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Default Ninjutsu no Amegakure: Shirou Suiton

Amegakure no Ninjutsu: Shirou Suiton

Stat Blocks:
A: Power
B: Control
C: Reserves
D: Intelligence
E: Tactics
F: Willpower

Stage One

Name: Mizu Souken (Water Creation)
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2
Description: While there isn’t a shortage of water in Ame no Kuni, finding enough water for one’s ninjutsu elsewhere can prove cumbersome. While more tiring to use than what water is already in the area, this jutsu is necessary in areas that do not have an abundant source of it. Mizu Souken, like its cousin jutsu from Kirigakure allows for the shinobi (or kunoichi) to draw water from the air itself to aid in their Mud or Water style techniques.

- Stage Two: Can be used in Stage One techniques.
-- Stage Three: Can be used in Stage Two techniques.
--- Stage Four: Can be used in Stage Three Techniques (and so on.).

Important Note: To perform Stage Seven ninjutsu, a natural large water supply must be present.

Name: Dorogutsu no Jutsu (Muddy Shoes Technique)
Requirements: Control 3, Tactics 2
Description: Following a lone hand seal from the user, the ground beneath the target turns into a small pit of mud that sticks and gives a weak pull on the enemy’s feet. Now, while not strong enough to fully restrain a target, it allows a split second in which the user can follow with a more powerful attack.

Name: Toikino Suijouki (Breath of Vapor)
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
Description: The first jutsu that truly adheres to the “Shirou Suiton” name, this jutsu (while also exhaled from the mouth) creates a steady plume of white mist that covers the sight of the target for a brief span of time, as well as causes the enemy to cough as the mist gets into the nose and mouth.

Name: Kiri Bunshin no Jutsu (Mist Clone Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Description: For what passes as an exact copy of the user, the Mist Clone is exceptionally offensively weak, having almost no real attack strength of its own. On the other side, it also doesn’t have much strength on the defensive side either, although like any other Bunshin, if it takes a solid hit (it will shrug off a glancing blow), it will disperse in a fine spray of mist. The only real attack the Mist Clone has is that it will rush the enemy and attempt to choke him or her by stuffing itself down the opponent’s mouth and nose in an attempt to suffocate them. One Bunshin is created at this stage.

- Stage Two: Three Bunshin are created.
-- Stage Three: Five Bunshin are created.

Stage Two

Name: Dorotama no Jutsu (Mud Ball Technique)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Description: Although a simple jutsu, Dorotama is the first true offensive technique of Shirou Suiton that is taught to upcoming Rain shinobi. By focusing chakra into the mouth, the user creates and spits out fist-sized globs of mud at the opponent. This ball hits with a concussive strength level of two and upon landing on any surface, quickly dries and hardens into a brittle clump of dirt. Three globs are launched with this technique.

- Stage Three: Five globs are launched and hits with a strength level of three.
-- Stage Four: Seven globs are launched with no change in strength.

Name: Suitoraeru no Jutsu (Water Sight Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4
Description: As a spying technique, Suitoraeru allows for the shinobi creating and “seeing” or just seeing from an existent, but relatively small source of water at the expense of their normal sight (in short, if you can see through the water, you cannot see normally.). This jutsu allows the user to see everything that the puddle sees: everything reflected on, around or underneath the surface. The source of the water may only as big as a puddle of water. This sight lasts for three posts maximum.

Name: Suidoru no Jutsu (Water Needles Technique)
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Description: By manipulating an available water source, or created one via Mizu Souken, the user can create Senbon needles. The needles can be either collected and thrown by hand or launched as they are created towards a target. These needles of water are as capable as normal senbon in terms as lethality, but after they strike, they lose solid form an turn back into basic water. User creates five needles.

- Stage Three: User creates ten needles.
-- Stage Four: User creates fifteen needles.

Name: Suiren (Water Lily)
Requirements: Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5
Description: An innocent name for a destructive technique: this jutsu allows the user to make small amounts of water explode into a barrage of needle-like drops that would remind one of hailstones. The affected water spreads out in all directions and cannot be controlled by the user – posing a danger to their creator if he is not careful. Fully capable of cutting through clothing and causing skin lacerations this technique can be extremely surprising and thus handy. The maximum amount of water that can be used depends on the user’s proficiency at ninjutsu. Initially, half a litre can explode.

- Stage Three: A liter water can explode.
-- Stage Four: Two liters of water can explode.

Stage Three

Name: Doroheki no Jutsu (Mud Wall Technique)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Description: This move creates a barrier between the user and whatever he desires. When this wall springs up it is wade of compacted mud, a substance – that while not particularly solid – is capable of sapping a great deal of force from any physical attack that should come into contact with it and of course a barrier is still a barrier when it comes to more exotic forms of attack. On the user’s next post the mud wall hardens and dries out. And while usually fairly brittle, a Jounin’s dried mud wall might as well be stone. The wall itself is 5 feet by 5 feet and can block Stage Two Ninjutsu.

- Stage Four: The wall can block Stage Three Ninjutsu, and two feet are added onto the base dimensions.
-- Stage Five: The Wall can block Stage Four Ninjutsu, and three feet are added onto the base dimension.

Name: Ude no Taku (Arms of the Octopus)
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8
Description: Quite the handy entrapment technique, it works best at close to medium range encounters. With a string of hand-seals, four tendrils - about eight feet long at the max - of hardened mud emerge from the user’s sleeves and spring towards the target; they are aiming to envelope the target. Quite effective for a relatively simple technique, it takes a base strength of level 3 to extricate oneself from these bonds. Otherwise, these bonds loosen after two rounds of posting; provided the user hasn’t already taken advantage of the target while they were entangled.

- Stage Four: Six tendrils are created.
-- Stage Five: Eight tendrils are created.

Name: Doro Bunshin no Jutsu (Mud Clone Technique)
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Description: A jutsu that creates a clone made of mud from the earth. Compared to the weaker Kiri Bunshin, this Bunshin is capable of attacking with a rounded third of the user’s stats (including taijutsu bonuses). Not only can the Doro Bunshin can use one jutsu from the Shirou Suiton list once per thread, given it has the appropriate stats for it, it’s body is also manipulatable. Manipulation is limited to weapons and it can’t become something greater than it is. One clone is created.

- Stage Four: Two clones are created.
-- Stage Five: Three clones are created.

Name: Nijuu Kankuuhan (Twenty Lashes)
Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
Description: Completing the required hand seals, the user exhales a cloud of mist that is very similar to the Breath of Vapor Technique. However, this cloud is spewed out faster and over a wider area than its predecessor – the plume creating a large cone that envelopes all it touches. Enemy’s caught inside this vapor find themselves being struck as if by whips.

These strikes rip through clothing and strike hard enough to draw blood from skin. Though the injuries rarely prove fatal, the pain from these lashes can be enough to drive people into shock and at the very least it severely hampers muscle movement. It covers a similar area to the Breath of Vapor - though the cone is 18ft long and 9ft at its largest point instead of the previous dimensions.

Stage Four

Name: Doryu no Jutsu (Mud Dragon Technique)
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Description: This jutsu, evidently summons a winged, imposing dragon of mud – aesthetically, it may vary from user to user. However, one thing remains constant – their incredibly versatility. Its claws of mud may rend, while its sharp fangs can serve the same purpose. In one additional twist, the draconic entity may also utilize the Mud Ball technique (at stage 3 level) instead of its typical methods of attack. Stage 4 ninjutsu or Level 4 strength may destroy this dragon. Only one may be in existence at any time and the jutsu lasts for three posts.

Name: Shoutaku no Jutsu (Quagmire Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
Description: A highly refined version of Dorogutsu no Jutsu, Shoutaku is no longer as harmless as its predecessor is. With a string of hand seals, the ground beneath an enemy’s feet in an eight foot circle turns to mud, instantly swallowing them to their ankles if they aren’t quick enough to escape (within one post). From there, this technique rivals any from of quicksand in lethality: Slowly, the afflicted person is sucked into and devoured by the mud. It takes three posts for the enemy to be completely buried and once they are completely sucked in, the Quagmire turns back into basic earth and can be escaped normally if the target has not suffocated by this time.

Name: Furissagu no Jutsu (Driving Rain Technique)
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
Description: Summoning his chakra, the Rain shinobi looks to the sky and causes it to grow dark with ominous clouds. The air grows damp and humid and the smell of rain in the air is almost overwhelming. In the initial post, a light rain begins to fall down from the chakra created clouds that within the next post becomes what one might call a torrential downpour of rain. This rain obviously, is not a normal one. This chakra-aided rain obscures the senses and distorts any sounds made within the downpour, other than that of the rain itself. This technique is similar to Kirigakure’s namesake technique in that, even the user cannot see through it without either already knowing how to fight without vision or having a technique that sees through it (White Clairvoyance). Lasts for three posts.

- Stage Five: Lasts for four posts.
-- Stage Six: Lasts for five posts.

Name: Doro Shunshin no Jutsu (Mud Instantaneous Body Skill)
Requirements: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10
Description: Using chakra to turn their body into mud, the user sinks into the ground below, removing them from sight. The user then reappears (with the process happening in reverse) up to a mile away from where they were previously. The user can only appear in a location he or she has seen before. Just like with any other Shunshin, this may only be used for escaping a thread.

Name: Kokyuuhou (Water Breathing)
Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14
Description: A simple and passive technique that may end up being most handy in numerous situations, the Water Breathing Technique allows the shinobi to use his chakra to sustain himself for short periods of time should he be unable or not want to breathe. This technique lasts 3 posts.

- Stage Five Effect: The technique lasts 4 posts.
-- Stage Six Effect: The technique lasts 5 posts.

Stage Five

Name: Shoutaku Bunshin no Jutsu (Quagmire Clone Technique)
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
Description: This clone created from both mist and mud is the strongest of the Bunshin in this list. With the same stats of that of its creator (along with a third of their bonuses), its body is manipulatable, like its weaker variant -- the Doro Bunshin, meaning that it’s arms and legs are able to be shaped into weapons. It can’t become something outrageous though (meaning it can’t become bigger than it already is or anything like that.). It can use one ninjutsu from this list before returning to its natural state. Only one Bunshin can be made at one time.

Name: Kanketsusen (Geyser)
Requirements: Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Power 15
Description: An attack designed to remove a tightly clustered group of enemies, the Geyser jutsu forces a huge spout of water to erupt from the ground - the attack hitting an area of eight feet in diameter - with enough force to break bones or fling an enemy far, far into the air. After the initial burst, the spout of water falls away from the center and floods the immediate area with water.

Name: Hokosakino Asshuku (Pressure Spear)
Requirements: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14
Description: Water is a dangerous element and, like many elements, at high speeds it is even more so. This technique, the Pressure Spear, forces an incredible volume of water into a space as wide as a tennis ball before projecting it outwards in a long stream with extreme force. This technique is capable of slicing through solid stone without fail and even metal cannot resist this technique indefinitely. Needless to say, a human must be wary of such a move – especially considering the long range this jutsu can be performed at. Only one spear can be fired, the spear can reach 50 feet and takes two shots to break through metal.

- 25 Power: The spear can reach 60 feet.
-- 32 Power: The spear can reach 70 feet.

- 25 Control: It takes one shot to break through metal.
-- 33 Control: The spear punches through metal without trouble.

- 26 Reserves: Two spears can be fired.
-- 35 Reserves: Three spears can be fired.

Name: Kyuubi no Neko (Cat ‘o Nine Tails)
Requirements: Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Control 14
Description: When this jutsu is performed mist bursts from the user’s body in any direction he pleases, covering a large area and subjecting those caught within it to numerous, repeated slashes in much the same way as the Twenty Lashes technique. These can score stone and slash trees with equal ease. Needless to say, such a move is quite a powerful addition to any shinobi arsenal; if exposed to this jutsu for long enough, death is fully within its reach. The mist extends from the user in a 15ft diameter circle.

Name: Shirou Senrigan no Jutsu (White Clairvoyance Technique)
Requirements: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
Description: A technique created almost solely to supplement the Driving Rain Technique, the White Clairvoyance technique allows the user to see through heavy rain or the specifically white mist that is used in many of the stronger Shirou Suiton jutsu. This does not give the ability to see through smoke or mist, however. The technique is passive and activates when the user's vision would otherwise be obstructed by Shirou Suiton jutsu.

Stage Six

Name: Tachinoboru Happa (Rising Blast)
Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15
Description: With a string of hand seals, the user conjures worth a massive volume of water that immediately rushes in the direction of his choice. This veritable tidal wave is capable of sweeping people away, crushing people to death and drowning the survivors in its torrent. Those who escape this technique will find the battle field changed into a waterlogged version of itself – providing an intrinsic advantage to any water or mud-using shinobi. Thankfully, this move takes a lot of chakra to perform and isn’t a move to be used lightly. Cannot be used in succession.

Name: Suijinheki (Water Wall)
Requirements: Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15
Description: A high level defensive technique, Suijinheki projects a cylindrical wall of torrential water around the user. This barricade is not only reinforced with chakra, but the sheer speed at which the water rushes out from the user (essentially “away” from them) also deflects or possibly destroys the oncoming attack.

This jutsu is lasts for one post as a base, but as such a high-level technique, it cannot be used in consecutive posts without a cool down of one post. After the jutsu ends, the water crashes down and flows normally.

- 25 Intelligence: The wall lasts for two posts.
-- 29 Intelligence: The wall lasts for three posts.

- 24 Tactics: Stage Five Ninjutsu and Stage Four Taijutsu is blocked.
-- 28 Tactics: Stage Six Ninjutsu and Stage Five Taijutsu is blocked.

Name: Suinamo no Arashi (Tempest Torment)
Requirements: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15
Description: Clasping his hands together, the user causes a single target within sight to suddenly find water begin to swirl up from the ground around him - giving the poor soul a chance to escape - but catching him inside a whirling vortex of water should he fail. Trapped inside, the unlucky foe is subject to being tossed and flailed around like a ragdoll within. Breaths are ripped out from the target’s lungs and they are rendered unconscious soon after. This jutsu only lasts for a single post, but a single post would probably feel like a eternity inside. This jutsu is substantially quicker to initiate when actually atop a body of water.

Name: Yuurei Kagaisha no Jutsu (Phantom Assailant Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 23, Tactics 23, Willpower 22, Control 16, Reserves 15
Description: A technique that can only be used in conjunction with the other mist techniques, the Phantom Assailants Jutsu causes any mist affected in this way to linger on the battlefield for an unnatural length of time. This now enchanted mist is suddenly possessed with malice enough to cause it to seek out nearby targets and attempt to restrain and asphyxiate them by clinging to their bodies, wrapping around their necks and forcing its way into their lungs with equal fervour. This move lasts for 3 posts and any mist introduced after its casting is also affected by it.

Stage Seven

Name: Numa Ame no Jutsu (Nightmare Rain Technique)
Requirements: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20, Admin Approval
Description: A technique that can only be classed as Village Destruction. The sky is filled with pitch black clouds from horizon to horizon – stifling any source of light from a above – and plunging the affected area (which is 90 feet squared) into darkness. Thunder claps high above and lighting streaks between clouds. Then it begins to rain, it begins to rain harder than any tempest. However, this water is no ordinary water. At first, enemies under this technique will simply think it is a normal storm and for the first post of this jutsu it will be.

Starting on the user's next post though the rain suddenly becomes razor sharp. The droplets elongate and turn into scything needles that blast their way through flesh, wear down stone and even damage metal should they be given enough time to do so. Wise enemies will seek a way to protect themselves as they leave the area before they are torn to shreds while the user and his allies suffer only as much harm as normal rain can muster. This deadly rain lasts two posts and covers an area of 100 feet around.

Name: Shisui Shikyo (Stagnant Death)
Requirements: Intelligence 30, Tactics 27, Willpower 26, Power 22, Control 20
Description: This jutsu could almost be termed a summoning technique. Out of nowhere a huge and sickly swamp, roughly 90 feet in diameter, transplants the original terrain. Gnarled, decaying trees suffocated by parasitic vines as the only noticeable “life” here. Everything else is simply mud. This mud however is actually a malicious and evil spirit that seeks nothing more than to devour still warm flesh. And devour it attempts to do – the mud reaching out with hooked tendrils to strike, impale and then drag its prey down underneath its inescapable depths. A persistent foe, defeating these tentacles hardly even slows it down in its ravenous quest.

However, to perform this technique the user must go into a state of torpor so complete that it can be mistaken for death. This leaves the user completely unable to defend himself calling to the mud to shield his fragile body and any strike that touches the user will wake him and end the jutsu instantly. This technique may be used safely for 3 posts, 4 posts will cause the user to be drained of the chakra he uses to satiate the swamp and after post 5, the user will be eaten as a sacrifice.

Name: Ekijou Kyoushu (Liquid Assassin)
Requirements: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Intelligence 24, Tactics 22
Description: A truly incredible technique that allows the user to become water: with full control over shape, and density. Practical immunity to many attacks - nearly all of the phyiscal kind - is granted through this technique and its long duration and remarkable efficiency make for a powerful weapon. This is not to say the user is completely invincible though.

Indeed, every drop of water they loose is a scratch sustained when this jutsu wears off. Regular water cannot repair the damage done and only by gathering what was lost can something like that be possible - even if such small amounts of water will usually disappear before the user can retrieve them (though because they can retrieve them to an extent one huge blunt impact isn't instantly fatal).

The user may remain in this state for six posts.

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