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Default Furunami Masaru: Missing-nin of the Mist

This is now finished, and ready to be moved to the registry.

Name: Furunami Masaru
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"
Character Type: Shinobi
Shinobi Rank: Jounin
Division: Missing-nin, formerly Team Sensei.
Missing-nin Rank: S-rank
Shinobi Village: Hidden Village of Mist
Point Criteria
Jounin Rank-20 points
Stage Six Jutsu: 25 points
Assault - 5 points
Theft - 2 points
3 Genin: (10 + 7.5)*3 = 37.5
5 Chuunin: (10 + 5)*5 = 75
2 Jounin: (10 + 10)*2 = 40
1 Civilian = 10
Total score: 214.5
Last Location: Presumed Dead
Additional Notes: Has been called the "Last of the Bloody Mist" for the event that made him an exile.
Reward: 20,450 ryou, collected

Physical Description: Masaru's most striking feature is his long, blood-red hair, which manages to somehow seem unruly and well-kept at the same time. Its color is also a stark contrast to the rest of his outfit. Twin hazel eyes pierce out from underneath the parts of his hair that fall over his face, alertly watching every movement around Masaru. He is relatively slim-built for a shinobi, due to the fact that he trains mostly in ninjutsu, but at 6 feet, he is much taller than most of his peers. This, combined with his cold-hearted nature and reputation, can make him seem quite intimidating.

Clothing: Masaru has recently had cause to change his appearance, leading to a new outfit for this criminal. He still wears an almost-skintight, navy blue undershirt, this one creeping a little bit up his neck. Over this, however, is a long-sleeve, white-and-blue top. The white is most of the top part of his back, the underside of his sleeves, and a pair of bands down his chest. The light blue makes up the other half of the sleeves and dominates the front of the outfit with a large stripe down the middle, the two white stripes framing it relatively thinly, one on either side. This top also has a light blue, high collar with a gold band bisecting it horizontally. A few inches below his neck, where the collar is opened, there sits a small, red, jewel-like design framed in gold and shaped like a four-sided diamond on Masaru's chest. The sleeves of this new outfit are a bit looser than his previous one, and they very slightly sheath his hands with a pointed piece that extends over the back of his hand. The back of the top is dominated by a pair of dull golden bands that extend upwards to the shinobi's shoulders, and a large, dull golden piece that covers everything from the shoulder blades down to the waist. On either side are two pairs of cross-hatched golden bands, of the same drab shade. In the back, these terminate at the larger golden pieces, and on the front, at the light-blue stripes on the chest, and on either sleeve, across the bicep, is another matching golden piece. Masaru wears a light blue belt, on which is kept a special holder for Kyoukasuigetsu that, following in the ability of the sword, looks like a normal katana sheath, as well as his shinobi equipment pouch. His pants are simply a slightly loose, plain, navy blue affair, ending in a pair of boots, which are half white for the ankle, and half deep blue for the heel and actual foot. He still wears a pair of navy blue, fingerless gloves, with a raindrop-shaped gold bit over each knuckle, and he still carries around a flat-looking gourd of water on his back, though he no longer wears his Mist hitae-ate. Instead, it is kept tucked away in his shinobi pouch. Finally, from the base of the back of his collar, two long, light blue, decorative pieces extend to just below his waist, if lying flat.

Personality: Masaru has not felt any emotions in years. He is never happy, sad, lonely, angry, or afraid. The only thing that is important to him is power. Caring for nothing else, Masaru simply seeks more and more power. If teaming up with another means getting stronger, then he will do so without hesitation, and, when his partner begins to slow him down, Masaru will abandon him or her. If the former ally tries to stop Masaru, he will kill them. He doesn't do anything that he deems unnecessary, such as terrorizing citizens, etc, but any obstacle that presents itself to him will be cut down in a heartbeat. Recent events have, however, forced Masaru to accept that he must allow minor emotions here and there, in order to maintain his mental state when it matters. As a foe, Masaru is cold, calculating, and relentless. Some have said that he is mournfully depressed deep down. Others say that he is insane. All of them keep their distance.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "Emotions merely obstruct the attainment of power."
Addendum, through RP: "...but power without direction is useless."

Primary Archetype:

Secondary Archetype:


Primary - Chakra

Power: 1 + 2 (Nin. Spec.) + 2 (Element Spec.) + 18 (pool) + 4 (Thread) + 3 (AP) = 30
Control: 1 + 1 (Nin. Spec.) + 21 (pool) + 3 (AP) + 1 (Thread) = 27
Reserves: 1 + 1(Nin. Spec.) + 1 (Element Spec.) + 21 + 2 (Thread) = 26

Secondary - Mental

Intelligence: 1 + 16 (pool) + 2 (Thread) + 3 (AP) = 22
Tactics: 1 - 1 (Nin. Spec.) - 2 (Element Spec.) + 18 (pool) + 1 (Thread) + 3 (AP) = 20
Willpower: 1 + 16 (pool) + 3 (AP) = 20

Tertiary - Physical

Strength: 1 - 2 (Nin. Spec.) - 1 (Element Spec.) + 15 (pool) = 13
Speed: 1 + 13 (pool) + 3 (AP) = 17 (+15 Onigokko)
Stamina: 1 + 12 (pool) = 13

Jutsus and Techniques
Global Ninjutsu
Stage 1
Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) - Academy 1
--Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

Stage 2
Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique)/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique) - Academy 2
--Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

Stage 3
Suimen Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Water Walking) - Academy 3
--Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8
--Prerequisites: Kinobori no Jutsu

Stage 4
Shunshin no Jutsu (Instantaneous Body Technique) - Academy 4
--Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12

Global Genjutsu
Stage One
Bunshin No Jutsu (Clone Technique)
--Requirements: Control 2, Intelligence 2

Stage Two
Meisai no Jutsu (Camouflage Technique)
--Requirements: Willpower 7, Intelligence 7, Power 6

Stage Three
Genjutsu Kai (Release) - AP
--Requirements: Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8

Mist Ninjutsu
Stage One
Mizu Soujuu (Water Manipulation) - Freebie 1
--Requirements: Power 4, Control 4

Stage Two
Suiton: Mizu Shuriken no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Shuriken Technique) - Freebie 2
--Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

Mizutamari no Jutsu (Water Puddle Technique) - Freebie 3
--Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4

Stage Three
Mizu no Yaiba (Water Sword) - Freebie 4
--Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

Mizutamari Yusuo no Jutsu (Water Puddle Transportation) - Freebie 5
--Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8

Mizu no Yoroi (Water Armor) - Freebie 6
--Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7

Stage Four
Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Technique) - Freebie 7
--Requirements: Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14

Suikusari no Jutsu (Water Chains Technique)
--Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

Stage Five
Kiri Shikaku no Jutsu (Mist Vision Technique) - Freebie 9
--Requirements:Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Power 15

Mizuhada Bunshin No Jutsu (Water Body Clone Technique) - Freebie 10
--Requirements: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16

Suiton: Suihou no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Cannon Technique) - Freebie 11
--Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15

Doiru Suiyari no Jutsu (Drilling Water Spears) - Freebie 12
--Requirements: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14

Suiton: Suise no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Torrent Technique)
--Requirements: Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Control 14

Stage Six
Suijouki no Jutsu (Steam Technique) - Freebie 13
--Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15

Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Shark Blast Technique) - Freebie 14
--Requirements: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15

Suirou no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique)
--Requirements: Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15

Stage Seven
Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu (Water Element: Great Waterfall Technique)
--Requirements: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20

Jouki Mizu Ninjutsu and Swap Jutsu
Stage One
Jouki Soujuu (Steam Creation) - AP
--Requirements: Power--2, Intelligence--2

Stage Two
Deguchi no Jutsu (Vent Technique)
--Requirements: Tactics--5, Intelligence--4, Willpower--4

Stage Three
Eda Soubaku no Jutsu (Limb Confinement Technique) - AP
--Requirements: Power--8, Control--8, Reserves--6

Stage Four
Namakura Sogekihei no Jutsu (Blunt Sniper Technique)
--Requirements: Power--14, Control--13, Reserves--11, Intelligence--10

Stage Five
Kanketsusen no Jutsu (Geyser Technique)
--Requirements: Tactics--19, Intelligence--18, Willpower--18, Power--16

Stage Six
Karappo Bakudan (Hollow Bombs)
--Replacing: Open Slot
--Requirements: Power--26, Control--25, Reserves--24, Tactics--19, Intelligence--17

Onigokko Kenjutsu
Stage Five - 3 AP, 2 points
--Stat Requirements: 19 Willpower, 19 Tactics, 18 Intelligence, 16 Speed
--Cumulative Bonuses: +15 Speed
Regular Techniques
Initiate I - Stage 2
Release - Stage 2
Initiate II - Stage 3
Initiate III - Stage 4
Initiate IV - Stage 5
Explosive Tags - 4
Kunai - 2
Soldier Pills - 6
Kyoukasuigetsu (鏡花水月) - 12

Weapon Points Remaining: 4
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 8

Thread Edits:
The Bloody Mist Approaches June 22nd '06 - Added Suiton: Suise no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Torrent Technique), +1 Tactics, +1 Intelligence
R&R Shinobi of Mist and Stone; 29 July - Added Stage 1 of Koketsu Kenbu. Bought 8 WP. Took out shuriken and arm guards to add Kyoukasuigetsu.
Yasuo and Jiyu's Soggy Adventure (10.18.06): +2 Power, added Suikasuri no Jutsu.
12/7/06 - Genjutsu Kai revamp: Took out Suimenka no Kisoku and Stage 1 of Koketsu Kenbu, added Bunshin no Jutsu and Meisai no Jutsu.
Engi no Comic Contest, Second Place 12/19/06 - AP spent, +1 Tactics
1/17/07 - 2 Staff AP spent, +2 Tactics
2/10/07 - 3 AP spent (gained from Shirou for creation of Jouki Mizu list): +2 Willpower, Added Jouki Soujuu
Morning 2/22/07: +2 Reserves
Engi 3rd Anniversary Staff Payment 3/17/07 - 12 AP spent: +3 Power, +3 Control, +3 Intelligence, Added Stages 1-3 of Onigokko Kenjutsu. Freebie spent: Added Suirou no Jutsu
3/18/07 - 1 Tournament Point spent (lost in 1st Round): Added Deguchi no Jutsu
5/23/07 - 1 Staff AP spent: added Eda Soubaku no Jutsu.
7/18/07 - 3 Staff AP spend: +3 Speed
7/31/07 - 1 Staff AP spent: +1 Willpower
9/19/07 - 5 points from Panda spent: Added Namakura Sogekihei no Jutsu, Kanketsusen no Jutsu, Karappo Bakudan, Stages 4-5 of Onigokko Kenjutsu
Of Men from Mist - 10/17/07: +2 Power
Water and Lightning: Into the Depths - 3/30/08: +1 Control, +1 Intelligence, Added Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu
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Hm, overall nothing seems to be wrong, though I don't know much about the Bingo Book >>; I'll leave that for a mod. I'll point out one tiny thing o.o Nothing much really: In your character's personality: "... heartbeat.As a..." Might wanna add a space after that period >>

He's rather an interesting character T_T I wonder why there's no reply here yet...

PS: I like the nindo n_n
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D'oh! Fixed the grammar error.

Thanks for the feedback . Evil characters are always so much more fun.
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You know how much I hate this character. T_T

Half-approved anyway. It's well-made.
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Everything seems to check out.


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the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

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204.5 is your rating, giving you an A-rank at the start.

Your bounty is 20450 yen, dead or alive.

And approved.
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Thanks for the approvals everyone! Kyzuko, that picture wins.

Yeesh 20,450 yen? I have a feeling there's gonna be some people after me. Just a few....

Fianlly Lei: I definitely know how much you hate this guy. He goes against everything Keitaro is ^_^

Anyway, Missing-nin rank and bounty edited in, just one more approval point
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I've seen Hyuuga Kaito use that pic a couple times, heh.

I thought we were capping all missings at B rank for creation... But this guy is well-written, so I don't see why we couldn't make an exception. Just this once.

Approved and moved. Stay out of Hidden Mist or I might have to come after you with my traitor-hating Jounin. ^.^
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