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Default Assigning Stats

Assigning Stats

Assigning stats to your character is a simple process, and incredibly easy once you understand how it works. As you probably know already, every stat has a base value of 1 point, and to reach your finished total you only have to add and subtract whatever modifiers you happen to have.

For example, your upcoming character is a Chuunin, and you have chosen Weapon Basher to be your primary archetype, and Genjutsu Specialist to be your secondary. For demonstration purposes we shall be assigning the stamina stat today.

Stamina: 1 (base) = 1
Again, you have a base value of 1 for your stamina, but now this has been modified by the archetype bonuses. The Weapon Basher archetype adds 1 to your stamina score, while the Genjutsu Specialist subtracts 1.

Stamina: 1 (base) -1 (Genjutsu Specialist) +1 (Weapon Basher) = 1
The final aspect of assigning your stats is to add in the points you get for being the Chuunin that you are. For this exercise we shall add 8 points to your stamina stat from your pool. This 8 will be added to our previous total to get you a finished value.

Stamina: 1 (base) -1 (Genjutsu Specialist) +1 (Weapon Basher) +8(points) = 9
And that number 9 is your finished value. Now, if you have a taijutsu style which grants you bonus points we have to take things one step further. We will be using the same Chuunin with the same stamina stat for this.

So as you already know you have a 9 for your stamina, and for the purposes of this exercise you have taken two stages in the Non-Lethal Storm (a global shinai style) so you are better able to beat people over the head with a bamboo sword. Each stage of the Non-Lethal Storm grants you an extra 2 points of "virtual stamina", and since you have two stages you'll get an extra 4 stamina points, which you assign like so:

Stamina:1 (base) -1 (Genjutsu Specialist) +1 (Weapon Basher) +8 (points) = 9 (+4 Non-Lethal Storm)
As stated earlier, but to be clear, stage bonuses from taijutsu styles are cumulative. That is if you get a +1 from one stage and a +1 from another stage you have a total of +2.

Also, I mentioned that the stamina you gained from the Non-Lethal Storm was "virtual stamina". This means it is not "real stamina", so to speak. It will not help you learn any jutsu, and nor is it added to your total. It just sits outside your total in brackets as demonstrated and is only used when your calculating who is better than who in combat. Effectively, it only applies when your character fights with that Taijutsu style in an RP.

And with that I do believe this guide is finished for the moment. Hopefully, ya'll know how to assign your stats now.

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