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Default Merdle's Swaps

Daisuke "Pockets"

Kitsuda Ryouta's Seal

Oda Moko

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Default Merdle's Swaps

Ready for too much edge? Don't cut yourself kids. I reveal my master stroke of 'SO UNIQUE'!

(This is for a Senshi Sound-nin by the way)

Kigo no Yokina Kamigami
The Seal of the Sanguine Gods

If the spirits of the world are real, if those who pray to the little gods are right, then that means our blood itself has patron spirits. Those spirits need the same prayers and offerings as any others, they require sacrifice, they demand it. The poor soul dedicated to this task can hear the blood speak, the demands of it echo in their mind, invades their dreams. The blood is his god, his religion, and his path to purity.

Created in the bowels of old Sound, the Kigo Yokina is a seal created as a magnet for spiritual energy. It shuts out and extinguishes other forms of chakra and energy within the body, stunting the wielder. This is to make room for the beacon placed at the center of their soul, a honing device for spiritual energy the seal's creator wanted to harness. This spirit energy, not-unlike the spiritual energy used by priestess and witches, is only the energy of a certain resonance. It links the wielder to blood, and not just the physical matter, the concept, the image, the very idea of it. It wouldn't be a lie to say the seal goes too far.

The Kigo Yukina appears as a dark red symbol on the back of the user's hand. It is made up of an outer ring, with 8 seals along the edge, and runic writing along the outer ring and another inner ring. It operates almost like a dial, with a crescent pointing to the current seal, and the outer bar filling in as it continues to gain more power, or drains away.

When in a 'closed' state, the crescent points to the 6 o'clock direction, and the seal is nearly invisible. As the user dedicates more bloodshed to it, the seal awakens, glowing a dark red, and making itself visible even if the arcane power must glow through clothing.


The user of the Kigo Yukina has a mystical attachment to blood, both their own and their enemies. This attunement allows them to 'bond' with any blood they have spilled, and attach themselves to the rest of the source. That is, when they hurt someone enough to draw blood, they form a Blood Bond with them. Causing blood to spill is a sacrifice to appease the spiritual energy in the seal, and enough blood spilled, enough Blood Bonds formed, gives more power to the seal holder. In technical terms, any post where the seal holder draws fresh blood on an enemy, they gain a Blood Bond, even if it they have already cut that person in that fight.

When a Blood Bond is gained, the Kigo no Yukina Kamigami awakens and changes its dial. It shifts from the bottom, moving clockwise up to the next mark. The seal, divided into thirds, gives physical advantages when each third of it is filled with Blood Bonds. (So gaining two blood bonds reaches the first limit. reaching 5 blood bonds gets to the second limit. Then it reaches the last limit when it is filled)

After four posts of not being cut, all Blood Bonds on an individual fade away. In non-post time, the process takes max thirty minutes.

First Third
Requirements: Willpower 10, Intelligence 10, Control 8

Once the first third of the Kigo Yukina is filled, a mystical bloodlust is awakened. The user's features become more feral, their jaw becoming more defined, their hair fraying. They can hear the blood of their bonded foes calling to them, like a constant whisper in their ear. It messes with their concentration, making it difficult to do anything but attack those they have a Blood Bond with, or defend against attacks from them. It isn't quite tunnel vision, they can still concentrate, communicate, and function, but they may choose not to.

But while attacking those they have a Blood Bond on, they gain one taijutsu level in every category. When attacking anyone else, their taijutsu levels are one lower.

Second Third (Not Unlocked)
Requirements: Willpower 19, Intelligence 19, Tactics 18, Power 16

When the second third of the seal is filled, the user's features grow dire. Their teeth seem to become sharp and long, their nails growing long enough to be used as simple weapons. Their focus on anyone besides their Blood Bond targets is weaker now, and every post they have to attack or defend against their Blood Bonds unless they are attempting to draw new blood on someone closer than their Blood Bond targets.

The physical augmentation of the seal increases as well. Two taijutsu levels are gained when attacking those they have a Blood Bond with, but two taijutsu levels are lost in any other circumstances.

Sated (Not Unlocked)
Requirements: TBD

To Be Determined

- | - | - | - | -

Other Benefits

The holder of the seal gains access to a special school of Miko techniques, related to blood.
In addition, even if they have Black Miko techniques, the seal masks them as 'pure' while it is in the 'closed' state.

- | - | - | - | -


Those branded with the Kigo Yukina cannot mold large amounts of chakra. They just cannot produce enough chakra to create Ninjutsu and Genjutsu techniques above stage three, and they even find those difficult to pull off. They can never be considered to have Genjutsu training above stage three. On the other hand, Miko techniques that draw on spiritual energy can be performed just fine. This disruption of their chakra also makes it impossible to take the chakra gates.

The connection to blood means that those with the seal don't purify their blood as quickly as others. Poisons introduced to their bodies stick around for two extra posts. Even worse, when they form a Blood Bond with anyone that has poison in their system, they suffer the effects unless they are already under that poison.

- | - | - | - | - | - | - | -

Blood Miko Techniques
To be swapped into Black Miko slots

Blood Hex Technique: Blood Soaked Blades
Stage: 3
Blood is required to appease the little gods, so more and more blood is sacrificed. This Miko technique is activated when drawing blood. The user's weapon glows crimson when they go in to attack, and if the target is cut they can tell something is off with the wound immediately by the odd glow on it. The blood of those cut is linked to the weapon that harmed them, making even the slightest wounds bleed heavier, and drawing that blood through the air to the weapon that caused the wound. The blood floats and flows from slash to blade, an unbroken link, keeping the weapon soaked in a layer of blood. This is exhausting for the target, as it increases blood-loss, gives away the target's position, and makes attempts to simply stifle the wound useless. But healing the cuts with a technique will end this effect immediately.

This lasts for a number of posts equal to Miko Level. (Aka, for a Miko it would be to their highest stage. For a shinobi, it will last based on what stage this is)

Blood Hex Technique: Three Fold Curse
Stage: 4
With a taste of the target's blood on his weapons, it is possible for the seal user to curse the blood still bubbling beneath the surface. The blood used glows a dark red, and visibly shifts, before both people feel a heat with each beat of their heart. For the duration, the pain from all slashing attacks is felt at three times the level, making even the slightest cuts feel like deep gashes, and deep wounds feel like mortal pain. This also slows all attempts to heal the wound during the duration, making any healing technique take twice as long.

This technique lasts for a number of posts equal to half Miko level.

Blood Technique: Blood Rush

Stage: 6
The bloodlust gained in conjunction with blood techniques can create a dangerous warrior, but Blood Rush creates a terrifying flurry of attacks that can cut down whole swaths of enemies. The user's skin glows dark red for a moment, their veins glimmering with power. All bonus taijutsu levels gained from Blood Bonds are funneled into speed levels (for those without the cursed seal of the Sanguine Gods, they get two speed levels), then a straight dash attack is carried out in the blink of an eye. The damage of the attack isn't increased, but a dash can be carried out for every Blood Bond, or for every Miko level, whichever is higher. The post after this is used, the blood rush leaves the user weakened enough that their speed will go to level two.

Blood Hex Technique: Stiffen
Stage: 5
This curse is laid down on anyone cut by the attack after it is activated. The user's weapon glows crimson as they approach, and when the blow lands it has an insidious sting to it. In their next post, the target feels a heavy sensation, like their joints hardening. Moving becomes painful and slow, but is still possible. The taijutsu levels of the target are lowered by two for two posts, and every movement leads to terrible pain. By the third post the effect flows out. It can also be healed by any medical technique of a higher level, or cleansed like a poison.

Blood Technique: Red Imps
Stage: 4
Spawned from any blood the user touches, Red Imps are terrible little creatures who are more of a nuisance than dangerous. They are just over a foot tall, shaped like fat little humans, and only have one arm that ends in a sharp scythe-like blade. They have one eyeball in their head, and mouths that are filled with rows of teeth like a lamprey. Red Imps chase enemies who have bleeding wounds, and dedicate themselves to cutting the wounds deeper, and sucking out whatever amount of blood they can. If a Red Imp attaches for a post, they will fill themselves (painfully) on the target's blood, and then waddle back to their creator. The creator can reabsorb the Red Imp, healing cuts over their own body like a post of contact from lesser healing hands.

Two imps are created for every Miko level. They last until destroyed, and new ones cannot be created while any of the current ones survive.

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