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Default Hidden Mist Genjutsu

Mist Genjutsu List

Stage 1
Durations: 1, 3, 6

Kanraku Kibun (Sinking Feeling)
Requirement: Willpower 2, Control 2
Description: This makes the mind of the person receive the feeling of sinking in a large body of water. There is no other sensation except for the stomach moving upward and the mind believing that the body is somehow sinking.
Trigger: Eye contact between user and victim

Kani Hokou (Crab Walk)
Requirments: Intelligence 3, Reserves 2
Description: A fairly simple jutsu but can ruin many strategies, this switches how the brain works on vision. The victim of the jutsu sees everyone moving around him in crab walk fashion. This can thoroughly confuse the victim if they are not careful.
Trigger: Hear the technique name

Bakuretsu Kunai (Exploding Kunai)
Requirements: Willpower 3, Power 2
Whenever the target touches a weapon it seemingly explodes, even if it’s his. However, this is only a visual effect, meaning there is no sensation of explosion or sound of it.
Trigger: See the handseals of the jutsu

Doro Bunshin no Jutsu (Mud Clone Skill)
Requirements: Reserves 3, Tactics 3
This jutsu creates the illusion of bunshins that try to reassemble themselves after being hit. They are, however, complete illusions incapable of any real action, and are often used to tire down the unsuspecting opponent.
Trigger: See the handseals of the jutsu

Stage 2
Durations: 1, 3, 5

Suirou no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique) - Illusionary Version
Requirements: Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
A move used to trap the victim inside a prison of water; it is very difficult to escape. This Genjutsu variation of the original is for lower-level shinobi. The user performs the hand seals and places his hand near the opponent. If the hands are seen, the Genjutsu proceeds, and a hollow ball of chakra forms around the target with the user's hand inside the sphere. By seeing the hand, the target believes that he is in the Water Prison, and cannot move their body, and the hollow ball creates an image of water around the victim. The genjutsu will be interrupted if the victim believes his "prison" has been broken. For example, a weapon entering the water sphere would "break" it. Further attempts by the user to harm the victim would also breach the "prison" and "break" it.
Trigger: Place hand on opponent

Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Technique)
Requirements: Reserves 5, Control 4, Power 4
A highly effective cover technique which blankets an area in a thick fog, confusing the senses of the enemy. The are a few differences between the Ninjutsu version. The enemy also feels a bit chilly, since most fog occurs in fall and winter. There is also a bit more visibility then the original ninjutsu, allowing for vision up to 2 feet. The genjutsu is broken when the user is caught.
Trigger: Hear the technique name

Atsubottai Mizu no Jutsu (Heavy Water Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 6, Intelligence 6, Reserves 4
A jutsu that is only really effective when the opponent is underwater, Atsubottai Mizu causes the opponent to feel as if his body weight suddenly increases dramatically as water pressure above him begins to press down. This then creates the sudden impression of sinking dramatically in the water, even if the victim really isn’t.
Trigger: See the handseals of the technique

Shiiru Ninpou: Koji Aratameru (Force Ninja Arts: Fact Change)
Requirements: Reserves 6, Control 5, Intelligence 5
Description: One of the main things going against a spy is facts. With this jutsu however, that is no longer a factor. The user is capable of changing very small facts in history for a target, but only for a small amount of time. Small facts would include what year it is, how long two people have known each other (this includes the user and the target), or how many times something has happened; basically, numerical facts. Only one fact may be changed per use, and it may not be changed by more than three numbers.
Trigger: Hear the user’s voice

Shiiru Ninpou: Hoshou (Force Art: Assurance)
Requirements: Willpower 7, Intelligence 7, Reserves 6
Description: When telling a story or explaining oneself, it is crucial to create a believable story in the espionage world. Even when this is done, though, lies can be seen through. This jutsu aids the user in this area. By using this genjutsu, the target is overcome with a feeling of trust towards the user, as if they were life-long friends. If the target is in any doubt about whether or not to take the user’s words for truth, he will lean more towards ‘yes’ than ‘no’.
Trigger: Hear the user’s voice

Stage 3
Durations: 1, 3, 5

Tsuiraku Nami no Jutsu (Crashing Wave Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 8, Intelligence 8, Tactics 6
The shinobi, confident of his "skills", makes a short row of hand seals and raises his hands up, calling a large wave of water from behind them. It is then possible to use a Suiton Ninjutsu which is hidden within the "wave" that hits the target as if the wave itself can hit them. When the "wave" does look like it's about to hit, the illusion breaks, giving the shinobi a limited amount of time to get through with it. This jutsu is not complex, and a Ninjutsu capable of such a task wouldn't be a problem either. The objective of this Genjutsu is to let shinobi shinobi perform a Suiton Ninjutsu with a heightened rate of success. (Note: It is up to the shinobi to convince the target that the Genjutsu performed is possible.)
Trigger: See the handmotion in the beginning of the jutsu
Duration: 1, 1, 1

Tsukaeru no Jutsu (Choke Technique)
Requirements: Reserves 8, Control 6, Power 8
By manipulating the mind of the victim, the user causes the victim to believe a large amount of water to have gone down the windpipe of the victim. This automatically causes the victim to begin feeling as if water was choking him and feel the beginning stages of drowning, though this feeling never goes past that.
Trigger: Hear the technique name
Duration: 1, 2, 4

Chikan no Jutsu (Displacement Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 9, Intelligence 9, Reserves 7
A skill where what the target sees is not where the user really is. The displaced image of the user is a few feet away from their real body leaving the user totally invisible where he truly is. The user must establish where the image is in his RP post and keep the image there the entire time. The image can also be only a maximum of 3 feet away from the user.
Trigger: Eye contact must be made

Oborerujo no Aitou (Lament of the Drowned Woman)
Requirements: Willpower 10, Intelligence 10, Power 8
Description: The intended target will hear a sudden loud cry for help from his side or behind him. When he looks, he will see a female precious to him, such as a mother, sister, wife, daughter, or friend drowning in water. If there is no water on the battlefield to begin with, he will not wonder how that body of water suddenly came into existence; for some reason, that discrepancy does not fasten to his thoughts. If the person is known to be an excellent swimmer or a shinobi, he will see dozens of chains wrapped around her that prevents her from keeping afloat. The genjutsu is meant to distract the target, hopefully lure him to the image where a trap or a teammate is waiting. If the victim ignores the woman’s cries, she will continue to drown: flailing limbs, face turning colors, eyes bulging out of her sockets, dreadful gagging noises... When used against female opponents, the vision is still of a beloved female close to that person.
Trigger: Eye contact must be made

Botabota (Drip Drip)
Requirements: Reserves 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Description: Heaven knows how annoying the sound of incessant dripping can be when one is trying to sleep. The constant pattern burns into the person's mind, keeping him from precious rest, rewiring his thoughts so that he finds himself waiting for that next inevitable drip, over and over no matter how hard he tries not to. Now imagine if someone had that problem on the battlefield. This genjutsu puts the sound of dripping water into the target's mind. It echoes so loudly inside his head he can’t hear himself think. It brings about that same problem of maintaining concentration because the victim catches himself constantly waiting for that next drip instead of focusing on the battle. Even more frustrating is that the dripping pattern will arbitrarily speed up and slow down.
Trigger: See the handseals of the technique

Stage 4
Durations: 1, 2, 4

Suishi Hitokiri (Drowning Assassination)
Requirements: Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Reserves 12
The user puts both hands into a “water prison” that is created when the genjutsu beings. The prison is exactly the same as the previous water prison jutsu. At that moment, the target will then believe that he is indeed drowning, and will feel as if water is in his throat and begin to suffocate. If the user of the Genjutsu is interrupted by either a jutsu or just attention altogether, the illusion breaks.
Trigger: Place both hands on victim

Awa no Jutsu (Bubble Technique)
Requirements: Reserves 12, Control 11, Power 10, Willpower 12
The victim believes that he is trapped in a large bubble. Every time they take a breath, they believe that they use up some of oxygen. If this continues for 3 few posts, the air is completely gone and they feel extremely light headed.
Trigger: Hear the technique name

Mizu Taremaku (Illusionary - Water Curtain)
Requirement: Willpower 14, Intelligence 13, Tactics 11, Control 10
A curtain of water from a nearby water source (either body of water, rain or mist) surrounds the attacker and the opponent making the latter believe he is trapped within this large curtain of water. The water starts rushing down from the top down at a terrifyingly fast pace. The water begins to fill up the are which the victim is standing in quickly, until it reaches above the head. This then causes the usual, “Oh shit I’m going to drown!” syndrome.
Trigger: Eye contact must be made

Namimakura (Falling Asleep to the Sound of the Ocean)
Requirements: Reserves 14, Control 13, Power 11, Intelligence 10
Description: A sleeping genjutsu powerful enough to be employed in combat. When executed, one target will hear the gentle splashing of waves on the beach and fall into a deep sleep. This takes one full post to complete, during which the opponent will have an opportunity to Kai. Physically harming the victim will wake him up before the duration finishes, but he will be left with a groggy feeling that will interfere with his performance in combat for another two posts.
Trigger: Place a hand on the victim
Duration: 0, 1, 3

Kiridoku (Poisoned Mist)
Requirements: Reserves 15, Control 15, Power 13, Willpower 14
The jutsu uses chakra to form a fake mist around the opponent. The opponent then is made to believe that the mist is poisonous. This time around there is the scent of Kodoku – a poisonous substance. This would buy the attacker time to attack and or escape.
Trigger: Hear the technique name

Stage 5
Durations: 0, 2, 4

Teppoumizu no Jutsu (Flash Flood Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 17, Intelligence 16, Tactics 16, Reserves 15
The victim first hears and feels rumblings coming through the ground. This is the first post and is a warning of what is about to come. Soon, a humongous amount of water begins to crash down from all directions, instantly surrounding the victim and sweeping him up, in his mind, through the water. The victim believes himself to be tossed and turned through the violent water, even choking a little on “swallowed water”.
Trigger: Hear the technique name

Suishibari no Jutsu (Water Bind Technique)
Requirements: Reserves 17, Control 16, Power 16, Willpower 15
A Genjutsu technique where the user appears to turn into water before their opponent's eyes, and then induces the idea that they have been caught and bound by a large stream of water from the ground that swirls around them, which the shinobi then emerges from the water surrounding the victim for a swift kill. A variation of the Kishibari. In reality, the shinobi is just right next to the victim.
Trigger: Eye contact must be made

Kachuu no Jutsu (Maelstrom Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 18, Intelligence 17, Tactics 17, Control 14
The ground under the user turns into vortex that appears to suck anything down deep into the ground through the user of summoning water... Touching the genjutsu water is what causes the target's senses to be completely fooled. This then causes the victims of the genjutsu to not approach the user of the genjutsu. The size of the vortex is 10 feet radius (with the user in the middle). For every post that passes, the radius increases by another 10 feet.
Trigger: See the technique handseals

Hokkyokuyou Shaku (Arctic Ocean Dip)
Requirement: Reserves 18, Control 17, Power 17, Intelligence 14
Description: This is a more advanced version of Kanraku Kibun. Throwing someone in arctic waters instead of normal ones, hypothermia is possible due to how much the mind is tricked during the middle of the jutsu. Even feeling frostbitten, but once the jutsu is done, the person feels extremely cold and exhausted slowing down their movement. Weaker people may fall unconscious. However, the frostbite is not real, though hypothermia is a high possibility. Being attacked will break the genjutsu, however.
Trigger: Hear the technique name

Stage 6
Durations: 0, 2, 3

Mizu Gyakuryuu no Jutsu (Water Reverse Flow Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 21, Intelligence 20, Tactics 19, Reserves 17, Control 15
The target suddenly feels like a water is filing up their lungs. Every time they exhale water flows out giving them only small gasping breahs of air. A torture teachnique, the victim feel’s like his is drowning and sputtering water out every few seconds.
Trigger: Physical contact must be made

Museigen Enkai (Limitless Ocean)
Requirement: Reserves 21, Control 20, Power 19, Willpower 17, Intelligence 15
Description: This drops a person in the middle of an ocean. And leaves them feeling stranded entirely alone. There are no terrors in this ocean though, except for the fact that you see nothing but water for miles around. The victim is on a tiny island, barely a few feet across, with nothing but sand and rocks to accompany them. Being attacked breaks the genjutsu.
Trigger: Eye contact must be made

Pirania Sesshoku (Piranha Food)
Requirement: Willpower 23, Intelligence 23, Tactics 22, Control 16, Power 15
Description: This genjutsu starts with the ground shaking under your feet. Then all of a sudden you start seeing small fish jump at you. They are very dangerous piranhas. You then see yourself in a pool of murky water surrounded by them. They start to eat away at you, tearing out chunks of your flesh and gnawing at the bones.
Trigger: See the handseals of the technique

Ika Sukuizu (Squid Squeeze)
Requirement: Reserves 23, Control 23, Power 22, Intelligence 16, Tactics 15
Description: The ground starts to shake where all of a sudden four tentacles come out and start to squeeze you. The ninja hit will feel all of the blood rush to his head from the force and his body cracking like a wood chip. The tentacles whip the victim around to and fro, while producing a large amount of disgusting slime. The suckers on the tentacles also latch onto the victim, refusing to let go and causing immense pain from the extreme suction.
Trigger: The technique name must be heard

Muma Nagi no Sairen (Siren’s Nightmare Lull)
Requirements: Willpower 26, Intelligence 25, Tactics 24, Reserves 19, Control 17
Description: This illusionary technique produces an image of beautiful mermaid women atop wave-washed rocks, singing tragic stories of love between mortals and sea gods. Their enchanted songs attempt to persuade the listener(s) to stop fighting and draw them into their sweetly haunting melodies. The genjutsu acts so powerfully here that it might even cause some opponents to shed tears while they fight (or not). In the second post, if it lasts that long, the Sirens flock to the listener(s) and mercilessly shred him to the bone with their claws. Try fighting with five or so furious, screeching Sirens stripping flesh away in all glorious imitation of kids unwrapping a Christmas present. If the genjutsu happens to continue longer, and the target tries to move away, the Sirens will follow, clinging to his body, slashing him, trying to drag him to the ground.
Trigger: Eye contact must be made

Stage 7
Durations: 0, 1, 3

Gufuu Fuuun (Typhoon Winds and Clouds)
Requirement: Willpower 30, Intelligence 27, Tactics 26, Reserves 22, Control 20
Description: This one is centered on a small area; about 15 feet and all ninja caught in that small field are all of a sudden attacked by an F-5 typhoon. It now sends them looping madly trying to survive with all of their power and dealing with the power of the typhoon. Ending it all with a tidal wave crushing them to the ground and it ends there.
Trigger: Eye contact must be made

Fukuzai Senjou no Jutsu (Hidden Battlefield Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 32, Intelligence 30, Tactics 28, Reserves 24, Control 22
Warps the target's senses. All of them, after they move around enough they come upon a battle zone. Bodies everywhere. The great thing is that the user can be any one of those bodies. And the user can make some of the bodies come to life that act just like the mud clone technique. They seem more real. When you hit them, you can feel them being hit and they just fall apart.
Trigger: Eye contact must be made

Shishigotai Tokasu (Body Melt)
Requirements: Reserves 32, Control 30, Power 28, Willpower 24, Intelligence 22
A technique that causes the target the start watching their body turn into water and melt away. The process takes time, and is only completed if the victim is under the genjutsu for the full 3 posts. However, even during the intermediat posts, parts of the body slowly turn into water. The technique starts from the feet and move up the body slowly, leaving the head for last.
Trigger: Hear the technique name

Fukai Oshi (Deep Pressure)
Requirement: Willpower 35, Intelligence 33, Tactics 31, Reserves 26, Power 18
Description: This multilayered genjutsu takes complete concentration to do and has the ability to end a ninja's career if it is not broken quick enough. If it goes too far the effects become too severe on the mind and body. There are three stages.

Post 1: Water sinks in through your pores and starts to pop your joints and bones. The body also starts to feel pressure.
Post 2: The bodies fluids start to get disordered and the organs start to move around.
Post 3: Your body either implodes or explodes and then the genjutsu ends.

As it can be imagined, the effect is rather horrifying for the mind of the victim.
Trigger: Eye contact and hear the technique name

Atokatanai no Jutsu (No Trace Technique)
Requirements: Reserves 35, Control 33, Power 31, Willpower 26, Tactics 18
Description: This genjutsu is feared for the permanent nature of its memory removal. The trigger for this genjutsu is seeing the shinobi finish the last hand seal. Upon seeing this the target forgets the last 2 posts. Every post of duration afterwards the target has their memory wiped for one more post. When this jutsu's duration ends, the target forgets all the posts between the initiation of the jutsu and the jutsu's end. This cannot be used during combat.
Trigger: See the handseals of the technique
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