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Default Hyuuga Clan History

The Hyuuga Clan

the boughs of the great tree
held loftily and in sway
are nothing but a silhouette
in the light of the magnificent flame

Clan History:

To say that the Hyuuga have always been a clan of high standing and a testament to dignity and pride would be a fair assumption. It has forever been the case that the Hyuuga are arrogant and aloof by nature, clinging to strict codes of moral conduct as well as age-old traditions. To most members of this family, there is nothing but honor and purpose. And to the Hyuuga, we are all born into a very distinct purpose.

Since the time of Konoha’s inception, when a ragtag band of shinobi came together to create what is now one of The Five Great Shinobi Villages, there has always been a Hyuuga in the background. Bearers of a rare and powerful bloodline, they have never taken a public mantle of authority within the village but have always held at least some influence. Some have even rumored the Hyuuga as a family bent only on serving their own, always holding themselves in highest opinion and importance.

Now to a very relevant extent, this is true. But the same can be said of any clan: they always act in accordance to their best interest. This is not only a fair presumption, but a well-founded one as well. But in the case of the Hyuuga, it is not necessarily the case. One occasion that perhaps resonates this point best is the tragic tale of one Hyuuga Hizashi. Born a twin to an older brother, Hiashi, he was destined to lead a life of servitude while his brother took authority over the clan as its heir.

Each brother had their own children. To Hiashi there was Hinata, a meek and exceptionally quiet little girl. To Hizashi, there was Neji, a boy of some potential. But because of the status quo, each lead very different lives. Being a part of the Branch Family, as they were called, Hizashi and Neji were branded with seals upon their foreheads which condemned them to faithful service. If they were to act out of line in any instance against the Main Family, to which Hiashi and Hinata obviously belonged, they could be tortured to death at a whim.

A certain event lead to the kidnapping of Hinata one very fateful night. The intruder who had stolen her was quickly dispatched by Hiashi, however, and all believed the crisis to be averted. But as the Hokage stepped onto the clan grounds to speak gravely with Hiashi and his father, it became quite apparent that the situation was much more complicated than anticipated.

In a very unofficial bid at revenge, the Hidden Village of Cloud was asking for Hiashi’s body in compensation for their ‘ambassador’ being killed. Thunderstruck by the deal, Hiashi was apt to give his life for the village. However, it was his father’s bidding that stayed this decision. Instead Hizashi was chosen to take his brother’s role and he gave himself willingly to appease the bargain. It was his wish to do something of his own accord, for a change. This was his chosen path.

Needless to say, this selfless act of love did much to rearrange the Hyuuga. Neji, embittered by his father’s death, later found a very sorrowful Hiashi at his feet, asking for forgiveness. If this image is not enough, what happened later is even more extraordinary. As mentioned before, Neji was a boy of potential. Yet embroiled in his hate, he found that he was more capable than any heir Hiashi could produce.

Never before had there been a Branch Family member who could surpass a Main Family member at anything, let alone the secret arts of their bloodline. However Neji clearly broke that barrier and taught himself the very deadly arts of Jyuuken, the taijutsu and strength of the Hyuuga clan. Within years he was more powerful than anyone could have imagined, and he finally began tutelage under his uncle’s careful watch.

To make things short, Hanabi, Hiashi’s youngest daughter, took over the clan after he passed and was an even deeper influence to the already changing clan. Taking her father’s ideals in step, she regarded the Branch Family not simply as servants, but more rightly as family. That was the point of the clan, and Hanabi was very aware of this fact through Neji; that despite all their so-called differences, they were still tied by blood.

Between Hanabi and the current clan leader, Hisae, there have been three generations of Hyuuga. Each has redefined what it means to be a part of the clan in very different ways. The strict and overly harsh branding of Branch Family members was disbanded long ago, and now even the title runs the risk of being grinded away into the sands of time.

But that does not mean that the animosity is not there. There are still a few who believe themselves pure and true. Though they are not an official group or organization, they have gone through many lengths to prevent the very revolution which Hiashi and Hizashi began. Included in this was a fanatical need to keep the bloodline untainted and to marry very selectively. Parents of these Hyuuga were careful to prepare marriages between very important persons within the village and thus anchored themselves to the threads of power. By this they are still able to control much of what goes on both within and outside the clan despite Hisae’s best efforts.

The current status of the clan is rocky, at best. With the Purebloods holding a very tight grip around Hisae’s reign, they threaten to undo all the progress achieved within the last century. These are things which have shaped the lives of the Hyuuga for the better. The clan has never been so open and accepting of one another than they are now, neither tied to their trivial pursuits of destiny or to the arrogance to which they were once jaded.

Essentially the two families co-exist quite peacefully. As mentioned before, the borders between the two are nearly non-existent except for only the most faithful to the ancient ways. Some Branch Members have even gone so far as to develop their own, new seal which they attach to themselves. This one, however, does not induce any sort of pain upon the bearer but is instead a literal symbol of service. To this end, despite all efforts, these clan members view themselves alike to slaves and do nothing but serve Hyuuga who will ‘accept’ them. Little do they know that they only contribute to the Purebloods’ conviction.

Clan Village: Konohagakure

Clan Structure:

Very loosely structured as opposed to more than 100 years ago, the Hyuuga are seen as much more lenient than they once were. Hisae, the only female clan head ever, is a model of patience and virtue. Through her vision and guidance, much of the Hyuuga has come to live by her example. As such, a general assumption would be to say that most Hyuuga are well-mannered and have a strong sense of justice that comes second only to their pursuit of excellence. However, this only attributes for the general population.

There are, in practice, three separate Hyuuga families. Though not named so, there is the Main, Pureblood, and Branch Family. The Main would include Hisae and the all the other Hyuuga who do not associate with the other two houses. The Pureblood ‘house’ is one which only the most prideful of Hyuuga are a part of. Having not been tainted by either Branch Family blood or by any other outside influences, they believe themselves whole and the true heirs of the Hyuuga dynasty.

The Branch Family, as they are now, are found mostly in the abodes of Purebloods. They cling to age-old tradition and refuse to accept the ever-changing clan’s ideals no matter the results. Committing themselves to their masters, they are very much the opposite of everything the clan has achieved to this day. Hisae, in her judgment, has not done anything to persuade them though. One of the most important new-age teachings of the Hyuuga is to choose and make your own destiny. If this is what her renegade brethren wish for, she cannot deny them.

This is, of course, a very objective look at what the clan is. The truth of it is that one cannot truly know the Hyuuga unless they are themselves a part of the clan. Regardless of how often it may be told to any outsider, the inner workings of the clan are still very much subtle and secretive.

Important Clan Members:

Hyuuga Hisae: The only child of one Hyuuga Hiobe, she was always thought to be one of lesser standing than her father. Born in the age when only mild understanding was beginning to spread throughout the clan, there is still even now reservation about her being the clan head. Being a youth of 28 now, she seeks not to change the Hyuuga, but to unite them.

Quiet, soft-spoken, and keen, she has been found a very responsible person in light of everyone’s doubts. A very capable shinobi, she has been spared many of the pursuits of normal shinobi of her age because of her status as heiress. However, she is still quite formidable and should not be underestimated.

Judging from her appearance, she is a slender woman of about 5’6, relatively short for her family. A fair complexion with near-perfect features dots her face, white eyes a testament to her clan’s lineage. She most definitely looks the role of a proud heiress, her very delicate features leading many to believe her frail and weak.

The lone truth is that Hisae is not easily angered. She is the definition of patience, and this by itself enrages some of the so-called Purebloods of the Hyuuga. Ever-perceptive and mindful that there is always more than one way to dismantle a situation, she has proven herself a competent leader and model of merit within the Hyuuga.

Hyuuga Hatsumi: Hisae’s cousin, she is an outspoken and malicious opponent to everything the clan has become. Owing loyalty only to the ideal that the Hyuuga are the most prominent beings in Konoha, she lives this everyday. Dressed regally and never ceasing to withhold to modesty, even the roofs of her quarters within the clan grounds are lined in gold. Very much boisterous, she holds to her zeal just as much as Hisae holds to her tolerance.

Bitter also because she was not chosen to be the clan head, Hatsumi harbors hate not only for how Hisae is managing the clan, but for her personally as well. Amongst Hatsumi’s closest relatives and confidants, she has spoken many times of murdering her dear cousin. But these are such idle threats since Hatsumi is not nearly as striking as Hisae in many ways. She is neither a great warrior nor a cunning strategist. It is only the sharpness of her wit and tongue that makes her any sort of danger.

Hyuuga Shayou: Currently heir to the Hyuuga line, he is Hisae’s nephew and student. A shy boy, he is very polite and diligent, almost to the point of submission. Even at the age of 11 he displays the characteristics of a prudent leader: careful in his movements and words, never wasteful. Many see him as simply dedicated and focused to his training. But many others see in him a hesitance for what is expected of him. Hisae, too, knows that Shayou does not want what is by birth his, but there is little choice for him as she has no children of her own yet. It is a dilemma that they both live with everyday. It is to be noted, too, that Shayou is Hatsumi’s eldest son.

Clan Abilities: These are found here

Clan Archetype:

Hyuuga Bloodline Specialist
Special: Add an extra point to speed.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Own Choice
Tertiary: Own Choice
Stat Merit: + 1 Speed, + 1 Stamina, + 1 Control
Stat Flaw: - 1 Power, - 1 Reserves, - 1 Strength

The trademarks of the Hyuuga clan are their specialized taijutsu, the Jyuuken, and their doujutsu, the Byakugan. Although most Hyuuga children are not capable of controlling either aspect of their bloodline until approximately age five, the motions and stances for the Jyuuken are taught to them starting at age three. At the end of each days training in the Jyuuken a child is asked to attempt to use their Byakugan. While the training for the Jyuuken is strict and forced the Byakugan is grown in to slowly. Upon the day that a Hyuuga child can successfully count the fingers held up by a person standing behind them, they are considered to be able to use the Byakugan adequately for more advanced training in the Jyuuken.

After the emergence of the Byakugan, Hyuuga children begin to learn the real techniques of the Jyuuken style. They are taught to focus their chakra through their body and how to use it in conjunction with their attacks. The Jyuuken is deadly, allowing its user to strike at the chakra system and internal organs of opponents thus making it possible to harm even the sturdiest opponents. For this alone, they are one of the premeire clans of Konoha.

RPC Clan Roster:
Hyuuga Kiyoko (Jounin, Will of Fire)
Hyuuga Kannon (Chuunin, Junge)
Hyuuga Yuu (Genin, VD)

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