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Yakumi Ui
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Default Kirai Heiwa

WIP currently checking website handbook

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Virtual Dream
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Hey, welcome to Engi! Typically you want to start with reading the RPG Handbook and then read up in the info on the various villages and countries to get a good feel for the world as you start to make your character.

Taking it from the top, the information on Sennin characters would tell you that that rank is reserved for promotion from Jounin only, outside of special circumstances (such as donation rewards, etc).

You'll want to flesh out your descriptions quite a bit more so that people can have a better understanding of your character in those aspects. For your statistics, it would help if you wrote out the math to show how you came to your final numbers (check any of my character sheets in my signature for examples there).

As for the biography, high level characters (such as Jounin) and odd characters (such as missing ninja) tend to need a bit more elaboration in their backstories to justify those set ups.

I hope you have fun!
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Moved to unfinished for you. Let a mod know when you're ready to have it moved back.
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