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Default Daifuku Ichiyou Orijaki; Cloud's Devil

[Note: I’m writing most of this as if it were filed in a dossier. So, it might not be entirely complete. Oh, and most of this isn’t really known IC since this was “filled out” by a person who “disappeared” with the original document destroyed. Higher ups, like well-known Jounin, should have some limited access to this file, though.]

Name: Daifuku Ichiyou Orijaki (Also known as “Akajaki;” the Red Devil)
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6’ 4”

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Lightning Country; Hidden Cloud Village
Rank: Jounin

Physical Description:

The subject, Daifuku Ichiyou Orijaki, is a rather tall man and easily identifiable as such. On some (although rare) occasions, the man’s height had proven disadvantageous for some missions. However, some of my... more feminine companions say that his height isn’t a problem at all and it is actually quite an attractive feature. Nevertheless, this is just a beginning note to identify the man better. More specific details will follow.

The man also has extremely bright, crimson hair of medium length. To be more specific, it is very silky, free-flowing hair, but has some volume to it. The length is pretty consistent all around, starting at just below where the neck meets the skull and then slightly being reduced in length going up to the forehead. Like his interfering height, this too has caused some problems during operations. And just like his height, my female colleagues continue to proclaim it as a blessing rather than a nuisance. I try to spare these minute details, but unfortunately I am incredibly pressured by my superior (who shares the same trivial feelings about this man) to publish these descriptive items as well.

At this point comes the part of my article that I was practically forced to write. I am supposed to write about his... masculine beauty. His physique is that of which can not be matched. Every muscle in his body seems to be toned, shaped, and sculpted for almost one-hundred percent efficiency (it very well could be completely perfect, as well). If this man was pushed to practice Taijutsu instead of Ninjutsu, he very well could’ve rivaled even the oldest experts and masters of their own styles. It is rumored that even the very nerves and cells are trained proficiently enough to push the very limits of the human body, giving him a reaction time of approximately point-one-three seconds. His healing rate is also thirty percent faster than most normal people, too. He has a very nice face, too, and can easily make a lady fall for him.

There. Finally, my superior officer has allowed me to write the rest of this article in peace. Now I can go into what I truly see when I see this man. His smile: it is considered very calm and gentle by most people; a very serene sort of smile that one gives an old lady when they walk past her in the park. But I know better. I know that his smile secretly holds something unfathomable about him. I can’t exactly explain why, but whenever I see that horrible smile I somehow think that he’s mocking us. And by “us” I mean all of us, Kumogakure, Lightning Country, everyone.

And those eyes of his. I just can’t stand looking at them. One minute it seems like they are calm and clear; again looking very sincere and kindhearted. But when I look at him directly in the eyes it almost makes my heart stop. It’s not quite the same reaction my companions give; it’s a feeling much more terrifying. I sometimes swear that I can see them even change shape for a split second, as well. Very much like his smile, his eyes hide a dark part of him that I can not even imagine.

I can’t quite explain it, though, so it typically makes this document look a bit unprofessional, even though my forced comments already interfered with the credibility of this document. But, it must continue on.


This section will be very brief as Daifuku Ichiyou Orijaki’s wardrobe seems to be very plainly put together. It also seems to be a very militaristic style uniform.

He mainly wears an olive drab sort of uniform. Many of my senior advisors comment on how effective his type of clothing is; since it allows for a basic camouflage for Urban Area operations and is slightly effective in woodland areas as well. The jacket, which has a high-neck collar, is custom made and designed to be very form fitting, yet be breathable and not restricting on arm or torso movements at all. Underneath his jacket is a sleeveless, tight fitting, black undershirt that really shows off his muscular figure.

The type of pants he wears shares the same color as his jacket. He seems to have some type of cargo pants, but it’s interesting to note that he doesn’t seem to use any of the extra pockets. Like the jacket, his pants are custom tailored and designed for comfort, fit, and looks. They also hold a slim fit, as well.

He follows up his whole wardrobe with combat boots. Like the traditional Shinobi Sandals, these boots barely give away any sound when walking and running. Most of the time, he wears a cadet cap, again with the same olive drab color.


Unfortunately, not much is known about the subject’s actual personality.

On the outside, he seems like a very well-to-do, kind gentleman. On several occasions, he seemed to go out of his entire schedule and plans to help out a friend in need. My colleagues continue even now to comment on what a sweet-heart he is.

He’s extremely loyal and obedient as well. There is no mission he was assigned to that he questioned or refused. He has confidently lead several operations with outstanding success. Men with his record are hard to find, so he is definitely a shining gem among Kumogakure.

But enough with the pleasantries.

In reality nobody knows almost anything about this man or what he does in his spare time; his hobbies, his likes, his dislikes, all of them are totally unknown. It’s not a wonder, though, since he tends to keep to himself and only interacts with others when it’s in his best interest, or when he seeks some form of interaction (he is still human after all).

But sometimes I get this feeling that I’m inferior when I’m around him. It’s as if he has an insane ego and sense of pride that it just overflows and spills over out over everybody. I definitely think that his sense of pride comes from the blood that flows in that perfect body of his.

And a couple of times he’s been known to resort to pretty unorthodox measures. Well, his whole career is unorthodox, but the ways that he executes some missions are just... creepy to say the least. He has broken thousands of bones to get the information he wants and to get his way. He’s even torn out an opponent’s heart and crushed it in his face.

There seems to be something deeper to this man, also. His nonchalant attitude to the eradication of his family is questionable. Even his short time in the Academy showed some troubling signs. His attitude with the other children was quite harsh as well, with an obvious flaunting of his superiority. But because of his advanced skills and prowess, it was never actually dealt with.

In battle, he has two “modes” that he likes to use. “Normal” and what others call a “5,000% Overdrive.” However, nobody actually see’s his second fighting mode, or at least nobody that we can get data from at least. He seems to hold a lot back in his Normal mode as well. Nobody has actually seen him fight with the so called “famous Daifuku technique” either except for a strict few that he deems his comrades. Even though he holds back, he doesn’t seem to do so because he believes his opponent is beneath him. It’s never been known of him to underestimate an opponent, but he just puts out the necessary amount of effort needed to win a fight, but never anything that matches his “Overdrive.”

And despite his “loyalty” to Cloud, he seems to operate with a personal agenda in mind. Whether it relates to his well being, the well being of Cloud, or anything else, it is unknown even to his most personal friends. So, it’s best to watch out for this man.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": What he lives by and how he operates as a Ninja is a little bit of an enigma. He’s been known to operate under different motives and circumstances from time to time. He does hold a main idea that has been recorded, though. “Ha! It’s useless to go against fate! Useless!” What it actually means is only known to him and his close companions.

Clan/Bloodline: No Longer Applicable

Primary Archetype:

Elemental Specialist
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, you gain a free low-level technique of the corresponding element for free.
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Own Choice
Tertiary: Own Choice
Stat Merit: +2 in Power, +1 in Reserves
Stat Flaw: -2 in Tactics, -1 in Strength
Description: Elemental Specialists are the same as Ninjutsu specialists, but have found a liking for a certain element, such as fire, water, sand, or earth. These elemental specialists put all of their skills into mastering techniques that revolve around a single element.

Secondary Archetype:

Ninjutsu Specialist
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Own Choice
Tertiary: Own Choice
Stat Merit: +2 to Power, +1 to Control
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Tactics
Description: With this archetype, the shinobi devotes themselves completely to studying a wide variety of Ninjutsu, creating various sources of energy, like an element or a physical object. They are usually pretty diverse fighters, but they usually rely on Ninjutsu for power. They practice the balance of molding chakra and hand seal formation and quickening that for training.


Primary: Chakra
—Power:1 + 2(Elemental Specialist) + 2(Ninjutsu Specialist) + 18(Pool) = 23
—Control: 1 + 1(Ninjutsu Specialist) +22(Pool) + 1(thread) = 25
—Reserves: 1 + 1(Elemental Specialist) + 20(Pool) + 2 (thread) = 24

Secondary: Mental
—Intelligence: 1 + 15(Pool) + 2(Thread) +1 (AP) +4 (Thread) = 23
—Tactics: 1 – 2(Elemental Specialist) – 1(Ninjutsu Specialist) + 18(Pool) + 1(GMAP) + 2(thread) = 19
—Willpower: 1 +17(Pool) = 18

Tertiary: Physical
—Strength: 1 – 1(Elemental Specialist) – 2(Ninjutsu Specialist) + 12(Pool) = 10
—Speed: 1 + 17(Pool) = 18
—Stamina: 1 + 11(Pool) = 12

Kadai Statistics (see Kadai Info)
Strength: 23 + 12(Intel/2) = 35
Speed: 25
Stamina: 24

Jutsus and Techniques

-Kunai (2)

-Shuriken (2)
-Senbon Needles (2)
-Throwing Daggers (2)
-Explosive Tags (4)
-Razor Wire (2)
-Khukuri (5)

Weapon Points Remaining: 1

Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0


Now for Daifuku Ichiyou Orijaki’s backstory, or what little we know about him.

He was born into the prominent Daifuku family of Kumogakure, which has a past history of providing us with excellent Shinobi. Apparently, they also had a myth of some sort that talked of a “100 year genius.” If you go into some of the details a little more intimately, you could note that this man was definitely that natural born genius. The last recorded note of an unmatched Shinobi from the Daifuku clan was about 134 years ago, but any notes we have of him are scarce and don’t go into details. Though, Orijaki never acted enough to prove it, as we’ve never seen his “Overdrive” at all where his true self is said to be revealed.

Anyways, the Daifuku Family was said to have a special technique passed down from generations that could only be taught to the “genius.” Knowledge of exactly what it is and how to obtain it is reserved for three particular members. It seems to be somewhat of a hierarchy thing within the actual clan itself to see who gets to be the one to hand down the information so that it can be taught to the genius. When the genius actually learns this technique, the other three that taught it to him are eliminated for security reasons. So, since it’s safe to assume that Orijaki knows this secret technique, we can be assured that those three were taken care of, probably by Orijaki.

This brings up an interesting point about the Daifuku family. Orijaki is the only one left. About three years ago, all of them, aside from the man, disappeared. Not a trace was found of them, no blood, no hair, nothing. We tried questioning the man about this, but no physical evidence was ever found that could connect him. He tends to comment on the bizarre occurrence from time to time and it’s fairly obvious that he was involved somehow, but again, we can’t tie him to the crime at all. The only things we have remaining of the Daifuku Family that we could obtain are a few documents and journal entries.

Maybe I should backtrack a bit. It was first recorded that the subject’s status in the family was pretty average until the age of four when he first showed some rather unusual signs. We aren’t sure exactly what they were, but it was enough for the three “elders” to start training the boy how to use that technique. Ninety percent of the boy’s time involved strict training, with the other ten percent being devoted to sleeping and eating. He wasn’t ever allowed outside the Family grounds or to enter the Ninja Academy. Luckily, though, he wasn’t deprived of Cloud’s knowledge of the world, because of the Daifuku’s wonderful Shinobi, and the boy was taught well.

Unfortunately, one of the three teachers was known in Kumogakure for his abusive behavior. In fact, he was banned from teaching Genin after punishing one girl by cutting off three of her fingers. Whether this made an enormous impact on the subject is unknown.

Then, about ten years ago, something happened. We don’t know what, but it just happened. Every document we have, every journal entry we’ve read leaves out the entire summer of Orijaki’s fourteenth year. My associates and I have looked everywhere in the Hidden Cloud’s database, but we can’t find anything having to do with the Daifuku Family for three months of that year. It’s almost as if their entire world was ripped out of existence for that short time. The only thing that we can tell is that Orijaki managed to finally use that Secret Technique in that three month hole in space and time. No other mention of it is made again.

It was after that when some troubling signs of Daifuku were noted. He began to be more introverted and didn’t talk unless he was ordered to talk. The training he was put through was tripled in intensity, and he gained an incredible amount of focus during this time. His personality then seems a lot different from his personality right now. And it all started in the spring of his twenty-first year.

All traces of the Daifuku Family except for Orijaki had disappeared in one day. Well, it was noticed in one day, but in reality they could’ve been gone for a week or a month before we found out. Anyways, on that one day the subject entered into the Ninja Academy. Yes, at the age of twenty-one, he entered into the Academy. He was placed into the highest course level, but was still surrounded by those that were barely a third of his age. He intimidated the children immensely and projected strong killing intents towards all of them at random moments of the day for no reason whatsoever. It was clear that he didn’t’ belong in there at all, but he had to go through the bureaucratic formalities like everyone had to. After a day, he graduated.

Formalities hit him hard for the next four months, as well. The Chuunin Exams had just completed before the man graduated the Academy and he was forced to wait for the next one. The Genin team he was assigned was one of the most advanced team of Genin around, but they were still inferior compared to him. Even the Jounin Sensei was deemed a “pathetic excuse” by the man.

After a pitiful four months of being held behind, Orijaki now only had to deal with two more days of having to rely on his team as the Exams took place. After reaching the final test, he passed two rounds through a tournament before forfeiting his third match, as he said he thought it was “a substantial amount needed” for a promotion. The Raikage agreed on this and appointed him as a Chuunin right after the Exams were finished. Then, after some quick and easy paperwork, he was promoted to be a Jounin Ranked Ninja. In an amazing feat, Orijaki was promoted from Genin to Chuunin to Jounin in one day. That alone brought widespread attention to the man and it is what brought me here to do my job.

So, this is all the known info on him for now. With all the feminine commentary aside, it is clear that this man is something fierce. I do hope that my feelings do not go unshared.

Other Info:

- His nickname “Akajaki” or “the Red Devil” was given to him by some former teammates who saw him fight. When he moved in the fight, he tended to leave behind a sort of red afterimage that was a bit... demonic, almost like a Red Devil. When he was asked about the afterimage at a later time, he dismissed the claim. Dismissed or not, the idea stuck with the teammate, and after a little toying with the man’s name, he was given the nickname “Akajaki.” It is unknown whether he actually likes this name or not.

- He does have one known hobby, though; modeling. It’s a side-car career that he doesn’t take seriously at all. It’s just something to do in his spare time.

Thread Log:
- 8/17/07 Where the Tears Always Fall : +1 Intelligence, Manipulate Advancing Blades
-8/23/07 Guy time. No, not that kind of time... : +1 Intelligence, +1 Control, added Kage Bunshin.
-8/03/08: +1 Intell using AP
-8/26/08: Hima Fire Fighting Event- +4 Intelligence, +1 Tactics, and Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou, Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Roof Tile Shuriken Technique)
-1/12/09: Overflowing Confidence- +2 Reserves, +2 Tactics, and Kisousei Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Homing Roof Tile Shuriken Technique), Bakuretsu Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Exploding Roof Tile Shuriken Technique).

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Damnit man. Good character.


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Tertiary: Physical
—Strength: 1 – 1(Elemental Specialist) – 2(Ninjutsu Specialist) + 11(Pool) = 9
—Speed: 1 + 10(Pool) = 12
—Stamina: 1 + 8(Pool) = 9

I might've missed something from your Kadai descriptions, but your physical stats are sort of off.

Interesting way to phrase a character though. Very cool to read.

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Half approved
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.5 Approveded.

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You would think that some people would try and be a little bit more innovative with their posts. I mean, it's not like I don't like approvals or anything, but just that and nothing else makes it seem almost like it's perfect or something, but that can't be it since they don't give positive feedback either (not counting you, Sushy and Blue).

I'd also like Hicks to just look over this guy before approval, also.

EDIT: Ack, why did I say Daft? WHY?

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*slices Karuto's throat*
That better than just an approval?
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Superbly written character, Karuto, I have no problems with him at all.

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