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Default Grass Ninjutsu

Hidden Grass Ninjutsu

Credit for some of this goes to Kaen, The Lazy Shadow, Cannonball, and others.


Stage 1

Etai Souken (Nature Creation)
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2
Descripiton: Often the first jutsu that academy students of Kusagakure learn, this jutsu allows the user to 'create' a source of Grass or anything in this list that they might require for a jutsu before peforming it. Naturally, this is an incredibly useful jutsu. This can be used to create basic grass in an area and can be used passively on seeds within the user's range, allowing them to grow faster then normal. At first this jutsu creates grass within a 15 feet radius.

With higher levels of Ninjutsu Knowledge, this jutsu can be more powerful:
stage 2: you can create 30 feet of grass
-stage 3: you can create 50 feet of grass
--stage 4: you can create 70 feet of grass

Kusa Bunshin no Jutsu (Grass Clone)
Requirement: Control 3, Intelligence 2
Description: This jutsu creates clones from nearby flora, creating patchwork grass clones with grass counterparts to whatever equipment the user is carrying. All these weapons are as strong as their counterparts. Naturally, this cannot copy the special effects of weapons or items. They wouldn't be able to pull out a nice little explovise note of grass. They have the 1/10th the speed and strength of the user, but have 1 Stamina when it comes to defence. A single hit is enough to cause a stalk to untwine and make the whole thing fall into a pile of grass stalks. One clone is created.

With higher levels of Grass Ninjutsu knowledge, more clones can be created:
Base Stage: you can make 1 clone
-stage 2: you can make 3 clones
--stage 3: you can make 5 clones
---stage 4: you can make 7 clones

Kusa Maina-Hei (Grass Minor Wall)
Requirement: Power 3, Willpower 2
Description: A quick defensive jutsu. Making a single handseal, this causes a wall made from entangles stalks of grass about three meters tall and three meters wide to rise abruptly from the ground infront of the user. It is thick enough that small glimpses can be seen through it, but besides that it would be hard to see what's going on behind it. One taijutsu hit is usually enough to rip through the wall though and it usually only serves to slow attackers down.

Kusa Ni-Doru (Grass Needles)
Requirement: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Descripiton: Either after creating a few small stalks of Grass in their hand or grabbing some from the earth, the user spreads a incredibly small amount of chakra throughout them, usually not even bothering with handseals. Afterwards the grass is thrown towards a target and take on a sharp point during their flight. This makes it possible for the needles to pierce like senbon. 4 Senbon are created with this jutsu.

Sueshijuu Wakai (Forever Life)
Requirement: Power 4, Control 4
Descripiton: This subtle but powerful jutsu creates a passive coat of chakra on all the plant life in a local area. This layer of chakra protects the plant life affected from ninjutsu attacks that would otherwise rip them asunder. Of course, if a ninjutsu stronger/equal then the user's highest Grass Ninjutsu is used then the plant will be effected like normal. Plants can be destroyed by overpowering this jutsu, this is done by using a number of jutsu with stages equal or greater then the highest grass ninjutsu the user has. This effects all plants created by ninjutsu, and effects a 10 foot radius.

Base Stage: 10 feet radius in all directions
-Stage 2: 20 feet radius in all directions
--Stage 3: 30 feet radius in all directions
---Stage 4: 40 feet radius in all directions
This does not work on any jutsu that creates a moving creature of plants.

Stage 2

Shyushi Karamari (Seed Entangle)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Description: After charging a seed with chakra, it can be flicked at a target. Once it hits, the seed will erupt into long pieces of foilage and constrict movement on that body part by squeezing it tightly. Arms are wrapped tightly, legs constructed. This is highly effective against hands and faces, as it can make it difficult to manipulate the fingers or talk. The seed can be easily torn off by anyone though.

Gosunkugi Kusa Tama (Spikey Grass Balls)
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4
Description: The user Makes a gulp-like motion, as if he was about to spit a loogie. Instead, what comes out are tiny, golf-ball sized green balls, quickly soaring through the air. They fire forward at the enemy. As they go through the air, they can grow up to three times their size, each ball then sprouts several thorn-like mini-spikes on it that can easily rip into the skin as easily as regular metal does.

The balls are spit up all in one shot.
Base Stage: can spit up 2 Balls
-Stage 3: can spit up 4 Balls
--Stage 4: can spit up 6 Balls

Hinsei no Senrigan (Nature’s Clairvoyance)
Requirements: Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5
Description: This simple technique allows for amazing recon work to be done within the Kusa-nin's own element. Any plant life can be charged with chakra by this jutsu, making it a perfect guard for the whole thread. The plant in question can sense when another with chakra passes by it, but has no particular facilities to tell anything beyond that. It is also possible to be able to tell exactly how far away from the plant the chakra source is. This jutsu last one thread, but can only be active on one stationary plant at a time.

Base Stage: users can sense up to 10 feet away
-Stage 3: can sense up to 20 feet away
--Stage 4: can sense up to 30 feet away

Kusa Hara Hitonakase (Grass Field Annoyance)
Requirement: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
Description: Seeping chakra into the ground under them, the user makes a single handseal. Suddenly the grass in the area of effect grows long, grass even growing where there was none, it will even sprout under water to reach past the water's surface up to the battle at hand. The field grows tall enough to brush along the average person's shins. The grass stalks become long and sharp, able to hinder the movement of enemies and give them small cuts. The hold is a weak one that anyone can break out of. Last for 2 post.

Base Stage: 10 feet radius
-Stage 3: 20 feet radius
--Stage 4: 30 feet radius

Stage 3

Tsukene Yari (Root Spear)
Requirement: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Descripiton: The user focuses a small bit of chakra to a single foot before stomping it down on the ground. Roots rise from the ground quickly and violently at a desired location in sight of the user, usually under the opponet's feet. They can be angled diagonally or merely go up straight. The tips are sharpened to a point, making this a useful technique for Genin as it can cause piercing wounds if it manages to strike someone. The spear travels up no further then 3 feet from the ground.

Base Stage: The user creates one spear
-Stage 4: the user can create a second spear
--Stage 5: they can create three spears

Kusa Kusariei (Grass Chain Wrap)
Requirement: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8
Description: Used as the most basic level of binding technique, the grass chain wrap is started with a seed in one of the user's hands. The seed suddenly burst to reveal a long vine that can be lashed out at a target that is within 5 feet of the user. If the vine gets anywhere near the user, it will extend and attempt to wrap itself around whatever body part it can get ahold of. This holds the two bound and held to the whim of the other, as if one shinobi decides to stay in place during his post, the other shinobi will have trouble moving unless his base strength is higher then the other's stamina, in which case they can pull a resisting shinobi off balance. This wrap last for 3 post.

Osore Kusa (Horror Plant)
Requirement: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Descripiton: A terrible jutsu as its namesake suggests. With a single handseal the user causes a small flower to bloom on his head by touching him. As the flower bobs up and down it deposits pollen around the victim's face and once it touches either exposed skin or becomes inhaled the true affect appears. It gives them an intense migraine. A trained shinobi should be able to fight through even a distraction as severe as that, but it is enough to disrupt absolute concentration. The flower has thorns on it, so it may be painful to pull it out, and trying to remove it causes the migraine to worsen considerably. By spending one entire post removing the flower it can be done. Usually sprouting on the forehead where it can dangle down and disrupt the victim's vision, it will fall off after 3 posts if left unattended.

Kusaki Kengeki (Plant Weapons)
Requirement: intelligence 9, tactics 9, Control 7
Descripiton: By grabbing a plant and altering its growth the user is able to make his own weapons. Naturally, all weapons are as deadly as their normal counterparts, but cannot exceed a katana in size. The weapons resume their normal, natural look when they leave the user's hand. While sharp and dangerous, these weapons are rather flimsy if they clash with real weaponry.

Stage 4

Keiryu (Thorn Dragon)
Requirement: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Description: The ground before the user rises into a mass roughly six meters across and three meters long. Suddenly, a large winged dragon made of thorns and vines burst forth from the mass with a body 4 meters and a wingspan of almost double that. This fearsome beast is armed with two long pirecing horns, razor sharp claws and a lashing tail that ends in a trio of wicked spikes. Its body and natural weapons are as hard as steel like such dragons of legend though instead of breathing fire this plantlike replica is capable of shooting out huge, two feet long thorns (up to 5 at a time). It lasts three posts. Whenever a katon is used on it, the dragon loses (stage of katon) duration posts, thus a stage four, five, or even seven katon will instantly incinerate it, should it hit. Stage 3 Katon will merely set the thing aflame, and it will be reduced to cinders at the end of the user's next post. Only one may be active at a time.

Kusa Hayashi Hara (Grass Forest Field)
Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
Description: Once again raising a field of grass, the grass begins to grow larger and larger until each strand is almost a meter wide and 2 meters tall. This can be done in a twenty-five meter raidus. The user is able to stand upon the top, allowing him to see all that goes on below him while those inside will have a considerably harder time. This lasts five posts.

Kusa Shunshin (Grass Instant Relocation)
Requirement: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10
Descripiton: Creating several tall roots around around them, the roots suddenly spiral up around the user, removing the user from sight. They suddenly shrink down, disappearing back into the ground. The user then appears in a area of his choice up to a mile away that he has seen before.

Jikihi Kodachi (Personal Grove)
Requirement: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14, Grass GM Approval
Descripiton: One of the higher level Chuunin jutsu for a Kusagakure shinobi, a Shinobi 'inscribes' a part of the forest with their chakra, and can esentially claim it as their 'grove'. Now, by simply slamming a hand on a unrolled kanji-filled scroll, they can summon their grove anywhere. Where it was originally will become a clearing of grass. This grove will be moved to the current battlefield, as if it naturally existed there. When the thread is unsummoned (after the thread) it will regenerate to its original state. The details of the grove must be described in the 'other' section of the character's sheet.

Base Stage: The Grove may be up to 15 meters.
-Stage 5: The Grove may be up to 20 meters.
--Stage 6: The Grove may be up to 30 meters.

Stage 5

Kibaku Kusaki (Exploding Plants)
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
Descripiton: The user makes a single handseal, before touching any plant. Afterwards, they quickly get away from it, and usually stay away. The next post, the plant will explode with the force of two exploding notes.

Shikon Kusaki (Pirahna Plants)
Requirement: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14
Descripiton: A powerful earth-warping jutsu, the first sign of Shikon Kusaki is the ground rumbling beneath a target's feet. After a moment, if the target is standing on natural ground (does not function inside modern non-wooden structures) the earth will split in two to reveal it is being swallowed up by a large venus fly trap that is opening its mouth. The plant's mouth is about 5 feet long, and swiftly opens and rises to attempt to snatch up whatever is above it. Those grabbed when the plant closes its mouth will find they are heavily constructed, not only having trouble breaking free but if left in there for a post bones may even be broken or harmed.

Base Effect: Creates 1 Plant for 1 target
-Those with Power 25: Can create 2 Plants and take on 2 targets
--Power 32: Can create 3 Plants
Base Effect: The plant can be escaped with 10 strength
-Control 24: The plant can be escaped with 15 strength
--Control 31: The plant can be escaped with 20 Strength

Kusa Mikon (Grass Wilds)
Requirement: Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Power 15
Descripiton: When this jutsu is used, the nearby plant life begins to collect, roots pulling up to create animal beast. While all of them are no bigger then a large dog, the animals can be everything from squirrels to wolves; coming with teeth and claw. They have the user's physical stats with 1/3 of the Taijutsu Bonuses. They may use Grass Needles, shooting them from the mouth. Finally, if ordered to track something, they will follow it endlessly. The user will know where they are and are alerted if they have located a target.

Stage 6

Kyuukyoku Kusa Bunshin (Ultimate Grass Clone)
Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15
Description: A more advanced Kusa Bunshin, Only one may be active at a time. Plants are used once again to make this bunshin that is easily recognized as just that. Its body is made up of tightly entwined plants and materials. Unlike most bunshin, this one does not untangle from a single hit, and its plant body will instead be torn apart and bleed out (sap instead of blood). It has the exact Stamina, Strength and Speed of the user, with 2/3rds their Taijutsu bonuses. However, there's an added bonus to this: they're bodies are manipulatable. Naturally, they can't become more then they are, but they are able to turn arms into axes, swords or swords. They can also use a single Grass ninjutsu (except other clones) before disintegrating.

Boubi Kusa Tentou (Defense Grass Counter)
Requirements: Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15
Description: Grass has always had a large dominion of plants and such under their control; but against other elements, it was incredibly weak. Snow would bury it. Earth would rip apart the roots and even the very air it thrived on constantly could turn against it with a simple wave of a hand. A single seed is imbued with a mass of chakra, before being flicked at a target. Fire will not affect the tiny seed, and blades will be devastated by its effect, even after slicing it in two. Once a target has been hit, the seed bursts open to reveal a similar sight akin to Shyushi Karamari (seed entangle), many vines wrapping around the enemy. Normally used to defeat defensive Jutsu, the vines 'search' the armor/skin of the enemy for a weak point before exploiting it. Defenses of stage five and below are affected by this Jutsu, and torn to shreds by prodding thorns born from the seed. Armor likewise, if it hits. But like seed entangle, it can easily be pulled off afterwards.

Shibousha Kusa (Death's Grass)
Requirement: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15, Grass GM Approval
Description: With a wave of their hand, the user causes nearby plant matter to spring into life. Shooting out from the ground or nearby flora, long whip like tendrils quickly wrap themselves around a chosen victim, covering them from their toes to their neck in vines and leaving them bound and hopefully immobilized. On their next post, after a successful capture, the user forms the handseals for the second part of this jutsu; all of the tendrils suddenly grow one millimeter barbs into the enemy's flesh and with a sudden burst of movement all of the vines twist one foot counter clockwise, easily ripping a large portion of skin from the target. Enough to put them in horrible agony and restrict their fighting capabilities. Of course, they can escape this if any of their Physical stats are higher then the user's Power stats. Ninjutsu users whose power is higher than your control may rip through the vines with whatever Jutsu they have at their disposal.

Stage 7

Makai Sakura Se (Hell's Cherry Blossom Torrent)
Requirements: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20
Description: In a way similar to a Wind ninjutsu technique, the user creates several hundred leaves of any type of plant. They are projected into the sky, and the user makes a row of handseals. Suddenly, the leaves begin to spin together in a tornado-like fashion. Quickly, it grows to a size that could easily pick up a house, the hundreds of leaves ripping to shreds anything that is caught in the tornado. Anyone caught in the torrent will find the leaves are at such a velocity that several of them flying at you the same time could slice off a limb, with singular ones going straight in and out. Even if someone was to survive the jutsu, they would find themselves heavily injured. It lasts for two posts, before the wind stops and the leaves fall to the ground. It may only be used once per thread.

Hitoshirenu Kafun (Hidden Pollen)
Requirement: Intelligence 30, Tactics 27, Willpower 26, Power 22, Control 20
Description: The user makes a row of handseals, before thrusting his palms forward. Out comes a thick, yellowish mist that covers the battlefield in a thirty meter radius. This layer of pollen is so thick that it is easily observed as a cloud of dust. It would be hard to even see your hand stretched out in front of you. Naturally, the user may see through this, and is as well immune. The pollen itself, however, is the basis of the jutsu. Anyone inside other then the user will find themselves getting suddenly drowsy. This causes anyone who is caught within to dip in and out of sleep. It lasts for six posts, and two posts of exposure will make one fall asleep for two posts.

Keikyoku no Shitai (Body of Thorns)
Requirements: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Intelligence 24, Tactics 22, Grass GM Approval
Description: A simple idea that has only recently been brought to life. Keikyoku no Shitai begins as the user charges chakra into the seed, which he plants at some point on his body. After the user forms a few handseals, the chakra that feeds the seed will cause it to morph into what first seems to be a body of armor, hard as stone. From the user’s new ‘back’ will emerge eight black vines that stretch to five meters long, and are equally durable, and have sharpness equal to your average sword. These vines can be controlled by the user's will. It lasts for three posts, and may not be used again in the thread.

Suisen (Daffodil)
Requirements: Power 35, Control 33, Reserves 31, Intelligence 26, Willpower 18, Grass GM Approval
The user, putting a seed at some point along an arm of his choice and forming a few handseals can initiate this jutsu. A purely offensive technique, the user’s next task is to force his arm into contact with some point on his target’s body. Springing to life, the plant bursts from it’s seed in the form of many, many tiny vines that pierce the target’s skin. While individual vines are sliced rather easily, all must be destroyed to cancel this Jutsu. To do so the target must use a stage seven Ninjutsu or Taijutsu against them. If they do not take these measures, the vines will spread through the targets veins where they pierced and attempt to rupture them, therefore killing them. Preparation takes one post, the attack must be done in the next post. Requires either permission or a death-enabled thread to be used.

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