserves 23: Six ribbons can be controlled at a time.

Dance of the Falling Petals
Requirements: Intelligence 17, Willpower 16, Tactics 16, Power 15
Description: Ribbons spread out from their body and fill the air, looping and knotting around and around and forming an uncountable number of small flower-shaped structures and saturating the air within the user's control range. Each flower is about an inch long and can be controlled independently, and possesses enough power to rip clean through a normal body. These flowers may be fired like precision guided projectiles, or spun around in a wild flurry. The technique lasts two posts, and no other ribbon control may be used for three posts after activation. The technique can only reach as far as the user's ribbons can from their body if attached.

Ribbon Ward
Requirements: Ribbon Armor; Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Willpower 14
Description: A stronger version of the Ribbon Armor, this technique empowers ribbons wrapped around the user's body. This protects him from Stage 4 Ninjutsu and Level 5 Strength. The user may still meld the ribbons into that of their clothing.
--Power 25: The user is protected from Stage 5 Ninjutsu.
--Power 32: The user is protected from Stage 6 Ninjutsu.
--Control 24: The user is protected from Level 7 Strength.
--Control 31: The user is protected from Level 9 strength.

Dance of Frenzied Vampire
Requirements: Intelligence 18, Willpower 17, Tactics 15, Control 14
Description: Sometimes everything around you needs to die. This is a very indiscriminate technique, typically used when one finds themselves alone in the midst of enemies. Utilizing most (if not all) of the ribbons on the user, this technique transforms the area around the user into a whirling, swiping, stabbing blade barrier of sharpened ribbons dependent on their length. This technique lasts for 2 posts, during which time the user cannot use other ribbon ninjutsu techniques.
--Intelligence 25: The technique duration is increased to 3 posts.
--Intelligence 32: The technique duration is increased to 4 posts.
--Willpower 24: The user can employ the Extension technique to double the range of his ribbons in conjunction with this technique.
--Willpower 31: The user can employ the Extension technique to triple the range of his ribbons in conjunction with this technique.

Ribbon Wings
Requirements: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
Description: Ribbons burst from the dancer’s back, weaving together into two massive sets of wings that begin to beat and lift them up into the air. While concentrating on conserving chakra, a user can use this technique to traverse great distances. However, in the heat of combat, they are much more difficult to maintain, requiring one extra usage every post to maintain. The wings lose much of their effectiveness within ten feet of the ground and can telegraph the dancer’s motions earlier than they would if the user was grounded, but some feel the advantage of distance of height is great enough to outweigh other concerns.

<Open Technique>
Requirements: Intelligence: 19, Willpower: 19, Tactics: 18, Power: 16

Stage 6:

Ribbon Metamorphosis
Requirements: Power: 21, Control: 20, Reserves: 19, Intelligence: 17, Willpower: 15
Description: Taking a step further than manipulating ribbons, the user makes use of this technique to transform their entire body into a mass of ribbons. In this form the user trades their ordinary strengths and weaknesses as a human being out for an array of different ones. As a ribbon being they are able to freely control their height, size and motion, allowing them to move in ways that a human being would ordinarily find impossible, including squeezing under doors and bending in ordinarily spine breaking directions. Strikes that would have otherwise killed instantly are rendered mundane by the user’s lack of organs and blunt strikes are severely reduced in effectiveness. Fire and slashing attacks, on the other hand, are far more dangerous. This form lasts for two posts but can be extended with another jutsu usage. Ribbon jutsu may still be used but no others can.

Requirements: Intelligence: 21, Willpower: 20, Tactics: 19, Power: 17, Control: 15
Description: Often times, a ribbon wielder needs to find a way to end a fight quickly. This technique serves as one of those ways. By using all six of their ribbons, the user hardens them with chakra and thrusts them forward, swaddling the target tightly. The ribbons then begin to tighten quickly. At the end of the first post, the character wrapped inside will begin to lose their breath. By the second post, the character wrapped inside will begin to experience pain from their body being crushed. By the third post, bones will begin to break and organs shall start to fail. In order to break free, the character trapped needs a base Strength higher than the user's base Power stat. Alternative, techniques stage 5 and above may save them, should they be able to make hand seals. Due to the chakra flowing through the ribbons, any outside attacks on the ribbons themselves will need to be at least stage 5 to work.

Requirements: Power: 23, Control: 23, Reserves: 22, Willpower: 16, Tactics: 15
Description: By flattening and curving the tips of the ribbons the user may turn a single ribbon into an extreme aerodynamic, armor piercing weapon. The edge, unlike the ones formed by the blade technique, is brittle and thus cannot be used for defense. However it may be fired forward where its trajectory will be a straight line a mile long. No obstacle save for supernaturally hard materials will stop it, and the Flechette will travel fast and far enough to leave smoldering inch wide holes in its wake. The wounds caused by the Flechette are likewise only an inch wide, but will completely pierce any and all targets it passes through, save for an equal stage defense, proving lethal if vital areas are hit.

Dance of the Wight
Requirements: Intelligence: 23, Willpower: 23, Tactics: 22, Control: 16, Reserves: 15
Description: After a ribbon has been wrapped around an living object, the user may drain that object of strength and vitality and channel it into themselves. For every ribbon that is touching the target, one level in all physical stats is drained per post, and user benefits from a one level increase for every two posts that the target is drained. This effect lasts as long as the ribbon is touching the target. If the ribbon is broken during the process (before the user can properly sever the connection), the user suffers a stat penalty equal to the amount drained. The target's stats cannot drop below 1, however the users can and will result in death should it occur.

<Open Technique>
Requirements: Power: 26, Control: 25, Reserves: 24, Intelligence: 19, Willpower: 17

<Open Technique>
Requirements: Intelligence: 26, Willpower: 25, Tactics: 24, Power: 19, Control: 17

Stage 7:

Requirements: Power: 30, Control: 27, Reserves: 26, Intelligence: 22, Willpower: 20
Description: By sending a single ribbon out to intercept a ninjutsu attack, the user can capture the chakra contained within it and nullify the technique completely. The ribbon comes unfurled into a multitude of threads, which then launch themselves towards the chakra signature that the jutsu originated from. If struck by these threads the target will be unable to use that same technique again for the remainder of the thread. The reflected technique fizzles into nothingness if it continues on its path for more than seventy feet. Cannot be used on stage seven or higher techniques.

Requirements: Intelligence: 30, Willpower: 27, Tactics: 26, Power: 22, Control: 20
Description: The user seals themselves within a massive knotted ball of their own ribbons. This ball is impenetrable to all normal attack and is likewise invulnerable to jutsu lower in stage than itself. The user may move around and attack with their ribbons while in the Knot, even being capable of using other ribbon based ninjutsu while doing so. Sight is impossible outside the Knot but the user may make eyeholes if they desire (at the cost of giving attackers an opening). The Knot lasts for three posts, after of which all ribbons fall inert for the remainder of the thread.

Dance of the Explosive Phantom Touch
Requirements: Power: 32, Control: 30, Reserves: 28, Intelligence: 24, Willpower: 22
Description: The user first takes each of their ribbons and casts them into the air. Each ribbon then divides in half, and then those in half, creating a total of twenty-four useable ribbons before they fade, becoming nearly invisible. These newly created ribbons then float ominously around the user, up to a maximum of two posts. By performing the last seal, the user may then will each of twenty-four ribbons, individually or together, towards a target. The ribbon is capable of penetrating through two meters of reinforced steel, but perhaps more importantly is its secondary ability. Should the user perform a second seal, they may will their ribbons to explode with the force of two explosive tags.

Dance of the Revenant
Requirements: Intelligence: 32, Willpower: 30, Tactics: 28, Power: 24, Control: 22
Description: The final dance that ribbon wielders learn (and usually the final dance their foes will ever see), the Dance of the Revenant gives each ribbon the user possesses a soul of its own. After using this technique the user may make a copy (much like a bunshin) of any person that a ribbon is currently attached to, alive or dead. These Revenants have the full stats of those they draw from and are said to be 'of the same cloth', frequently having the same thought patterns and behaviors of those whose soul they have seemed to copy. A Revenant may use one technique that the original knew before unraveling. Any physical attack stronger or equal to than Stage 7 will dispel this bunshin immediately, and any ninjutsu attack stronger than or equal Stage 5 will as well.

<Open Technique>
Requirements: Power: 35, Control: 33, Reserves: 31, Intelligence: 26, Tactics: 18

<Open Technique>
Requirements: Intelligence: 35, Willpower: 33, Tactics: 31, Power: 26, Reserves: 18
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