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Default Duel: For Nostalgia's Sake

OOC: In which Kapeesh and I take a stroll with our old characters. A rather violent stroll.

The air seemed thick and heavy. A storm had just dumped a lot of water and the sky was clearing up. That was good. Kogane was hunting an enemy. He had to be ready.

He took a breath, paused, exhaled. Light began to form around him, harden into something solid, weave together and form. Threads of light lengthened, criss-crossed and shaped five balls of light.

Kogane smiled. The ranpu tama orbitted his head like planets going around the sun.

"I missed you."

A blur of movement caught the edge of his vision, not his regular vision, the other one. Kogane's smile grew wide.

"There you are."

He stretched his arms and legs. He had a feeling there was going to be a fight, a nasty fight. They always wanted to fight. The more experience he got, the more they wanted to fight him.

"Come on out! I'll give you a chance to give up and declare me the winner. We can skip the unpleasant part and get right to the end."

It was worth a shot.

OOC: Boy I feel rusty. It's been a while since I've done this.
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Renji had set sight upon an old comrade. One he didn't expect to see in such a nice and quiet place. The two of them were warriors; brutal, destructive and deadly warriors. They never clashed before since they played for the same team, but just that one time Kogane wanted to fight and as always, Renji was up for a fight.

"How sweet of you." He replied with a wide, clumsy grin on his face.

Renji knew Kogane quite well. Despite how much of a scary person Renji was due to sheer physical strength, Kogane had his own ways of delivering punishment that matched or even outdid Renji's. It was the unique sort that came with the Goraiku bloodline.

Renji was never afraid of his opponents, perhaps he should have been some times, but he always faced challenges with a smile and that was why he maintained an expression of joy as he pulled his sword from the sheathe. He didn't wait for his opponent to make the first move. Goraiku Kogane was not a person who should have been allowed a first move. So Renji took a deep breath and charged forward towards him, following with a horizontal swipe at his chest's height and ending with an exhale.
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