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Genjutsu... Interesting...

Orochi had never been a fan of the art of illusion. He preferred a more direct approach to combat but there was no denying Genjutsu's effectiveness. To attack the foe's mind instead of the body, that was power indeed. Despite his dislike for the techniques, Oro had to admit he had a grudging respect for them and those who mastered them. A respect which currently brought his train of thought back to the battle at hand.

This Genin appeared to have identified that his opponent was stronger and more skilled, which of course he was. There were not many ways to overcome such disadvantages. Removing your opponent's sight and focus however, was certainly one way of doing it. He watched silently as the Chuunin rubbed his eyes, obviously trying to rid himself of whatever genjutsu afflicted him, then flailed around in what appeared to be an equally futile attempt to injure the Genin who had caused him such obvious discomfort.

Something else that did not escape his notice was that Masato seemed hell-bent on killing Masaiasu. Obviously this was something he could not, nor would not allow, but he would not step in unless it was absolutely necessary. For now he was content to watch, gauging the Genin's skill and the Chuunin's level of control.
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